Mehrya My version Part 87

Part 87 22/06/2018

As per Shaurya’s instruction Mehak remained at home and rest well. But she tried to stay in the room or in living room chatting with Dolly maasi she still get bored. She decided during these few days she will attempt few recipes and take note on the recipes as well create new recipes for the restaurants.

She list down the foods she tried at Udaipur, she tried to list out the ingredients one by one according to the recipes. As she prepare the menu she writes down the steps. The gravy was put on simmer as she gets ready to prepare the next one and prepare a dessert as well. She boil the milk with condensed milk added a dash of rose water. She chopped the pistachios and rose petals, once milk thicken she let it cool down and pour into the dessert cup and place it in the fridge. The first dish was done and she started to take picture of it with her mobile. She work on the next dish as she dab the sweat sprouting on her forehead. She manage to finish the dishes and prepare the rice to go with the dishes.

She garnish the plate and took some photos, just then she thought of something and send the photos to Shaurya via FB messenger. She waited patiently for his reply. There was messenger notification and Shaurya wonders who is messaging him. His face immediately brighten up seeing the sender’s name. He opens the message and saw the photos of food garnished in plate. In another photo was dessert with Rose syrup and chopped pistachios with rose petals. She asked him how it looks. He replied looks good and presentable but taste wise I need to try first. She giggled seeing his reply and typed again then come home fast, he smirked and replied in 15 minutes will see you. He looked for Vicky and told him he is going home for lunch and will be back, but Vicky manage to persuade him that work almost completing just more painting work that can be done tomorrow so he want to follow home for lunch, surely bhabhi would have prepared something delicious. Shaurya without choice he ask him to follow him home.

At kitchen Mehak busy plating the dishes and arranging them on the dining table, with the starters and some salads. She called Awara to set the other stuffs on the table she open the fridge to check on the dessert consistency , she smell it and the nice rose aroma was perfect, she talk to herself this will be served last and she keep back inside fridge when she turn she saw Shaurya standing behind her. She smiled and asked when did you came, he replied just, he place his arm around her waist and asked what she cooked today as he is very hungry. Vicky joins them too and said yes bhabhi today we all are very hungry please tell us the menu. She ask them to sit down and she gets Harish Papa and Karuna maa together with Dolly maasi to dining table. All waited patiently for her to serve them their meal. Harish papa excitedly said beta today the aroma is totally different I can’t wait please serve for me first. She smiled and serve all. As she serving all Shaurya sign at her to sit next to him to with them but she signed NO. He showed his puppy face again, Karuna maa seeing both talking with eyes and slowly said to her, beta Mehak come sit next to Shaurya now and eat with us as well. Mehak blushed and went to sit next to him. He give his usual crooked grin as she helped herself with some food on her plate. Dolly maasi asked Mehak beta what is this menu’s name? She explain this dish something similar they tried at Udaipur and she want to do it with a new twist. Vicky tried and said bhabhi if we prepare this for White Chilies this will be super hit and its must try by Chef Mehak. She smiled and Harish papa complimented beta from my side I give you full score for this dish. Its mind-blowing and super delicious. Shaurya was flattered by all the compliments Mehak getting and he smiled a little, Dolly maasi asked lalla don’t you say anything about your wife’s cooking. He replied her maasi if I said my wife’s cooking then world will say I am biased, if I said something is less than something is wrong with my taste bud. So I chose not to say anything. Mehak gets up from the dining table to get the dessert for all. She went to the fridge took out the desserts and arrange them on a tray and added some chopped pistachios and rose petals. She went to serve all at the dining table and Harish papa took one of it and smell it, he said the smell is so beautiful beta. She pass to all and came to Shaurya, she went closer to him and whispered you don’t eat dessert right as diet conscious, he wiped his mouth with napkin and whispered back if the dessert is made by my biwi I will have it the dessert and herself, Mehak’s lip turned to O shape and she pass the dessert to him. Everybody loved the dessert and praised Mehak’s magical hand for the wonderful meals.

