Mehrya My version Part 84

Part 84 01/06/2018

Mehak was getting ready in her mint green Banaras lehnga in front of the huge dressing mirror, Shaurya peeped from the door and helped her tie the dory and hook. You look hot, Mehak look through her eye lashes and said don’t start anything you are walking in your towel and go get ready don’t be late, you take long time set your hair. He chuckled as he left her in the walk in wardrobe. She wore her bangles and took out her jewelry box, she notice the box is different than what she packed. She confusingly opened the box and her breath stopped seeing the exclusive 22 carat gold two rows floral design uncut necklace adorned with uncut diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls teamed with matching uncut diamond ear rings and maang tikka. She gasped seeing the set and rush as she called Shaurya, he just hmm to reply her and asked why she sounds is so serious. She show the jewelry set and said Shaurya I don’t know how this set is with my things. I am sure is not mine remember I bought another one not this? This looks so expensive and grand too. Shaurya grinned at her and seeing him Mehak realized it was him who get the set.

She asked did you buy this set Shaurya. He took the box from her hand swiftly and took out the earring piece and wear it on her ear and kiss on her ear, Mehak turned crimson, he took the necklace and push her hair to the side as he place on her cream skinned neck and kiss on her nape as he fasten the hook. He admired her blushing face and fix the maang tikka. She swallowed her saliva and asked why do you need to buy such a costly set Shaurya what is the need for this now? Why do you need to buy gifts as costly as this now, are you going to answer now or not, she pouted and demand him for answer? Shaurya pulled her and held her by her waist on him, he with his s*xy voice said beautiful wife like you need to be pampered and I am doing that , I love to spoil you. I am the happiest man in the world so I want to spoil my hot and s*xy wife. Mehak smacked on his forearm and said you are getting away with your talks nowadays. I can’t argue with you these days now it’s getting late and quickly come lets go , she left him there and went back to walk-in wardrobe to do some final touch up and gets her clutch bag, both loop their arms and walked to the wedding venue at the hotel. Shaurya kept stealing glances at her and she asked him not to keep seeing like this and people will say Shaurya Khanna become cheeky with his wife. Than what will you do? Shaurya side hugged her bare waist and said let them say anything I am mad about my wife, even yesterday also I want to leave the party early wanted to check on you as you were not well they teased me as Majnun Khanna, I don’t care what others say, you matter more to me. They reached the venue and sat watch the rituals started. Mehak sees bride coming and she went to wish her all the best and she looked so gorgeous. Sakshi thanked her and Mehak before leaving took her kajal and marked behind Sakshi’s ear for removing bad omen. Shaurya and Mehak stands near the altar seeing the groom and bride perform the rituals. They throw flowers as the priest recite the mantras.  The wedding was done when Rahul marked Sakshi’s maang with the kum kum. They took blessings from their both family members. Shaurya whispered to Mehak as caresses her hair, do you remember our wedding day? She spun and looked at him gently yes I remember our wedding day how can I forgot. So now both will end all these rituals and will have dinner party and they will start their life as husband wife and suhaagraat. Mehak’s cheeks flushed, he grinned merrily at her and asked her do you remember our suhaagraat she turn her face his view and pretend to look at the altar at the newly wedded couple. I miss our suhaagraat, Mehak’s jaw open wide hearing it and she looked at him, he still with his cheeky grin said I mean during our suhaagraat I was not in my senses and all the steps like lifting the gunghat, taking off your jewelry and etc. etc.  I missed it because maasi came with a stupid pooja and all cancelled. Since today you look like a bride maybe can we have our suhaagraat? Hearing this Mehak’s cheek color rose to red and she was so warm hearing him, she know it’s been months they did not had anything physically all due to the Archie’s evil plan and accident follows by the period Mehak was upset and all. She never expected Shaurya talks directly about it. She fluttered her eyelid and her throat dried. She swallowed and her heart race increased hearing his cheeky talks. Their talks interrupted as they announced to proceed to the dinner area. Shaurya’s friend came to swamp him and she felt lucky as he was not there with her or else don’t know what all he will be talking. She takes a deep breath and Sakshi’s few other friend came to ask her to proceed to dinner hall. They took some food at the buffet station and Mehak sat with the others and had her food. Deep in her thought she was thinking what did Shaurya said a moment ago, she was rummaging her thoughts with the last night event when they associate her relationship with Shaurya, how much hurdles they came over to get married again and after married how much they went through due to plotting of Nani and Svetlana mami add on with Nikita and the list goes on. He could have left her at any stage of their relationship but he was her armor who protected her thoroughly at all situation. He didn’t let anyone talk ill about her or else he would have tear them into pieces. She is proud of being Shaurya’s wife. She thanked God for giving her him as her life partner. Being Shaurya’s wife she did not made any surprise for him or any attempt in their relationship as she is too shy. She felt bad as being a shy wife did she give him all the happiness that he deserve. She felt nope, because I am like sanskari culture people are labelling me as a bad match for him and she want to gets things right from herself. She vowed that she will give him the happiness as his happiness it’s hers.

