Mehrya My version Part 3

In the car Mehak turned and look at the window and refuse to see Shaurya. He try to hold her hand she pulled away. Then tickled her she rolled her eye and warned him don’t try anything or else she will start hitting him hard. Shaurya turned on the radio and Samjhawan song played and Shaurya becomes happy and smiling. Mehak turned and looked at him and change the song. Again another their favorite song played Hawayein Hawayein. Mehak off the radio and turned and looked at the window.

Shaurya driving and Mehak asked where are we going this is not to home. Shaurya replied not home we are going for date. I will bring you for shopping then we go for dinner. Mehak said I am not coming anywhere with you. Not necessary for shopping too. Shaurya insist since your mobile is spoilt I will get you a new one. Mehak adamantly replied I won’t take it. Both arguing in the car. Shaurya stopped the car on the roadside ask what’s her problem. He already apologized to her and she is behaving like 5 years old child and drives him nuts. Mehak replied if I am 5 years old child you are 9 years old bearded, rude, ego child. Mehak gets out of the car and try to walk away from Shaurya who is following her and try to cross the road. She didn’t pay attention on the coming vehicle and Shaurya saw a truck coming in high speed and screamed Mehak, Mehak turned and freezes.

He quickly rushed and manage to pull her away on time. Shaurya scolded her for behaving like stupid and what if anything happen to her. Mehak is still in shocked from the incident. They went back home, Mehak greeted Karuna ma and Dolly maasi. Both asked how she feels and Mehak said she is good. Vicky came and asked how bhabhi is doing. She said well and went to join them to have dinner and freshen up herself.

Shaurya sat at the balcony with his laptop and busy with his work. Mehak lie on the bed and in a short she fell asleep. Shaurya was still busy with his business proposals and heard some noise. He came into the room and saw Mehak waked up from her sleep and looking pale and sweating. Shaurya kneels down at her and ask if she is alright. Mehak can’t answer as she is still shaken. Shaurya rushed to get some water for her and made her drink water and keep patting her and say don’t worry I am here. Don’t think of anything. Mehak clutch his fingers and hold it tight. Shaurya sat on the bed and put her on his lap and patting her and she fell asleep. He look at her and hours passes.

Shaurya dozed off while sitting on bed and Mehak still sleeping on his lap. He adjusted her to a pillow and stretch himself. He close the curtain so the sunshine doesn’t disturb Mehak’s sleep.
After freshen up he went downstairs and greeted his mom and Dolly maasi. They asked where is Mehak usually she is up very early. He told what happen yesterday and maybe she had nightmare due to the incident. So she still sleeping. Karuna ma advised Shaurya. Son after all happen in your life she is still there with you and walking with you. If there is another girl she would have walked away from you and most probably sued you in the court for compensation for all the wrong doings you did. I know my son respects women and you love Mehak more than anything but without realizing you tend to hurt her feelings. Don’t break that poor girl’s feelings. Now she only have you and you are her world. Shaurya promised to be a good hubby and responsible son. He went back to his room and saw Mehak still sleeping. He drinking his milk shake and reading the newspaper. He saw a notebook on the bedside table and take it and open it. He saw Mehak’s creative writing on Dowry, how a girl should be treated in a family. As he smile reading her poems, he turn the next page and saw she wrote on Khadoos kumar. She define his character during India Super Cook (ISC) as, rude, egoistic, inhumane, stupid etc. It reminded him how they share their moments in ISC how he use to irritate her all the time. In the next page she wrote about Kareila King. Online friend but have so much is familiarity, they like food, they like to discuss things, and he helped Mehak to overcome her problems and a good listener. He smiled and put the book back. Mehak slowly gets up. She smiling in sleep waking up. She saw the clock. She rubbed her eyes and saw in disbelief that the time is 9.30am, she uttered O Teri. Sleeping till 9.30am at in laws I am dead. She rolled from the bed and fell on the floor and run to the bathroom. Shaurya saw her and laughing.

