MehRya my version Part 31

On 31st December, Mehak was so busy with Vicky at White Chilies for the New Year party. All staff have been briefed accordingly and menus has been decided. All liquor and alcohols section decided by Vicky. Mehak was rushing here and there, the deco people busy setting up the restaurant. All preparations going on high speed. Mehak notice Shaurya isn’t there. She asked Vicky but he said, bhaiya didn’t mention anything bhabhi. She decided to call and check on his whereabouts. He answered saying he is busy with preparations. Mehak didn’t understand what preparations are you doing? We all busy at restaurant here give us a helping hand at least. He replied her this also important preparations going on here so I am here, will be there shortly and hang up. Mehak mumbles to herself what could be so important than this party here.

Shaurya came in after sometimes he went straight to look for Mehak who is still busy instructing the decorations team to hang the deco’s. Mehak startled as he suddenly hold her waist. She turned and look at Shaurya and asked questions in one go, where did you? Why so late? What preparations is so important but not White Chilies New Year party. He smiled at her and ask her be patience and he will answer her one by one. He answered all her questions except the last question he try to twist and turn something. He walked to Vicky and Priya ask them to handle as he and Mehak will be attending Investor’s New Year party. He ask Mehak lets go. Mehak wonders where why are we leaving early. He place his index finger on her lips and say today you won’t ask anything just listen to me only, but started Mehak no buts and nothing, just follow me. Mehak nodded with a smile. He holds her hand and walks towards the car. He opens the door and makes her sit and close the door walks to the driver side. He starts the car and they were on road. The road was not leading to Khanna mansion but to a different area. Mehak asked anxiously where are we going Shaurya, he replied her I said no questions. She pouted at him and listen to the song and humming happily. He stopped by at a spa. Mehak looked confused. He gets down and open the door for her ask her to come down. He walks her in to the spa. Mehak kept asking what is it Shaurya? Why are we here? He ask her to wait and approach the reception counter and ask for his appointment for Mrs Khanna. The receptionist ask her wait a moment your spa therapist will be here shortly. Shaurya turned to Mehak and continues you enjoy massage, manicure , pedicure and everything then I have already send your today’s dress earlier here, so you wait and they will call me once you are ready, I will come to pick you up okay? Her jaw dropped. He quickly kissed her on her forehead, you will love it. Just then she want to say something a petite lady came to her and ask her follow her to her treatment room. Shaurya asked her to go ahead he will come soon to pick her up. She smiled at him and followed the therapist.

