Mehrya My version Part 92

Part 92 30/07/2018

Next morning Mehak gets up early to shower and started to arrange the cooking ingredients, spices accordingly. Later she made herself chai and sat on the balcony swing enjoy the hot chai with the cool morning breeze. After sometime she arranged their photo frames and their family photos at the living area display racks. She placed the Matarani statue given by Dolly maasi and lighten up and said silent prayers for all her loved ones as seeking blessings in the new city.
Since Shaurya still not up yet she decide to prepare the breakfast as well. She done with the preparations and decided to do Moong dhal Cheela with some gravy. As she let the gravy to simmer she done with the batter and decided to check whtr Shaurya is up or not she turned and hit against hard chest of Shaurya as her breath hitched, Shaurya managed to hold her by her waist to balance her. Mehak hit him on his chest and complained you scared me Shaurya, his hand was still at her lower waist as he walked with her to the nearest wall, he pressed her against the wall and nuzzled from her hair to the temple, she keep calling him Shaurya what are you doing, he didn’t reply as he inhale her freshly washed hair which smell lavender. Her hand which was on his chest earlier now move this his neck, she was slowly letting him to do the naughty stuffs till she realize he is slowly making herself losing to him, she gently move her fingers and pulled his ears and he ouches in pain and ask her what are you doing, she question him back and ask what are you doing? You wake up so late and even at night you did all the naughty stuff now early morning still walking with your boxer shorts no shame at all roaming like this in the house, he smirked at her cute anger and said when I wake up I want to see your cute pretty face so you were not around so I walked her to see you, anyway in this house only you and me so I will walk with my boxer or even naked so get used to it, Mehak stupefy with his sentence and she was only able to blink her eyes twice, his long hair falling on his forehead and he looked damn hot as he chuckled at her redden face, she quickly pushed him and managed to pushed him till bathroom and shut the door asking him to freshen up as she is hungry and waiting for him to have breakfast, on his way to bathroom he was able to say let’s shower together, she warned him not to talk anymore and shower first. He went inside and started to shower. Mehak made the bed and unwind the curtains letting the sunrays hit their bedroom, she quickly load the wardrobe with their clothes and hang them neatly in the hangers. Shaurya came out in his towel and she pass him a set of casual wear asking him to wear it quickly as she is very hungry.
She went to make the hot cheelas and arrange them in the plate and dish out the gravy to the dining table. From the kitchen she asked Shaurya do you want coffee or orange juice, he asked for juice she swiftly pour him a glass of orange juice to the table, he came and she sat together with him and both had their breakfast. While eating Harish papa made video call and asked how they are doing, Mehak excitingly replied they are doing fine and all looks good here she wanted to call them after breakfast instead they already call them after exchanging news with the rest of the family Mehak hang up and asked Shaurya what is the plan for today, he said let’s stay at home and spend like yesterday, she quickly gets up from the table with her plate and said I cannot stay like this I am going back to Delhi she said as she walks from the chair but Shaurya manage to pull her wrist and she landed on his lap, her mouth still got food and she was munching on it as she looked at him, she raise her eyebrows asking what , he replied okay I will get the driver to come get ready lets go around the city check it out and we come back evening after dinner okay? Happy he asked in cold tone , she shakes her head in agreement as he pushes some Cheela into her mouth letting her go to kitchen.

