Mehrya My version Part 89

Part 89 29/06/2018

Tired of all the late night chit chats and romantic moments both Shaurya and Mehak didn’t wake up till 11am. Mehak fluttered her eye lid to see the time and she quickly sneak from the bed to the bathroom to freshen up. After sometime Shaurya wakes up hearing the shower noise and he quickly rush to guest room where he left last night for his suitcase, he brought them back in his room and open it and take out a gift in a box. He went near to the bathroom door and called her Mehak are you done showering, she smiled as she detangle her hair yes Shaurya I am done wait I am drying my hair, he said come quickly your birthday present is here, she gets excited and came out quickly in her bathrobe. He whistled at her and she immediately turn to see him, he give the present to her and kissed her cheek wishing her again Happy birthday sweet heart, Mehak kissed his cheek again and as she took the present she sat on the bed and open them carefully. She flip the light weight paper and saw a beautiful long gown. She took it out and place it on her body and twirl like a child, she asked Shaurya to go shower he wants to help her dress up but she pushed him into the bathroom and asked him to be quick as she is very hungry. He naughtily asked I am also hungry but not for food and you know exactly what I want. Mehak’s lip opened wide hearing him and didn’t say anything, he asked again so if you are okay I can come and fulfill my hunger now, she suppress her lips as her cheek become red and warm with his naughty talks. He furthered now I can imagine how red is your face and your mouth open wide in shock, Mehak quickly replied you are impossible Shaurya don’t talk so much shower and come quickly I wonder what maa , maasi all will be thinking if I go down so late. She wears the dress and applied light makeup. She took out the matching pair of earring for the dress and accessory. In the meantime she took out Shaurya’s clothes and arrange them on the bed. He came out from shower and get himself dressed up watching Mehak who was playing with her mobile, she mumbled looks like all forgotten about me Shaurya, no one from home message me or called me. She pouted at him he went to pull her cheeks hey golu molu don’t be sad on birthday maybe all are busy they will surely remember by noon or later. He done his hair and all Mehak pulled him from the dresser saying you already look handsome no need to make up so much she pulled him as they walk out of their room. They slide down the staircase and found the house is empty, both went to dining table and Mehak asked Awara bhaiya where is everybody, he replied Karuna maa long distance relative is ill so all went to visit her they will be back by evening, he said and he ask both to sit down as he will serve them breakfast. Both enjoyed breakfast and Shaurya suggested that both go for shopping, watch movie enjoy good foods and spend time together, Mehak gets excited and both quickly eat and leave the house.

They reached mall and Shaurya bring her a boutique to pick some new modern clothing’s. She refused as she have plenty of clothes at home but Shaurya shushed her and said baby you are Shaurya Khanna’s wife and we are meeting business people and customers sometimes media so at least for my sake please wear nice clothing’s she puffed at his statement, now don’t say anything go and try them in the fitting room let me see okay, he said to her as he push her into the fitting room and waited patiently for her.  First she tried cotton skirt with sleeveless top and he show his thumbs up, she went to change to another long kurti he blows whistle to her, she smiles and change to another one its jegging with cold shoulder top. This time Shaurya whistled at her and went closer to her said now you look like a young college girl and no one will know you are married. You look like hot item like maal, pattakka, hottie. Mehak’s eye open widened and her lip as well. He pushed her chin up to close her mouth and ask her to try to others as well. Once done paying for all items, he asked her to wait as he will put all the shopping bags in the car and they can watch movie together. They watched movie together and afterwards drove to the one of the fine dining restaurant enjoyed their meal.

As it was still early for dinner Shaurya suggested they go for some sightseeing and later Shaurya gets a message in his mobile he hold Mehak by her waist and guide her to the car park saying lets go for dinner but Mehak try to question him he shushed her saying today is your birthday and we will have a good time lets go trust me he said. She followed him and get into the car. They drove for some time and reached Delhi NCR area and parked at high end restaurant. This restaurant is on the grounds of a Hotel in New Delhi with AL fresco dining in a tree-shaded garden under large gazebos with bright lights, inside next to windows with views of the courtyard. Nice selection of Mediterranean food and wines. They serve Spanish tapas, mushroom soup, and phyla. The ambience is pleasant and soothing with streams of water between the seating areas. The tables are candle lit, they have Spanish music playing in the background. Shaurya placed his arm around Mehak as they walk into one large gazebo. Mehak excused herself to washroom to freshen up. Once she was back Shaurya gets a phone call and he excused himself from the table. Mehak waited patiently for him to come as one waiter came to their table and said mam your husband is calling you there and Mehak looked at him puzzled, she wonders why from here he is calling her to another place, she questioned why and the waiter justify sorry mam we overlooked this gazebo booked for another person yours is on the other side, let me show you. The waiter guided her through the staircase and Mehak followed him as they reach a glass door, he opens the door she stepped in the dark room and turned to ask the waiter where is he?