During the dinner Shaurya met with many business men around India and outside India. He exchanged name cards and pleasantries. He in between looked at Mehak who is still red as beetroot due to his teasing. He loved seeing her in red hues. The Emcee made his speech and thanked all the guest coming in for the wedding of Rahul and Sakshi. They played the AV of their pre-wedding shots taken and their how Rahul proposed Sakshi. Seeing that AV Mehak smiled as it brought her memory of how Shaurya proposed her at the Taj Mahal. The AV ends and Emcee invited Rahul and Sakshi to give their first speech as husband and wife. All clapped welcoming the newlywed couple. They get to the stage and both thanked all their guest for being here, on their special moment Rahul express how lucky he is to have Sakshi as his life partner and he promised that he will be her soul mate throughout life. As Sakshi’s turn she too thanked all and said she is thanking God for giving Rahul as an understanding life partner and they will keep their marital promises at all times. They thanked and gets down from the stage as Emcee takes over the mike from them all clapped rapidly for them. Then Emcee announced well, that was Rahul and Sakshi’s vows and we want to see more of that kind of love confession what are we going to do is a simple game we will flash the above light and once the light stop over you , you are going to give your speech or your love confession.

The crowd hubbub hearing this and the light started to move around the hall and the Emcee says stop and the light fell over Shaurya. The crown sing his name and he smiled as he scratch his eyebrow and proceeded to the stage. The Emcee offered him the mike and asked so tell me Shaurya what is your love story about. Mehak was dumbfounded and she was panic what is he going to say already he said all the naughty things just now and made her so red and now he is on the stage. He was still glowing and smiling. He started, hi everybody I am Shaurya Khanna from Delhi, I know Rahul from our college time. One of them from the crowd replied we know that we want to know your love confession your love story. Yes I have my love story, mine is special and like a filmy one too, I met her at my TV show India Super Cook, and she was one of my contestant. Our initial meetings is always fighting we compete each other, I love to irritate her during the show and even not in the show. She was the first girl told me that I am not hot, dashing and handsome. Also she loves to fight with me. The crowd laughed. If she sees me she will run away the opposite direction as she scared of my presence. After many meetings slowly I realized that I have fallen for her and followed her everywhere she goes just like all the hero will do in the movies. The crowd laughed. It was not easy for her to like me because I have done so many misdeeds in the past and I have deal with many tough business deals and close the deals in happy note but to get her love was the hardest part in my life. Then she fell in love with me. Although I might be rich but my actual wealth is all about her. Once she accepted me than her family don’t accept me, so I need to do all crazy stuff so that they will agree for our wedding. The crowd asked who is your wife. He replied he said she is Mehak. My Mehak. Hearing her name from his mouth was something sweet for Mehak. He goes on further, she is very simple girl from Delhi PWG, who only give priority to love others money and fame is nothing for her. She is talented but yet grounded. I was a cunning and ruthless business man but with love she change me to a man to who I am now. For Mehak if someone give her love she don’t mind even to die for them. In my restaurant White Chilies at Delhi she is the boss there but she treats all the employee as brothers and sisters all of them listen to her but not me. She respects all young and old with her magic fingers she can come up with new unique dishes in short span of time.  I am proud and blessed that Mehak has chosen me as her life partner and I will continue to love her madly till my last breathe. Mehak I love you today, tomorrow and rest of my life. No matter what life puts me through, I know you will be my side. I have met many before but I never know my destiny is with you, you are my entwined destiny.

