Mehrya My version Part 11

Next day as usual all gets ready for breakfast and after breakfast left to White chilies. At White chilies they were busy and Shaurya went out to meet some clients meeting. He called Mehak ask what is special in the restaurant today, she told him the menu and he said he is coming to eat will she feed him or not, she asked in the restaurant in front of all your workers?? He asked why not? Ask them to close their eyes. She smiled and asked him to come they will eat together. Shaurya reached White chilies, his eyes searched for Mehak. She was in the kitchen and he walked to her. She ask him to go away with her eye movements. He smiled and went away.

She goes to pantry to take spices, Shaurya hiding behind the door hugged her and she jumped in surprise, ask him to let go and asked him to behave himself at restaurant as what the staff’s will think about them. He nuzzles her ears and neck and said he missed her so much. She asked him in the restaurant some more… He turned her towards him and said I don’t care, this is our restaurant and you are mine. Ask them to close their eyes. She asked how the meeting is, he replied all was ok. I am missing our honeymoon shall we plan to go somewhere again, I don’t want to think about all these boring stuffs, just you and me. Mehak rolled her eyes and ask just came back from honeymoon yesterday and now talking about another honeymoon, what happen to the ambitious, Delhi’s famous young business man? Shaurya replied he is deeply in love and become the crazy majnun. Mehak pushed him, and said very funny Shaurya, come let’s eat lunch I am hungry waiting for you to eat together. He ask her to feed her, she refuse to do and he also walk away and showing his puppy face. She put the food plate on table and he refuse to eat. She whatSapp him come and eat now, you have stomach acidity don’t do like a child please. He read the message and ignored. Mehak rolled her eyes okay fine you want to be stubborn right, then let it be. I won’t eat too. After a while he walk back to the table sat next to her. Both looking at different direction. Mehak saw him in sideways he is rubbing his tummy as she know he will get acidity if he didn’t eat on time. She can’t see him in pain she quickly turned and takes the paratha with the side dish and ask him to turn, he refuse to turn , she pull his face towards her and ask him to open the mouth he push her hand away. She ate that paratha and saying how nice it is and so yummy. Shaurya turned and look at her, she took the second serving, and before she could put in her mouth he pulled her hand put in his mouth. She smiled at him and continue to feed him. Both enjoyed their meals with each other’s company.

After few days both went for Diwali shopping to get clothes and gifts for all at Khanna’s and Sharma’s. Shaurya and Mehak went to pass their gifts and Sharma’s. Nehal came and tease both of them, Mehak knock on her head. PD told Mehak her face is beaming in happiness. Be like this always, our laddoo is our heart of our home. Shaurya came next to PD, yes PD your laddoo is also my heart. All laughed happily. On the way back home , Shaurya taking another route , Mehak asked where are we going now , he asked her to wait she will know, they reached the apartment which Shaurya & Mehak trapped last year on Karva chauth. She asked why we are here, he told her come down. They both got down from the car. He holds her hand and said we met her last year and this year we are married, let’s go and check who is staying now in that flat, Mehak smiling at Shaurya come let’s go. Both took the lift and went to that flat. They reached that flat and press the doorbell.

An old aunty open the door and asked what it is and who are they. Shaurya replied we came to see this apartment last year but we couldn’t buy them, so thought how it is now, she welcomed them inside and ask them to see around. Both went in. She ask them to be seated on the sofa and the aunty called her husband. He came out from the room. He ask them to see around. The flat has been decorated minimally and very homely. Mehak asked are they only two of them. That aunty replied they have a daughter she is married and staying in Mumbai, she will come once in a while with her hubby. Another son is working and not back home yet. Shaurya and Mehak walk and check the balcony. Shaurya asked remember the balcony, both hold hands and think about their memory on last year Karva chauth how he lifted her and give her energy bar to break her fast. Mehak asked you spoil my mobile and throw water on me. Shaurya smiled and pull her closer to him. After checking around both take a leave from the elderly couple. The elderly couple wished them all the best and happiness.

