Mehrya my version Part 2

Again Mehak avoiding Shaurya sat at the garden at night not sleeping and thinking etc. Karuna ma saw her from the balcony and we need to do something about this poor girl sitting alone because of Shaurya’s behavior. Karuna ma called Kanta chachi and discussed about Shaurya & Mehak. They both planned something.

Next day morning Mehak preparing breakfast at kitchen and Vicky drop by asking her and asked when she can come to White chilies. Mehak replied I am comfortable with my small kitchen and don’t want to involve in Michelin star restaurant and I am not going there anymore. Vicky try to console her but Mehak didn’t budge. Mehak changed the topic and asked him whtr he wants to try a new dessert she is planning to make for evening he said will come and try later. Shaurya hear them talking and sat down at dining table. Mehak pass the food to Awara to be served at table. Karuna ma asked is Mehak alright she seems little tired and well. Mehak assured she is fine. Shaurya’s eyes keep looking at Mehak but Mehak ignored him and keep talking to Karuna ma and Dolly maasi.

As they finish breakfast, Kanta chachi enters the house with Nehal. Karuna ma greeted them and makes them sit down. Mehak came to hug Kanta chachi. Kanta asked if she is alright few days didn’t call and didn’t come to see them too. Mehak said she is fine just got busy. Awara brings them refreshments. Shaurya came to greet them and looking at Mehak sideways. Karuna ma asked Mehak to go and stay for few days at her home maybe she will feel better as she notice she is a bit tired and gloomy. Maybe after few days she will be better. Kanta asked Mehak and Mehak say she is fine why this she is ok. Karuna ma said I am doing this for your own good. You better go and stay for 2-3 days then comeback I am not punishing you just giving you some time for yourself. Shaurya looks stumbled because he is unhappy with Karuna ma’s decision. Mehak took her handbag and get her blessing from Karuna ma and Dolly maasi and left. She didn’t even turned and look at Shaurya. He felt so hurt.

The first day at Sharma house all were so happy that Mehak is staying after her marriage and Kanta chachi did her head massage, they cooked her favorite dish and pamper her so much. Nehal making fun and saying she only staying Delhi not overseas. When she come home she gets all the pampering. All laughing. On the other side Shaurya notice his room empty without presence of Mehak. He touch her bangles and earrings. He saw Mehak’s duppatta on the couch. He took and sat at the balcony swing and cover his face and he could smell Mehak’s scent. Mehak with Sonal and Nehal chit chatting and laughing. Kanta chachi and Mansi chachi felt happy seeing three of the house girls happily talking and making fun.

Next day Nehal and Mehak planned to sneak out of house to do something. Mehak wanted to roam around the Old Delhi’s street and eat gol gappas. Nehal and Mehak walking in the streets laughing and checking out the shops there. Mehak trying the earrings at the one of the shop. As she was seeing herself in the mirror she saw Shaurya’s image on the mirror. She turned quickly and did not see him. Nehal asked what happen, she said she saw Shaurya. Nehal said I don’t see him here why is he coming here anyway. You are just missing him and day dreaming. She bought bangles and earrings and walked in the street. But she felt as if someone is following her. She keep turning to look at behind. Nehal rushed her walk quickly and they reached golgappa stall. Nehal asked can we do the golgappa challenge we used to do. Mehak say ok. Then both start gobbling down one by one till left none in their plate. Both jumping and laughing then Sonal called Nehal and said Kanta chachi went to Old Delhi street to ask them rush back home . Both start to run to home. Then they saw Sonal’s mom on the other side and they split in different direction. Mehak was running in the street and saw some kids playing pittu garam (seven stones) took the ball from one of the kid and hit the stones and jumping with the kids and suddenly it started to rain. She reached home and sneaked from the other stairs to upstairs go to terrace and played in the rain. Nehal came and ask her to change quickly Kanta chachi is looking for her.
In the meantime Shaurya was following Mehak sneakingly at the Old Delhi market. It was him following her at the earring shop and following her. Kanta chachi saw him and bring him back home. While ask him to sit he went to Mehak’s room.

