mehrya os-kaisa yeh ishq hain….ajab sa risk hain..

Hi frnds..???….moni7,latha,Christina,jayakumarisuresh,ashwin,and all..I’m typing it good afternoon all..I’m back with the next one shot of mehrya…thanq so much for ur support guys..u guys showered lots of love and support on I thought to give another os of mehrya this much faster….this is for u all..???????…I know i cooked enough..let’s get into the one shot..

mehrya os-Kaisa yeh ishq hain…ajab sa risk hain…

It’s raining heavily..mehak is fully drenched in rain..she’s having tears on her eyes which she wants to hide it in rain..but even though she cudn’t..she’s crying….she blabbers how cud u do this to me??…how cud u shaurya??..I hate u for this..koi itna bhi acting kaise kar saktha hain.u cheated me by trapping in ur fake love..just becoz I slapped u that day..u have been seeking for revenge from me…she kneels down criying badly..she screams do you hear me.???

I hate you…u r cheat..she cries badly…screen shifts to shaurya…here shaurya comes to his room with his face full of anger…he breaks the mirror of his room…he remembers when he said mehak that he didn’t love her pretending to fall in love with her..mehak holds his collar and cries in anger ..slapped him once again badly…these flashes is in shaurya’s mind..shaurya thinks in anger tone..I got want I want…I took revenge from mehak…but kyun…still my heart is not getting peace..why??..he screams go away from me mehak sharma…go away..mehak comes to the house in drenched state..she hugs and cries..she says kanta chachi…everything is over now…woh jhoota tha..uska pyaar jhoota tha..he betrayed me….the next day ..shaurya is sleeping..there comes mehak..mehak asks him to get up..he says no..he drags mehak and cuddles her..mehak takes the coffee mug and keeps it on shaurya…he wakes up uttering mehak with a cute smile on his face…it was his dream..

he gets irritated and leaves..after a while…shaurya is getting ready..he calls mehak…where’s my suit??he asks it again…he comes to his own sense…he goes to the wardrobe.he pushes and pulls all his suit…he didn’t find it..he searches it with anguishness..he says becoz of her everything become disorganized…he opens the next one…he finds it was full of mehak’s dress..he takes it quickly ..moves it here and find his suit..he sees mehak’s red saree..he remembers the moment they spend together..their first kiss..his lips unknowingly chuckles…he then comes back,.,still what these dresses are doing here??..he takes all her dress and throws it badly..his eyes clearly shows pain on it…he kneels and says in anger i don’t need ur memories in my life mehak sharma…he calls aawara..and asks to send her dresses there..he goes from there disturbed…he bumps up with his mother….he goes …here mehak wants to throw out all his memories from her mind…one such night mehak rests her head on the couch…tears flowing from both her eyes..she remembers the moment she proposed shaurya..she hears the word that shaurya said shaurya mehak khanna…their kitchen romance..their marriage and his betrayal..she stands and takes all the memories of shaurya..she breaks it and says I don’t need u…she sees their marriage photo..she’s abut to break it but she cudn’t able to break it..shaurya standing in his lawn..he thinks what’s happening with me???kyun..itni becheni si dil rehta hain.he hears mehak’s voice..shaurya..shaurya….everywhere shaurya sees mehak…he shuts his ears and closes his eyes..he sees her smiling face there also..he goes to his room…breaks there everything badly..screams in plays …
Pyaar hain yaa sazaa..
Hain mere dil bata..
Toottha kyun nahin dard ka silsila..(is it love or punishment??say my heart..why this pain is not leaving??)..
Mehak and shaurya both r crying…days passed mehak slowly comes back to normal life..her family supports her…here shaurya slowly understands the importance of mehak in his life…one such day..shaurya is sitting broken in his room in drunken state…song plays..
aava ennai ennai thedi vandha anjhalai…

his eyes is fully filled with tears..he completely got shattered…he’s having mehak’s photo..he touches it gently and says I was idiot..I thought that I’m cheating you…but I was wrong.,I was cheating my heart..I didn’t realize that how much I love you??..this heart is really longing for ur love.shaurya’s mom comes there..he hugs her..shaurya ‘s mom asks him to go and get his love back into his life…next day..shaurya goes to mehak’s house..mehak opens the door…she got shocked seeing him…both of them got emotional..mehak closes the door suddenly..he taps the door and talks to mehak..everything he’s feeling,..mehak asks him to go away..shaurya asks her to apologize him…he says mehak..I realized ur importance in my life.,I can’t live without u..I’m habituated to ur love… everyone sees it…mehak very toughly stops her emotions but tears sheds from her eyes.mehak and shaurya both sits at the either side of the door..they both cries…shaurya says the door..I ….i can’t live without u..he felt mehak is crying…he keep his hand on the door says I know u r crying..but plzz..I can’t bear tears in ur life…mehak asks shaurya juz go away…song plays..