Mehak rushed out of bathroom and looking herself at mirror and wearing her bangles and earrings. She rushed to downstairs and saw Karuna ma and Dolly maasi and the lawn. She joined them and apologies to them for waking late and couldn’t prepare breakfast. Karuna ma said its ok you are always over working yourself. She called Awara asked him to bring some tea and snack for Mehak. Shaurya came and informs he is going to White chilies he looked at Mehak but she look at others and ignored him. Shaurya left. Mehak asked Karuna ma about the service for gurdwara. Karuna ma said please go ahead it’s a service to Waheguru and need not any permission. Mehak becomes excited. Mehak asked Karuna and Dolly what they want to have for today. She will do something special. Dolly asked for some delicacy .

At kitchen Mehak busy preparing meals and ask Awara to go and do other things she can handle on her own. Vicky asking bhabhi what is today’s special, the aroma is too good makes him come to kitchen itself. Mehak asked him to wait and show him the special dishes she is preparing. Vicky asked how come when you cutting onions you don’t get tears is it. How is that? Mehak replied when cutting onion chew chewing gums. Tears will not come. It’s a special tactics. Vicky took a chewing gum and tried yes it is I didn’t have any tears too. Wow bhabhi you are not just a super cook but brilliant too. Mehak smiling and continue with her cooking. Vicky got a call and left the kitchen. Shaurya came home and Karuna ma said well that you came early. Mehak is preparing us special lunch. You can join too. He saw Awara away from kitchen and Dolly is watching TV and he understand Mehak is alone at kitchen and he walked to the kitchen. He saw Mehak busy at kitchen and give a peck on her cheek she pushed him away. Warned him with knife don’t disturb. She was blowing her chewing gum into balloon .He asked what’s special today she inform the menu and say the aroma smells good. She was stirring the pot. Shaurya pull Mehak nearer and kissed her in lips and pull the chewing gum into his. Mehak pushed him and shocked. Touching her lips and say what he do like this Shaurya smiling and try to hug her she pushed and say don’t you ever feel shame how if anyone comes. He pulled her closer say anyone can come and see I don’t care I am not stranger I am your husband. She pushed him and while both having romantic fight Mehak accidently burn her hand in the fire.

Shaurya quickly put ice on her hand. She winces in pain. He hold her cheeks and say sorry it’s my fault. He left to get the first aid kit. Mehak blowing her wound Shaurya rushed with the cream ask her show the hand. She refuse to show her hands. He pulled her arms forcefully and applied the cream on the wound. He looks so much in pain. Mehak look at him and her heart melts looking at him. Shaurya kissed on the wrist and look at her. She pulled the hand back and said she got to finish cooking and getting late to serve lunch.

All enjoying lunch and Dolly maasi praising Mehak and saying Shaurya you are lucky Mehak type daughter in law it’s hard to get nowadays. Very unique and respect elders. I asked all the weird old cuisines and she did all without hesitation. Mehak get up and went to take the dessert from the fridge. She served one by one. Karuna ma asked what is this beta. She said its jack fruit kheer. She tried first time today. Shaurya received a call in his mobile and left to answer the call. Vicky had the dessert and said bhabhi it’s so delicious. Today the meal is simply best all fine dining restaurant or hotels can’t beat with the taste. The dessert do you have more I want. Mehak offered one more bowl to him and turned and saw Shaurya coming. Vicky asked Shaurya to try the kheer it’s amazing can introduce in our restaurant as new menu. Mehak replied he will not take this as he will count calories and fat content and talks about health conscious. Karuna ma laughed and ask Mehak to feed the kheer by herself to her hubby. Mehak’s eye popped. Dolly maasi urge her to feed. Shaurya gleefully smiled and waited for her to feed the kheer. She reluctantly feed the kheer. Shaurya gazed at her lovingly. Both got lost in each other’s eyes. Vicky interrupted and asked bhaiya how’s the kheer. Karuna ma replied of course it will be sweet and delicious because it’s done by my bahu and she feed with her love. Mehak blushed and rushed to the kitchen. Shaurya smiling and walked away.

Karuna ma, Dolly maasi, Vicky and Mehak all gather at lawn having fun and telling jokes. Karuna ma asked how does Shaurya make face if he is angry Mehak quickly does the angry look and imitates like Shaurya. Shaurya saw them from his room and shaking his head crazy girl. When she laugh my heart have a happy rhythm.

