Mehrya My version Part 10

Shaurya asked Mehak not to wear traditional wear as they going for honeymoon and not for yatra. Mehak rolled her eyes and both went for shopping, she refuse to wear anything short, Shaurya asking her to try few types of modern wears and she finally agreed to wear long floral dresses , long flare skirts with tops and Capri pants. On next day morning Shaurya and Mehak gets blessings from the elders and left to airport for their honeymoon to Maldives. After 7hrs they reached Male capital and Shaurya and Mehak saw the hotel staff holding their name plate Mr & Mrs. Khanna. They were asked to wait for some procedures and boarded a seaplane to the island.

Both holding each other’s hands as they observe the view from the seaplane and taking pictures of the crystal clear blue see. They reached Centara Grand Island and Resort Spa after 40mins, the hotel staff welcomed them with flower garland and welcome drink. They walked them to their villa. Shaurya blindfolded Mehak and he walked with her and summoned the hotel staff to leave they entered Ocean Water Villa and ask Mehak to remove the blindfold. Mehak was taken by surprise to see the villa’s entire view is all surrounded by island. The bedroom is a sea-gazing view and connected to shimmering lagoon. She quickly jumped and hugged Shaurya tightly and said I never expected to see such a surprise thank you so much, I love you Shaurya. Shaurya hugged her and lifted her gently and swing her. He put her on the floor and said remember you fancy fairy tale? I want to make my queen’s wish special so her king will fulfill all her wishes and dreams comes true. Mehak hugged him back and say this place will be so special to me, it’s so beautiful.

The bed decorated with rose petals and the towels were sculptured into swan. Scented candles was lit up in the room with beautiful aromatherapy scents. The room comes with private pool. Shaurya came to Mehak and said comes let’s play in the pool. Mehak said I don’t know swimming he said let me hold you and don’t worry. I will teach you swimming. Mehak refused but Shaurya came with his swimming shorts and pull her into the pool with him. Mehak was so scared and holding to Shaurya, he ask her to stand on the pool ground and she manage to stand on the pool. She stand on the pool corner while Shaurya swimming. He swim at the bottom of the pool and tickle Mehak and splash water on her. He came to her and hugged and kissed her. Mehak stopped him how if anyone sees them? Shaurya laughed and said its open island and no one will see and she is his property and he came for honeymoon. Both enjoyed the pool.
Mehak showered and standing in front of mirror and detangling her hair Shaurya came behind her and hugged her he touched and her hair and said my most beautiful queen and kissed on her ears. Mehak turned to him and said my handsome king quickly dress up and come before your queen die of hunger. He kissed her on the cheek and went to change and both went for dinner.

They enjoyed dinner while watching sunset, there was live band playing music. The host for the evening later made announcement for Mehak and Shaurya to dance. Both enjoyed the moments dancing for the live music. Later after dinner both holding hands walked along the beach, enjoying the gentle wave hitting on their feet. Mehak beamed as she enjoyed the wave. She splash the water on Shaurya and chuckled. Both lied on the white sandy beach as their legs washed by the waves and they enjoyed the full moon and stars in the dark blue sky above

Next day morning both cuddled in the bed and Shaurya don’t let Mehak to get up, he ask her to lie down and enjoy watching the sunrise and the blue sea. Mehak kissed Shaurya on forehead and said thank you for giving such a beautiful honeymoon trip, she never seen such beautiful things her in life. Shaurya pulled her and covered her in blanket and they had a beautiful moment.

After breakfast both went to see around the beach, the tour guide suggested to try parasailing as it will be fun and most enjoyed adventure activity by all the guest. Mehak gets scared and attempts to run away Shaurya carried her asked her to come with him or else he will go with a white lady standing in bikini there, Mehak rolled her lips and as she have no choice she followed him. The crew brought them over to a boat and sailed the away from the island to the middle of the sea. Shaurya keep teasing Mehak and ask her to don’t be scared it will be fun. The crew later fixed the cables and hooks on both of them as they did the tandem parasailing and Mehak closed her eyes tightly as they were lifted to the sky and flying in the sky. Shaurya screaming in happiness and asked her to open the eyes and see. She open her eyes sideways and saw they are miles away in the sky flying and can see the clear blue see and she started to scream her lungs out. Shaurya laughed looking at her childishness. They both landed down and Mehak sat on the boat as scared and Shaurya continue to make fun on her, she beat him up as he torturing on their honeymoon bringing her to all the adventure sports. They return to the island and the guides suggested to sightseeing the island, the tour guide bring them to the village areas where they do handmade stuffs like handcrafts, weaving, and jewelry making from seashells.

They roam around and had fun taking pictures and had lots of fun. Both returned to their hotel, Mehak lied on the bed while Shaurya lock the room door and came lie next to her. Asked if she is tired, she rolled next to him and said so tired and sleepy. He ask her to rest for a while he will go and freshen up and come. By the time he come Mehak already in deep sleep. He covered her with blanket and gently stroke her hair and look at her while she smile at her sleep.
Next morning both gets ready for other activities. Both went for island hopping whereby stingrays and fishes on the seashore. They feed them. Mehak keep running away as the sting rays approaches them, Shaurya laughed and carried her to the water. Both went to fish foot spa. The spa staff asked them to dip the leg inside a pond of little tiny fishes. Mehak was skeptical about the foot spa but the spa staff convinced her is not pain and its relaxing therapy. She dipped her legs in the pond. All the fishes start eating the skin causing a tickling sensation and both
Shaurya and Mehak laughed.

