Mehrya My version Part 91


Part 91 19/07/2018

In the plane as Mehak sat near the window seat she rest her head on Shaurya’s shoulder as he rest his head on hers. She called him Shaurya Bangalore there what language they will usually speak, Shaurya chuckled are you worried about the language and place now? I am just asking, he assured her it will be fine as its also modern city like Delhi and better too. If I don’t see the good there then I won’t decide to take this offer, to me your wellbeing and happiness is important as well he give his assurance to her. After almost 2.30hrs they reached Kempegowda International Airport. After sometime they collected their luggages and proceeded to the arrival gate and Mr Raman waited with a signage Mr & Mrs Khanna in his hand. Shaurya walked towards him and greeted him and Raman guided him to the car waited for them. In the car Mehak anxiously looked outside the city and more or less it looked like Delhi and she felt good as the weather also much better. Raman explained about Bangalore city traffic and how the public transport and others, Shaurya listening to him as he looked out from the window of the MPV.

They reached the apartment in one of the high end area at Bangalore and it stopped at the entrance, the driver and Raman gets down to open the door for Shaurya and Mehak. Raman passed the house key to Shaurya and told him the house unit number and asked them to proceed first as he will get the luggages and come up. Mehak and Shaurya looped their arms and took the lift to 15th floor and checked the signage and walked to the house and they reached their apartment. Shaurya insert the key and open the door and before Mehak could say anything he scooped her in his arms and went in and close the door with his leg and Mehak giggled as she asked him to put her on the floor she can walk but Shaurya didn’t heed to her and straight he walked to the bedroom which is huge he placed Mehak on the bed and lie next to her and takes deep breath. Mehak rolled and rested her chin on his chest and looked at him with her usual cute smile. Shaurya looked at her with a warm smile as he played with her hair, shall we check the house then you can check me out Mehak hit him hard on his chest and pull herself from him.

She came out of the room and Shaurya follows her, she went to open the balcony’s sliding glass door and fresh breeze brushed pass her face and she loves it, she step out of the balcony which decorated with outdoor seater and table with a swing seater there, the floor of the balcony filled with artificial grass she walked into it and see the view from the balcony tempered glass banister. The view was awesome as she sees all the other residential buildings and children playground and huge garden where people enjoy in their leisure time. Shaurya stands behind her with his hands resting on hers on top of the banister. He was crashing her with her body and against the glass banister. Mehak looked at him in her sideways you started again she queried him, he asked as if don’t understand start what, I didn’t do anything she rested her head on his chest and see the view.

The doorbell rang and Shaurya went to open the door. It was Raman and the driver came with their suitcases, Shaurya asked them to come in. Raman told Shaurya that all preparation are done according to his request and if anything left out to let him know, Shaurya thanked him and he will manage on their own. The driver asked whtr he shud stay or leave, Shaurya asked the driver to leave and will call if needed.

Once both are gone, Shaurya locked the door and Mehak already at the living room, he called her to check out the kitchen and he have instructed to fully furnish the entire house. He naughtily asked Mehak showing the kitchen do you know what place is this, Mehak answered kitchen do you think I don’t know even this, okay what they do in kitchen, of course cooking what else can be done. He pinned her near the kitchen counter securing his arms both at her side, yes we can do many things at kitchen, we can cook delicious meals and we also can be meal for each other. Mehak looked at him with her eyes open as wide as saucer she can’t move as he caged her with his hard figure. She tried to push him but he was hard as rock, he looked at her as if a lion eyed his prey and waiting to savage it, Mehak can feel the heat from his look and her color rise dark and her cheek became hot, he lifted her placed her on the kitchen counter she was surprised to see his sudden move. She moved back a bit as he near her , her legs were hanging from the kitchen counter she bring her legs up on the island and move back a bit and asked Shaurya what you doing , he didn’t reply but remain in his same position to taste her.

She quickly move the other side of island hop down and escape from him. She stands there sticking her tongue out and his arms resting at his waist looking at her antics, he told smart move Mrs Khanna but the lion has already fixed his prey and won’t give up easily and he moved from the kitchen towards her, seeing him approaching her she runs to the living area avoiding him and run behind the sofa and he warned her is better you give up now or else you will be regretting this, she giggled and laughed at him and continue to run away from him and avoiding him successfully and runs into the bedroom and Shaurya came in shuts the door and locked the door up and looked at her wickedly as Mehak knows she is all caught up and no way she can avoid him now , she warned him Shaurya no don’t do anything I will scream, he rolled his sleeve up walking to her she quickly climb on the bed to avoid him but Shaurya’s long hand made him possible to grip her and pull her and she landed on the bed and he climbed on her, Mehak’s back was facing him and he took both her hands and hold it as he crushed her body with his and in his wicked tone asked her who are you trying to mess with Mrs Khanna I told you if I catch you it will be bad for you, Mehak squirmed under him asking him to leave her. He pressed harder on her and making it hard for her to even say anything, he slowly push her hair and give her longing kiss on her nape. She melted with his single kiss she let him to sweetly torture her and he gently move down from her and she turn to him and rest her head on his arms and he cradled her to his side. He called her Mehak she hmm at him. I want to make the most memorable memories in the coming 3 months with you, when we grow old we will have our little secrets and our jokes to laugh together. Her hand played on his shirt button he continued I have so much fantasy and wild thoughts will you fulfill my wishes she looked at him confusingly, what is that fantasy and wild thoughts, he give his usual smirk and she knows he is up to no good and said Shaurya you are making me scared of you.