 Before she can complete her sentence confetti’s popped and all screamed Happy Birthday Mehak and she was quite taken aback seeing all her family the Sharma’s and Khanna’s are there with the room decorated with hanging balloons in gold and pink color, the banner on the wall read as Happy Birthday Queen Mehak , and number 23 on the wall. She couldn’t believe it with what she is seeing in front of her as she didn’t anticipate it all. PD, Kanta chachi Karuna maa and Dolly maasi came to her and side hugged her as planted a kiss on her head as blessings. All showered her with birthday gifts. They wished her happy birthday one by one. Mohit from nowhere screamed Di happy birthday  and Mehak was totally surprised seeing him back in Delhi, he was so happy seeing her he lifted her up and Mehak started to scream Mohit put me down and he put her on the ground. Nehal interrupted them and said so today our di is the queen so let me place this flower crown on her head and as she said she place the flower crown on her head. Sonal with baby Mahi side hugged her and kissed her wishing her happy birthday. Followed by all her Chachus, Dadu and Harish papa and not to forget Vicky. Mehak was still in her shock state and couldn’t believe her eyes on what is happening. Karuna maa came next to her and said beta all these surprises done by your beloved hubby, he made us to leave the house early in the morning, he asked your family lie to you saying they left for Meerut and now this party is for you. Saying that Mehak’s eye searched for Shaurya, and from the corner of the room he came in pushing the 3 tier cake in a cart which decorated with macaroons and with golden gelled cream oozing from the side of the cakes with the number 23 candle propped on the cake. Mehak’s eye glinted and she smiled at him lovingly and whispered thank you. He came in front of her placing the cart and Mehak hold his hand pulling him next to her and the live band played Happy birthday tune as the crowd in the room sing along, Mehak blows the candle and cut the cake and feed Shaurya first and he took a piece to feed her in return, she kissed him on his cheek and the family awed at them and said you can do all these after we leave, Mehak shyly cut and feed everyone at the room. Later their dinner was served. The entire family enjoyed their meal, Mehak sat with Shaurya and enjoyed with the rest. After dessert the waiters cleaned and move the tables so they can get ready for dance floor. First it was a party hit song and all danced together and Mehak get Shaurya with her and made him together the rest. After sometime, the song was couple dance song and the elders retired to their seat as exhausted, Mehak and Shaurya together with Sonal and Mohit and Vicky with Nehal danced. Shaurya and Mehak smiled at each other as they drowned thousand miles away and they eyes speak with each other. Mehak’s hand rested on his neck and she lean closer to him whispering thank you patidev for the surprise party. His hands on her waist slightly tightened and Mehak’s eyes opened wide as saucer, she warned him don’t do anything Shaurya or else you will get it nicely from me. You are very cheeky man, purposely asked all not to wish me and arrange all these behind me and evening celebrate with all. He chuckled and said baby you married to Shaurya Khanna the king of romance so I try to make things special, romantic and surprise for his s*xy queen. He teased her with his naughty smirk she blushed deeper.

