Mehrya My version Part 88

Part 88 29/06/2018

First day Shaurya was busy at Bangalore and once in while he will do face time with Mehak and gets to know the progress at Delhi. At Delhi Mehak was busy with the newly re-launched White Chilies, since it was Eid festival season she created more sweet dishes like Sevaiyaan Kheer, Coconut Barfi, Chocolate barfi, Chocolate Rasmalai and many more. Her new added main course immediately became a hit as well. She together with Priya and the team at White Chilies planned to take orders for home catering for small quantities as this well increase the business and bring the fame for White Chilies as well. Mehak always upload all the details and promotions in social media and Shaurya sees them and gets impressed with her ideas. He is proud that she could do wonders either in cooking and also business. Because of her mouthwatering dishes orders pouring in and sometimes kitchen can’t handle them as well. Vicky suggested that they should hire more help as well as the in house orders and catering orders are a lot and we need to satisfy customer’s satisfaction without delay , Mehak noted on that and suggested that she will talk to Shaurya and will find a solution for this.

At night after dinner Karuna maa warmed up some oil and massage Mehak’s head and ask her to rest well as she had long day at restaurant. She bided good night and went to her room, she lie down on the bed tying her hair into bun and took her IPAD for her bedside table excitingly waited for Shaurya. As Mehak lying on the bed with her IPAD waiting for Shaurya to do face time. He called her from his hotel room and giving her nonstop kisses on the mobile screen. Mehak giggled and laughed seeing his act and started to scream Shaurya enough this much of kisses even the gadgets cannot take it this much, he stopped and give his usual s*xy smile. How are you my jaan? I missed you so much he said, Mehak pouted and asked him today not even one message or call now saying you missed me you liar. Shaurya apologized to her as he was busy with meetings and he will tell her all about it once he is back. After both chit chatted Mehak blow him flying kiss which Shaurya pretends to catch it and placing it on his heart. Mehak put the IPAD back and tuck herself under the blanket after some time she doze off.

Next day it was busy day at White Chilies. Mehak was busy as bee together with the restaurant crew. As she was checking her computer in the cabin she realize it’s her birthday next day. She was so excited. She called Shaurya to check on him, he answered her call in hurry, yea baby I am quite busy now talk to you later and ends the call. Mehak slowly put her mobile away. Then she called Kanta chachi, chachi asked about her and all at Khanna’s before Mehak could proceed further chachi said all at Sharma’s going to Meerut for one of their relatives home function only will be back after 2 days. Mehak asked how come no one tell her about it. Chachi said they only decide at last minute and now they all are going for the function. Mehak pouted as she ask chachi to convey her regards to all at home and hang up. Just then Vicky walk in to the cabin he shown her the brochures they printed for distributing and she gets busy with their discussion. Night back at Khanna Mansion after dinner Mehak brushed her hair with her IPAD on the dresser, she waited for Shaurya to call. She tried to call him but he rejected and send her message I am busy will call you later. She waited patiently and after 30minutes he called her. Mehak answered it quickly, he asked about her how her day and all was. Mehak happily told him all about her day. She asked Shaurya how his day he told her it was hectic and they are finalizing some points. Before they hang up Mehak asked are you forgetting something, he thought for some time nothing I am not, and why is there something I am forgetting. Mehak brushed it off and said nothing just like that, before that Shaurya says he is very tired and going to sleep and he give her a kiss. Mehak stops before hangs up asked him what time he will come tomorrow, Shaurya said I will be back tomorrow evening sweet heart. Why are you missing me? Mehak smiled and said of course I miss you , just asking when you come back, Shaurya grinned at her and said I will be back tomorrow evening and you can tell me how much you miss me okay , he again blow her a kiss and hang up the call. Mehak put the IPAD away and exhale a deep breath and mumble to herself. You deserve it Mehak , you always forgot his birthday and anniversary now everyone forgot your birthday, now be quiet and sleep, so much things to do tomorrow, she off the lights and tuck herself under the blanket.

