Mehrya My version Part 6

At the cold room, Mehak keep banging the cold room door with whatever item she found inside the cold room. The temperature keep dropping to minus degrees. Mehak’s nose started to bleed as too cold. She screamed and cried for Shaurya but its sound proof and no one could hear her. As she fall and lost conscious and hit by an iron bar.

Shaurya arrived at White chilies. He found its lock from outside. He tried to call her mobile. It’s ringing but no answer. He saw from outside Mehak’s mobile on the table. He was wondering Mehak never left her mobile anywhere where is she as the restaurant is dark. He opened the restaurant lock and went in calling for her. He took her mobile and checking every corner of the restaurant. He checked the pantry she is not there. He walked and said maybe she will be at home. He felt uneasy as something amiss. Before he leave he saw the cold room and remembered she was saying she will need to organize and do a proper stock listings. He walked to the cold room and open the cold room door.

He opened the door and notice the temperature is quite cold and the lock is tempered. He put a stopper at the door and leave it open. He enters the cold room and saw Mehak lying unconsciously. She turned to pale white. Shaurya carried her out of the cold room and rubbing her hands and feet. He try to wake her up. He take out his jacket and cover her and hug her. He cried holding her on his lap. Mehak whispered Shaurya. He carried her to his car make her to sit and drove quickly to the hospital.

As he drove he keep saying I won’t let you go Mehak, Mehak open your eyes. You told me you will not leave me alone anything comes we will face it together. He reached hospital carried her and run inside hospital. The medical team quickly came with the bed and roll her to the emergency ward. They ask Shaurya to wait outside as they will handle it. But Shaurya refused and ask them to attend to her first and he will not go anywhere. He stand at the room corner and crying looking at Mehak’s unconscious body. The medical team put the oxygen mask on her and try chest compression to resuscitate her. Another medical officer attend with the defibrillator. After several attempts they manage to resuscitate her.

Shaurya rushed to her side and hold her face. The nurse asked him to wait outside as she is fine now. Shaurya waited for her outside the ward. He called Karuna ma and Kanta chachi informed on the incident. Few hours passed as medical team in and out from the emergency ward. Shaurya try to stop the officers and ask what is happening why no one is telling him anything. The medical staff asked him to calm down your wife is fine , she is injured and we need to do x-ray and few more test to ensure there is no other injuries before we move her to normal ward. Just keep praying so she will be fine. Kanta chachi and Karuna ma asked him to be brave and don’t lost hope. Mehak will be fine. . Just then a nurse came in and pass a package it was Mehak’s wedding bangles and her mangalsutra.

Doctor came out from the room and said she is fine just fracture on her shoulder and some bruises. Her heart beat is back to normal. She still not wake up yet. Sharma family and Khanna family looked at Mehak from outside all are sad and crying. Doctor allowed one person to go in and see her. Kanta chachi asked Shaurya to go in. He went in quickly and saw Mehak unconscious state.

He hold her hand put on his cheek and kiss her palm. He stroke her hair and face ask her to wakeup. He will listen to all her naggings. At midnight Mehak had trauma attack. Shaurya screamed for doctor and doctors rushed in to check her and injected with drugs to calm her. Doctor explained to Shaurya she is having trauma attack because of the incident. Just keep praying for her speedy recovery. She will be fine. We will monitor her condition. Shaurya sit next to Mehak and keep talking to her the whole night. He talks to her about India Super Cook moments how she asked for pressure cooker, how she cooked pakora rice when he ask her to cook Risotto. He talks about the night when both get drunken and she was talking to him in the room. How he pushed her into the pool. He reminisces all his moments with Mehak. Shaurya slept holding Mehak’s hand.

At morning nurse came in to check on Mehak’s condition. Mehak manage to move her fingers and try to open her eyes. Nurse ask her to open her eyes and she manage to open her eyes. Ask her to response to some instructions and she manage to show some positive improvement. Shaurya saw Mehak opened her eyes and kissed on her forehead. He said don’t ever do this to me. I died seeing you like this. She try to talk but cant. The nurse came to check her throat. She said its swelled maybe she might have screamed so much when she was trapped in the cold room. Shaurya thanked the nurse.

The nurse said we will move her to normal ward but doesn’t encourage so many visitors as it will cause nuisance to other patients and left the room. Mehak signs Shaurya to come closer she whispers why you came so late I thought I will be gone without seeing you. Shaurya put his finger on the mouth and told her don’t ever talk like this never say such thing and she must rest. She say her whole body aching. He asked whtr to call doctor she said its ok. The nurses and medical staff remove Mehak from emergency ward to normal ward.