Mehak went to her room close the door and it was dark because raining and singing and dancing. She didn’t realize Shaurya is in her room watching her. She fling her duppatta away and lie down on the bed. Smiling and get up take out her bangles and went to look for her towel. She try to look for her dress zip but is a bit hard. Shaurya lost in her beauty, her wet hair and innocent bubbly look. He was right behind her but Mehak manage to get the zip and she went to bathroom to shower and change clothes and dry up her hair and clip it up and wore her duppatta earrings and bangles. Then she went downstairs and sit next to PD and hugged and kissed her. PD asked how she enjoyed her day roaming in the Old Delhi Street. Mansi chachi came there and say come beta Mehak smiling and turned behind and saw Shaurya coming down the stairs and her eye ball almost fall from the socket and her mouth open wide in astonishment. Wondering when on earth he came. Mansi chachi teased why are you looking at your hubby as if first time seeing him. He can’t stay away from you for one day so he came to see you. Shaurya smiled at her Mehak. Mansi chachi asked Mehak to come to kitchen to help to prepare dinner. Since your hubby is here too you should know what his favorite food let’s prepare dinner today is. Mehak shyly went to kitchen with Mansi and start making dough for paratha. She was kneading and making the dough Nehal and Sonal came to kitchen and teasing her. Wow Shaurya jiju can’t stay away from his wife for a day he came to see you how romantic. Mehak ask them to quiet and leave her alone.

She was cutting vege and mumbling to herself why khadoos kumar, kareila king has to come here, not enough of scolded me and now coming here and make me uncomfortable too. Shaurya came there to kitchen and kneel down and apologies to Mehak. Mehak ask him to stop creating dramas as someone will come. Shaurya said I won’t get up till you forgive me. Mehak turned from him and said you always does the same thing and ask for forgiveness this time I won’t listen to your talks. He got up and gave the chapatti rolling pin (belan) please hit me as much as you want but forgive me. Mehak pushed Shaurya away from her and continue with her work. He pulled her and pinned her on the kitchen counter and said either forgive me or I will kiss you till you forgive me. Shaurya lean closely to kiss before that Mansi called Mehak. Shaurya went back to hall and said we are not finish yet.
All family sat together for dinner chit chatting and having good time. Kanta Chachi asked Shaurya to stay here overnight as is already late. Mehak quickly replied no he can’t because he needs to get home because Karuna ma will be alone but Shaurya said no problem I will stay if chachi insist. He said he have some clothes in his car he will get it and come. Mehak glared at him and make a funny face.

Mansi asked Mehak whtr can do some panjiri. They missed her panjiri so much and Sonal need it as she is not eating well. Mehak went to kitchen and Sonal followed her. Both were chit chatting and making panjiri together. Sonal said to Mehak better be nice to Shaurya as he is here and talk and sort their misunderstandings between them. Mohit was wrong too because earlier before contest Shaurya did offer money to him but he didn’t take it but during contest he cheated on Mehak. If she is angry she should be angry with Mohit too and punishing Shaurya is not fair. Sonal said by the way you really slap so hard. Mohit can’t chew his food for few days and both laughing.

While the girls busy at kitchen Kanta brings Shaurya aside and talks to him. I know both of you are having some misunderstandings please discuss and make things clear. Don’t drag too long. Mehak loves you a lot she might be crazy and she loves you dearly and no matter what you did earlier she always think about your feelings and happiness. Kanta said when earlier they were angry with him, Ravi chachu brings in divorce paper and insist Mehak to sign it. But Mehak didn’t think twice but tore the paper and say I will never leave Shaurya it wasn’t his mistake but his only mistake was that he didn’t tell the truth because scared of losing her. He didn’t do anything to hurt. Shaurya touched with the words and hold Kanta’s hand and said I will take care of her don’t worry.

Mehak touching Sonal’s tummy and asking does the baby can hear us, can the baby listen to our conversation. Sonal say yes baby understand all we are talking. Mehak curiously asked does the baby kick or move now, Sonal said not yet it will take another few months. Now is too early. Mehak touching the Sonal’s tummy and saying baby once you come out bua will buy for you lots of toys and chocolates. Mohit came and ask Sonal to go sleep as it’s getting late. Sonal say good night and went to her room.
Shaurya came into Mehak’s room. Mehak saw him and quickly pretend like sleeping. He said I know you are not sleeping and don’t act. He came near her and say I want to say sorry and let’s forget all the bad things happen. Mehak got up and said don’t think I will listen your crap anymore. When you are angry you fail to think you just say anything you want. You never think about how others feelings etc. Every time you are miffed with me you are saying middle class attitude, I did a mistake by marrying you. I did not asked you to book a metro and propose me etc. Shaurya just smiled looking at her. I don’t care I want to sleep you better sleep quietly I am so tired. Shaurya said yes you must be tired because running around the Old Delhi Street shopping earrings, eating gol gappas, playing on the street under rain etc. Mehak’s jaw dropped asked so you were following me at the market. I was feeling uneasy someone following me.