At evening Shaurya and Mehak enjoying the dinner and some girls signaled to Shaurya, and he too waved at them. Mehak seeing this and asked what is going on here, he smiled at her and said hot guy like him all girls want to be with so try to adjust a bit, Mehak’s eyes wide opened and asked you came for honeymoon with me and now started to look for another girl. Just then a girl passed their table and touched Shaurya’s shoulder and went away. Mehak asked him what this all about he asked her to ignore it as it’s common. A waiter came to their table and served alcohol, Shaurya said he didn’t order them before the waiter goes off Mehak took a glass gulped down. Shaurya shocked seeing it, before he could stop her she had another one too. He covers his face with his hands and asked her what you just did. Mehak gets toxicated and started to laugh at him. She gets up and walk to the dance floor. Shaurya quickly runs after her. He holds her while she is dancing with him. She asked him to let go don’t touch she can manage by herself. Shaurya said no I just want to dance with you, ok then it’s ok let’s dance. Both were dancing for the music and some other guy came near her and asked to dance with them, Shaurya didn’t let her go he bring her out quickly she became totally uncontrollable and adamantly asked him to let her go she want to go dance.

He carried her on his shoulder to the room. Mehak started to scream help me this guy kidnapping me this guy is bad save me… Shaurya asked her to keep quiet she started to hit on hit back. He opened their room and bring her in. He put her on the bed and looking at her and asked what you are doing. She gets up you bad husband, came for honeymoon with me but saw some s*xy figure girl started to flirt with them , she sat on the bed and pull Shaurya’s hand he fell on the bed she lie on him asked him why is he like this? Shaurya smiled asked like what? She said something is in your eyes, she pulls his nose. She asked him will you love me like this forever, he caresses her face and said yes the entire life. You won’t go away from me right? She asked, he laughed at her, never I leave you, till death do us apart. After a while she knocks out. Shaurya adjusted her to a pillow and change his clothes and slept next to her hugging her tightly and stroking her hair and smelling her neck and hair.

The sun shines and beam on Mehak’s face she turned and cover herself in the blanket. After few minutes turning and toasting in the bed she looked for Shaurya he is not at the bed. She walked to the bathroom he is not there. She washed her face and came looking for him. Asking herself where he went so early morning, she was checking near the pool Shaurya came to frightened her from back. He asked her did she slept well , she said yes but what happen last night I feel like unusual, Shaurya asked you didn’t remember anything? She said we went for dinner after that what happen, he hold her gently nearer to the pool you did the most naughtiest thing I could ever imagine you will do. Back in Delhi you were sidhi saadhi ladki, yesterday night you had drinks and started to act wild and danced. I carried you out because you became uncontrollable. Mehak bites her lips and eyes open wide hearing it. Then came to the room you started to do all naughty things on me, she asked what did I do? I can’t explain but it was good, Mehak asked him what did I do tell me now Shaurya he acted shyly I can’t say it myself I am so shy. He holds her hand and said thank you for the last night so today I got something for you , she asked him what happen last night, he said hold me she holds his shoulder, then jump into the pool. Mehak cling on his shoulder and screamed at him is he crazy or what jumping into the pool like this, she scared of water. He hold her in the water. Today we are returning to Delhi so let’s spend some time together. Mehak splashed water on Shaurya and both played in the pool.

Mehak showered and came to Shaurya who is still in his towel, asked him can she ask something he said why what is it? She asked yesterday night what I did, he laughed and cling his arms around her neck said while we were having dinner, 2 girls waving at him and signaling him and passed their table and touched him. My wife got angry and had drinks in one go. Then she started to dance at the club. Mehak blushed and puts her head down. He hold her chin up and later came to the room on the bed lie on me and sweet talk and slept. That’s all. She asked so that’s all, nothing right? He said wish there was something more but only that happens. Mehak rolled his eyes and chased him all over the room to beat him up. She hit him with pillows asking him why he always play pranks on her. Both fell on the bed and catching breathe, and both laughed.

After a while both had their breakfast and walk in the white sandy beach before check out from the villa. The seaplane came and both boarded the seaplane. Mehak look out from her side on the plane, she kissed Shaurya’s hand and said thank you so much for such a beautiful honeymoon. I am the luckiest girl because of having husband like you. He kiss her hand back and said you are welcome but I think I am the luckiest because having sweet and mental wife like you both laughed. They reached Delhi around evening. Driver drove them back home. Shaurya told Mehak we should get Diwali gifts for everyone and visit them at Sharma’s house together with their gifts from Maldives. They reached Khanna mansion, Karuna maa and Dolly maasi received them. Asked both how they are and how the trip was Mehak replied all good. They went upstairs to freshen up and came downstairs for dinner. Mehak said she missed home food a lot. Just then Kanta chachi called to ask whtr they have reached Delhi or not, Mehak said yes we are fine and reached Delhi. She asked how everyone at home is, she replied all are fine, when all ok do come to visit us. Shaurya replied yes chachi will drop by to see all at home. Both bring the gifts for Karuna maa, Dolly maasi and Vicky and pass it to them. They were so delighted, Mehak went to pass some gifts for Awara bhaiya. He thanked her. Back in their room Shaurya checked his emails and busy with his work. Mehak ask him to rest for a while as they just arrived. He ask her to rest he will sleep in a while just one important email to reply. He finished his work and went to bed.

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