Mehak eyes glistened hearing it and felt overwhelmed when she heard him say those words she couldn’t believe her ears. The Emcee wow hearing the love confession of Shaurya and asked can we have Mrs Khanna please on the stage together with Mr Khanna? She is being shy she don’t want to go to the stage. Sakshi and Rahul joined the stage again, Sakshi took the mike and called Mehak where are you dear, your poor hubby is waiting please don’t be shy come here, just then the girls pointed where Mehak sitting and the light beam on her, she was under the spotlight gets up and walked slowly to the stage nervously. She reached the stage and Shaurya steps forward offering his hand to her for support, she smiled at him with gratitude he knows that she would cry at any moment. They reached the middle of stage and Sakshi hugged her and said I am so glad I meet you in my wedding I am so proud of saying you are my friend. Emcee interrupted them and asked Mrs Khanna what is your advice for Rahul and Sakshi as they are stepping into marital life? Shaurya hold the mike for her as she nervously said both shouldn’t keep any secrets from one and another. Even though it will hurt its better to confess it early and sort all misunderstandings. Emcee asked Shaurya if in case both of you had argument or misunderstandings who will apologies first. Shaurya blushed and said it’s always me who ask sorry because the root cause for the argument it will be me. Emcee asked so Shaurya what is the thing that you like so much in Mehak can you tell us if you don’t mind, he said her smile, I love her innocent cute smile. Emcee asked Mehak please smile for us, she couldn’t control and smiled. Emcee teased wow Shaurya did said the right thing your smile is so beautiful, I will try my chance with you on my next life, Shaurya quickly replied no for all my upcoming lives it will be only Shaurya and Mehak only he side hugged Mehak and kissed on her hair as the crowd applauded them and Emcee said bless this lovely couple and our newly wedded couple.

Soon the dinner over and the dance floor started. First Rahul and Sakshi danced for Dil Diyaan Gallan song. Later all couple invited to join the dance floor. Shaurya and Mehak danced. She curled her arm around his neck and said thank you patidev. He smiled heartedly and replied you are welcome and you don’t need to thank me because it was all because of you. His naughty hands was caressing her bare back to the waist, she rolled her eyes and asked you started again in front of all, don’t you have shame at all. He chuckled and replied to love and show my love I never felt shy baby you know that, now it’s high time you accept all my naughtiness. Mehak teasingly said looks like someone need to be rewarded today because they made me so happy. So what can I give? Shaurya’s eye glitter seeing her tease. He smirked and said looks like someone is in right mood so what I get then, Shaurya continue as they both continue to swirl around for the song, now they are playing Le Dooba. Mehak being naughty said you can ask for anything and lowers her head down, he tightened his grip on her waist as she let out a little moan. He understand that she is total package today. The girls who teased Mehak saw from far away and was pissed off but Mehak moved her hands from Shaurya’s neck to his chest to irritate them saying Shaurya is hers. They change to another song and they announced bride and her friends will be performing for this song. Sakshi went with her friends she signed Mehak to join as well but she shakes head to go ahead but Sakshi went to pull her to dance floor to dance together. She looked at Shaurya and raised his eyebrows asking her to enjoy. The girls danced for Pallo Latki song later the boys joined in together. Dance and dinner over and both twined the fingers and walk over to their suite, just than a man in his 40’s interrupted and asked whtr he can talk for few minutes and Shaurya asked Mehak to proceed to the room and he will be back soon.