tere ishq ki mujhko aadat hain ….(I’m habituated to ur love)….
days passed…shaurya tries to convince mehak as possible..but she didn’t get day.when mehak comes to her working place..she found shaurya there…mehak pleads him to go from she will not once again fall in his trap,..shaurya holds mehak tightly and asks her to look into his eyes..can’t u see my love for u??.they shared some eyelock ..mehak releases his hands from her and goes..shaurya sees a car coming from there,.she calls mehak..she didn’t hear it due to horns sound…he screams mehak and pushes her away..shaurya got hit by car..mehak screams shaurya and goes there..keep head on her lap..shaurya touches her cheeks..he says plzz..apologize me…he closes his eyes..mehak admits shaurya in hospital..the doctor says that his condition is critical..mehak goes to see shaurya..she cries by resting on shaurya’s chest..she says I’m sorry..I was stupid..I didn’t see ur love and be frank I can’t live without u..plzz open ur eyes..If u leave me I will also dye..plzz open ur eyes for me..ur mehak is here..plzzz…mehak touches his cheeks and says don’t make me cry??u only said that u don’t like to see tears in my eyes.u r making me cry…i’m also habituated to u..I can’t imagine my life without you..she kisses on shaurya’s forehead..

suddenly shaurya comes back to conscious..he opens his eyes..tears flow aside from his eyes..he’s abut to utter sorry..mehak shuts his mouth..says chupp.why did u do this??..are u mad???shaurya says yes..I’m mad for you..i can’t live without you…everyone becomes happy abut mehrya’s reunion…one day mehrya going for long walk..shaurya says mehak…sometimes I think that if you were not in my life then what wud have happened to me???.I was living such a unhappy life..then u came in my life and diffused my life with the fragrance of ur love…mehak gets emotional..shaurya laughs and says u thought that I will say this..I was really happy when I was bachelor..then u came and made my life miserable…what to do???..shaurya it’s all ur fate..mehak beats him..he runs and mehak also runs behind him…

then shaurya holds mehak says I was kidding…mehak still shows deadpan face…shaurya holds his ears and says sorry…mehak chuckles…rain comes there…mehak asks him to come..shaurya holds her hand…mehak says we will get drenched…we don’t have umbrella..shaurya chuckles and with gleam-eyed ,he says we have…he removes his coat and covers them both in the coat….song plays…kyunki tum hi ho…ab tum hi ho…zindagi ab tum hi ho….Chen bhi…mera dard bhi…meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho…..

The end..

Frnds I hope u guys like this..comment and share ur views..

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  1. Moni7

    Hai solace dear…how r u…
    S again u proved it…. simply amazing dear…i literally cried ….?????….s yarukku theriyum un ff dhan zkm original script ta koda irukkalam ….Happy ending ?????….song frm varanam aayiram thank u dear oly song which I know …rest all hindi songs ….

    1. Solace

      It’s OK dear what’s the big deal??u liked it ryt..i know ur comment will be the first you dear..after all u r very crazy for shaurya..????love u..ummaahhhhh….

      1. Moni7

        S dear umaaaaaaah?????…gone crazy?????

  2. Moni7

    Waiting for ur nxt one dear…???….not oly shaurie u too make me crazy ..saying about wonderful ff…just love it???.. enaku vekkam vekkam ma varudhu,?????… thank u soo much dear…enna ma script ezhudhara nee well done …cha naanum try pannalam patha verum humor dhan varudhu…. romantic comedy ff aagidum????

  3. Moni7

    Love u soooooooooo much solace dear???❤❤❤❤u too stole my heart…

    1. Solace

      Moni naa idha unkitta sollalanu dhan irundhe dear…nee ff mehrya kuh ezhudhuna adhu super hittah dah irukum…ennah adhulah namma luku ethamathiri romance element neraya poduva…I am really waiting for u to write ff on mehrya..ennoda asaya neravethu dear…will you????…luv u..gud nyt..??????

      1. Moni7

        Ha ha ha ?????…oki dear vl try …but adhu kandippa oru comedy story ya dhan varum … konjam romance neriya comedy…naa ezhudhittu un send pandren nee adhula un spice la add pannu Dear..bcoz u r too good in description of romantic scenes…nee adhula maanae thaanae ponn maanae add pannidu …

  4. Nice dear.. very touchy….

  5. The story is just amazing, u made my heart skip a bit,u nailed it dear. Love reading your stories. Grt work keep it up

    1. Solace

      Thanq love angel and achu…keep reading and supporting me…luv u…?????????

  6. Latha

    Wow solace again it was superb one dear. Loved it very much. Superb songs selection and happy ending. Keep writing dear. Waiting for your upcoming episodes.

  7. Moni7

    Solace oru side nee enna azha vekkara…oru side achu…rendu perum..enna koldringa…baby mas…love u sooo much?????

  8. Superb os dear…i loved it to the coreeee???

  9. lovely os. just fabulous. too good.
    its superb. & well done
    keep posting.

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