Next day morning Mehak gets blessings from Karuna ma and left to gurdwara for the service. She blesses her that all her good deeds will be blessed and makes things easy and happy for her. Mehak drove her scooty away. Shaurya came down and his eyes search for Mehak. Karuna ma notice this and say the person you are looking is not here. She went to gurdwara for offer service. He left to his work.

While he is at work, Shaurya monitor the kitchen and talking to Nikita about new menus. Vicky interrupted and asked to add the jackfruit kheer they had at home. He will ask Mehak bhabhi to give recipe and teach the chef so they can prepare. Nikita gets irritated hearing Mehak’s name. Shaurya keep looking at his phone and not paying attention to their discussion. Nikita notice he is not comfortable as he keep checking his mobile. Ask him is everything all right. Shaurya say he is fine just got some things to do. He pulled Vicky aside and pass a new mobile phone to him and say make sure you pass to Mehak by hook or crook. She don’t want to take from me and being stubborn after the argument. Vicky say ok I will do this for you. Shaurya called Nehal and asked which gurdwara Mehak went for the prayers and service. She told him the place. He hung up.

While at gurdwara Mehak happily preparing the meals and talking to others. All are asking now you are married to big shot businessman but you still come here to do this. Mehak assured in front God no one is big all are lower to him. We must not be greedy and show off to God because all are given by him and his blessings. Rattan chachu came there and say well said my child. No matter what comes you are always humble and good God will give you abundant happiness.

She started to take the food container and started to serve the people there. Her face gleaming with happiness and one of the baba came there asked if she alone and where is her hubby. Mehak wanted to reply he is busy but Shaurya came. Mehak saw him, he covered his head with the cloth and greeted the baba. The baba blesses both of them. Shaurya said I was late because got some work to settle now I join my wife to do the service. Mehak surprised. Shaurya looked at her and smiled. He started to serve people food. Mehak keep watching him from far. Her heart say just talk to him he is doing everything for you just sometimes being khadoos as he gets angry. Later she tell herself being like this also nice, he is following you and doing all to make you in love and feel so special. Let him run after me I will just ignore him another few more days.

Later in the evening the baba blesses both of them and thank Mehak for coming and cooking and serving the food for all. May both of your Jodi will be save and blessed by the Waheguru. Before leaving both went to around the gurdwara and pray together before leaving. Mehak ask Shaurya to go first as she will come in her scooty. He ask her to drive safely. She left in her scooty.

At evening Mehak tells about how was her day at gurdwara. Karuna ma asked her to rest as she must have done lots of work. She went to walk at the garden as she walking near the swimming pool, Shaurya was jogging in the lawn passing her. He came to her and ask her join her in jogging she will lose weight she badly need to exercise as she is round and plump like aloo paratha. Delhi’s most hot and handsome stud’s wife is fat and it will not be good for his image. Mehak got irritated and went in front of him and pushed him in the swimming pool. She said you always want to show attitude and talk like this and now you deserve it. As she turned and about to leave the pool she slipped and fell into the pool and struggle screaming.

Shaurya swim and hold her she hugged him tightly and say don’t let me go I so scared of water. Shaurya started to play with so tell me you love me and give me a kiss , Mehak say I won’t then Shaurya playfully let go of her she almost drown and hold him back tightly. Shaurya laughed and said this is nice I want to stay in the pool today. You are holding me so tight and being so close with me you did in on purpose to take chance on me right Mehak say no I won’t do such thing . Shaurya said he will teach her swimming , Mehak with her eyes closed tightly said she don’t want , Shaurya ask her to just stand like stand on land is nothing scary Just then Vicky came by the poolside gave towel to Mehak & Shaurya. Mehak wrap herself with towel and walk back. Shaurya wiping his hair and laughing at her. Mehak went to the room and head straight to the bathroom to change. She came out with her wet hair and stand in front of mirror and curling her lip at Shaurya who is looking at her intensely. She asked him what it is looking at me like that. Shaurya came towards her, Mehak pushed him and run the other side Shaurya keep come towards her Mehak climb and stand on the bed and asked him to behave himself or else she will scream. Shaurya hold her hand and pulled her towards him. She fall on Shaurya’s chest and he hold her tightly and Mehak keep struggle to let go from his clutch. He came closer to kiss her Mehak bite his cheek and runaway to balcony she wiped her hair and mumbling this Shaurya turns into naughty and very mean at times.