She proceeded to her room, went to the washroom and checked herself in the mirror, she felt a sense of proud to be Shaurya’s wife and his word and compliments still echo in her. She decided today she will make up with all the happiness they lost many months today. She freshen up a bit and turn off the bright lights in the room and lit up the scented candles which was in their bathroom in their room. She sat on the middle of the bed and anxiously waiting for him, she felt shy doing this but she decided today she will do for her Shaurya. She heard the room knob turning sound she felt nervous and uneasiness in her abdomen. She cursed herself for sitting there in that manner, she wanted to quickly leave the bed but it’s too late Shaurya came into their suite and saw her in the middle of bed. He was speechless as he saw their room lights been dimmed and only candle lights brightens the room, he put his mobile away and walked slowly to her. He sat on the bed and look at the figure sitting on the bed. He had craved for her for so long but due to many incidents happens between them he don’t want to force her into this, he wants her to take her time and ready for this and there she is waiting for him. He gently lift the gunghat and putting it aside and remove the maang tikka placing it on the bedside table. He kissed on that place and gently remove her earrings which he wear it for her early evening that day and placing it together with the maang tikka he nibbled on her earlobe, Mehak didn’t move as she felt euphoric. He slowly remove the pin which holds her hair and her hair fell down slowly, he pushed her hair aside and gently unhook the necklace. Shaurya unbutton his sherwani and laid that top suit on the table near the bed. He runs his fingers caressing Mehak’s arm slowly and bring her fingers to his lips as he kiss them one by one, her back was facing his chest and Shaurya place her palm on his beard, she caressed them sensually.

He gently pushed her hair to the side undone her hook of her choli and in one pull her dory knot came loose her choli slide off her shoulder, she hold that piece covering her bosom. She can feel his hot breath hitting on her skin as he planted wet kisses from her shoulders and rub her back with his beard, she jerked a little. She felt sudden jolt with his single move. Since she didn’t resist him when he did that, Shaurya holds both her wrist which she was holding to cover her bosom. He sucked on her side of her neck as she rest her neck on his chest between his neck and shoulder. With his one of his free hand he push the garment which was hiding her meaty part. He rest her on the bed and he crawl on top of her, Mehak covered her bosom with her hands but he took both her hands and pin above the head and capture her lips which he is dying to taste. He sucked her plump lips with passionate kiss and he darted into her mouth both kissed passionately reliving how much they missed each other. Mehak’s moan was music to his heart. He let go of his grip on the hands and her hands snakes around his neck caressing between his nape and buried in his hair. He let go of her lips as both needed the air for breath. He called her Mehak and she slowly looked open her eye lid seeing him, the most handsome man her Shaurya her husband looking at her with all love in his eyes. He could see twinkling in her innocent eyes and rise and fall of her breathe, her luscious meaty softness all hardened under his chest. He cupped them as play with them squeezing them tenderly. The feel of warm palms holding her bosom caused her chills run over her body. Butterfly in her tummy and now with his skillful mouth he sucked that part of her body, she closes her eyes as melted and her whole body was consumed in his action. She moan and bite her lips as she is completely aroused. Shaurya lifts his head and pecked on her forehead before undoing his pants he stands in his birthday suit. She turn her gaze away as he undo her lehnga skirt the last piece of fabric covering her also he removed them. He bend his head to kiss on her anklet slowly planting kisses along her leg. As he reached her V, he looked at her with and she smiled the smile which tell him that she wants him. Without any delay he enter into her, she called his name and he was exhilarated hearing it and he went deeper into her. She held on to his shoulder and pulled him closer to her to dismiss any spaces in between them as he moved fast and he groaned as he gets wild. His hands was all over her body and hers as well on him. They both made love throughout night with burning passion, with the Lake Pichola’s gentle wave in the background and the scent of fresh breeze.

Mehak fell asleep fast but Shaurya was still awake feeling the satisfaction he had earlier. His cravings his wild dreams all were set free. He enveloped her to him and admire each and every feature on her beautiful face. He thanked God for giving her to him and he promised that he will protect her and take care of her till his last breath. Mehak smiled in her sleep. He kissed her head again and smiled seeing her cuteness. She turned to her other side in deep sleep Shaurya nuzzled her shoulder and join her in deep slumber. Before that he took his mobile and change their afternoon flight to Delhi to evening flight as he wants her to rest properly.

