Mehrya My version Part 7

Mehak sat with Karuna maa and Dolly maasi chit chatting. Dolly maasi asked her not to do any work or else Shaurya lalla will scold them for over working his wife. Karuna maa laughing and asked since everything is fine now why don’t they both go for honeymoon. Dolly will take care of her, Vicky will handle White chilies. They should go and enjoy themselves. Not sitting here and take care of her. Mehak blushed and said they can go later now she is important and her health. Karuna maa said everything should be done at time or else it will be late and no time to worry too. Mehak said she don’t understand. Dolly maasi explain their first night also not happen. Mehak stuck in between them and said she is too shy and scared to do all these. Both laughing at her innocents. Just then Shaurya came in and joined them. He asked what they are laughing happily so he can join too. Mehak gets up quickly and about to leave. Dolly maasi don’t let her go and said she will tell in front of Shaurya. Mehak pulls Dolly maasi to go kitchen to cook dinner and she will help her.

Shaurya freshen himself and came down joined all for dinner. All are having dinner together and whatSapp came for Shaurya from Nikita. He saw the message and ignored. He continue his dinner and went to garden to walk around and relaxed himself near the pool. Mehak came and hugged him by his neck from his back. Asked him how his day was and is he alright. He smiled at her and make her sit on his lap. He changed the topic and asked what she was doing at home. She senses something not right. Cupped his face and asked him if he alright or anything happen at White chilies. Shaurya hold her close to his chest and said don’t talk just be like this. I feel better and calm. After a long day at work coming to a beautiful wife and sitting like this makes me forget all the hardship and wants me to enjoy the rest of the day like this. Mehak don’t want to ask more she just let him to calm himself and lie on his chest. Then he asked what did maa, maasi and she was talking at laughing when he came home. She said nothing just some girls’ talks. Shaurya looked at her so you don’t want tell your husband anything Mehak said no. Ok fine so now you have secrets from me. Mehak replied not all I can tell you, this is between maa and me. He tickled her to say about it.

Next day morning, Nikita came to Khanna Mansion she was looking for Shaurya and asked Awara where is he. Awara replied he will be coming down soon for breakfast. Just then Shaurya and Mehak came down from upstairs. Both giggling and laughing. Nikita saw and fumes in anger. She hides her anger and greeted both. Shaurya asked so early she is here. Nikita replied I messaged you last night but you didn’t reply so I came to discuss about some matters for White chilies. Mehak ask them to discuss and she will be right back. Shaurya pulled her hands and ask her to join together because she is the boss. Mehak sat reluctantly Shaurya hold Mehak’s hand .Nikita keep watching both of them, Nikita continues that Shaurya needs to fly to Singapore for a week for an exhibition related to hotel and tourism industry. But Shaurya refuse to go as he can’t leave you alone. This will be good exposure as can get lots of ideas and business dealings. This opportunity also helps widen White chilies into next level. Not all will get invitation from an international organization. Shaurya refuse to go and ask Mehak to convince him to go. Mehak ask her to don’t worry she will talk to her. She ask Nikita to join for breakfast but she said she is late for some errands she left.

Mehak and Shaurya walking in the lawn, Mehak slowly asked why he doesn’t want to go Singapore for the exhibition. He turned to her and say don’t want to talk about it. Mehak replied ok you keep throw tantrums I am going inside, he pulled her and hugged her from back and said I never left you for a day. How to go for a week. So I refuse to go. Mehak turned and look at him. She cling around his neck. Is just a week she will be here waiting for him and take care of all things here. He should just go for the exhibition which sounds promising for White chilies future. Isn’t that also his dreams? At such young age not all men will be thinking about this but they all don’t have direction in their life but he was building his business empire. Shaurya asked I can’t stay from you. If you don’t work how to achieve your dream replied Mehak. He ask her to join him to go so they can be together Mehak said I don’t have passport and visa etc. how to go. Shaurya shows his puppy face , Mehak rolled her eyes and say I am giving you instruction as a boss you must go don’t give lots of excuses. Or else the kisses you are getting will be reduced. Shaurya cutely replied ok boss I will follow all your instructions. Both laughed and had breakfast and left to White chilies.

At White chilies, Shaurya informed Nikita and Vicky he will go for the exhibition and Mehak will oversee the work here and ask them to help her. Nikita smiled as her Shaurya will be going for 1 week and she can execute her plan on Mehak. She have plan to separate Mehak and Shaurya. At evening Shaurya told Karuna maa on his trip. She asked when he is flying he replied the next day evening flight. Karuna maa asked him to bring Mehak along, Shaurya informed that since she don’t have passport and visa so that’s why Shaurya has to go alone this time. At night Mehak and Shaurya packing his luggage. Shaurya saw Mehak’s face and asked don’t you feel a little bit sad that your hot dashing handsome hubby will be going away from you for a week . You don’t have feelings just folding and putting my things and planning to pack and send me away. Just then Mehak came closer to him and ask him why he talks like small kid. You keep talking like naughty child then I will give one and gently tap on his cheek. He hold her waist and press closer to him. Ask him why she is rushing is it got boyfriend for her. She naughtily replied yes. He asked tell me where is he I will break his bones. Mehak asked will he punish her. He comes by her neck and says yes, I will kiss you and do all the naughty things till you can’t stop me. Mehak giggled happily.

