MehRya… Two bodies One soul..!!

heyy.. guys!! this is aruni.. This is going to be my first ff!! So.. please forgive me for any type of my mistakes.. So here I go!! Its on the basis of ongoing track of ZKM
Mehek Sharma- She is a cute, sweet nd luving soul.. Her family matters her the most. She is a very talanted cook aged 21..
Shaurya Khanna- He is a very successful businessman.. He is actually a rich brat!! Having Mehek as her love interest..

Scene 1..
Mehek is really shattered after knowing that Shaurya ditched her only for her mother’s treasury recipe book.. She still believes Shaurya.. but she can’t forgive him what he had did to her.. On the other side, Shaurya is out of his peace seeing Mahek in pain.. He had really ditched her the book!! He can’t concentrate on any of his work.. he is distracted by Mahek’s memories.. he is restless, he is not understanding why he is thinking about Mahek even though he did not luv Mahek.. He is frustrated, he stops all his works and get into his bed..
S: What the hell!! Why I am getting into the thought of that middle class, fatso Mahek Sharma.. I think I am overstressed that’s why all these thoughts are wandering in my mind.. I must get a gud sleep..
Mahek,s Place.
M: I never imagined even in my dreams that Shaurya would do this.. just for a recipie book.. He should have asked me once.. I would have given him.. Even not asking a single question.. Coz I really loved him.. But how will he understand.. he just did a drama of love!! I am sorry Shaurya.. I know that you don’t luv me.. but I will liv uhh with my Whole Heart till my last breath.. I will only live in your dreams.. but whatever you did to me.. I would not forgive you for that..!! Nd I vow Mr Shaurya Khanna to destroy all your celebrity image in front of all.. I loved you unconditionally.. Nd what you did to me in return!! Shaurya not only you hurted me but my family too.. nd My family matters me the most.. you betrayed me coz I am middle class, fatso nd not equal to your status.. Now I would work too hard to reach your status nd show it to you what can a middle class girl can do!!

To be continued..

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  1. Nice work!! That’s the spirit? women power

    1. Aruni_kashyap

      yeahh Sri.. Women are equal to ten mens!!

  2. Wow…plss update next part soon

    1. Aruni_kashyap

      of course.. Vavachi!! will post it soon!!

  3. Nice. .. waiting for next part. .

    1. Aruni_kashyap

      You will be reading it soon!!

  4. Gud job Aruni…instead of goin behind shauri…let her concentrate in career…post next one ASAP

    1. Aruni_kashyap

      Thnkuhh so much.. that you liked it!! Nd yes.. unlike all daily soaps.. I made it a revenge story!! ??

  5. Suprb yr…

    1. Aruni_kashyap

      Thnkuhh Sapna.. will not disapoint uhh!!

  6. superb episode post next one soon.

    1. Aruni_kashyap

      Will post it soon!! nd thankuhh so much!! ??

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