After lunch all leave the dining table Mehak went to kitchen to put away the stuff, Shaurya came and hold her from back and pull her to lean on him as he stand resting his back on the kitchen counter. She lifted her head and sees him sideways asked him what are you doing here, leave me first I have lots of works to do. He rested his chin on her shoulder and planted a kiss on it asked, what work you have biwi? She replied just now the new dishes I prepared I need to list down the recipes and steps. Then I want to search for more unique and traditional dishes as well. He asked her don’t you want to rest for a while, you are supposed to be resting at home not working in the kitchen. She turned and cling to his neck, Shaurya I can’t sit on the bed doing nothing. Besides that I am feeling fine now. So let me work a bit all these cooking and searching recipes are something I really love a lot and I won’t get tired at all. If I am feeling tired I will rest okay, she assured him, she placed her hands on his chest and asked tell me how’s work at the restaurant? He told her about the work status at White Chilies and what else pending to do. He also said looks like we need to fix many things and restaurant will be closed for few more days as well. This will be loss of income. Mehak calmed him don’t think about profit and loss our customer’s and staff’s safety and health are our priority. So its okay, anyway we need to do periodical cleaning and maintenance right? He gets naughty and said now is it my part of smart business brain got into you that you started to talk in intelligent ways. Mehak knows he wants some compliments for himself and said if that will make you feel happy than I would say yes. I learn to talk intelligently from you. Their talk interrupted by Vicky , who looking for Shaurya, bhaiya shall I go to restaurant or you want to stay at home, Mehak get away from him and straighten herself, Shaurya said wait lets go together. Before he leave he stroked her hair planted a kiss on her cheek and said, by the way biwi today lunch was so delicious, it’s even better than what we tried at Udaipur. He was about to leave when Mehak called him Shaurya and he turned towards her, she leaned on him and she stroked his cheek and kissed his forehead he looked at her as he was blown away Mehak smiled as he leave the kitchen.