We just been here for few hours and you started to be naughty. I can’t do anything about your fantasy and everything leave me, he held her wrist and she was lying on him. If you don’t want to know about my fantasies who can I tell them or who will be the best one to know, anyway be ready for my ministrations on daily or maybe every seconds. Her eye pupil open widely, and her pout turned O. He pecked that lip and said here we don’t have maa, papa maasi Vicky or Awara so I will sweetly torture you and make all my wishes comes true she blushed hearing him.

My first wish is that to cook for you dinner every day, Mehak smiled you cook for me, don’t bluff me, he continued yeah like how food connected us the couple who cooks together love each other more you know so I will come home daily and cook for you western dishes, like pastas, many more vegetarian dishes as I want you to be learn those cuisines as well not only in our desi dishes but international ones too. Who knows our kids don’t like your Desi dishes and they like Western dishes so it’s high time you learn them. So I am good in doing them and I will prepare it myself and feed you by myself. Mehak made her cute face. Then we will dance together after dinner and enjoy each other’s company alone in this apartment. Her eyes glittered in excitement. We will live here like lovers more like live in together types with all fun and jolly. I want you to wear my shirt and walk in the house freely, I want to admire all your beauty and your shyness, boldness and your side of wildness without worrying about anyone. He talks to her as his finger traced from her eyebrows gliding down her nose bridge and stops at lip and she kissed his finger and took his huge hand to kiss them too. She shyly asked so now we are not married couple but boyfriend girlfriend is it? He tried to justify yeah we are married legally and also followed all rituals but never get a chance to be away from all the family members so now we will make most out of it living like serious couple in relationship having lots of fun the way he stress the word fun made Mehak’s cheek to get reddish. But Shaurya you know me I am so shy I don’t know I can do anything like you asking you know, Shaurya naughtily said you can learn those naughtiness from me I am a good teacher you know maybe we can start now and quickly pushed her down and unbuttoned his shirt and started to kiss her as if he needed her to live and Mehak melted with his magical spell.

After their hot making out, Mehak was resting on his arm as he plays with her hair, she asked Shaurya I am hungry, he smiled cheekily at her and wow never expected you need more I am ready for more too, she pushed him and said I am not talking about other thing I mean I am really hungry now, let’s go eat. He told her he will order something for delivery and find the delivery app and ordered some food for them and Mehak gets up to go and shower and Shaurya followed her to the bathroom to shower too , both showered together as Shaurya didn’t leave a moment kissing her and sucking on her lips endlessly as the doorbell rang and he keep doing that till Mehak asked him to go as must be their food is here and he wrapped himself in the towel and went to pay the food and came back to the room , he dressed in his lounge pants and his wet hair was still loosely falling on his broad forehead.

Mehak from the bathroom asking him to get her clothes but he asked her to come just like that , she scolded him and ask him to stop this nonsense and give her clothes but he saw his shirt and give her his shirt to her from the edge of bathroom door, she screamed at him what is this why are you giving me your shirt where is mine , how am I going to come out with this, he replied her I am hungry and going to eat you want your clothes come and get it yourself . Mehak was mumbling and scolding Shaurya under her breath as she wear his shirt which was only up to her thigh. She opens the bathroom door came out slowly and find Shaurya not there, and her clothes which they took out earlier also not there, now she need to go out like this to get her clothes. She sneakily opens her room door and peak to see where is Shaurya and she don’t sees him anywhere and she walks quietly out to get her suitcase but Shaurya who was hiding caught her by her waist and lifts her up and started to nuzzle her and kiss her calling her s*xy I got you. He put her on the floor and check her out and she curls her toes and looked at him through her lashes. he pushed her hair behind her ears and said you are the most hottest and s*xiest girl I have ever seen innocent yet s*xy in your own way, do you know how s*xy and hot you are, only I know, she blushed more and he side hugged her as he bring her to the sofa to have their pizza and salad he ordered. He switch ON the TV and both watched and enjoyed their lunch together.

Evening Shaurya brings Mehak to the nearby supermarket to get the necessary cooking essentials and had their dinner and return home. While cuddling on the sofa Mehak asked him when you are starting work, he didn’t look at her but said next week. Mehak sees him next week and we are here so early for what? He looked at her, Mehak you are talking as if I kidnapped you, we came early so we can both discover more about the city , show you around and spend time with each other looks like only me is excited about this Bangalore trip and all, you are so worried about the entire Delhi . She quickly pecked on his cheek and said sorry I don’t know about your plan that’s why I asked sorry baba, okay Shaurya pushed her on the sofa and started to suck her lips and his hands started to work on their own way on her soft body. Mehak giggled as his beard was causing her to tickle and she hold his cheeks and said can you trim your beard a bit, he mumbled saying NO, I won’t they are there to sweetly torture you see your skin you are getting goose bumps when my beard touched your skin. Before Mehak says anything he took control over her lips and started to savage them sweetly and both spend their night in the sweet torture.

Mehrya house at Bangalore

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