MehRya my version Part 44

After dozed off for few hours Mehak wakes up with slight and headache and dizziness. Nehal saw her waking up and help her to sit, Mehak asked what happen to me. Nehal offered her imli pani to lessen her hangover. She tries to get up from the bed but feel dizziness. She walked to the bathroom wash her face and came out, she look at herself she is wearing different dress asked who changed me and what happen. Nehal smiled and starts di you didn’t remember anything after having that bhang? Mehak surprised when did I drink bhang? Nehal ask her to try to remember and see. Mehak remembers Shaurya and herself dancing and playing in the Holi. He went when Jaggu called him. She felt thirsty and look for some snacks and had lassi. After that she start getting flashes of memory what she did, Shaurya brings her to shower and he change her clothes and she did all stunt from dancing on the bed and walking on the balcony railing. She cover her face with her palms in embarrassment. She was like hey matarani what did I do now? I drank bhang and do all the stupid things. Nehal continued jiju is romantic and sweet. He take care of you so well even when you are drunk. Mehak was mumbling to herself how am I going to face him? Nehal said he is your husband so you can’t avoid him you will have to face him sooner or later.

Mehak combs her hair properly and adjust her duppatta and went out of the room. She try to look for Shaurya and didn’t find him anywhere. Suddenly a hand grabs her from behind and hold her behind a wall. It was Shaurya he covers her mouth with his palm. Mehak look terrified but calm after see it was him. She pushed his palm away and start to ask him why you always like to scare me like this. He looked at her attentively caging her between his arms. Who have the rights on you to do like this if it’s not me? She try to push him from his chest but he was too strong. Then he cupped her cheek and asked how is she did she slept well? Mehak look down as she was so shy. Shaurya try to look for her eyes. Mehak turn her face away from him, but he asked her to look into his eyes, she manage to look into his eyes but still feel very shy. My very homely quiet sweet and Old Delhi ethics wife drink bhang and dance wildly in a haldi function. I need to carry you to the room so you won’t do anything funny in front of people. Then I have to shower and change your clothes and left you for a while so I can get myself changed. Came back to the room and saw you walking on the balcony like Tarzan’s girlfriend. Bring you back to the room and make you to sleep but you start to get wild on me. Mehak’s eye grew big as she didn’t realize what she did on the bed. She asked what I did. He leaned on her body and blow some air on her neck. She stand still with her eyes lower, he lean forward and kiss on her forehead. She looked at him in surprise. You asked me to kiss you on your cheeks and hold me tightly and slept. He bend to kiss on her lips and they heard a voice, Mehak di and bhaiya are kissing said Veer and running from there. Mehak and Shaurya runs behind him and Shaurya manage to catch him. He lifts him and Mehak came to him and pulls his cheek you syaitaan, badmaash kahinka, where were you hiding? Veer replied I was looking for you di and walking around and saw you with bhaiya and bhaiya wants to kiss you Mehak quickly covers his mouth. Listen don’t tell anyone okay? Veer nodded in yes. Once she took out her palm he asked what I will get. Mehak look at him in astonishment, you are just 5 or 6 years old now itself started asking for bribe and return favors. I think it’s in all male blood. Shaurya said you see not only me like that all male species have this issue. We always in need of something, Mehak tell him with her eyes no. Veer interrupted them saying he wants chocolate. Mehak says okay later I will go get for you chocolate. Shaurya put him on the floor. He runs in excitement.

Mehak smiled at Shaurya, he hold her by her waist ask if she want to go out for a while we just spend some time out there and get chocolate for Veer. She looked at him is it the excuse this time. He asked her to get ready quickly and let’s go. Shaurya gets Jaggus’s bike. It was first time for Mehak seeing Shaurya riding a bike. She seated behind him and hold on to his waist. They went to the shop and Shaurya stopped the bike Mehak gets down. They walk together and gets some chocolate and walk pass some of the shops together. Mehak saw a shop selling earring and bangles. Shaurya brings her there, she tried some earrings and showed to him, he nodded to agree. After finish all these Mehak suggested to go to the river. Shaurya goes there, Mehak sat next to him resting head on this shoulder. Mehak asked this place is nice right Shaurya so quiet and peaceful. Both inhaled a deep breath and enjoyed the sunset and the quiet setting. Their fingers intertwined and Shaurya inhaled her wrist and planted a kiss. After sat quietly a while, Shaurya told her about his first time he saw her here at Patiala. She turned to look at him with questionable look. He continues that day I just arrived Patiala. I asked Nehal I want to see you then she brought me here, you with Veer and another 2 kids throwing stones on the river and you were jumping like kid in excitement. Then you jump with them in the river I almost want to run to save you because you don’t know how to swim but you manage to get up from the water as the water level is shallow only. Funny part was when one of the kid said got crocodile in the water you run like mad. I really laughed genuinely after such a long time. She looked at him and hid her face on his chest. He called her Mehak she tilted her head and looked at him. Shall we also jump now and see. Mehak shakes her head in disagreement and tell him not to do anything funny. She tries to get up to escape from him, he assured her he will do nothing and sit quietly. Mehak said she want to ride the bike, Shaurya sat at her back and hold on her waist tightly Mehak asked him are you taking chances on me Mr Khanna? He replied certainly not, I just wanted to hold you securely so that I won’t fall down. They made a few rounds on the empty field. Some passer byers see them and laughed waving at them Shaurya replied them saying my wife is riding the bike and I am enjoying the ride. In between the ride, he keep tickling her, blowing air on her neck. Drawing with his fingers on her back. Mehak ask him to behave or else she can’t concentrate. She stop the bike and ask him to ride back home as she can’t handle him. He smirked and both ride back home.

