MehRya my version Part 43


Early morning it was preparations for mehndi function.  Sheetal aunty sitting with a bunch of old aunties telling them the story of Shaurya and Mehak. How he will do things to get in his way. From ISC swimming pool to how he beat up people if anyone harasses Mehak. Mehak with Nehal pass by them and chuckled. Shaurya from far throwing flowers at her so she will pay attention to him. She smirked at him and busy with others. He didn’t like to be ignored so he decided he will do something. She was wearing nice green and orange salwar kameez.

He gets Mohit and tell him his plan. Mohit said how if they get caught. Shaurya hold his shoulders and said you helped to get letter and chocolate for your di and that doesn’t matter but your jiju asking you to help and you are not willing to help me. Mohit felt bad and agreed. They thought how to get in and Mohit said we use the same old method, Shaurya asked how. All ladies sat together, music playing at the background and from young ones to elder ones all are getting mehndi on their palm. Mehak came with some snacks and Harpreet mausi ask her to stop working and get mehndi for her too. Mehak saw all are busy just then 2 people with burkha came covering their face. They introduce themselves as mehndi artist and came to apply mehndi. Mehak heard and bring them in, she sat with them and rest her face on her knees and offered her hand to draw mehndi. She ask them to draw a nice design. The 2 burkha person was none other than Shaurya and Mohit. Mohit earlier suggested to do the same thing like they did to kidnap Sonal on her mehndi. So now they want to do the same too but this time to take Mehak. Naughty Shaurya draws a pattern on her feet, Mehak felt uncomfortable and pull her feet towards her. Then Shaurya rubbing her hands and palm he was saying your skin so soft like baby. She saw the fingers are long like male ones and she got suspicious, she try to pull her hands away from them and asked them who are they , they realized she got suspicious , Mohit quickly took a cloth dipped in chloroform and pressed to her nose , she fainted immediately. Shaurya and Mohit give high 5 and cover her with a spare burkha they bring with them and Shaurya carried her on his shoulder. Mohit suggested to go to the rice field, there is a hut nearby there no one will come. He lifted her and went there.

Mohit guarded outside while Shaurya put Mehak on the small bed found in the hut. He caressed her cheeks gently and she gain consciousness. She opens her eyes slowly and her head still spinning, Shaurya gives her water she takes a few sip. She find it odd suddenly in a hut, she asked where this place is? Shaurya smirked at her and said it’s not the house, I took you with me. Mehak looked at him confusingly. He said I missed my wife so much so I took her with me so I can spend some time alone. Mehak gets annoyed she start to hit him on his chest, why you always do something stupid. Now everyone at house will be looking for me. She gets up to leave but Shaurya pulls her to his lap and hugged her tightly. What baby I took risk and bring you here thought you will give me kisses as reward but you want to go back. Mehak questioned him you took me without knowledge isn’t this wrong? He tucked her hair behind her ears, you are my wife I will take her with me in front of people or without people’s knowledge, who can stop me? Mehak curled her lips. Shaurya took her palm to his lips and gently kissed it and place it on his cheeks. Mehak slowly melted. He lower his face to her neck and inhaled scent of her hair. She closed her eyes and she had goose bumps all over her body with his one just action. He continue to nuzzle her and kissed on her shoulder to her back. His fingers draw some patterns on her back. He whispered to her he missed her a lot. Mehak came to her senses and pushed him away, all these are not right here, not now. Shaurya asked then when, she narrowed her eyes and said when we go home. He gets excited and asked like a child to promise. She cling her arms around his neck and kissed him on his bearded cheek. He smiled broadly and ask for more, she give one on his nose. Just then Mohit from outside give them sound asking jiju quick we are getting late. Mehak give more on his forehead. He kissed her on her forehead and came holding her hand. Mehak saw Mohit outside and she blushed. Mohit walked in front Shaurya and Mehak walk at the back holding their hands. Mehak whispered to Shaurya you don’t have any shame you doing like this when my brother are around. He pulled her closer and say you think your brother is so small don’t know anything is it, he is going to be father soon. She smacked on his biceps, now what am I going to tell them at home, just tell them you went out walking with your hubby. She rolled her eyes.

They reached home and Mehak quickly sat with others and quickly get someone to draw mehndi on her palm. Mehndi artist asked do you want to add any name she said please write Shaurya. He looked at her from the balcony and giving her flying kisses. In the meantime all ladies surrounded Sheetal aunty excitingly listening to Shaurya and Mehak’s adventure love story. Nehal came to Mehak and asked di, did you go out with jiju, she asked how she know, and we know jiju and you. That’s why I asked. Since you left Sheetal aunty is telling about your love story and they all listening to it. One lady said this boy is stubborn lover boy, he will do anything for Mehak. Sonal continues yes auntieji our jiju and Mehak are meant for each other. Then another lady asked Mehak how you are so simple and humble despite marrying a celebrity and rich man? She just smiled and didn’t want to say anything. Shaurya came and sat with them and said because she is Mehak, my Mehak. No matter what I am rich or celebrity but she still the same old pretty girl from PWG. She didn’t like me for my fame and money but she love me for who I am. That’s why I am so madly in love with her. All the ladies giggled and laughed hearing this. Harpreet mausi applauded him and said boy you win all our heart. No wonder Mehak is madly in love with you, he looked at Mehak, she was blushing and lower her head. Later they asked to play some music. All started to dance for Sadi Gali song followed by Baby ko bass basand hai. Shaurya went to sit behind Mehak hugging her by her neck while the mehndi been applied on her hand. Nehal and few others saw him and they went to pull him together with Mehak to dance with them. That day went by happily with all the celebration and dancing.

