Mehrya /Twinj FF :Love ( part 2 )

Thanks for all the support guys .So I’m going straight to the dinner part.

~~~~~~~At SKTM Restaurant~~~~~~~

Mehak and Shaurya are sitting at table for four with beautiful decorations like balloons, roses and streamers.

S (holding her hand): So don’t you think that we should continue what we started this morning?
And he smirked while Mehak blushed.

M: Nah you never know, maybe Kunj will walk in again, she said sarcastically.

K: Oh don’t worry Bhabi.
Mere paas bohut plans aaj raat ke liye.

(Oh don’t worry sister-in-law
I have many plans for tonight)

Said kunj as he walked in.

K: Haina Twinkle.
(Right Twinkle)

T: Ji haan.

Then she ran to hug Mehak and hugged her like there was no tomorrow as ,in a long while she hadn’t seen her best friend.

S: OK enough of the hugging, you don’t even hug me that much.

T :Oh jiju stop being jealous I’m sure Mehak will do something special for you right?

Twinkle laughed as Mehak’s eyes widened.

K :Alright Twinkle, can we order now guys?

Yeah :said all in union.

While they we’re waiting for they food, as Kunj ordered it.

S :Guys remember how we all met, those were the days. But Kunj remember your experience with my wife

K: Yeah.

Then turned the next side as Shaurya, Mehak and Twinkle laughed at him.

[OK so I’ll send the story back to college days right. Hope you guys don’t mind]

Kunj and Shaurya are seen in college with their friends Yuvraj, Rajeev and Karan.

K: It’s good to see you guys after the holidays.

S :It’s so long, then why don’t we play a game, the first girl that walks in, you have to go kiss her on the lips.

K: Ok challenge accepted.

~~~~~~~Outside the college~~~~~~~~

Mehak you go in while I park the car, said Twinkle.

Kunj looked at Mehak as she walked in and smirked at the guys.

S, K, R, Y :Yet banda has kyun rahi hai.
(Why is this guy smiling?)

Kunj walked up to Mehak, pulled her by the waist and kissed her passionately on the lips.

Precap for next part: Continued Flashback and what do you think Mehak’s expression will be?

Sorry for making it so short guys but I promise I’ll make up for it. And thank u guys so much for all the support. ??????

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  1. Presha

    Hey awesome loved it and eagerly waiting for the next one

  2. SidMin23

    Nice and I want kunj to kiss twinkle not mehak ???☹️ As twinj are made for each other. Hope their is more focused on twinj next time

  3. Hey vaishali, hope this will be ur name.☺this epi is so nice but 1 thing is seriously I really don’t like kunj kissed passionately mehak instead of twinkle ???, why kunj,, this made my blood boil ????
    I can’t see this again ??????? hope u understand ☺☺ OK post next soon ?? Love you ???

  4. Sohi

    Episode was good
    But I can’t see kunj kissing mahek that too passionately I got angry ? that time
    Well I want both couples equal scenes
    Do continue

  5. Cutieeee

    awww!!!so cuteee want to see mehak’s reaction …plz post asap

  6. Please post regularly

  7. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing

  8. Ramya

    It was so cute
    But really kunj kissed mehak
    It’s different
    Post soon

  9. Aanya_pandey

    Dear!!! Start of this update was good.. but den at d end?? kunj se hua locha??
    Too good too good that was

  10. Baby

    ohhhh god twinj fc☺☺
    hahhaaa loved it hahhaaa kunj kissed mehak
    ohhh god bt why well dats lovly episode
    waiting for next plssss post asap
    loved it☺☺

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