Next morning Mehak waked up rubbing her eyes and enter into the bathroom she still half asleep and standing in front of the wash basin to wash her face. She looked at the mirror and jumped in shocked when Shaurya standing in the bathroom with his shorts. She closed her eyes and said sorry I didn’t know you are in and about to leave the bathroom when Shaurya pulled her and pinned her on the bathroom wash basin counter. He asked are you shy and scared of your own hubby? Come lets shower together, Mehak’s eye open wide in shock. Shaurya come closer her and smells her hair, Mehak lost in his warmth. Mehak became conscious and left the bathroom in hurry she went out of the room. Shaurya smiled and gets ready for his business meeting.

Mehak dressed up and about to go downstairs just then Vicky came and pass the new mobile. He said he got it from a lucky draw but since he already got a mobile so he wants to pass it to her. Mehak knows it’s from Shaurya, she asked is it from khadoos type organizer what kind of contest, which mall giving mobile. She wants to know more on the details. Dolly maasi joined her and say wow this is interesting I want too. Mehak offered her mobile to her but Vicky say no. I will get another mobile for you and pushed Dolly maasi away.
Mehak busy at kitchen and Vicky joined her. He asked her to come to White chilies and how long she will be at home like this doesn’t she gets bored. Mehak smiled at him. He continued that they need her to teach the chef some recipes as they need to revamp the menu. Nikita and others trying to think but they keep coming with same type of menu which will be boring to the restaurant customers. Vicky manage to convince her and said just few days , show some recipes and menus , let the chef learn to do your way and I won’t ask again. Mehak asked make sure Khadoos kumar don’t come and irritate me. Vicky promised that Bhai will not come to disturb.

Mehak reached White chilies with her scooty. She saw Shaurya’s car is not there and tell herself good, I won’t bump onto khadoos kumar. She walked in to the restaurant, the manager came to greet her. Nikita came and asked how she is long time didn’t come to restaurant. She replied been busy. Vicky came and ask her lets go to kitchen and start with the new menus. She list down some menus and how to make with the chefs. She start making appetizer and the chef taking notes on the measurement etc. She busy with the chef and Nehal came to restaurant and said she wants to speak with her. Nikita and Nehal give other cold look and turn away. Nehal asked Mehak whtr she want to join for dandiya garba. Mehak said no way I am coming there to dance. Nehal pestering her to join her as she wants to go but no one at home letting her to go there. Nehal asked her you come there after few rounds you can rest then we can leave. Mehak agreed to go. Shaurya came and saw both and asked Nehal what a special both sisters in restaurant today. Nehal told about the dandiya garba. She said Mehak doesn’t want to go but I just want her to follow me, do you want to join us too. Shaurya said no you guys go with Vicky and have fun. Nikita looks at them from far away and called someone from her mobile.
Shaurya saw Mehak busy with the chef at kitchen, just then Vicky came and ask don’t say anything or start anything with bhabhi I took long time to convince her to come here to help us. All the chefs from international hotels or even Nikita from London’s hotel also can’t come up with good menu for our restaurant. Shaurya said yes I won’t go near her and say a word let her do her work. Shaurya received a call and walked outside of restaurant to answer.

Mehak was talking to the chef and Vicky and bumped into someone. She hurt her forehead and yelled at the person where are you looking and open her eyes and saw a guy standing in front of her. He looked at Mehak with a strange look kind of vulgar look. Mehak pulls her duppatta and cover her front and ask anything she can help. He said beauty like her indeed can help anyone even awake person from dead. Mehak didn’t understand his talk. Shaurya ended his call and turn and saw Mehak talking to someone at the restaurant. He started to walk to the restaurant. In the meanwhile the guy trying to sweet talk to her and Mehak understand he is trying to hit with her. She said just stop I am already married twice to the same person so don’t try again. She is not interested. By then Nikita came in and greeting the guy. He is Nikita’s friend. He offer his hand for handshake, Mehak offered her hand reluctantly. He touched her hand and didn’t let go and about to kiss her hand just then Shaurya came in and put his arm on Mehak’s shoulder said I am Shaurya Khanna she is my wife Mehak Khanna you are he let go her hand and shook hand with Shaurya and introduce himself as Samrath Rathore. Nikita introduced him to Shaurya as he is event organizer and can help to create branding and uplift the business and so on. Shaurya asked what the necessity for this is but Nikita said we can do things in higher business level etc. Mehak left to kitchen and once chef done with few dishes she informed Vicky and left White Chilies. Samrath was just looking at her. Shaurya didnt like the way Samrath looks at Mehak.