It was almost 10am when Mehak opens her eyes. She smiles as her thoughts of what happen flash in her mind. How both made love till wee hours and she fell asleep. She saw Shaurya hugging her by her tummy and sleeping soundly. She rolled a bit to his side and smilingly leaned in to place a warm kiss on his cheeks. The moment her soft lips touched his skin he quickly embraces her brought her on top of him, she giggled and squirmed but his meaty arms holds her protectively, he opens his eyelid gently and wished her good morning s*xy. She rested her palms on his chest and lean with her chin wished him good morning patidev. Wish my mornings will always be like this every day he said as he tucked her hair behind her ears. He with his raspy voice asked her you always forget everything Mehak despite yesterday I have given so much hints and clues. She looked at him in confusion and asked what did I forget now Shaurya, tell me, he smiled at her innocent face and said yesterday was our 1st year anniversary. Mehak blinked her eyes two to three times and she felt bad that she forgot about their first anniversary, she apologized to Shaurya for forgetting their anniversary date. She continued is it why you get me the jewelry set? He grinned sheepishly, she asked him in future no more buying expensive gifts like that anymore, and he didn’t bother about it and said as he plays with her curls I will spoil my wife and you better not to remind me of that. Well yesterday we went to temple, we did charity we had party and most important our much delayed suhaagraat. She hit on his chest and rest her face on his heart hearing the rhythm of his heartbeat. She sadly asked how come Shaurya I cannot remember our wedding anniversary, last week also I forgot your birthday. He held her chin to face him and said, your accident was indeed serious ones although there were no critical internal damage but post trauma effect will be still be there for sometimes, I read on the internet when doctor told me about your condition. So some dates or minor details are away from your memory, you know the event but you don’t remember specific dates time and all. You know we are married but you didn’t remember the dates its okay next time I will remind you. But Shaur… she want to say something but Shaurya caresses her bare back and asked well I have given you a gift where is my gift, Mehak lifts her head and sees him, deep down the gaze she knows what he wants and she quickly wants to run away from him but too bad his big strong body turned her around on the bed and he was now on top of her with his notable handsome smile, his hair falling on his forehead and he looked at her intently. She pushed him but he called her babe thank you for everything you have given me in my life, you colored my life with all your love and last night was most precious. I want all my days and nights as beautiful as ever I had a wish and you fulfilled it for me. Now I will take my return gift on my own and he started to graze her with his beard all around her neck and she ouches he looked at her with questionable look, she hold by his chin and asked him to shave a bit it’s very pricky and ticklish. He adamantly did the same again and the room filled with Mehak and Shaurya’s chortle which later turns into moans of pleasure.

He carried her to the bathroom and both showered together, Mehak insist to shower on her own as she don’t want audience or extra hand but he refused to let her go she has to give in . She came out of the shower and wear the bathrobe as she detangle her hair, he quickly came there lift her hips and place her on the counter and took the hairdryer to dry up her long hair. She admired him and asked him to bend forward and kissed on his nose tip. Later she took a towel and wipe his wet hair. After teasing and playing both get dressed up as their tummy growling and heads to restaurant for lunch. They met with the friends they met during the wedding as well Rahul and Sakshi as well. Mehak wore a light pastel pink cotton anarkali and covered her neck with her dark toned duppatta as her skin swell from all deeds by Shaurya. Shaurya and Mehak took some food from the buffet spread and sat on a table, Rahul and Sakshi also joined them. Sakshi asked what time is their flight and Mehak replied at afternoon Shaurya quickly replied its late evening now I changed, Sakshi replied wow Mehak was lost that she didn’t know that he changed their flight timing. Shaurya continued Mehak was so busy last night, she quickly put her left hand on his thigh and pinched him, then he corrected she was tired and slept so we haven’t done our packing yet. Rahul and Sakshi pressed their lips and smiled quietly seeing their antics. As they finished their meals Shaurya and Mehak went to see the open Lake area and enjoy the scenery, Mehak was standing in front of him and he enveloped her in bear hug.

