Mehrya My version Part 86

Part 86 13/06/2018

Mehak with Vicky scheduled the cleaning and sanitizing for the White Chilies. They asked Shaurya to concentrate on the upcoming business planning and other activities. Shaurya obliged as he also have many other important task to handle and he let them to handle the work at White Chilies. Mehak prepared the list of areas and who will lead the cleaning on the areas and other task. Work started from the kitchen area onwards. Vicky leading the team at pantry and store room to clean those areas. Priya was in charge on the eating area. Mehak was in charge of kitchen. She assigned her assistance to clean all the spice racks and other ingredients. The assistance followed accordingly. As they started their work she went to check on the pantry and store area to check on the progress. She give some suggestions and move to eating area. The work going smoothly and Shaurya called Mehak to ask on the progress. She replied him Mr Khanna aren’t you supposed to be at meeting why are you calling and disturbing me at work, he called and asked her do you love me, she pressed her lip to cover herself from not to smile, she corrected her tone and replied Mr Khanna I am at restaurant and workers all around me so please behave yourself. He is from the other end grinned I wanted to hear it from you now, she smiled quietly hiding her emotion from him, now better be quick and tell me I love you baby now. Mehak said you can ask lovingly or order me but I will never say anything now okay, now quickly hang up because I am busy okay bye before he say anything she hang up and laughed quietly. She went back to kitchen to check on the outstanding work just then she didn’t see on the floor and tripped fell down as she fell on the floor she touched the electric cable which was left unattended and get electrocuted.

But it was a miracle that before the electric current transfer to her body there was a power trip and she just fainted. Seeing the restaurant’s power down Vicky was coming from the storeroom and saw Mehak lying on the floor unconsciously he screamed for help and ask someone to call doctor immediately. Doctor came immediately checked and told she fell and touch the electric cable and luckily the power tripped so just minimal electricity so she fainted and nothing serious or else it would have cause fatality. Vicky who was still in panic watched as Priya sit next to Mehak who still unconscious. Priya asked Vicky whtr did he called Shaurya sir, and Vicky took his mobile to call Shaurya just then Shaurya was parking his car in front of White Chilies seeing Vicky’s call he didn’t answer but just took the mobile and went into the restaurant.

As he enters he saw all the staff and workers crowding at the restaurant he walks towards there as he asked loudly what’s happening there and the crowd moved away he saw their faces and wonder why all are looking gloomy. As he walks pass them he saw Mehak lying unconscious in one of the seater he tensed to see her in such state and rush to her side Priya moved away as Shaurya lifted her head and place it on his lap, he asked tensely what happen and he roared at Vicky. Vicky replied as he stuttered, bhaiya I don’t know just now power tripped so I came out from store room to check what happen and saw bhabhi lying unconscious on the floor we call doctor and they checked, it seems she tripped and fell there was current cable was on the floor she touch the cable but before the current go in full volume we had power tripped so bhabhi fainted. Doctor said she is unconscious but nothing serious bhaiya don’t worry. He held her face close to his chest as he tapped on her cheek, she gained conscious slowly and exhaled breath on his chest he pressed his lips on her forehead and hugged her tightly. Shaurya place her back on the seater and gets up stand in front of Vicky and Priya he rested his hands on his waist and lashes at both for being negligence and didn’t do their work carefully, Vicky and Priya look down in guilt. Mehak tries to get up and called Shaurya, he quickly went to her aid and kept her securely on his chest. Are you okay jaan, any pain or anything shall we go hospital to check or anything he looked at her attentively as his hands caressed her head, she move herself closer to his ears and whisper slowly I love you. He smiled at her and looked into her eyes deeply their gaze were broken when Priya interrupted them mam are you okay mam? Mehak slowly turned towards Priya and nodded at her. Shaurya started to scold them all these people are being spoilt by you Mehak, you see what happen now. You don’t be strict and firm with them and now something like this happen. What if anything serious or worse happens? Mehak holds his arm firmly to cool him down. He calms down and ask them to continue their work and looked Mehak, she whisper again I love you, he cupped her face closer and look at her smilingly, how if anything happen to you Mehak, she repeat again I love you. He hugged her tightly inhaling her scent she repeated I love you so much Shaurya. He responded her I love you till my last breath and ever after my jaan. Don’t do this to me I am not strong as you think if anything even a slight thing happen to you I can’t breathe I will lose my senses and I can’t think straight.