Shaurya slept but Mehak can’t sleep. She gets up and goes to the balcony and see her community area. So peaceful smiled to herself. The early morning breeze blows her hair. Mehak got an idea .She thought of cooking everyone’s favorite breakfast dish like olden days. She start preparing at kitchen. Shaurya turned and saw Mehak is not at the room. He checked at the room and went out and saw her at kitchen smiling, talking and singing O’re piya song while preparing the meals. He was admiring her and how cute she is. He was telling him how I fell for this crazy girl. She only be cute always innocent. I will keep loving her every way she is. He came into kitchen and back hugged her. Mehak got panicked asked him what is he doing and struggle to leave from him holding. He pecked on her shoulder and asked what you are doing at this hour. She said I am preparing everyone’s breakfast meal. She like to do this all the time when she can’t sleep. She keep struggling and ask Shaurya to let go how if anyone comes and doesn’t he feel shy or anything. He just continue to hold her by her waist and say you cook I will watch. Just then Kanta chachi comes and Shaurya stays away from Mehak. Kanta chachi asked what you two doing at kitchen at this hour. Mehak said I am preparing everyone’s favorite breakfast dish and Shaurya continued I am helping her. Kanta came and ask why need to do all these. You are spoiling everyone at home. After finish all just go and sleep and wakeup late. Shaurya followed Kanta chachi .
Mehak went back to her room and lie down on the bed and she fell asleep. Shaurya came and saw her sleeping cover her with blanket.

All gather at breakfast table and saw varieties of food arranged and Ravi chachu like wow our Mehak’s food really tempting. Come all let’s sit and eat. He asked where Mehak and Shaurya is. Kanta replied both were doing preparing all these and I asked Mehak to sleep for a while. Shaurya showered and dressed up and busy with his mobile. Mehak showered and get ready to go down for breakfast. All happily eating breakfast and having fun. While eating Rattan chachu came in. All invited him to join them for breakfast. He asked Mehak whtr this year at gurdwara there is some prayers and whtr she want to join for the service like previous years. Before Mehak can reply Kanta chachi replied she is married now and better ask her hubby and Karuna ma’s permission first. Mehak said will go home and get permission after breakfast Mehak talk to Rattan chachu. She asked him to help to send her scooty for repair and he already done with the repairing he came to inform her. Mehak thanked him for his help and ask not to tell anyone at home. Shaurya saw from far but didn’t hear them.

Mehak asked for Mansi chachi’s mobile to play games. Chachi gave her the mobile and went to kitchen. She happily sat at sofa and playing with her games. PD called Mehak and asked whtr can help with her to make achar. Mehak went to kitchen to get the necessary and joined PD to make the achar. Shaurya watching her from upstairs and looking Mehak’s giggles, smile and baby expression and the way how she roll her eyes and pout. Sonal & Nehal came at the back and asked what you are looking checking your wife is it. We know she is kind of upset and is not so easy to get her back to normal. Shaurya assured that I will do anything so Mehak will be happy and see her smile.

Downstairs PD while doing the achar talking to Mehak bees will buzz around flowers to get honey. The bee is here and the flower just not bloom or showing any reaction. Mehak didn’t understand what is she saying and ask her say clearly what it all these twisty words are so is confusing. PD said Shaurya is here because he wants to see you and be with you, but you are avoiding him. Mehak change the topic and asked PD how you met great grandfather. PD answered my love story is old you should see how yours going. Mehak insist to tell the story. PD tells how she met her late hubby, how they got married and their happy moments and everything. He would have gone to better place now but my love didn’t end and keeps going everyday till now I see you, and rest of family. My family growing with you all are getting married and can’t wait to see you all have babies and let the family’s love continue to grow. Mehak asked did you ever missed grandpa. PD said why I should miss when he is around but her Yusof is the best … both started to laugh happily.

Later evening Mehak & Shaurya started to leave the house. Everyone at Sharma said they had good time just like those days and ask both to come and stay whenever possible. They greeted and left.

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