Next day morning, Mehak looks at sleeping Shaurya and thinks in her heart how cute he look when sleeping. I will be with him and fulfill all his wishes and will not let any sadness comes to him. She about to move him gently and get up but Shaurya hold Mehak tightly and asking her to sleep longer. Mehak said since married you are becoming lazy, not exercising and sleeping like this. Then all the gym muscle will melt away. She manage to trick him and run to bathroom to freshen up herself.

In the evening Shaurya leaving to airport after gets blessing from Karuna Maa and Dolly maasi. He hugged Mehak asked her to take care of herself. Eat on time and come back from restaurant early don’t work too long till night. He ask Vicky to take care of the family. He assured he will handle all in order and not to worry. On the way to airport Shaurya called Mehak and informed he forgot some files and ask her where is she, she replied she is at kitchen, he ask her to go to room and open the wardrobe. Mehak went to upstairs and went to the wardrobe. He ask did you see a gift bag. She said yes but you said file is it inside the gift bag. He ask her to open the gift bag he will wait online. Mehak took out the gift bag and unwrap the box and she open the box and saw an I-Pad. She becomes happy and asked Shaurya in the phone. What is this for now? He said I will do video call every day at night and she can talk to him. Mehak smiled sweetly and ask him to finish the work and come back soon, Shaurya said I love you my baby, Mehak replied I love you Shaurya.

Next morning Shaurya called Mehak and informed he reached safely, he didn’t call her as it will be midnight and don’t want to disturb her sleep. She pass the phone to Karuna maa. All asked Shaurya to take care of himself. Mehak left to White chilies with Vicky. She busy at kitchen with chef and others. Nikita sees her and called someone. Later Mehak sits with Vicky and discuss further ideas like daily value lunch meals combo, some other ideas and Vicky agrees the ideas sounds well and should propose to Shaurya once he is back. Shaurya called Mehak and asked what is she doing and he already missing her a lot. Mehak smiled and ask him to focus on his work first, he asked do you miss me, she replied not really maybe yes maybe no. Shaurya is smiling so you don’t miss me but maybe.

Mehak hang up the call. Just then Samrath walk in the White chilies. She saw him and feel irritated. He walked to the table she was sitting with Vicky. Vicky received a call and gets up to answer the call. Samrath asked how she is long time didn’t see her. She didn’t reply and fumes in anger. He rubbed his cheeks said something he can’t forget. Vicky comes back and asked Mehak whtr she wants to go for movie in the evening, he can ask Nehal. Sonal to join too. Mehak refuse to go but Vicky manage to convince her and ask Nehal and Sonal to join too.
They reached the cinema and Mehak sent her selfie with Vicky, Nehal and Sonal to Shaurya he sent her flying kiss. They enjoyed the movie and Mehak received a sms from unknown number saying she is very beautiful. She got annoyed and ignored the message and continue with the movie. During the movie she gets up and go for the washroom and returning from washroom she received sms from the same number again. She ignored and just walk back to cinema and Samrath walked in front of her. She stunned and asked him what he is doing here is he stalking her. He keep blocking her way and say he is interested to know more about her. She asked why are you behaving like this, Shaurya already give a slap and she also give what he deserve if he keep continue to behave like this she will inform to Shaurya he cannot think what will happen to him.

Samrath hold her shoulder and say I know Shaurya is out of country for business trip and you are alone. Don’t act as if so good girl, at these century no girl is like that. Mehak pushed him away and asked what he means like that, maybe he would have only met like that type of girl but she is not like that. He asked her to enjoy a night with him and he won’t disturb her, Mehak felt disgusted by his words and try to walk away but he kept following her. Sonal and Nehal realized Mehak is not back from washroom they came out looking for her, they called her and she joined them Samrath hides. Mehak becomes restless and can’t concentrate on the movie. Shortly all returned home. She went to shower and Samrath’s word keep buzzing in her head. She came out from bathroom and Shaurya called her in video call. She quickly answered the call and hugging her pillow asked him how is he and had dinner or not.

Shaurya asked how was the movie and she said ok nice, he asked if she is alright because her tone doesn’t sound happy she assured she is fine and happy and little bit missing him that’s why. He asked her to wait few more days he will be back. After sometimes Mehak fell asleep.

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