He helped her to clean the table and dishes Mehak patted on his shoulder saying good job Mr Khanna, I am impressed you will be definitely become a good husband he smiled at her compliment and called the driver to come to their apartment. Mehak gets ready and both leave to discover more about the city. The driver brings them to see Lal Bagh the Botanical Gardens It has a famous glass house. Upon reaching there Mehak was mesmerized by the largest collection of tropical plants, and the lake. As these love birds roam hand in hand in the 240 acres garden they also watch few species of birds include Myna, Parakeets, Crows, Brahminy Kite, Pond Heron, Common Egret, Kingfisher, Spotted Owlets, Spotted kite, Spotted Pelican, Ducks, Indian Cormorant, Purple Moor Hen and many more. Upon reaching the 100years old Banyan tree both rested at the aesthetically designed lawns taking deep breath and Mehak rested her head on Shaurya’s shoulder and said it looks beautiful Shaurya the flowerbeds, lotus pools, fountains, wooden pavilion and the glass house looks so breathtakingly beautiful, he smell her scent and said but lesser than you, she looked at him and scrunched her nose at him and watch the beautiful lake. After sometime they leave the garden. The driver stop by at a restaurant for them to have lunch. While having lunch Shaurya’s business partner at Bangalore called him asking how he is doing at Bangalore and after getting to know a bit he invited them for dinner at his house and Shaurya accepted the invite.
After roaming for some time around the Bangalore Street, they both returned home to rest a bit and get ready for the dinner invite. They went to the dinner and warmly welcomed by Mr & Mrs Bhatt in their 40’s. Mr Anurag Bhatt and his wife Kiran Bhatt ask them to have a sit at the living area. Mr Anurag asked whtr what they would like to drink either alcohol or before he ends his sentence Shaurya refused and said they don’t drink which surprises both the host. They asked for juice and as the servant place the juice glass for them, Mr Khanna I was assuming you are being the youngest entrepreneur at Delhi and outgoing you do drink, Shaurya smiled and replied I don’t drink and smoke as well, these 2 things which I never wanted to add into my lifestyle as I am health freak. Mr Anurag nodded and rested himself on the luxury sofa next to Shaurya. Beside Mehak Mrs Kiran Bhatt was sitting and asking about herself and wellbeing. Mrs Kiran complimented Mehak to Shaurya as she looks cute and pretty Mr Khanna, you are very lucky man, and proud Shaurya nodded and thanked Mrs Kiran. Servant announced dinner is served. They all proceeded to the dining hall. Shaurya assisted Mehak to sit and adjusted her chair and he sit beside her as Mr Anurag sat on the head chair and Mrs Kiran sit next to him. The servant served them Shaurya checked with the waiter for vegetarian dishes for Mehak and they served her those. Mrs Kiran observe the way how Shaurya took care of Mehak and as they started to eat, and she asked how the food is, Mehak complimented its good and Shaurya joined yes its nice Mrs Bhatt. They enjoyed the meals and Mrs Bhatt ask to serve desserts. Mr Khanna started Mrs Bhatt, he interrupted just call me Shaurya is okay, don’t need to be too formal, she smiled at him and continued. Looks like you love your wife so much how long both of you have been married. He wiped his lips with the napkin and replied we are married for almost 1 year and yes I am madly in love with her saying that he looked at Mehak who is looking down at her dessert bowl as she turned dark beetroot. Mr Anurag also smiled together hearing Shaurya’s warm confession. Mrs Bhatt bring them to their large lawn and they enjoyed the night at their lawn as they serve cut fruits. Shaurya and Mr Bhatt get themselves busy discussing about their business matters. Mehak sat together with Mrs Bhatt and they busy discussing about their home matters. Mrs Bhatt asked Mehak how she finds Bangalore so far, Mehak nodded and replied it’s nice they went to the park and few places today. Maybe she will get used to it and able to move around on her own soon.

As it was getting late Shaurya took leave from Bhatt’s and Mrs Kiran told Shaurya I really like your wife please do come to visit us whenever you get times, Mehak wished them and bid them Namaste before leaving and Shaurya opens the car door for her and once she is in he closed the door and get into the car at the other side and signed the driver to proceed.
Back to their apartment, Mehak freshen up and made golden latte and both enjoyed it as they watched the dark sky from their lavishly decorated balcony. Shaurya was resting on Mehak’s lap as he reply some messages he gets earlier. Mehak strokes his hair as she look at him and put her cup away. She called him Shaurya, he hmm at her, at the Bhatt’s house we didn’t see kids or anyone else then their servants, why also Mrs Bhatt said she likes me why she say like that. He ask her to wait as he replying someone and he finished that and put his mobile away. He continued they have a son studying abroad and Mrs Bhatt always wanted a daughter but due to medical situations she can’t have another child so that’s why she liked you I guess. Mr Bhatt told me when I asked about his family that he only have a son and he is abroad. So if you are feeling bore don’t want to stay here in the house you can go and visit Mrs Bhatt and chit chat with her go shopping and relax yourself. They shared some jokes with each other and Mehak pulled his nose later she said she is too tired and he gets up from her lap she leave the balcony with their milk cups to kitchen he switch off the lights and closed the balcony glass doors and Mehak came to their room she rested on her pillow and rolled to Shaurya’s side and kissed his cheek and wished him good night and close her eyes. He kissed her forehead and enveloped her close to him and both slept.

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      Hi Cindy how are you doing , glad you like the update dear , Yeah Mehrya now found a new friend through their business partner and Mrs Kiran was happy to see a traditional innocent girl like Mehak with a modern guy like Shaurya. Yes writing of the scenario is not easy so I need to read alot and check many before putting down my ideas. will post soon you too take care have fun

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