On the other side, Shaurya smiling to himself as he stride toward check in counter. After 40mins it was his flight gate open call announcement. He boarded the flight back to Delhi. After nearly 2.30hrs he reached Delhi and Vicky was in the airport to pick him up. He reached home and went to the guest room to change his clothes and freshen up before sneaking into his bedroom, he locked the door slowly and tip toed to see the sleeping beauty on the bed, she was sleeping soundly. He climbed on the bed and watched her sleeping without disturbing her. He traced her eyebrows with his long s*xy fingers, she smiled hold her pillow tightly, he tucked her tendrils which coming to her cheek. Later she turned to her other side, he gently caress her bare arms, she was wearing sleeveless blue nightie. Mehak in her sleep rub her arm and turn towards him. He gently blow some air on her face, she felt uneasy and gently lift her eyelid to see what’s in front of her. Shaurya smiled at her and she smiled back to him and continue to sleep. She felt a bit weird and opens her eyelid again and flipped her eyelid few times to see what is in front of her. Shaurya looks at her lovingly with his signature smile. After some seconds Mehak realized whtr is she dreaming or not she touch Shaurya’s nose with her index finger, he continued to smile. She closed her eyes again open her eyelid and touch his nose again and realize she is not dreaming, she quickly jumped from her position and sat holding her chest as her breathing get heavier. Her hair was in a mess and she push them back , Shaurya started to laugh seeing herself agitated, Mehak slowly utter his name Shaurya and took the nearby pillow and throw at his face. He catch it and still laughing at her state, Mehak was upset and complaint do you know how much scared am I? Can you hear my heart beat like wall clock, it will come out from my body Shaurya? He pull her closer to him and tucked her by his side and wrapped his arm around as he push her hair aside, he nuzzled her hair to her earlobe, and Mehak nudged him with her elbow. He hold her hand tightly and still nuzzled at her neck and whispered Jaan I missed you so much, his voice made her immediately calm down and enjoy the heat from his hug. She manage to ask in that moment, you said you will come tomorrow evening but how come you are here, he stop and turn to look at her. He give her his usual smirk I thought you missed me so I took the next available flight but instead of making me happy you are asking questions baby its true you are so unromantic biwi. Mehak pouted at him and he quickly pecked her pouts. She looked at him suppressing her smile he quickly kissed on her forehead and wished her happy birthday s*xy biwi. Mehak was surprised and she told herself he didn’t forget but he purposely came early to be with her on her birthday, as he knows that for Mehak birthdays are very important. Both rubbed their nose on each other and gazing deeply into each other. Shaurya bend his head down and capture her lips with his as he started to torture her sweetly. He deepened the kiss and his hands started to caress her beautiful body. His skillful mouth caused her aroused at once and she run her fingers at his hair to his nape. Chills ran over her body as Shaurya removed the sleeve of her nightie and he is kissing her shoulder and with his stubble he caress her neck to her collar bone, she moaned and let go small sound as she called him Shaurya which made him crazy. He with his stubble chin draw along her cleavage before his hands captured her softness and fondled them. His muscular frame was tense, her hands wandered over him as if she had to make sure he was all there. They tangled, her feet stroking down his calves, he tracing the line of her torso and the swell of her hip. Both made love till they consume each other with hot kisses till Shaurya drop down on her crook of her neck and exhales a deep breath as he kissed her collar bone. Mehak looked at him lovingly as his eyes was still closed she called him Shaurya, he replied with an hmm. She didn’t say anything just want to see him peaceful in her arms. He lifted his head to see her those dark eyes see her almond shaped eye Mehak smiled seeing him. He started, when I don’t forget anything how could I forget my one and only s*xy wife’s birthday, that’s why when you called me earlier I bluffed you saying will be back in the next day evening so I can reach soon to wish you happy birthday. I made sure all my meetings complete early so I could fly back home. Do you know Mehak when all work done my heart and mind longed to be with you. I want to see your face, I want to hear your voice, I want to touch your skin and I yearn for your touch literally you made me a mad man I am running home to see you and all I want was you Mehak turned red as she heard him saying all these beautiful lines her eyes glinted as she pulled his face to her lips and kissed on his forehead and said I love you Shaurya , he replied I love you more Mehak and move to the side as he enveloped her to his body and played with her fingers and after a moment both fell asleep.

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  1. wow so romantic and amazing written i like it

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      Tq Asifa
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  2. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah… was really very beautiful….I luved it…so romantic n Shaurya’s surprise wow….ur ff made me imagine them in such a beautiful way…seriously u r my favourite ff writer….luv u loads…update nxt part of it n aabmdk soon…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali hru dear. AABMDK will be updated next week dear. I am glad of becoming your fav writer. Our Mehrya are the mot beautiful thing and they love each other alot. keep smiling and enjoy your friday.

  3. I loved this upadte ??.. You are my fav writer … I feel happy when I read your ff story very lovely…? no words to describe your writing haseenah ?? mind blowing….waiting for the next update plzz post it sooonn….

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  4. It was so amazing
    Shaurya’s surprise???
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    Seriously mind blowing
    Super excited for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Keep smiling??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Cindy glad you like the update dear. Shaurya the Majnu khanna always amaze his biwi. Their romantic encounter as well. I will update the following chapters soon have fun and do enjoy your weekend with ur loved ones. u too keep smiling and love u

  5. Hi haseenah. Wow superb part dear. Loved it. Mehrya romance is awesome. Plz update next part soon. Lots of love ????.

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