Vicky interrupted them, bhaiya electricians are here checking the wiring and all, we will need to fix some faulty wirings as well. Shaurya ask him to do the necessary work and he looked at Mehak you keep quiet and rest at home for 1 week, all these work can be wait or I will work Vicky and make sure the restaurant is in tip top condition. I want you to be at home rest properly, now agree with me and no more arguments or else I will not listen to you. Without much hesitation Mehak agreed to his deal. Vicky also told Shaurya it’s lucky we know the wiring faulty now bhaiya or else we would have faced even huge loss. He asked Shaurya and Mehak to go home and rest he will see the work here. Shaurya before leave ask him to keep him posted. He lifted Mehak in his arm and bring her to the car and made her to sit and reclined the seat so she can rest. He drove the car, Mehak asked him to play some songs and he turn ON the radio. She smiled at him as the song play and lifted their mood gradually.

They reached home and notice that everyone is not at home so he carried her to their room and place her on the bed and cover the duvet. He took out his coat putting in on the daybed as his mobile got an email notification and he took it out from his pocket to check them Mehak sees him restless called him he walks to her side but still busy checking the email, she called him again and he hmm at her, she pulled his tie down and he immediately bend down to her and looked at her attentively asking her what is it, she told him I am hungry Shaurya, he smiled at her and shakes his head as he his pouty wife talks in her cute tone. She was still holding his tie on her hand and he tries to stand straight but she pulled again and as his cheek came to her lips level she place her warm lip on his cheek near to his lip. Her lips was on his cheek for few seconds which immediately brighten up Shaurya’s mood. He turned to see her and smiled widely as he also kissed her nose tip, what happen today baby being nice and now giving kiss even without asking. Normally I need to run around like puppy for kisses but today I am getting all not without trying. She gently placed her arms around his neck and told him to get her food quickly before she eats him up, he sniggered and moved to intercom kitchen to get some food to their room.

Awara brings in their lunch, he placed in on the table near to daybed. Mehak thanked him and move the duvet away to get down Shaurya who was coming out from bathroom ask her to stop and she puzzled and looked at him he came to her and lifted her to the daybed and made her to sit and sat next to her, she looked at him in questioning manner, he saw her and he knows she is confused. I know you are wondering why am I carrying you around when you can walk, you might feel slight dizzy and numbness so I don’t want you to fall down or some neurological effects, she pouted at him and she understand he does for her own good, she rested her back on the side of the daybed and ask Shaurya to feed her quickly don’t talk so much, he suppressed his laughter and started to feed her. Both had lunch and he asked her to watch TV for a while as he wants to do some work , but Mehak ask him to stay with her, he sat next to her and she rested her head on his chest and he stroked her gently. His cologne smell made her relax and calm. They remained in the same manner for some time till Mehak started, Shaurya you getting angry for all small matters. He caressed her arms and takes a deep breath, Mehak if you want to defend for Vicky and Priya regarding the restaurant matter better not to talk. She tilted her head to see him, he was looking at different direction. She hold his chin to face her. He still refuse to make any eye contact with her, she tickled him at his tweak of his waist and he jerked from her and giggled lightly, Mehak continue to do that to see lift his mood he avoided as he gets down from bed run from her warning her not to do that, Mehak gets down from bed chased him but she felt sudden numbness in her leg and she kneel on the floor, seeing her like that he rushed immediately asking what happen, she said I feel sudden numbness can’t walk he looked at her leg and suggested her soak her leg in hot water due to minor electrocution she is feeling numbness. He asked her to change her clothes and soak in hot water. He helped her to change to something comfortable and later get a bucket with hot water and ask her to dip her leg in it, she reluctantly enter her leg into it. Once done he took out some oil to rub on her leg she looked at him how he care for her lovingly. She called him in her childish tone he raised his head to see her. She said thank you to him, and she moved herself to snuggle closer to him and lay her head on his lap. Shaurya just entertain so she will feel safe and fine. He started to talk, Mehak many times you went very far from me and I can’t afford to lose you. That’s why when I see you like that at the restaurant I became emotional and in anger I just lost it. I am sorry he said apologetically. She took his palm with hers and said you should say sorry to Vicky and Priya not me. It was my fault Shaurya I was on the phone and I didn’t see as there were cables all over the floor, I tripped and fell. Happen to be a wiring issues but luckily nothing happen right she tried to reason him, he replied if there was no power trip and you got high voltage electrocution how Mehak? You won’t be talking to me like this and I won’t be in the same mind Mehak, you don’t know how much I suffered during your accident, every time the medical team run to your bed I will be there to see are you okay? Even now I get shaky thinking about those moments, to calm him down Mehak kissed on his hand and ask him to relax nothing will happen because my sher is here and he will protect me from all bad untoward incidents. She fell asleep in a while. He placed her gently on a pillow and took his laptop to work.