Later both went back home, joined the rest of the family. Mehak went to look for the kids all were sitting at the terrace playing and trying to dance. Mehak distributed to chocolate to all and asked what they are doing here. Veer explained tomorrow is Sangeet and there will be performance so we all want to perform too. They tried to do dance and all were not coordinated. Mehak laughed at them. One of the kid asked why are you laughing, we know you can dance well, can you teach us? Mehak asked in that case what I will get in return mocking them. They said will do anything she asked, then she said okay then I will teach you all to dance. She asked what song you all want to dance and one kid said Swag se Swagat from Tiger Zindha Hai. Mehak look for that song in her mobile and she played, she tied her duppatta on her waist side and she dance to following the rhythm. She teach the kids some steps, they followed her. Shaurya saw her from far smiling and walk to them. He asked her what she is doing. She stopped and said tomorrow is Sangeet so they want to perform and ask me to teach dance steps. That’s why we are practicing. The kids ask Shaurya to dance with them too, he said he can’t dance. The kids get disappointed. Mehak continued to dance with them till they learn all the steps.

Shaurya came near and saw the kids looking at different direction he give a quick peck on her cheek and run away from there, Mehak shocked and started to run after Shaurya. From another balcony pillar Jaggu was standing on the left and Pooja was at the right side of pillar watching this. Jaggu said Shaurya is very lucky to have Mehak in his life. Pooja said yes they are like Bollywood celebrity and love story I heard from Sheetal aunty and all the exciting part it’s really wow. Both looked at each other and said maybe we haven’t get the right person yet in our life that’s why we are not in love yet. Jaggu replied yes, or maybe God already sent just that we haven’t realized it. Pooja said maybe you are right. So they exchange some thoughts and ideas had a chit chat.

Next day was Sangeet. Mehak wore a nice dark pink anarkali suit paired with large jhumka.  She saw Shaurya coming with other men he was wearing a light pink Pathan suit. She naughtily blow him a flying kiss, he smiled sheepishly.

All family members gather at the function area. After long argument they decided to have the Sangeet as Women vs Men team. First was the kids’ performance for Swag se Swagat song. Veer and fellow team performed for that song. The women team Neelima’s friend also a few danced for Hawa Hawai. All clapping and enjoyed the performance. After that performance Jaggu with a few men came front to perform. They called Shaurya to join them but he was very shy and ask them to carry on. Music starts and they start to dance for Malhari song. Mehak and few more gets irritated and start to boo at them. Mehak gets up and ask to stop the music. All stopped wondering what happen. Later Mehak continues this is wedding event, not fighting at border. Why you all performing for some song for celebrating war victory. Women team said yes Mehak is right. This is not war field this is wedding house and song also must be related happy and party song. All unanimously said Men team lose this round. As the men proceed to take their seat, Shaurya ask if they are wrong then someone from the Women team dance how about Mrs Mehak Khanna take the honor of performing. Mehak’s eye grow wide in astonishment. She knew Shaurya is purposely wants to tease her so he is saying her name in the crowd. Sonal and Nehal whispered to her, go baby you have to save the women’s team dignity. It’s all in your hand now. Mehak blow some air and gets up. She ask Pooja and Nehal to join her. She ask the Dj to play the song. It was Sweetie tera drama. All the guest started to whistle and make noise as they are happy seeing the performance. Shaurya was taken aback seeing her boldness and dancing in the center. Mohit saw his shocked expression, he tap on his shoulder and Shaurya came out from his trance. He looked at Mohit. Mohit asked him what happen jiju. You thought you want to tease didi but you looked lost seeing her dancing. Shaurya’s eye still on Mehak who is swaying her hip to the rhythm and moving around. Mohit continues when comes to wedding didi is crazy she loves dancing and for her all these dance challenge is nothing. Sonal screaming to rain her support to the girls and she was taking their video. Shaurya take a few shots of Mehak dancing. He blow her flying kiss. Mehak see him and give her usual naughty look at him. As they dancing for that song she came forward to Shaurya and pulls his nose naughtily and run away. Harpreet mausi gets up and throw money around them. Then Mehak rested her arm on Nehal said dance means this is called dance. What you men trying to do is nothing compare to us? The evening went by with closing dance all women and men danced for Gallan Goodiyaan song. All joined in the dance floor and danced crazily. Mehak danced around crazily with the Veer and other kids. Shaurya moved next to her, he pull her to him. Mehak clinging to Shaurya’s neck , he whispered in her ear, I never know Mrs Khanna you are good in dancing not bad you are very talented, I should learn some desi dances with you. Mehak reply to him, you naughty Khanna, thought putting me in trouble and teasing me in front of all, you wait till we get back to Delhi then you will be punished. Shaurya nuzzles on her neck and said I am all yours, I am waiting for my punishments sweet heart. Mehak blushes and gently tap on his shoulder asking him to behave. The Sangeet over. All guest start to leave. Nehal, Pooja, Sonal, Neelima with Mehak and few more girls discussing something quietly in a corner. Mehak looked trouble and shaking her head in sign of No with them. Shaurya saw from far and stops to watch them. Mehak’s eye meet his eyes. He asked her what, she nodded quickly No. He asked again is everything alright with sign language she nodded all is fine. Shaurya understand she is not fine. The girl gangs moves away from there.


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