The music ends and all clapped for them. Mehak walked from Shaurya but he holds her hand and keep her next to him and she looked at him surprised. He announced, attention everybody and all turned to look at the center of the room where Mehak and Shaurya still there. PD asked what happen Hero. All started to wonder what happen and started to ask what Shaurya, he asked all to relax and sit down and he got something to announce. Mehak wonders what is it now and she asked Shaurya in his ears, why Shaurya? He looked at her and ask her to stay calm with his usual calm smile. Once the families are calm, Shaurya started with Mehak’s magical cooking skill, White Chilies is selected to participate in this year Delhi Haat as one of the mobile stall operator. All were excited and cheers joyfully hearing the news. So Mehak and the crew will be at Delhi Haat this coming weekend selling her special desserts and snacks. This will be special to us as Mehak and I met the first time at Delhi Haat and now we are going to Delhi Haat as life partners he said that as he intertwined their fingers together. Mehak was elated hearing that White Chilies has been selected for such prestigious event and her face brighten up in happiness. She looked at Shaurya with sparkle in her eyes. He brought their hand to his lips and pressed his lip on her hand. She suppressed her lips to hide her broad smile but her cheek was already red as tomato. Their family clapped and Harish papa congratulated them both and Karuna maa went to both and hugged them as she kiss both wishing them all the best and many more success comes their way. Again he interrupt the crowd and said also there is one more announcement to make. All stay calmed and whispered now what is he going to say , any more surprises, for today Mehak’s birthday surprise , then White chilies surprise , PD ask all to quiet and listen to her Hero. Shaurya said I went to Bangalore for few days on some business invitation. Just like my first TV program India Super Cook, Bangalore business collaborative partners wants to organize a TV show there. So they have selected me as their celebrity chef and judge for their show. Therefore Mehak and I will move to Bangalore for 3 months. The organizers have found us suitable apartment for our stay and they are arranging all the necessary arrangements for us. Saying this all their family cheered Mehak was in total surprise and she looked at Shaurya who didn’t even mentioned about it to her at all but he made such huge announcement without seeking her concern, seeing her face expression Shaurya avoided eye contact with her and looked at the family who is cheering for their achievement. Harish papa said congratulation beta, you have proven you can outdo in the business world and bring Khanna Empire’s name all over India. Shaurya feeling proud as PD approached them hugged him Hero with laddoo on your side more good luck is coming your way and you will do even better and bigger. Shaurya thanked the elderly Sharma lady who is very understanding and supportive. Dolly maasi interrupted and asked lalla, you go alone to Bangalore how we can we be without our sweet bahu. Also at Bangalore if you go for your work she will be alone at home so she can stay with us and we all will take care of her. Shaurya’s face changed and he looked at Mehak and fumbled to talk, Mehak giggled quietly seeing his misery. Karuna maa and Kanta chachi stepped in and said Dolly both kids are young they need to be with each other, in between them many misshapes already happened so now we don’t want anything separate them, by the way Bangalore is just few hours away if we miss them they can come down to see us or we all go there to see them, Shaurya let out sign of relief. Nehal asked so now jiju not only Celebrity in Delhi but will be celebrity chef at Bangalore as well, I am so excited want to tell this to all my friends. She giggled. Jeevan chachu and Ravi chachu asked when are you going to Bangalore puttar, Shaurya said some work here pending once settled maybe in 1 week. Sonal came to Mehak and whispered hey madam today you can’t sleep , your saiyaan first did this surprise birthday party, then your business opportunity at Delhi Haat and now you and your saiyaan will be spending alone time away from all the family drama at Bangalore. Mehak blushed and pressed her lips and tell Sonal don’t think too much, he just saying all I myself didn’t know, I will talk to him, how to stay away from all of you for 3 months she questioned. Sonal asked her to shut her mouth and don’t act so innocent, if that kind of opportunity happen to her she already take it and enjoyed herself with her brother. Both of them quietly giggled at their nok jhoks while Mahi was with Mohit. Shaurya busy dancing with PD, Nehal and Karuna maa. He saw Mehak smiling with Sonal and Mehak saw him as well and smiled as well, he asked her to join the dance floor and she with Sonal went to dance along with the rest. Their night celebration continues with music and dance celebrating all their happy achievements.  

All took leave and left the restaurant, Mehak and Shaurya walked hand in hand to the car park, Mehak before getting into her seat , Shaurya pressed her on the car with his body and asked what happen, why your face like aloo Poori. Mehak looked at him confusingly, what you are doing Shaurya this is open public place what will people think if you keep behaving like that. Shaurya pointed her to a dark area and ask her to see there, can you see there 2 people literally making out there, Mehak saw a couple was sharing passionate kiss in the dark with moaning and groaning sound. Her face expression changed and she felt disgusted, these people don’t have any other place is it? And you why are you looking at all these things, seeing her getting shy , Shaurya slowly open the car door for her she gets in and he close it and gets into the driver seat. He ignited the car and started to move away from the restaurant. On the road he asked okay tell me are you not happy with whatever happen in the restaurant? Mehak pouted at him and she wonders how to tell him without hurting his feelings. But Shaurya how to stay away from maa, chachi and all? Shaurya stopped the car on the road side and asked I thought my wife will be happy but you are worried about maa, chachi and all but not about your husband? She pouted and said okay I don’t say anything come lets go home I am tired. They drove quietly only the radio in the car played some old hindi songs.

As they reached Khanna mansion, all the family members have already retired to their rooms, Mehak and Shaurya went to their room. After freshen up Mehak went to sat on the bed waited for Shaurya, he came out after wearing his pyjamas sat at his side and ignored her and off the lights and closed his eyes. Mehak felt guilty as she hurt his feelings, she slowly moved to him and side hugged and asked in her soft babyish tone, Shaurya are you sleeping? He replied hmm, going to. Shaurya I want to talk to you, he replied okay, she kissed on his temple and said sorry baba I didn’t mean to hurt you but what to do the stupid me made me to ask such question and spoil your mood, you did so much for me today from morning we went shopping, movie lunch date and surprise birthday party with our family. I am happy with all the announcement you made but you see never in my life I stayed away from my family members and now our family too that’s why, sorry I will talk to them daily on video call. Now tell me are you happy, we will go to Bangalore and you can do your work, she try to console him. He just replied with hmm. She gets annoyed and move from him and rest at her pillow switching off her lights telling deep in herself , this khadoos kumar started again in his khadoos khadoos wala mood, don’t know when his mood will change, only he can get upset others all have to bear his behavior.