Next day was Holi themed haldi function. The bride Neelima suggested to have this theme and to combine with the groom family and the elders in the family agreed as she is the only daughter. There were flower petals, colors, water balloons, color bombs and lots more to get the party going. Mehak wore a yellow cotton long skirt with a pink and yellow top and a pink duppatta. Shaurya wore light yellow Patiala suit gifted to him by Kuldeep uncle as he is always with his jeans and t-shirts. Mehak sees left and right and blow a flying kiss to him. The elders started to apply haldi for the bride and groom. Followed by other family members and friends. Shaurya came near Mehak and said she look beautiful in this dress. She looked away from him. Shaurya took some haldi paste and applied on Mehak’s face. She was surprised and they announced to start the Holi. All gets excited and started to run with colors and water balloons. Mehak look for Shaurya and she applied color on him. He laughed, she cling to his neck. The entire place filled with people enjoying them with colors, water bomb and laughter’s. Shaurya asked Mehak remember our first Holi. Mehak replied how can I forget them? We had bhang together and did all the naughty things. Even when we are not in our senses also you want to do naughty stuff only Mehak said as they dance while Mehak clinging to him. Shaurya rub his nose tip on hers and said even I am on senses or drunken I always want to be naughty with you. I get drunk seeing you saying that he pulled her closer to him. Mehak bite her lips. They were dancing and playing with colors with all. Flower petals were thrown on all. After few hours of nonstop dancing and playing in colors they were sprinkled with clean water to clear themselves.

Jagjeet gets Shaurya to join with the men. Mehak let him go she went to get some snacks and drinks for herself. On the other side the men offered Shaurya alcohol but he declines saying that he don’t drink. They were surprised how come a boy from Delhi and businessman don’t drink, he tell them I don’t like alcohol usually I won’t take them also Mehak don’t like too so I don’t drink. They all laughed at him and ask him to take a small amount its wedding party all should drink. He declined and Jagjeet said it’s okay don’t force him. Shaurya apologized and left them, he came looking for Mehak. Mehak saw lassi and she ask the men to pour for her one. They looked at each other you will drink this? She replied yes I will drink what’s wrong drinking this. I am from Delhi we all will drink anything. Thinking she is a modern girl from Delhi and she also takes alcohol and bhang they give her lassi which added with bhang. Mehak took it and gulped it in one go. She asked the men why you all are looking at me one kind, drinking lassi is not harm right? Then only they realize she didn’t know it has bhang in it. Mehak start to get dizzy and she can’t walk straight, she saw Shaurya who is looking for her, and she smiled at him broadly and walking funnily as well. Shaurya came quickly to her asked what happen, she laughed at him cling to him. Shaurya senses she is not right. She laughing at and making all funny faces to him. He hold her tightly so she don’t fall anywhere. He asked her what you drank. She said only lassi. But I feel like in different world. All looking funny, your nose like pakora she said as she was pulling his nose. He realized she have taken the bhang mixed lassi that’s why she is like this. He try to move her somewhere safe so she won’t do anything funny. She refuse to go and insist that she want to dance and it’s her favorite song. They were playing Nashe si Chad gayi. He holds her while she dance with him and laugh along with her cute antics, she try to sing along. She asked Shaurya remember our Holi also we take something with bhang and dance together crazily, then we hide in the bath tub. He said yes. He finds it hard to keep her stand, so he decided to move her into the room.

He bring her back to the room and look for her clothes, she is wet and full with colors as well. He bring her to the bathroom turn on the shower holding her. She keep making noise asking why she is in the rain. Once she is done he help her to change clothes and wipe her hair she keep hugging him and saying I love you Shaurya, he reply her I love you more Mehak. Until he was done, she climbed on the bed and said she want to dance here, he saw her and start to laugh, and he rested his hands on his waist. He look at himself he still in a mess. He asked her to behave herself and sit in the room he will change to clean clothes. She placed her fingers on her lips and said she will be good, he said good girl and lock the room door from outside and rush to his room to change to his clothes and came to her room. Mehak was not in the room he called for her and check the bathroom and saw the balcony door was open. He walked to the balcony and had a shock of his life. Mehak was walking on the balcony railing. He called her gently Mehak, she replied Shaurya you are back see I am walking on the sky, come you also walk with me. He perspire to see her stunt, if she miss a step she can fall and injure herself. He needs to get her down slowly. He walks closely to her. He offered his hand to her to get down but she says she is fine and can walk. In nick of a time he manage to pull her down from the railing both fell on the ground, Mehak fall on Shaurya and laughing. He takes a deep breath and gets up and carry her to the room. He ask her to lie down but she ask him to be with her too, he sat on the bed with her. She showed her chubby cheek and ask for kiss. He give her one, then she turn to her left cheek he kiss her and also kiss on her forehead and nose tip. She giggled and lie on the bed holding his hands. She slept peacefully after mumbling. Shaurya look at her and keep shaking his head, this girl only will drive me insane. He keep patting her head till she slept well.

Just then Nehal, Sonal and Mohit came to the room and saw Shaurya sitting on the bed sleeping and Mehak sleeping holding his hands, they try to walk out but Shaurya woke up. He said she had bhang lassi and started to do all funny stuff and I had to bring her to the room. She even walked on the balcony railing and almost fall, now sleeping. They all giggled and smiled. Mehak di drink bhang wow said Mohit. Shaurya slowly gets up from bed and pulling his hand off from Mehak , then he bent to give a peck on her hair and caresses her hair slowly, leaving the room. Sonal said to Nehal look at them so romantic just like in the movies. She beat on Mohit and said you should learn some romance from him.

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