She started her scooty and it did not get start and she mumbling to herself and why all difficulties coming at same time. She prayed and started and it’s still not get started. She informed Vicky she need to leave the scooty as need to repair she will go home with auto. Vicky offered to send her home she said its ok she can manage. She walked out and waited for auto at main road but no auto came. Shaurya came with his car he stopped and waited for Mehak to come in the car. She ignored him and walked away to stop auto. He came down and stand in front of her. She looked at different direction. He pulled her duppatta from her neck tie her arms, Mehak asking what you are doing he said you are not listening to me so I will do my way. He lifted her in his shoulder and walk to his car, Mehak screaming and hitting him. He open the car door put her in the seat and tie her mouth. Shaurya buckled her up and say you didn’t listen to me and now I will not listen to you. You don’t know you are messing with who. You know I am the most stubborn person and certified mental so now I will bring you to a place. He drove his car to a secluded park. He parked his car and open the door lift Mehak in his shoulder. Mehak keep screaming as her mouth been tied. She mumble she can walk no need to carry her he ask her to be quiet. They reached a beautiful garden. He put down Mehak and untie her mouth and hand and screamed at him is he mental or what to behave like this. He stand so close to her tuck her hair behind her ears. Cupped her face and said I missed this Mehak (scent) he kissed her forehead, he kissed her eyes and said this eyes which shines for me didn’t see me for few days. I missed the shine. He kissed on her cheeks and said these cheeks are my heaven when you smile at me my heart becomes happy seeing this cheek. He moved his finger towards her lips and say this lips didn’t say any lovely words for few days as being upset with me before Shaurya moved his finger Mehak bite his finger. Shaurya screamed and jumped. What is that for? Mehak asked him to bring me to tell me your naughty talks is it? After all you do and say now this is it? He smiled and came near here and hold her hands tightly and attempt to kiss her on her lip she kicked on his leg. Shaurya screamed again and asked why suddenly you become violent kicking your own hubby and hurting him you will get sins. Mehak replied if I get sins how if a husband use bad language on his wife what is that alright?

In front of your wife you are flirting with your ex-girlfriend is that alright? Do you know how hurtful I was seeing you being so close to Nikita? During the contest make me do all the hard assignments etc. and you are so happily flirting with her.
Shaurya cupped her cheeks and say I am sorry baby, my jaan don’t do this to me. Nikita just a friend. She proposed me but I didn’t agree and we stayed as friends. I called her to help me with the contest. Once all ok she will go back to London. My heart beats only for you just you. I breathe for you. My heart can’t take this pain. You are so near me but I can’t come near to you. I can’t hold you, I can’t hug you or anything. I feel like my world is away from me. He kneels in front of her and hold her fingers and said to me nothing is important than seeing the smile for me on your face. Mehak looks down. I just did that so that you will come to me and fight with me but you didn’t come but just being angry with me. Don’t you feel jealous and want to fight for your hubby Shaurya asked in his naughty tone. Mehak didn’t say anything Shaurya turned and wants to walk away. Mehak run and hugged him from back Shaurya turned and hugged her tightly and lifted her. He kissed her forehead and say now onwards they only spend their days to love and love and love and nothing will come between them. Mehak cupped his face and kiss his cheek. She pulled his cheeks and say you always sweet talk and change my mind as usual. You and your sweet talks always naughty like you. Shaurya puts Mehak on the ground and asked her to give a kiss because she owes him a kiss. Mehak runs away from him. Shaurya catch her from back and lifts her and swing her happily. Both laughed and hugged. Mehak kissed Shaurya.

Both going home in the car, Shaurya hold Mehak’s hand and put on his chest. Mehak said let go the hand and concentrate on the road. Shaurya said now all my concentration will be on you only. Both smiling and had good time. Reached home

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