He checked with Vicky on the work progress and asked him to work on the necessary areas. He will come tomorrow to White Chilies to see all the progress by himself.Later in the evening after Mehak woke up from her nap, he bring her to the lawn to walk around for a while both tease each other and share their happy moment as the sun set.

Dear all, I will be away to my hometown for Eid break and will be back on 20th Wednesday. Till then I wont be able to update as poor internet connection also all my family members will be there. If they see me with laptop and mobile I am surely to be grilled by them. So please be nice to me as I will not be able to update.So once I am back I will provide my updates…love you all and wishing you all Happy Eid Mubarak and will miss you all

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  1. Hi haseenah. It was awesome dear. Loved the care n love between mehrya. Can’t wait to read the next part. Happy Eid to you and ur family. Enjoy well.????

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Kavya thank you dear for the feedback. Will update once I am back thank you for your wishes have fun dear

  2. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah…it was very lovely and beautiful update….I luved how Shaurya cared for Mehak and how he carried her in order to give her proper rest…how caring he is….Happy Eid Mubarak to u n ur family…enjoy well….update next part when u r free….

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali thank you dear for your wishes, yes Shaurya will go nuts if anything happens to Mehak and his care for Mehak will be top notch priority. Thank you again fr being patience with my updates and I will be back to gv u all updates next week hv fun

  3. hiii Haseenah2020 thnks for a both of ff.. yrrr we miss you …..

    and happy eid you and your family…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Sapna fr ur wishes…. i will be back with more exciting updates dear. Hv fun dear.

  4. I love your both ff of mehrya …I’m just admired by your story haseenah… Waiting fr the next update dear… Wish you happy eid for you and your family dear…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Anu fr ur feedback. I amglad u like them.will update once i am back. Tq fr ur wishes and hv fun

  5. I Love your Mehrya my version Fan fiction…….. Thank you & Happy Eid Mubarak 🙂

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Veena i am glad u like the update. Tq fr ur wishes dear. Pls read my other ff. ANKAHEE ANSUNI BATEEINMERI DIL KI.i just started to write them.. pls read n gv meur comments tq so much

  6. Fantastic update
    Sorry for being late as I too was travelling
    Shaurya always gets angry and scolds everyone whether it’s their mistake or not
    Will miss u till u will be back?
    Happy Eid to u and ur family as well.
    Keep smiling?

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Cindy fr ur feedbck. Shaurya isalways like boiling milk mode…. he gets made if anythg happens to his Mehak. I will.plot in my mind the nxt updates so once I am.back u guys can enjoy my update… hv fun dear

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