Mehrya My version Part 4

As Shaurya and Mehak reached home holding hands Karuna ma saw and became happy. She ask both to freshen up and join for dinner. Shaurya left to his room, Mehak walked to kitchen. Karuna ma prayed and thanked the Goddess statue for make things easier for both Shaurya and protect and bless them always.

All having chit chat and enjoyed their dinner. Dolly asked Mehak to make haldi milk so she can sleep, Vicky asked for the milk too. Shaurya smiled at her and asked for himself too. Mehak pass the milk to Dolly maasi and Vicky and went to her room. Shaurya reading some business articles and she pass the milk to him. He take and put it aside and pull Mehak and put her to sit on his lap. Kissing her on her neck and holding her and saying her he is the happiest man in the entire universe to have such beautiful, s*xy wife. Mehak blushed. He asked we haven’t do something like all other newlyweds do. Mehak’s eye sparkled and asked what? Say straight what it is. He tucked her hair at the back of her ears and said honeymoon. Mehak blushed. He holds her chin and ask where she want to go. Does she have specific place or wishes? He will fulfill all her wishes like genie from Aladdin’s lamp. She smiled and pull his cheeks and replied that she only have 1 wish is that to be with him till no matter what happens and that’s the biggest wish in her. Shaurya smirked at her and asked why is she boring and not romantic. She must learn to be romantic from him. She said ok fine go and find some romantic girl because she can’t handle his tantrum. Shaurya’s face turned sour, Mehak turned his face and said maa just recovered how to leave her alone and go honeymoon. We will be both worried and thinking about her and whtr she is alright and taken medicine all or not. Also restaurant now only progressing in business we need to concentrate to make sure everything is in order. We are still young and can go honeymoon later. Just then Shaurya wants to tickle and play with her his mobile rings and saw is Nikita calling. Mehak got up from his lap and went to the bed. Shaurya went to balcony to discuss about restaurant matters. Mehak fell asleep.

Shaurya came in the room and saw she is sleeping. He lie down and touched her hair and kissed her ears and say my beautiful I love you till eternity. He hold her tightly and slept. Mehak adjusted her head and slept on his shoulder. Morning Mehak waked up and saw Shaurya sleep soundly. She kissed his forehead and about to wake up. Shaurya pulled her and asked her to continue to sleep not to go anywhere stay like this. He feels so calm and happy being in the bed like this. Mehak lied down on his chest. She smiled looking at him. After a while asked today no need to go work is it. He replied nothing is urgent. Mehak asked maa and maasi will be looking for her. Shaurya said they can wait too. Mehak asked isnt he feeling hungry, Shaurya kissed her forehead and told her he is so hungry that he will bite her cheeks. Just then mobile rings. He took his mobile and saw Nikita calls. Mehak gets up and went to bathroom to shower.
Nikita called to inform on and appointment she made for Shaurya to meet for business proposals they have been eyeing for few days. Shaurya gets ready for meeting. Mehak did the prayers and offered everyone the prasad. He had his breakfast and sneakingly kissed Mehak at her cheek and run. Dolly maasi saw Mehak blushing and said finally our lalla becomes crazy majnun.

Mehak smiled and left to White chilies. At white chilies, she is guiding the chefs on the menus and discussing on the additional menus to be introduced. Just then she received a call. It was Shaurya asking where she is. Mehak took mobile and walked outside restaurant. She said she is at white chilies busy with chefs and asked how’s the morning meeting he went. He replied all good just need to do more amendments in the paperwork’s. He asked her want to go for dinner today. Mehak said not today got lots of work to do. Shaurya replied today we are going for dinner quickly settle all the work no more excuse. She complete the call and about to turn and walk she bump into Samrath. Mehak apologized to him and asked he is here looking for Nikita or Shaurya. He mesmerized by her beauty and didn’t reply a word. Mehak snapped and asked him if he waiting for Nikita or Shaurya. He replied can’t he just drop by to see her or have meals prepared by her. Mehak feels disgusted by his looks and tone. She about to walk away but he keep blocking her way and interrupting her. Just then Shaurya and Vicky arrived. Shaurya wrap Mehak by her waist and walk into restaurant. He asked Samrath he is here again did Nikita asked to come because he is not aware he is coming to meet him at restaurant. Shaurya pulled Mehak hand and wants her to join the discussion but not comfortable to sit together she excuse herself as she needs to go to kitchen.

