Mehrya My version Part 5

Nehal came to Khanna mansion. She came to remind about the dandiya garba. Mehak said she still uncomfortable to dance for the garba. Karuna maa joined them and said she should go and have fun. Shaurya said go ahead. Mehak asked him together too he replied he can’t dance well and all these garbas are not for him. Mehak reluctantly agree. Nehal said evening 7pm come to pick her up at home and they will go together with Vicky.
At evening Mehak gets ready in light pink lehnga gown with cold shoulder top. She purposely sent her selfie to Shaurya. He sent her a flying kiss emoticons and message her to have fun.
They went to pick Nehal and reached the event venue.

The music plays and Mehak, Nehal and Vicky joins the group and started dancing. Mehak and Nehal had fun dancing and laughing. Suddenly someone joins in together and Mehak saw its Samrath. She panics and told Nehal that she wants to rest for a while. Samrath continue to see her and look at her and smiled at her wickedly. Mehak disgusted. Samrath came to her and offered her a candy. She refuse but he insist that if she takes the candy it will be so sweet and shines like diamonds just like her eyes. Mehak said I am not diamond nor interested in your rubbish talks. Just stay away from her. If Shaurya comes this time he will break his bones. The other day he got away with a punch but this time he won’t spare him. Mehak walked away from him and suddenly a hand pulled her she was about to scream and a hand cover her mouth. It’s none other than Shaurya. She was so relieved and hugged him immediately. He asked do you miss me so much. She replied yes. She turned and saw Samrath hides from Shaurya. Mehak asked him to join the garba. Shaurya don’t know how to dance for dandiya but Mehak teaches him the steps. Just follow the rhythm and have fun. They had a happy moment. Later in the evening Vicky went to drop off Nehal. Shaurya and Mehak left together. Shaurya brings her to a park. Both sat together and Mehak lies her head on his shoulder. He planted a kiss on her head. Mehak asked Shaurya what do you think when you see stars? He replied nothing much. Mehak said it’s the 2 big stars and shiny stars there is her mommy and daddy. Shaurya turned and looked at her. Do you miss them? She replied no. No longer miss them because you are everything to me, you are not just my hubby but a friend, lover, my mommy and my daddy. You give me so much love that no one would have given me. Shaurya promised to Mehak while looking at stars that he will love her more and more and scream to the stars dear in laws thank you for giving me such a beautiful daughter. Mehak laughed and hugged Shaurya and planted a kiss on his neck.

Next day Shaurya and Vicky left for some other task. Mehak went to Sharma house to visit her family. All asked how is she and she chit chatted with everyone. Talked to PD and chachi. Kanta asked if things between herself and Shaurya all ok she smiled. Kanta chachi said she can see from her face, she is happy and her face glowing with happiness. After a while Mehak left. She try to stop auto but none stopped. Suddenly a car stopped and the window pull down. It was Samrath. Mehak ignored him and walked away to look for auto but Samrath came following her said he can drop her at home or white chilies or can go for coffee/tea. Mehak turn and give him a slap. Samrath smiled at her I am happy that you touched me at least. Mehak disgusted with him and asked don’t you feel ashamed you are disturbing someone’s wife, and my hubby already give you warning and you still coming around. He asked what Shaurya has. He talk about how Shaurya treated her earlier and if she becomes his girl he will treat like queen. Mehak became scared and manage to hold a share auto and climb in went off.
She reached white chilies and looked pale and shocked with Samrath’s behavior. She told herself today I will not say anything to Shaurya but if Samrath does anything I will inform to Shaurya.
The restaurant manager asked why she is outside and asked her to come in. She saw her not her usual self and asked her is everything alright. She offered her water. Mehak drank the water and said she is fine just something’s in her mind. The chef came to Mehak and say bhabhi I tried to cook the dish you taught me but I find it’s something missing. Mehak smiled said ok I will come to check and walked to the kitchen.

As she was tasting the soup she find is missing something and ask for the ingredient. Chef replied it’s in pantry. Mehak ask her to continue stir the soup while she go to pantry to get the ingredient and few more things for the menus. She climbed on the stool looking for the spices and organize the shelves. As she was moving on the stool she almost tripped and fall. She screamed with her eyes closed tight and Shaurya catches her. Shaurya smiled at her. Mehak opens her eyes and saw she is in Shaurya’s arms. She asked you, when you came he replied when you talking to yourself and re arranging the shelf I was here already. Every time you fall I came to hold you or save you. Mehak ask him to put her down this is restaurant and someone will come. Shaurya said this is our restaurant and I don’t care I will carry you like this in front of everyone. Mehak did a funny face and insist him to put her on ground. Shaurya purposely wants to drop her but Mehak hold on his neck and scream no please don’t drop me. He said playfully you ask me to drop you so I just listen to you. Mehak said is this the way to put someone on ground. Shaurya refuse to put her down and ask her to give a kiss or else he will hold her. Just then Nikita saw them both from outside the pantry glass panel.

Mehak took the spices and ingredients to the kitchen. She finished all suddenly a pan hanging on the shelf almost dropped on her but Vicky saw and screamed bhabhi. Mehak manage to move but a hot pot dropped and the hot content spilled on the floor. Some of the hot liquid splashed on her hand. Shaurya heard the noise and came to see and started screaming at the workers. Asked them go away. Mehak assured she is ok just little bit of hot soup splattered on her. Vicky quickly brings the first aid kit and Shaurya tend to her wounds. Shaurya still shouting at the workers none can do proper work and now caused accident and she is wounded. All the workers panicked. Mehak cupped Shaurya’s face ask him to calm down nothing happen if work in kitchen all these are normal. Don’t get too emotional and anger on others. He lifted her and ask the workers to clean the mess.

He ask Mehak to follow him go home, she insist got some work to do as the pantry and cold room is still not organized. Shaurya gets a call. He becomes happy and hugged Mehak and said one of the client has agreed for their upcoming projects and he needs to go there to discuss more. Mehak asked him to go quickly. He said later in the night we will talk more.
Shaurya left and Mehak went to continue organize the pantry , she labelled the shelves and guide the manager to organize and explain that organize ingredients on making list of goods and expiry dates are important for restaurant. Manager wants to leave as it’s getting late. Mehak asked her to go back as she will complete the rest. Mehak was alone at white chilies. She complete the pantry and went to check on the cold room. She was busy arranging the fresh goods and suddenly the door got locked. She tried to open the door but it’s jammed and become panic. She knocking on the door and screaming for help.

It was Nikita the one who shut cold room and temper the lock so Mehak will learn a lesson because Shaurya did a mistake by marrying a low class chandi chowk girl. She is nothing in class or beauty like her but yet Shaurya is crazy about her. How Shaurya showers her with love and how Shaurya melts see Mehak and he didn’t have any feelings and how he rejected her and made fun of her proposal. She decrease the cold room temperature and left cunningly said Shaurya will pay for the price for rejecting me. He can’t get his love in this life because he rejected hers.

After the meeting Shaurya called Mehak’s mobile. Is ringing but no answer. He called home and Karuna ma said she is not home yet. He thought maybe she is still at restaurant and drove to white chilies.

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