Mehrya My version Part 46

Next morning all was busy as bee getting ready the bride and the girls getting ready as well. Nehal touch up some make up for Mehak. She admired all the makeup kit that Mehak has and wowed at her. Di you have the latest makeups I am so jealous now. Mehak smiled at her and said, Shaurya bought back from his Singapore trip or else I wouldn’t know what all these too. Nehal help to set her hair as well. Mehak was wearing maroon choli, beige lehnga skirt and beige and maroon duppatta. Later someone called Nehal to come and help the bride. Nehal left Mehak to wear the jewelries and come down. Mehak wore her bangles and fix her earrings. She took her choker to her neck and realize her choli’s hook is not done properly, she have difficulty to do it on her own as well. She opens the door and sneak to look around if there is anyone to help, she found none and she saw Veer is playing with other kids. She called him and he came to her, she ask him to get Nehal or Sonal. He said okay and went away. Mehak waits in the room for someone to come. Then she heard a knock on the door, she quickly unlocked the door and ask to come in and lock the door. She didn’t see who it was. Its Shaurya entered the room. He saw Veer and asked where is Mehak he told him she is in the room and he went away. Mehak didn’t see it was Shaurya. She is still thinking its Nehal. She said Nehal sorry yaar the hook came off help me please I can’t fix it. Shaurya was admiring her exposed back. He locked the room door and came to her. He bent and kiss on the center of her back which gives her goose bump and she jumps to see behind her. She saw Shaurya and her face turned crimson seeing him. She asked what you are doing here. I thought its Nehal. He pull her closer to him and caress her face gently and move her hair strand back. I missed my jaan so I am here to see her, Mehak wants to say something but he place his index finger over her lips to silent her. He turned her, this time her back was facing him. He caressed her back with his fingers and fix the choli hook and tie the dori as well. His touch has sent sizzles into her. Mehak closed her eyes. He took the choker from the dresser and wear it to her neck. Then he hold her waist harder closer to him asked her to open her eyes. She open her eyes gently seeing him behind her. He took out something from his pocket. She wonders what was it then he bring it to the front, she surprised to see it’s her mangalsutra. Shaurya fixed and look at her from his corner of eyes. She touch and run her fingers over it as she missed it so much. She told him, I thought I lost the mangalsutra Shaurya, where did you find it? He said it was in the laundry basket in our room, maybe when you taking off your clothes it came out and you didn’t notice it he replied. I was so scared how to tell you, thank you Shaurya she hugged him. He took the sindoor and fill her maang. He looked her and said now you look perfect. She cups his cheek and give a kiss on his cheek. He asked her have you finished packing, she replied yes almost all done, after wedding over will change and we can leave. He kissed on her forehead and looked at her attentively. Just then Nehal knock on her room door to get ready quickly, bride also ready but she is not coming out. Mehak and Shaurya came out from the room and he went to join the other men. Mehak went to see Neelima and complimented her as she is glowing. All waiting for the bharaat.

Bharaat came right on time and the wedding process takes place one by one. Mehak was behind with all the ladies. Shaurya winked at Mehak she smiled and talking to the others. Finally Neelima is married and her husband Amandev fill her maang with sindoor.  They get all the elders blessings. Time for vidaai came. It was tearful moment in all wedding. After they left Mehak saw Harpreet mausi sad as their only daughter is married and went. Mehak assured her she will be fine and not to worry. Harpreet mausi wipes her tears and smiled at Mehak said hopefully everything will be fine with her beta. Mehak gets up and goes with Nehal and Sonal to her room to change and they helped her to pack her suit case. Once she is done, she came to bid good bye to the eldest and said she will come to visit them. Shaurya asked Nehal, Sonal and Mohit to come home quickly as there is something special. They wondered what is it he asked to join them. Badi dadi, Harpreet mausi and Kuldeep Singh uncle blessed both of them. Veer and the other kids surrounded Mehak. She give them each chocolate bar. Each were hugging and kissing her saying they will miss her a lot. Mehak kiss them back and said will come to visit them and ask them if they come to Delhi must come to visit her. Tears formed in her, she quickly wiped it away. She said it was Neelima’s vidaai but I am getting teary as it’s my vidaai. She hugged Satvin, Pooja too. They turned and saw Jaggu waiting at the corner, he apologized for any misbehavior and mistakes he have done. Shaurya and Mehak replied is not necessary as they all must learn to forgive each other. Mehak apologized for being harsh. They asked when he is reporting back to duty, he replied in another 2 days. Shaurya ask him if he comes to Delhi should call him. Jaggu and Shaurya hugged each other. Shaurya and Mehak left Patiala. She rested her head on his shoulder. Mehak asked what time is the flight he told is at 7pm. She asked whtr they can go to Golden Temple before they go home, he look at the watch and said if road is smooth and we reach early should be fine. He ask her to sleep as she looks very tired. Mehak dozed off on Shaurya’s shoulder.

They reached early as per plan and Shaurya asked the driver to go to the Golden temple as per Mehak’s wish. Both walked clockwise around the pool and temple on the wide marble walkway. They performed their prayers and Mehak closed her eyes and prayed. Then both left the temple as they need to get to airport to catch their flight to Delhi. Mehak rested her head on Shaurya’s shoulder and said, do you know Shaurya I came last with mommy papa when I was 8 years old. Now I am coming with you. He squeezed her hand and ask is she fine, she nodded she is and lean closer to him. He rested his head on hers to comfort her. They reached airport and checked in their luggages. Shaurya went to grab some tea and snacks before board the flight.

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