Shaurya and Mehak waited for the lift. But it took some time, Mehak look at the staircase and suggested to use that lets go by stairs. Both holdings hands and walked down the stairs. Shaurya scooped her up and lifted her in his arms and walk down. Mehak asked why he carry her she can walk. He replied just want to reminisce our memory. Mehak smiled and said that time you weren’t smiling the face like khadoos khadoos type. So much angry and attitude. He shook his head off. They reached downstairs and get back to car and get home.
Diwali came, Mehak and Shaurya dressed up in yellow and white color combination. They did the puja together holding the aarti together. Shaurya looked and smiled at her. Mehak did aarti on Shaurya and put the tikka on him. Give the prasad to him and moved to offer aarti to Karuna Maa, Dolly maasi, Vicky, Awara bhaiya and others at home. Later both Shaurya and Mehak gets blessings from the elders at home. All went to the garden and mingle with guest. Mehak went to lit up more diyas and check on her rangolis. She walks around the garden and Shaurya came from behind and hugs her. She asked him to let go, got guest all around and doing this. He squeezed her and said my property I will hug and kiss too let’s see who will question me. He helped her to light up the diyas. She said lets go and see on the guest. Both entertain the guest and Shaurya being cheeky sent her flying kiss. She smiled at him. Dolly maasi ask to play music and ask all to dance around and have fun. Shaurya signals Mehak to come aside she said no. just then Vicky brings Mehak to dance with him at dance floor. Mehak danced with Vicky and Shaurya joins them too. Mehak curl her arms around Shaurya and dance around in happiness. Shaurya hold her waist tightly and both enjoyed dancing in both companion.

After all guest left both sat together at the swimming pool dipping their legs in the pool , Mehak feeding Diwali sweets to Shaurya, after few spoons he refuse to eat and saying he built muscle at gym and she giving all these high sugar and high calories sweet stuff and spoiling his body. She forced him to eat and become chubby and cute. Shaurya takes back the spoon and fed her the sweets. Mehak ask can we go to her house tomorrow, he said can before that give him something, she said ok and cheekily splashed him the pool water on him. He screamed Mehak…. You wait what I will going to do to you later, you wait …

Next day they bring with them some gifts and went to Sharma’s. They were welcomed by all. They spent their day with them. After lunch all sat and played anthakshari. The ladies team vs gents’ team. Mehak’s turn came she sang Samjhawan song as Nehal and Sonal dance around. Shaurya’s turn came and he was shy and said he doesn’t sing well. Daduji said don’t be shy we will not laugh just sing or else the men’s team will lose and we can’t show our face. Shaurya cleared his throat and sang Nazm Nazm, Mehak blushed as Shaurya sang and eyeing on her. All were clapping and saying our son in law so talented and sings so well too. Sonal and Nehal teased Mehak SJ so romantic from where he learn to be romantic ask him to write books and start selling them, it will be most hot selling book ever. Mansi chachi asked both quite always teasing Mehak, Mehak gets up and said she will bring something for all to eat. Kanta chachi follows her to help her. Evening they took leave and left to Khanna’s. Shaurya drove to the nearby park. Mehak asked where we are going. He said lets walk around together, he holds her hand and started to walk at the park. Mehak leaned on his shoulder. Mehak is he ok, why suddenly became quiet, he hold her hands and put it near his chest and said I am fine just want to walk with you in a quiet place. Don’t want any disturbance or noise just listen to your talks and the birds and insects noise only. I will come here whenever I want to be peaceful but since you came I didn’t came here for quite sometimes. Today I want to show you this place. Mehak smiled and both walked around the park. Sat down at the bench enjoyed the view.

After chit chatting at the park both decided to return home and reached home. Karuna maa asked how everyone at home is, Mehak replied all are good they send regards to you too. She ask them to freshen up and come will ask Awara to set the dining table for dinner. Both climbed up to their room , Mehak lie down on the bed and Shaurya lie down too by putting his head on her tummy. She stroke his and asked if he tired , he holding her hands and said not really just so many business related matters some he has to take decisions and he need to think . She asked him whtr she can help him he replied if anything I will ask you. She smiled and ask him to freshen up and let’s go downstairs maa will be waiting for us to dinner.
After dinner, Mehak warm up some oil and ask Shaurya to sit quietly and she massaged his head, he was asking Mehak don’t touch his hair, she made him to sit down and start to massage gently , he was quiet and enjoying the massage. Later she massage his neck and shoulder and ask how it is. He said he feels so good, you are not only good in cooking but good in massage too. She smiled and continue to massage, after short while she asked him to go and sleep you will feel better tomorrow morning. He hold her hand and stand up and ask her stay in the seat and he massaged her hair, she asked what you doing, its ok I am fine. He asked her to be quite you should be happy that the handsome, hot and stud Shaurya Khanna is massaging you but you are complaining. Be quiet and enjoy the massage. Mehak laughed at him. The night ends as both went to sleep well.