Next few days Mehak stayed at home and continue to create more recipes and taking videos of the preparation. White Chilies maintenance work was all complete with Shaurya oversee the progress. Mehak do video call with Priya and both will discuss on the new promotions and menus other suggestions. Once Shaurya is back home Mehak she showed her videos of making her dishes, he suggested her to do a channel in YouTube and upload the videos. Mehak gets excited with the idea but she was reluctant to speak in front of camera, he said will help her out. The following day Shaurya received a call it was someone he met at Udaipur during the wedding and he requested him to fly down to Bangalore for some new opportunity. He told about the offer to Mehak and she excitedly asked when are we going to Bangalore, Shaurya smirked and said only me going you are staying here, she gets upset as he don’t want her to follow him as there are plenty of task need to be follow up and she with Vicky need to settle them. She helped him to pack his bag for 3 days with a sour face, Shaurya who was busy with his paperwork’s called her Mehak, and she didn’t reply but kept packing. She took out the suits from his wardrobe laying it on the bed and just vaguely said pick which one to pack I will put them in your suitcase. Shaurya understand from her tone that she is very upset he put the document aside and trail her to the walk in wardrobe while she was mumbling to herself searching something then she found it on the top shelf she raised her hand to reach it just then Shaurya hugged her from back and lift her gently and started to nuzzle her earlobe whispering in his sensual voice, why baby so angry on me? She struggled to let go from his hold and asked him to let go of her, he didn’t heed to her and continue to nibble from her ears gently to her neck, Mehak’s struggle stopped as his mouth continue its work. He put her on the floor and tighten his hold around her waist, what to do baby I need to work and we just finish some work at White chilies, my heart says to leave everything and stay with you like this but work need to be settled right? Besides that only you can oversee the work at White Chilies and see what customer’s feedback is after our maintenance reopening? I can’t let Vicky to handle alone, his my brother but the amount of blunder he does at times makes me upset. So if you are here you will manage all perfectly. I will be back after 3 days or even earlier once work completes soon, okay now be kind to me and send me to airport with a cute pouty smile. Mehak turned to see him and cling her arms around his neck lowering head to her and plant a kiss on his cheek. I will miss you Shaurya saying that she rested on his chest. He stroked her hair and assured her will call her whenever he is free and will do face time. Like a child she asked him promise you will call right? He smiled a little and said promise I will call and do face time. They moved to their bedroom and Mehak helped him to lock the suitcase and he put it on the floor while he took the tie to his collar, Mehak pull his hands down and she helped to do the tie, he look at her cute face and each every feature on her face and think how lucky is he to get her as his life partner. She done with the tie and looked at him smile as she turn to get the tie pin from the bed to pin the tie, she looked for which one to match and with his attire and took it she called him to pin it, he was so close to her and when she turn she lose balance and about to fall on the bed she pull his tie and he fall on her. Ouch matarani she yelped as his muscular body crushed on hers. He enjoyed seeing her reaction as she was pinned under him she tried to push him but captured both her arms and hold it away as he nuzzled her and she giggled he tease her neck with his bearded cheek. Later he slowly kissed her cheek to her jawline, chin and her other cheek and nose. He let go of his grip on her hands as he slowly caresses her lower lips with his thumb. Mehak knows what is coming next and she gently closed her, Shaurya gently lower his lips and savors them. Mehak’s fingers played in his nape she let him do the sweet torture on her lip. He was on control on her pouty lip as she open a bit he sucked her lower lip after sucking few more times he lifted his head to see her. Both had the beautiful smile on their face and Shaurya said I think I will change my flight for tomorrow morning is not necessary to go early today evening, Mehak tapped on his cheek gently and said don’t be too happy now, and I let you kiss because you will be away for 3 days. Since you are leaving me alone here you won’t get anything more than this you understand Mr Khanna? He rolled down and now she was on him. So when I come back what all can I expect, tell me so I will finish all my work fast and come fast. Mehak smiled and said your brain is always in business man mode always asking what I will get if I do this, how much profit and loss. Don’t think too much now get up and get ready to go to airport. Saying that she peck on his nose tip and roll down from him lying at his side. He gets up and pull her up to him, okay baby it’s getting late I don’t have heart to leave you as well but for work I must go. He cupped her cheek and pull her closer to give one more kiss on her cheek before he goes out of the room. He asked her to accompany him to the airport so after dropping he off she could go to White Chilies to see the progress. Both intertwined the fingers and can’t let go each other and as the flight call made for Shaurya, he reluctantly let go her and kiss her forehead and whispered I love you babe, take care of yourself. Looking at Mehak few times as both wave at each other he proceed to the gate

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  1. Hi Haseenah….I missed u a lot…how was ur eid…it was so beautiful part… I luved Mehrya scenes….eager for upcoming part….luved it upload nxt soon..

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      Hi Anjali I am good and Eid was good too dear , had great time with all. Will update soon dear please wait for me okay, hru doing

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      Tq Sapna i am.happy u like my update. Hv fun????

  3. Hi haseenah I’m feeling better dear. Thank you. Asusual the FF was was awesome. Plz update longer version. Though it was short it was very good. Love the way u narrate the script. I know we are asking you too much. Weare very greedy for your ff. it’s so lovely that ask is increasing more n more. Love u loads??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya though i wanted to add longer update but i am worried it will go into nxt update or nxt chapter which i dnt want. So i break them evenly. I am.glad u r better n will update nxt week as i just back to ofis and lots of work pending still mind on holiday mood

  4. hi it is very cool update di bye

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    Mehek is always trying new dishes like me
    Family moments?
    Excited for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Cindy…. u love cookinv as well me too. I will update soon dear tq

  6. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah…sorry I forget to comment in this part… was very interesting like always…tk tym as office is too important….upload when u get tym…thnk for update….

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      Hi Anjali hru dear. Will update nxt week dear. Hv fun and enjor ur weekend with ur family.

  7. so beautiful episode

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