After that both proceeded to their suite to pack all their stuffs. Shaurya arranged the jewelry set back into box as Mehak folds their clothes and arrange them neatly in their suitcase. Once done Shaurya ring to the butler service and a butler came to their assistance bringing their belongings to the main lobby. Before parting Sakshi hugged Mehak and thanked her for coming on her wedding. She also apologized for her friend’s bad behavior towards her in the events. Before these 2 parts, Sakshi gently whispered Mehak your hickey is so cute. Mehak mouth wide opened hearing it and she covered swelling with her palm, she didn’t had time to cover it with the concealer as Shaurya bugging her to leave for meal and now Sakshi saw this. She was so embarrassed and her cheek turned red again. Sakshi replied with a giggle though I don’t intend to embarrass you but I can’t stop from commenting. Then their husbands walks towards them and asked are they done and Mehak invited both to Delhi and thanked them for their hospitality. As Shaurya and Mehak proceeded to get into their airport transfer car and Shaurya asked Mehak what did Sakshi said till you become like tomato. She replied leave it don’t ask, he keep pestering her to say it and she push her duppatta from her neck and show the scar. He grinned as he rub his thumb over it and push his hand away. He naughtily said if you keep beating your hubby like this what will the driver bhaiya will think and others will say about my wife. She pouted at him as Shaurya place his arm around her and they proceeded to airport for their flight back to Delhi.

Mehak’s jewelery set

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  1. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah….Mehak’s jewellery set n her dress is so beautiful…Shaurya’s dress is also gud n the scenery of their hotel wedding altar n everything is so beautiful…how Shaurya appreciated Mehak n how she vowed to give her all happiness of the world…I was thinking tht how come u forget their wedding anniversary bt then u uploaded this…but I can’t believe it tht u…u updated this…OMG…I m still in awe….honestly it’s first ff in which I read their romance….otherwise in other ffs I skipped tht part….yrr sorry but I m a shy type of person so I felt uncomfortable to read tht parts….it was very gud ff…I enjoyed reading it….update nxt soon

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Anjali tq fr the feedback dear. I knw i am also shy person too but my other frens in other site were constantly requested to b bold n write some Mehrya romance so thats why i make sure therr is no vulgarity n obscene beforr writing this.i am.glad u like the scene settings n Mehrya dress n the gift. I didnt forget their anniversary bcs Shaurya Khanna will nt stop pampering his Mehak. Hv a nice day dear. Enjoy ur weekend

  2. Superb episode
    Shaurya’s confession??
    It was definitely romantic, hot, etc, etc??⚡
    Loved Mehrya ??
    Sakshi teasing mehak??
    And the pics posted are fantastic
    Excited for next
    Post soon dear
    Love u loads❤❤
    Stay blessed??

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Cindy hru dear I am glad u like the update. Yes Shaurya loves to flaunt his wife n love. He is proud of his wife. Their wedding trip becomes their honeymoon treat n 1st year anniversary celebration as well. Hickey noticed by Sakshi n Mehak gt teased . Will upload soob thank you dear

  3. I love this mehrya version..?plzz post the next update soon…..

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      Tq Anu fr ur feedback. I am.glad u like my version of Mehrya.. next update will b delayed dear as i am away fr Seminar n busy with work tq

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      Tq Kavya i am.glad you like the update with some hints of romance. Yes i will add more romance bits i future updates. Aplogies to all as i am busy with office events and will be away frm my desk so i cant type my ff. Also Eid is arnd corner busy with that too will do update soon tq

  5. I m feeling shy…. Yes Haseenah2020 i m too uncomfortable… But we also want romance… Woww i just love mehrya… There love there fight i love everything… And Haseenah2020 i give you advice plz plz plz plz join our zkm….you are the best writer in this world…that’s why i love your ff.. And love you Haseenah2020….
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    So big thank you to you my baby…

    god bless you always….

    Love you ???????????????????

    #Haseenah2020 #bestwriter

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sapna tq dear fr ur feedbck. I am sorry this part of my ff makes u uncomfortable. I was requested by mny to write romantic updates so i did to please my readers. Yes Mehrya makes us goes nuts with their nok jhoks and lovey dovey moments. Hahahha me becoming Zkm writer is impossible bcs there are mny talented souls out there who are too good…i learn frm them on daily basis. Tq and hv a blessed weekend ahead

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        And you are also very talented…

        if zkm writer read your ff they immediately hire you…

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