Mehrya My version Part 8

Next day morning Karuna maa asked Mehak if Shaurya called or not how is he. She replied he is fine. She asked you are you ok, Mehak said she is fine too. At restaurant she feel demotivated and quite upset about the incident at the cinema. Vicky ask her to go home and rest if she is not well. She decided to go Sharma’s for a while.

She reached Sharma’s house and all welcomed her. She lie down on PD’s lap. PD asked is everything alright she said she is fine just want to lie down. Kanta chachi and Mansi chachi saw and said no matter she is grown up and married but she is still like a small child. Ravi chachu ask them to prepare something for her to eat. She spent the rest of the day and about the leave, Nehal asked her to stay with them as Shaurya not in town. Kanta chachi said that’s not right she has to go home as Karuna is at home and she must return home.

She reached home in auto and feel kind of lost. She greeted Karuna maa and Dolly maasi both teased her that she become dull after Shaurya left for 3 days but she is missing him terribly. She smiled at them and start to chit chat with them. Dolly ask her to rest and chit chat with Karuna maa and she will do dinner today. Shaurya called at night and asked why today no message did she forgotten about him or what she smiled and asked how is he, is he so busy today that didn’t call her at all? He was saying how busy he was and how is everything there. Mehak tell him that she went to Sharma house to visit everyone. He ask her to sleep because sounds very tired. He hang up the call and Mehak put the mobile aside and ready to sleep but her mobile rings again. She gets up and answer the call it was none other than Samrath. She asked how he get her number. He asked her whtr she is decided on his request, she gets angry and said if my husband knows about this you are finished. He asked that means you haven’t told him yet so you are still thinking about it I am very sure you will come to me before your husband return from his trip. Mehak gets angry and cut the call and put the phone away. She became restless and can’t sleep. She hugged Shaurya’s t-shirt and sat at the balcony.

Next day she prepared breakfast for all. All were happy and enjoying the meal. Karuna maa asked Mehak to join her to go shopping together. They haven’t go shopping for a long time. Vicky ask her to follow them and he will take care of the restaurant. All 3 ladies left for shopping. Dolly maasi asking Mehak to try some modern dress as nowadays all girls becoming modern and not much wearing traditional wears. Mehak shyly said she is only comfortable with traditional wears and modern wears is not for her. Karuna maa laughed at both and picked some saris and ask to pack them. They went for lunch and spa for relaxation.

Dolly maasi asked to take selfie and send to Shaurya, Mehak took a selfie and send to Shaurya. He replied her to have fun will call back at night. Evening all reached home. Mehak received sms from Samrath asking how her day at shopping and spa was. Mehak stunned and look around and shocked. She text him back stop messaging her and taunting her or else it will be very bad for him.

Mehak decided once Shaurya is back better to tell him about this Samrath he is doing no good and bothering her too much. The next day morning Shaurya called Mehak, Mehak asked if he returning today he said work haven’t finish yet so he has to extend another 1 day so will return on the next day. Mehak makes a puppy face and said ok. Finish all your work and come home soon. He give her a kiss and ask her to take care. She smiled and hang up.

Mehak followed Vicky to White chilies and working there with the others. Nikita came to her and asked how she is as she doesn’t look good. Mehak replied she is fine just nothing much. It was a busy day at White chilies and Mehak was quite occupied with customers and the staff at the kitchen. Some customers complimented on the new menu and the food taste and they will return soon for more good food. Mehak felt good to hear some positive words from the customers and discuss with Vicky that they should keep alternate their menus in order to get more new customers and retain the existing customers. Vicky agrees and ask her to go home to rest as she has been busy since whole day. She left to home. Just then Karuna maa called and told her that she and Dolly maasi going for a get together at their friend’s place and ask her to take care of herself . She said will do and reached home.