Mehak is angry thinking what is wrong with this Samrath whenever he meet he only talking rubbish and I feel not right about him. Is better that I stay away from him. Don’t want any more new problem comes because of him. Nikita joined the discussion with Shaurya, Vicky and Samrath. Then Nikita informed tonight there is a meeting for restaurateur, Shaurya should go and join as he will get to meet other restaurateur. He declined as he is having other dinner meeting. But Nikita insist he should go and she will join him too. Shaurya has no choice but has to agree.
Shaurya then came to kitchen hold Mehak’s hand said I am sorry my jaan tonight can’t go for the dinner as some business meeting has come up I need to go . Mehak said no need to worry we can go another day. He cupped her face and say thank you baby. He asked go home if work all done, she said yes I am leaving in short while. Nikita keep watching them and grumbles. She left to home by auto and reached. She greeted Karuna maa and Dolly maasi. They both asked how her day is. Just then a flower delivery guy came and asked for Mehak Khanna. Mehak went to sign off and collect the bouquet. She open the card and it says meet me at Crack Pot Café – East Kailash. She smiled and say Shaurya you are really crazy. Just now said busy can’t go for dinner and now want to meet at café. She left the bouquet and informed Karuna maa and left to café.

She was about to board the auto and Shaurya saw Mehak is getting into an auto. He was wondering where she is going. He followed her. She reached the café and walked into the café and looked for Shaurya. As she was searching for him someone put a hand on her shoulder she turned and shocked to see Samrath at the back. She asked what you are doing here. He said he is the one who sent the flower bouquet and wants to meet her privately. She gets angry and asked how dare he does this and she is about to leave he hold her hand. Mehak struggle to let go her hand and just in time Shaurya came and punched on his face. He give him a stern look and walked with Mehak in his hand.
In the car Shaurya didn’t utter a word. Mehak got worried. She asked Shaurya to stop the car she wants to talk to him. She didn’t do any wrong. When she received a flower bouquet the message say meet me at the café and she assume it was him. She thought you are being mischievous and wants to meet me so I left. I didn’t know it was this Samrath’s plan to see me there. Shaurya stopped the car and cool down himself. He holds Mehak’s hand say I never will doubt on you. I am just angry that how can that Samrath have bad intention on my Mehak. Mehak kissed his hand. She said but you punched him so hard Shaurya replied better thank God I didn’t bash him up and break his bones because I promise to someone that I will change and be good person. But if someone try to put line for my wife there is no second chance. Mehak press her hand on Shaurya’s.

Both reached home and Shaurya asked Awara to throw the bouquet away. Shaurya changed his clothes and started to punch the punching bag. Mehak saw him he is quiet angry and said I know how to calm him down. She teases him but he still punching the bag and ignored her. All Mehak’s effort was in vain. She was about to leave him alone the punching bag hit on her and she screamed. Shaurya stopped and quickly rushed to her and saw she is crying with her eyes closed. Shaurya panicked and asked where is it hurts. He checking her forehead and all. Mehak naughtily put her arms around his neck and said in my heart when you are not talking to me. Shaurya hold her closer to him and says drama queen and leans his forehead on her forehead. She asked why he is not getting ready for the dinner meeting he has. Shaurya replied he has no mood and don’t want to go. Mehak insist he must go because it’s good for his business opportunity. After long of convincing Shaurya went to get ready for the dinner meeting with Nikita. He ask Mehak to sleep early as he will be late.
At dinner meeting, Shaurya met with many restaurateurs and exchange ideas and thoughts. Nikita offered him liquor but he denies. After a while he left the party and went home. He saw Mehak put a post it note on bathroom mirror. To my angry bird khadoos kumar hubby, don’t overwork yourself, go to bed early. From your laddoo. He smiled and went back to his bed. Kissed Mehak on her head and pulled her gently to sleep on his chest and he fell asleep.

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