Inside the therapy room, the therapist give her a robe and ask her to change and enjoy the pamper session. Mehak started her massage session, then with facial session follows with manicure and pedicure. They offered her some sandwiches and fruits in between. Once all done, they lead her to a Jacuzzi pool filled with colorful flowers she entered the pool and enjoyed her pool bath. She was overwhelmed with the arrangements Shaurya arranged for her. She comes out with her robe. She saw a beautiful red anarkali gown on the room with a note, jaan hope you enjoyed the pamper session now get dressed you will love the rest of the evening. She smiled and put the note away and dress up. The therapist came into help her to make up her and did her hairstyle. Mehak wants to remain with her locks down so they just applied heat to curl up a little on the hair. She is done and the therapist came in to inform her that her hubby is here to pick her up. Mehak gets up and walks slowly and they lead her to the exit, Shaurya was waiting with Red Tuxedo and white linen shirt. He was taken aback by her beauty and how she looks stunning in her red anarkali. The lightweight material even flapped perfectly in the wind when Mehak gave a twirl. She asked innocently how she look at Shaurya he was in trance and Mehak snapped at him. Shaurya how I look? Shaurya leaned to her and said I am falling in love all over again. Mehak blushed and her cheek turn red. He makes her to sit in the car and they left to the hotel for the party. They reached Shangri La Delhi at Connaught Place. Upon arriving the hotel lobby, the security came to open the door for Mehak and Shaurya. They came out from car and Shaurya put his arm around Mehak’s waist and walk into the hotel. The hotel’s architecture, inspired by the work of Edwin Lutyen, one of the greatest British architects of the twentieth century. Mehak stunned seeing the most sophisticated ambience. They arrived at the party ballroom. Shaurya and Mehak welcomed by the host and other guests. Shaurya introduced Mehak to the investors. She greeted them. Waiters came to offer them drinks and both had mocktails together. There are variety of specialty cuisines from Europe, Southeast Asian, Japan and India served during the party. Shaurya accompanied Mehak asking her to try some of them. He makes her to sit and enjoy the meal as he will be right back, he was having some discussion with the investors on some business matters. He looked at Mehak who is looking at him and gently smiled at her. She smiled back at him and talks to the others while waiting for him to come. The Emcee announced that dance floor will start now and get ready. Shaurya came to Mehak and ask for her hand as a gesture for dance. As the music starts both danced follow the rhythm gracefully. Both their eyes locked on each other. Shaurya’s hand grips on her waist harder Mehak with the head turned slightly downwards and facing away while looking upwards and holding a tight lipped smile she looked more innocent, juvenile, playful and secretive. The shy smile makes Shaurya’s heart beat fast. Shaurya lean closer to her and say near her ears you are like angel today my very own angel. Mehak cups his face and say thank you Shaurya for all the surprises, he replied there is still some more surprises so save the thank you for later. She looked at him with a bright smile. The music over and all clapped. Later one of the investor called for Shaurya and they made a toss for the upcoming year. Mehak look at him attentively. Then a waitress came to Mehak and gave a note to her, she open and it’s from Shaurya saying your next surprise is waiting follow this person. She lift her head up and Shaurya is not seen anywhere. The waitress asked Mehak to follow her. She followed her. The waitress leads her into the lift and press the lift level. Then the lift wide opens at the top floor. The top floor is all the premier suites located. Mehak followed her, and she knows Shaurya is always up to some surprises. The waitress open the door to a suite and wished her enjoy her stay madam. Mehak surprised to see the arrangements. The room filled with fresh flower petals and scented candles. Mehak walked into the room which is luxuriously furnished with modern facilities and the suite .She saw another envelope it says good things comes when you wait, so please be patience my love. Mehak walked to the balcony. It was breathtakingly beautiful feature panoramic views. She sees the entire city of Lutyen’s Delhi with bright lights and all the central administrative area of the city including Rashtrapathi Bhavan, India Gate and many more historical architectures.

Just then a familiar arm came behind Mehak and wrapped her up. Mehak turn and see Shaurya. He sees Mehak have so many questions so he quickly responded her by telling his plans We will be spending our New Year here, I already get our clothes earlier here so all done and we celebrate the New Year. He holds by her lower waist In his husky voice, he said Mehak the past 1 year many things happen between us, we fell in love, I did so many things which a man shouldn’t do, I have been a jerk all the time fought with you every time, I treated you badly, but after I fell in love with you, you become the light of my life, you fill my heart and all over my soul with your love. Every single day my love for you grow more and more. I am drowned in your love. We got married, we went thru so many ups and downs. But you thought me how to handle every situations calmly. When I am worried you took away my sorrows, when I was sick you been my medicine, you were the reason for my smile. You were the reason for me to being alive. You are my center of universe.  No matter who were there for me I know my Mehak will be there for me. I just want to start this New Year in a special way. Mehak stands in dazed hearing each words from Shaurya. He started counting 10 and give a kiss on below her right neck, then 9 to her left neck, 8 at her right ear lobe, 7 at her left ear lobe. 6 at her right cheek, 5 at her left cheek, 4 at her chin, 3 at her forehead, 2 at her nose and 1 he said Happy New Year jaan and captured her lips with a passionate kiss. Fireworks brightened the entire skyline. Screaming of people with New Year wishes all around the town. Mehak reciprocate to his kiss and he felt her arms snaking behind his nape and her fingers now buried in his hair. Both break off from the kiss as they need to breath. Mehak kissed on his forehead and said I love you Shaurya and hid her face on his chest and he wraps his around her. He nuzzled at the softness of her neck. They commence the New Year in a sweet romantic gestures. He keep her in his warmness and both admired the fireworks took selfie. Mehak thanked Shaurya for being her husband, her friend and everything in her life. In the end she said you are full and full craziness, I never ever imagined to celebrate New Year like this in my life. He kissed her and bring her back to the room as its gets chilly outside. He lock the balcony door and lead her to the TV room where there is array of sweet desserts like churros, cakes, pastries and hot chocolate fondue on the table. Mehak’s eye open in temptations. Shaurya dipped a large strawberry into the chocolate fondue and offered to Mehak. Later both sat together and fed each other the sweet delicacy with love and made more love till dawn.