Awara saw her and ask her whtr she wants her chai, she answered its ok bhaiya. She went to her room saw Shaurya’s photo and smiled and lie down on the bed for a while checked her phone and no message from Shaurya. She gets up tie up her hair and went to shower. She comes out and went to the balcony and standing and watching and looking at her mobile. She takes a deep breath and turns to go back to room she was surprised to see Shaurya standing behind her. She quickly hugged him. He hugged her tightly and said he missed her so much and planted a kiss on her cheek, she lift her head but you said you are coming back tomorrow, he smiled mischievously and asked how is the surprise. He said he already at the airport when he called her in the morning, he purposely wants to surprise her that’s why didn’t say anything and didn’t call since then. He take out the clip from her hair and let her hair loose. She smiled in happiness and hug him back dearly. Shaurya makes her to sit at the balcony sofa and they had their tea together. Mehak ask him to freshen up and come she will prepare something to eat for dinner. He ask her to get ready to go for dinner. Mehak asked aren’t you tired, rest for a while. He replied he is fine just get ready lets go out. Mehak smiled and went to get ready for dinner.
He gave her a gift bag and ask her to open, she open it and saw a sleeveless long dinner dress. He ask her to wear that, Mehak smiled and went to change and gets ready for the dinner.
They went out for dinner and Shaurya and Mehak enjoying their meals.

Mehak received a text from Samrath. Her face become pale and Shaurya notice ask who is it from she said nothing just some forward message. He asked then why your face pale as if seen a ghost. She smiled and said is nothing. Deep in her heart she don’t want to tell Shaurya and spoil his mood he is so happy. She will handle Samrath on her own. Once reached home Shaurya shows all the gifts he got from Singapore for Mehak. He shows what he bought for the rest of the family members and said will pass it to them the next day. He makes her to sit on the bed and he lie on her lap. She pull his nose and kiss his forehead. He was telling all about his trip and notice that Mehak’s is not ok and he tell himself will find out what happen. He ask her to sleep and Mehak place her head on his chest and fell asleep.

The next day all sit for breakfast, Shaurya pass their gifts for each and every one. Vicky praising about Mehak and mention about her ideas on the daily menus and combo menus for value for money so they can attract more customers. Shaurya smiled at Mehak. Dolly maasi said since the day you went Mehak was sad and didn’t talk much like how she used to be, Mehak blushed. Karuna maa asked both should rest and go somewhere outing and don’t run after business. Shaurya said yes he will bring her go out somewhere but he have some business to settle.

Samrath called her Mehak replied where to meet you tell me I am coming now. She left in the auto. She reached his house. He opened the door and welcomed her in. He said he knows she will agree to his terms as she have no choice. He ask whtr she wants any drinks she refused, he put his hands on her shoulder , Mehak slapped him hard in anger asked him don’t you have any sense you are coming after a married woman and disturbing others family life. Is this what you were thought by a mom, she is also a woman? I agree to come her because I want to teach you a lesson and put a full stop on this matter. If my husband know about this you won’t be alive at this moment and nothing can stop him from killing you. The entire world knows how madly he is in love with me and he cares for me. He can’t tolerate a single sadness in me. Learn to respect all women and don’t take opportunity , go and look for real love and marry someone who loves you and you can go with your life. Doing all these disgusting things doesn’t make sense and doesn’t give happiness.

He gets up and came near her again she took a vase nearby her and threaten to stay away from her or else she will hit him with this. Just then in nick of time Shaurya came in. He bashed up Samrath, how dare you come near my Mehak, how dare you see with dirty look? I thought you will stay away after that punch but you didn’t and you continue to disturbed her. Just then Vicky came with Nikita to Samrath’s house. Nikita queries Vicky why are we here, he asked her to follow her in and she will know.

They entered the house and Nikita shocked to see Samrath with blood and bruises on his face. She asked what happen. Shaurya came near Nikita, and said let me explain he asked her when Mehak trapped in cold room where you were? She answered I was out for my own things. He said no, you were at White chilies at that time. The cold room door was tempered on purpose so I thought it’s something not right. We did a repair work and fix the door earlier so that the door can’t close on its own. After the incident Vicky play back the CCTV for search on something and found you were the one who did this. He told me about the incident. Restaurant manager left early on that day of incident and someone locked the restaurant. Apart from the manager and Mehak is you the one having the keys to the restaurant? I quickly called and hired a private detective to check on you and monitor you. Private detective did send pictures of you meeting with Samrath and Samrath following Mehak everywhere. I left to Singapore because I want to know what this conspiracy is for. Why would anyone want to hurt Mehak? Nikita brushed off and said all these are rubbish and nothing of that sort. Why she would do something like that. Shaurya came near her and show his mobile on the CCTV video and she is the one who bring in Samrath to White chilies. So there is nothing to hide. Is better to own up now or else she will get the Police to investigate? Vicky add in that why just call in wait and send these two to police let them do their work and we will know their motive.