Suddenly she felt a heavy arm wrapped around her and pull her closer from back, Shaurya pulled her closer to him and he tightened his embrace as he nuzzled her nape, do you really think I am upset baby? She replied Khadoos kahinka she yelped his arm which securely wrapped on her. They exchange their cute nok jhoks conversation and Mehak asked if we leave for 3 months how about the business here and White chilies she raised her concern? Shaurya caressed her hair and said my lovely wife, you have more concern about my business than me? She asked him to reply her question first and he said we will monitor all from Bangalore, nowadays all running businesses in one finger point, via online and CCTV as business globalization takes place someone from UK can watch his business in India without worrying about its day to day operational issues. So in the beginning it will be hard but once done it will be easy for you. You can video call Priya and Vicky to see the daily progress of restaurant. Can video call with the chefs to discuss about menus and with technology we can do wonders. He assured her all can be done without any problem and she was convinced. After sometime sleep take over both and they doze off hugging each other tightly.

 P/s : Dear friends, next week I will be away for meetings and my eyes has turned red as facing computer for long hours. Its dry and itchy I am applying eye drops now and then. Since I have been promoted to Goldie this is my treat to you all so I am giving you all double updates. Hope you guys like it and do leave me your comments. Have a blessed weekend and keep smiling 

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  1. Anjali Dahiya

    Hey Haseenah it’s not fair…ur health is important…don’t play with ur health n if u r not healthy then we will get upset…don’t u believe us this much tht we can understand ur problem…we can wait yaar but ur health can’t…..moreover u hv to tk care of ur daughters too…how will u tk care of them if u r not fine…don’t bother n only upload nxt part when u r perfectly fine…
    N ur ff was super se bhi uper…Mehrya moments…b’day celebration…Bangalore surprise n everything was out of words…luv u n tk care yaar…

  2. Hi di , i hope that ur eyes get better soon .. this was an amazing update. I liked the way they all celebrated mehek’s birthday . I really love the way u write and u r my favorite ff writer. I love ur ff . Lots of love and get well soon .. waiting for another update .. Take care.

  3. Wowwwww i love both of your story part’s today..thanks for uploading yrr…….

    i can understand your eye problem.. coz i have same problem..

    Plz take care of yourself …..

    You are our rockstar ??????

  4. di health is more important than other so get well soon &take proper rest any ways thanks for beautiful update bye take care ,come with full of energy.

  5. Hi Haseenah….hope u r fine….it was really lovely ff…every thing u write was osm…but kv n sj r quitting the show….is it true….I don’t want them to leave the show….

  6. Hi haseenah. Please take care of ur health. Coming to the FF, wat an unexpected surprise n gift u gave with the update. Loved d mehrya moments. Take care of urself. ??

  7. Take care of your health Dr… Your health more important… Tq fr the double update today both the update was mind blowing…?❤ tqsm for this update ❤❤ tc of your health.. haseenah waiting fr the next update ..? enjoy your weekend

  8. WoW! Two updates in a day ???
    Brilliant update
    Loved it?
    Mehak’s birthday surprise???
    Shaurya would always find ways to make mehak happy
    Post soon dear
    Take care of us health
    Keep smiling??

  9. wow amazing written i will eagerly waited for next up date and also get well soon and take care

  10. Haseenah2020

    Dearest Anjali Dahiya , Sapna , Anisha , Anu Nadiu, Cindy , Kavya , Asifs, Sanju ( hopefully I have not missed out anyone) thank you so much for all your comments and feedbacks. I am feeling so lucky and blessed that I have many good friends who have genuine concern on me. Yes I am resting as well and need to add eye drops in between. Trying to avoid PC glarings as much as I can.
    Yes Shaurya did so much for his lovely biwi and surprised her with all the family at Spanish restaurant. All showered her with love and lotsa gifts and made her feel so special. Before the party ends Shaurya give them all his success business achievement at Delhi Haat, and their moving to bangalore. Although Mehak was not happy first but she accept it for Shaurya’s happiness. Following update will be delayed dearies please bear with me thank you so much and have a lovely Monday ahead

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