Next morning Mehak wakes up and she opens the curtain of the room, bright sunrays hits the bed and Shaurya cover himself with the blanket. Mehak goes to him and enters the blanket, and lie near to him wishing him with kisses Happy New Year patidev. He open his eyes faintly and roll her over to his side and caresses her with his stubbles which makes her giggles out. She struggles and ask Shaurya to let her go but he said I won’t today we will be on the bed whole day like this. Then he ask her for a kiss, Mehak eyes twinkled and query him back yesterday night you had lots of kiss still not enough is it? Shaurya said I will never say is enough I need more and more. He just captured her lips again and make her loss herself in him again.

After all the cute romantic sessions, both freshen up and was at the dressing table. Shaurya came behind her. She showed him the neck and shoulder what he did to her last night. She need to cover with concealer and shawl so no one can see. He smiled and replied her my body also got scratch marks because there was wild cat on my bed which did all these to me. Mehak’s eye open in bewilderment. She gently hit on his arms and both went to the restaurant at the hotel for breakfast. They enjoyed their breakfast session and walked around the hotel sprawling lawn hand in hand enjoying the fresh air. In between the cute fights which they always have. Then they left to Khanna mansion.

(Lutyen’s’ Delhi is an area in New Delhi, India, named after the British architect Edwin Lutyen’s (1869–1944), who was responsible for much of the architectural design and building when India was part of the British Empire in the 1920s and 1930s and 1940s. This also includes the Lutyen’s Bungalow Zone (LBZ)


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  1. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah I was eagarly waiting for ur nxt ff and according to me it was the best ff…I wanna to say that plss bring some twist in it like Vicky Nehal wedding so that we could c another couple romancing in ur ff and pls don’t feel that I m criticizing u or advising u it was best no no no it was superb…sorry for being absent lst time actually I m busy these days but I get my time to read ur ff…I m eagerly waiting for ur nxt ff pls upload as soon as possible.
    Happy Lohri to all the fans of Haseenah n her ff readers.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali Dahiya
      Happy lohri to u too.
      Yez i am coming with Vihal track too. Been in my mind very long but i was not sure whn to introduce. Will plan on my new track soon. The twist is coming soon. Stay tuned for more twisty track coming soon. I am certainly not upset bcs I am happy that you guys can give me review for my ff. The upcoming part will be delayed as I have joined new projects in my office and typing in between break.

  2. Seriously just superb update….this update made my day …thank u …so muchhh….for this ff whatever we say is less…just thank you…and once again a wonderful..
    Superb …fantastic update ….thank u sooo much….

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Rajnandini
      Happy lohri to u.
      Tq fr ur wonderful word. I am happy that my ff made ur day. Do keep follow me in tellyupdates and read n support me.

  3. And ya pls update next soon…

  4. Hii Haseenah2020 h r u…
    I m really sorry for not commenting on your previous part…
    Actually i m bssy now days…

    Wowww i just love it.. This is My favorite part romantic.. Hope zkm team also read this.. And also think about it in orignal zkm… Bcoz they believe in separation… And viewers love romance… Also miss zkm in monday…coz of mahasangam and i hate it. Theu gave extra attention to kkb more than other show especialy zkm…

    Anyway yrr… Good night bye.. T. C

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sapna
      thank you for your feedback.
      No matter how busy you are just drop by to visit my ff and put some comments. I dint see your comments back in other parts too. I need motivation to write more.
      thank you have a good day

  5. Thanks for this lovely update I just loved it! One of my favourites so beautiful. Please continue with your lovely rock!!

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Ria
      Your feedback is my motivation to write further.
      In the midst of updating following part will post it soon tq

  6. Very nice ff.

  7. Haseenah2020

    Tq Chetana the following part tmrw tq

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