Samrath quickly admit it was Nikita behind all incident. Nikita was unhappy that Shaurya didn’t agree with her proposal at London. She thought you don’t want to be committed so you are not interested in marriage but you totally changed. You married an ordinary chandi chowk behenji type girl who does not deserve to stand next to you Shaurya Khanna. Nikita angrily continues that I thought both of you are in misunderstandings and will part away but I see you both are doing favors for each other in the cooking contest. You come near me to irritate her. Tell me Shaurya what is less in me, what did you find in her, she is nothing and behenji type. Guy like you deserve to have girl like me. You didn’t leave her alone for a single seconds. I thought if she died in the cold room you will grief for a while and I can be with you and make you mine but you went to save her. Every time I see her next to you it’s me who supposed to be with you not her. I saw Samrath at a club and he is capable of sweet talk and make any girls fell for him in seconds, he liked Mehak from the moment he saw her and he wanted her badly. I asked him to harass Mehak and do anything to keep you and Mehak away. He followed her everywhere but she didn’t entertain him. Mehak was so shocked that Samrath and Nikita purposely did all this to strain her relationship with Shaurya.

Shaurya went near Samrath and hold his shirt collar and said she is my Mehak, my sherni she will stand with me in any circumstances. I know her very well and whatever the world can say I will never believe because I trust her. When she slapped you hard she asked you to change and be good and you will find your true love remember this the entire life. Respect all women because in this world women is the who brings us here and will guide us.

He walked to Nikita, I called you to help in the cooking contest because Mehak joined to help her brother. Apart from that I don’t have any reason to hate her. Yes I did wrong by bribing her brother to sabotage her food. She was sad because she can’t help her brother not because she lose in the contest. I felt the pain in her, I can’t see her sad. Yes she is ordinary chandi chowk girl, she doesn’t fancy luxury stuffs and show off. Her innocence can be seen in her eyes. She is pure and anyone can fell in love with Mehak but I am lucky because Mehak loves me.
Mehak stunned and tears of happiness stream from her eyes. Vicky ask Shaurya to call police and send both to lock up. Shaurya replied I don’t want both you at Delhi and stay away from us if I see you anywhere in Delhi it will be not a good ending. He left with Mehak. Both sat in the car and drove off quietly. Both didn’t talk to each other at all. Mehak turns and look at Shaurya he didn’t see her, she turns away. Shaurya looks at her and continue to drive to home. Both reached home. Shaurya went upstairs. Mehak slowly came out from the car. Karuna maa asked how she is, she smiled gently and said she is ok.

Mehak went upstairs slowly and saw Shaurya standing at balcony. She throw her handbag on the bed run and hugged him from back and cried. Shaurya hold her hand and bring her to front, he cupped her face and wiped her face. Asked why what happen to cry. She asked if he angry with her because didn’t tell him the truth. He said yes very angry because you said we are best friends and share all secrets and everything with each other and the monkey been disturbing you for a week and you said nothing. She asked how he know, I know from your face and your tone whtr you are happy or not. I came back a day earlier from the trip also you seems to be sad and not your usual self so I decided to end all these today. He cling his arms around her neck and says you are very brave went to see that monkey alone, how if he hurt you anything. Why didn’t you just come and tell me about these, she replied you are very angry when people accidently touched me and beaten up a person last time, if you know this than you will beat him till he die then how if you end up in jail. What will happen to her? That’s why she didn’t say anything and he was so happy when he came back early yesterday and don’t want to spoil his happy mood that’s why didn’t say anything or else I wanted to tell you too. Shaurya tucked her hair behind her ears and said after this day anything good or bad must tell me first no matter how serious it is, he asked her is it ok and asked her to promise him. She promised him that anything and everything she will tell him first and share with him and will not repeat this again. He kissed on her forehead and they both hugged tightly.

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