The entire Sharma and Khanna family was in the room. Nurses asked to leave as patient need to rest. Kanta chachi asked Shaurya to go home and rest as she will take care of Mehak. Shaurya said he won’t go anywhere he will be here next to her only. All family left. Vicky said he will send some clothes for Shaurya. He pass him coffee to drink. Mehak asked him to rest for a while. He don’t look like her Shaurya. He smiled and hugged her gently. He lied next to her telling her his heart beat almost stopped. Mehak told how she feared and screamed for him. Shaurya ask her not to talk about it.

Later the Sharma’s came to visit Mehak at hospital. Vicky brings in Karuna maa and Dolly maasi too. All are chit chatting and Kanta chachi asked when Mehak will be discharged, Shaurya replied if nothing to worry maybe in the evening. Kanta chachi said she will being Mehak home and take care of her for few days. Shaurya said no ways. He will take care of her and be with her. He will not be apart from her. If she wants she can come anytime to visit her. PD replied yes let the husband to take care of wife and this way the hubby can offer his service to his wife. Shaurya winked at Mehak. Mehak smiled.
All left, Mehak try to adjust herself at the bed, Shaurya helped her, and he tucked her hair behind her ears. Mehak cupped his face and asked am I bothering you too much? He jokingly replied that’s always since the day I met you, you always into trouble and I am there to protect you and save you like super hero. Both laughed and hears a knock on the door and saw Nikita with flower bouquet coming in. She asked Mehak how did this happen. She was so sorry usually she will go back late but she went early and this incident happens. Asked how she is feeling now. Mehak replied she is fine just shoulder pain and leg sprained. Nikita left hospital grumbling how this girl escaped from this plan. Shaurya saved her this time but next time she will not spare her.

Shaurya and Mehak reached home. Mehak tried to walk but Shaurya came from behind her and scoop her and carry her. Mehak asked her to put her down she is shy maa and maasi is here. Karuna maa smiled and said let him do all these for you or else will be busy with business only. He carried her to their room and make her sit in the bed. Mehak asked don’t want to bed she try to get up to go to balcony, Shaurya said ok let’s go to balcony. He asked her not to do things on her own, he will do everything she ask, he will be her butler in service just need to call him and he will be there immediately. Mehak smiled, Shaurya said I will get for you something to eat he was about to leave Mehak called Shaurya. He came to her immediately ask what is it. Mehak playfully laughed and said nothing just checking on my butler’s speed of service. He pulled her cheek and went to ask Aware to prepare some healthy food for Mehak.

Awara bring in the food for Mehak and put on the table. Shaurya put the napkin on her lap and said he will feed her. Mehak said fine but you must eat with me too. Mehak asked why all like too healthy food she miss the dhal, paratha and rice. Shaurya said this is healthy and must take soups and more vegetable / fruits for speedy recovery. Mehak rolled her lips but Shaurya make her to eat. He gave her medicine and ask her to rest. They had a quite a moment.

Mehak said she is not tired but bored being rested like this. As not use to be lazy like this. Shaurya asked so what she want to do, she said lets go to lawn walk for a while, go to White chilies because she left her work half away. Go for movie or something. Shaurya ask her to be quite and rest. That’s all she need to do. He gave her to TV remote and enjoy watching some TV shows. She sat quietly and watched some programs. After few hours, Vicky came in and join with her. He ask her for some recipes, he said he will write as she dictates and ask the chef at restaurant to follow. Shaurya came and saw both and ask Vicky to leave Mehak alone to rest. The restaurant matters can wait not urgent. Mehak ask him not to say anything just little bit more than she is ok. Shaurya insist she must rest or else Kanta chachi thinks he is not taking care of her. Vicky completed the work and left.

At evening Mehak came out from shower, she was standing in front of the mirror. She still had some pain on her hands. Shaurya came at the back of her hold her by her waist and kiss her hair. Make her to sit and comb the hair and admiring her. Mehak asked him what he is looking at. Shaurya kiss her ears and say my jaan I told myself that girl, love, marriage all not going to happen in my life. You came in like a storm and change all in me. Mehak turned and cling her arms around Shaurya’s neck kissed him at his cheek.

Two days gone. Shaurya refuse to go to White Chilies and be with Mehak. She begged him she can manage herself and don’t do like this. Nikita calling him asking him to attend some client meetings and etc. but Shaurya don’t want to go anywhere. Mehak promised that she will be fine and ask him to finish his work and come home soon. Shaurya kissed her on her forehead and left for work.

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