MehRya my version Part 23

She reached Sharma’s. Everyone greeted and welcomed her. All asked where is Shaurya she replied he is busy at restaurant and she miss them so she came to see them. Deep in her heart she was angry with Shaurya for his behavior, wondering what she did wrong and he react in such way. Earlier he was talking sweetly and fine, suddenly he became khadoos. She spent her day being her usual self so Sharma’s don’t suspect on her. Evening she was at her room, while PD came to her room sat on the bed, Mehak rested her head on her lap. PD caressed her hair and talked to her in marriage or any relationship hardship will always occur.

As for you laddoo you must had lots of experience since you started with Shaurya. He is not bad but just short temper. Give all your love you have and change his anger into love. Mehak eyes welled with tears and asked PD how she know she is upset with Shaurya? PD replied I know you since born, you’re each expressions and movements we all are aware how you feel. We all know you are upset and they don’t want to ask and upset you. She ask her to close her eyes and sleep for a while all will be fine. Mehak closed her eyes relax on PD’s lap. Just then PD sent a text to Shaurya that come to house after finish work. He saw the text and wonders why she asking him to come there. He forgot to call to Mehak and to check her whereabouts.

He called her few times but her mobile was in her handbag and she didn’t hear it. Shaurya asked Priya to handle all and close the shop and he heads to Chandi Chowk. He reached Sharma’s and gets blessings from all and he asked for Pd all said she is upstairs. He heads upstairs to Mehak’s room. He saw Mehak resting on PD’s lap. PD called you are here ready handsome, Mehak opens her eyes and saw Shaurya standing near the room door. He smiled at her and touched PD’s feet and she make him to sit next to him. Mehak quickly gets up and adjusted her saree and excused herself to go to kitchen, PD ask her to sit down there are others can handle the kitchen. PD turned to Shaurya continues Hero now you bring laddoo for some nice romantic outing and quickly make up with her. She can’t be angry with you too long,

I know her very well. Shaurya looked at Mehak smirked at her. Both took leave from the elders and left Sharma’s. As the car ignition started, Shaurya ON the playlist in the car. First it played Enna Sona rabbane banaya, he was humming it happily as he pulls Mehak’s cheek. She change to another song it played Dil Mein chuuppa loonga, it was way more romantic song and she look at Shaurya by her eye corner , he was amused and laughing silently at her churlishness. She quickly press the next button it played Aapke ankhon Mein…

Mehak gets annoyed and wanted to change the song again Shaurya pull her hand away from her and bring it near to his lips and kissed her fingers. She melted at his gesture. Do you remember this song Mehak? You were on your way to your job first day, I give you lift in my car and this was the song playing at that time. All these songs are close to me because you like them and some of the lyrics reminds me of you and me. Every time it plays I remember you. She was aww. He remember every single detail agenda happens in their life. From the songs to her likings. She turned her face away and a small smile of proud feeling trying to burst from her but she need to maintain her anger look so he don’t get away easily. Shaurya try to tickle her she turned and give him a warning look.

The entire trip to Vasant Kunj, Mehak just facing the window, they reached Khanna Mansion, Mehak gets down from the car and heading to the stairs when Awara stops her and informed her that Karuna maa and Dolly maasi went to Noida, they tried to call you but can’t get you so they will come tomorrow morning. Mehak asked him to leave and she went upstairs to her room, she put her bag on the bed and went to the dresser to tie up her hair, she took off her bangles, earrings and her bindhi. She heard Shaurya whistling coming up she quickly rushed into the bathroom. She showered and gets out of bathroom with her lavender kurta.

She refuse to look at Shaurya, his eyes was trailing after her. She was heading to balcony when Shaurya voiced Mehak, I am hungry I haven’t eaten anything after the dessert you feed me, can you cook for me something? She turned and looked at him, why you didn’t say so earlier you haven’t eaten anything, he replied because you were upset and I don’t want to say something again. She asked him to go freshen up and she will prepare something for him. She knows his stomach acidity issue and he has to have some light meals or else it will get worst. She went to the kitchen and ransacked the fridge for some vegetables. She started to wash and cut them. She mix them in a bowl for a salad. She prepare some dressings for the salad, she prepare to fry some eggs to accompany with salad as she was standing near the stove, and two large arms caged her.

Shaurya stand so close to her and his both hands was at the kitchen counter in middle Mehak standing securely. She turned to look at him and asked what with her eyes? He asked her to cook quickly I will die in hunger, she fry the eggs and add some seasonings and stir it and scoop it to the plate which already waiting with the salad. She ask him to go to dining table but he sat on the kitchen counter and pull her closer to him. He ask her to feed him just like she fed him in the morning, she rolled her eyes and asked are you a child to be feed all the time , Shaurya shook his head and said till you don’t feed me I won’t eat, Mehak pushed a fork full of vege into his mouth. Shaurya looked at her intently, Mehak didn’t want to look at him.

He finish his dinner and Mehak went to wash the dishes, he was still at the kitchen countertop and waiting for her. As she dry her hands up he pulled her and held her tightly, his legs curled around her body he turned her , her back facing his chest and told her when you are angry you look so hot and I want to do all the naughty things to you. Mehak blushed and said in stop this nonsense and let me go I am tired and sleepy. Shaurya continued do you know why I behave like that at restaurant? He explains that the bunch of customers came while she was there they were ogling at you and commenting at you at wrong ways. I will go green when another man look at you. You told me not to beat up anyone and don’t be hooligan so I don’t want to create a scene at restaurant that’s why I sent you away from there. You see I listen to you and follow everything you say. Mehak turned her head and asked really?

Is it because of that you chase me away. Now tell me if every day we have these types of customers coming will you be acting like this too? He look at her and said yes I agree with you, there are good people and bad people but when I see something like this I can only think of bashing up that person and if I do that you will be upset with me, that’s why I sent you away thought of you will understand me but my laddoo is upset with me, so tell me what can I do to make my laddoo to calm down. He loosen his grips and Mehak moved from him and said I am sleepy I want to sleep. She walked quickly to her room. Shaurya off the kitchen lights and followed her.

At room Mehak took her favorite pillow and turn to her right side and closed her eyes pretending to be sleep. Shaurya came in lock the room door, get into the bed and pull her to him. Usually she will sleep on his arms hugging him today she wants to teach him a lesson. She gets up and took all the pillow on the bed and make wall between both of them and tell him this is your punishment for behaving like this. Today you sleep like this. I will sleep like this. Understand, she turned and close her eyes slept soon. Shaurya can’t sleep without Mehak on his chest he felt this must be a joke, he bend closer to her and peck on her hair, on her temple. Caressing her gently smiling at her baby face.

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