Next day morning Mehak came to the room looking for Shaurya, but he was in the shower. She check herself in the mirror and decided to wait for him to come out from shower. Shaurya hears Mehak from outside but didn’t say anything he opens the door sneakingly saw she is waiting for him. He went back in the bathroom and made a loud noise as if he fell down. Mehak heard the noise and rush to the bathroom door, she knocks the door calling for him but no reply. She ask him whtr he is ok still no reply so she opens the bathroom door, walked into the bathroom looking for him, she checked around and he is nowhere to be seen. She walked into the shower area and mumbling where he vanish the noise came from bathroom, suddenly Shaurya barged into the shower area and on the shower, Mehak screamed as she gets wet, he cover her mouth with his palm , are you hurt I heard some noise, he playfully glared at her and pinned her on the wall. She understand he just pranked her. She asked him what kind of childish is this, always pranks on her. The shower water runs on them, Mehak ask him to let go, Shaurya caresses her hair, Mehak could smell his soap. He nuzzles at her ear lobe then moves down her neck, Mehak try to push him but he hold both her hands and their fingers intertwined. Her saree pallu fell off and showing her chest. He move down gently to nuzzle around her chest he planted a kiss on her chin. Mehak reciprocate by kissing his nose tip. She sensually kissed his jawlines and rub her cheeks against his. Shaurya hold her waist tightly and they had a lip lock. Mehak closes her eyes feeling intense emotions. As they both lost in each other’s tenderness, Dolly maasi came to their room looking for Mehak. They both came to senses as they heard her loud voice from outside the bathroom. Dolly asked who is it inside the bathroom , Shaurya covered Mehak’s mouth and answered he is showering anything she is looking for, she said Mehak bahu is missing, she told me just now coming to see you but quite sometimes I am waiting for her but she didn’t come back that’s why I am looking for her. Shaurya at the other side keep doing his naughty stuff on Mehak, he replied she didn’t come here maybe check at the garden. Dolly maasi walked away mumbling to herself where this bahu goes hide and seek in the morning.

Mehak pushed his hands away from her mouth, asked him if he gone made, he make her wet and she needs to change her clothes again. Shaurya smirks and replied but you enjoyed the shower romance right? She pushed him and came out from the shower area looking for a towel in the wardrobe. She asked him to leave the bathroom as she wants to change, Shaurya purposely come closer to her, and she pushed and lock the bathroom door and changed. She came out and saw him dressed. Blaming him and saying you become so spoilt now because of you I was wet and need to change all over again. She stand in front of the dressing table and detangling her hair, he hugged her from back and said sorry baby. She ask him let go she need to go downstairs. He kissed on her shoulder. He continues when you are angry, you are so hot and I couldn’t resist myself coming to you. She pushed him and comb her hair quickly and run away.

Mehak went to the kitchen as if nothing happens, Dolly maasi asked bahu where you went, and just now you said going to check whtr Shaurya lalla wakeup already or not. But he said you didn’t come there. I searched the entire garden too and asked Awara and none saw you. You are playing hide and seek early in the morning is it. Morning you were wearing different saree but now you change different saree what happen, Mehak blushed and loss of words she bit her lips and apologized before she could finish her sentence Karuna maa came to the kitchen and then ask everyone to eat breakfast. Shaurya came downstairs to eat breakfast he winked at Mehak she warned him not to disturb her. He smiled and sat at the dining area. Mehak served the breakfast meals for everyone and sat next to Karuna maa instead next to Shaurya. He gives her a cold stare and continue to eat the breakfast. Both playing with eye signals and Karuna maa notice them and smiled at them. Vicky asked some business related matters to Shaurya and distracts them. Shaurya eats his breakfast and gets ready for his work. Mehak say she will stay at home today as got work at home to Vicky. Shaurya went near the main door and wait for her and walk a few times around looking for her but she is nowhere to be seen. He said loudly, I am leaving, Mehak hears it and kept ignoring it, and he made few rounds as if searching for his documents and files. Karuna maa notice that he is being restless and ask him what happen usually you are not like this , he just brush off saying that he need some important files and checking for them. Karuna maa called Mehak she came asking what is it. She saw Shaurya standing and make a face. She asked Karuna maa what is it, she said Shaurya forgot some documents do you know where is it or maybe you help him look for it , I will go and help Dolly.

Shaurya grinned. Mehak asked what document he is looking for, he came closer to her and hug her by her lower back. She struggle with him how if anyone sees. He hold her chin, I am going for an important task to Ghaziabad and my wife is miffed with me. Then how to go in peace. I will be so worried and my focus on you only. Now quickly forgive me and give what I want, my work will be successful and my mood will be good the whole day. She cling her arms around his neck and give a kiss on his forehead and cheek. Adjusted his tie and wished him to have safe trip and come home soon. He smiled, he kiss her on her cheek and hugged her. Ok my jaan see you in the evening. Take care, and he left for his meeting

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