MehRya my version Part 42


In the car, Nehal asked where did Jaggu went, he won’t suicide or anything right? Mehak knock on her head, keep your mouth shut, he won’t do such thing. Nehal continues di why are you so angry and went to slap that guy, Mohit said he won’t be able to eat for few days. Poor guy. Shaurya smiled looking at her from the front passenger seat. They reached home. Shaurya keep looking at Mehak, she just looked at him and turn away. As they enter the house , Sheetal aunty saw Shaurya and Mehak she asked loudly this Shaurya Khanna came from where? She looked at Sonal. Sonal went to her mommy I can explain to you. Sheetal aunty stopped her why is her here to kidnap the bride or ruin wedding like he did to you. Mohit calm her down mommyji it’s not like that, then what is he doing in Patiala. Before Shaurya and Mehak open their mouth to explain all the elders in the family surrounded them. Harpreet mausi with her husband Kuldeep Singh bring them aside to upstairs and ask what is happening here. Sonal step to front said it’s my fault I am the one who lied. Harpreet asked lied about, Mehak is not married actually she is married to Shaurya. Harpreet mausi asked why? Because Mehak forgot her misplaced her mangalsutra and we don’t want anyone to question her so that’s why I lied. In fact Mehak was not happy about it. Sheetal aunty said okay then this Shaurya how is here now? She is still furious with him for marrying Sonal’s wedding. She went to Kuldeep Singh and said Bhai Saab, this guy is Delhi’s famous hotelier, business man, and he will do all crazy stuff to scare people off. He is the one who ruin Sonal’s wedding and married to her to Mohit. Shaurya came in front of her and said auntieji that Rohit abused her even before marriage how do you expect he will take care of Sonal properly. By the way Sonal and Mohit loved each other so I did what is right. So it’s not wrong, you see Sonal is happy, everyone is happy. She was not satisfied with his answer and started blaming him for breaking the shops in PWG. Shaurya quickly replied I paid you compensation after that. Mehak step forward and said it’s all my mistake I shouldn’t have come here , he came because I was here. He came to bring me back home. Forgive us we won’t create any ruckus we will leave now. Kuldeep Singh steps forward and touch her on her head, he said beta you are also our child, and he pulled Shaurya to his other side and said looks like this boy is one hell bent type that’s why he is here to take his wife. He called Harpreet mausi, Harpreet remember when we were young and married I said something and you got angry and left to your mom’s home. I came after 1 week to meet you and take you back home. This reminds exactly the same like our time. Mehak blushed looking at Shaurya. Harpreet pulled Shaurya’s cheek and said this munda is so much love, can see in his eyes. Shaurya side hugged her and said thank you aunty. Mehak and Shaurya gets down to get their blessings. Shaurya became naughty and started to run after Sheetal aunty, auntieji how I not to thank you, you solved a big problem here now everyone knows the truth about Mehak and me. Let me touch your feet too. Sheetal aunty runs away from him. All laughed looking at his antic. Mehak burst into laughter. Harpreet mausi blessed her and ask her to be happy like this always.

All left from the place Shaurya hold Mehak and hugged her from back tell her now I can openly hug you, hold you kiss you do anything I want, and nobody can stop me. Nehal and Sonal cleared their throat to sign them that they are still there. Shaurya asked them to close their eyes. He wants to spend time with his wife. Pooja saw this had a heart break and crying at Neelima’s room. Neelima tells her to calm down not to cry is just one side love or merely infatuation. Why you so wrecked about it, just leave it and don’t think too much. Shaurya with Mehak and the rest of Sharma’s laughing at some jokes which Mohit tells them. Mehak from far saw Jaggu is at terrace. She asked Shaurya to wait for her she got something to do. He ask her where is she going, she turned and show him Jaggu, he said he will follow her too. She ask him to wait, don’t worry. Shaurya followed her but Mehak went alone to sit next to Jaggu. He saw her and asked how she is? She told him she is supposed to ask him that. He smiled at her. She started to tell about how she met Shaurya from ISC moment, how he came to stay with Sharma’s to change their mind, how he proposed her in the metro. How they got married. She explained to him no matter how angry she is he will somehow know how to convince her and cool her down, He listen to her attentively and see in her eyes that she is genuinely happy with Shaurya. He said I am happy he is a good guy and you are blessed to have a good husband. He is willing to come this far to see you and he didn’t fight back with me. But he remained silent. Mehak said you are lucky or else he would have break your leg and hand also your face. Once Kanta chachi assigned gundas to beat him but he get himself whacked up but I said beat them back he gets up and whipped them up until their limb is broken. I am not worried about him but you what will happen later. He chuckled at her. Mehak continues the reason I am telling you all these because I also want you to fall in love and find your true love. Everyone will meet their love at some point of time. I also want you to have that kind of happiness. When we were young I did not have any feelings like that with you we were child at that age and we play together , tease together and etc. so maybe that’s why you get things wrongly. Maybe is just infatuation. Jaggu assured her he is fine it’s my mistake you don’t feel sorry okay, when you are sad is just not right. Mehak smiled in response. I didn’t see you for few years and when I see you suddenly I thought its love but it’s not. I am also sorry because I was behaving not right to you. Must be hard on your husband. He was here and I did all nuisance. He must felt terrible and wants to break my bones right? Mehak laughed. She apologized to him for slapping him. She said I can’t see anyone hurting Shaurya. He said it’s okay, I didn’t keep anything in my heart.  She excused himself and asked him to join others for meals. He nodded and said will be joining them. Shaurya saw her going off and he went behind Jaggu and placed his hand on his shoulder. He turned and asked him to sit down. Jaggu apologized for his behavior.  Shaurya said it’s not necessary because it was not his fault. Jaggu continues I am happy when Mehak is happy with you , just now she came to talk to me , every sentence she talks she always pronounce your name Shaurya only. That’s shows how much happiness and love you have given to her. Please keep her happy like this always. Shaurya assured him he will give all his love till the end of his life for Mehak and keeps her happy all the time. Shaurya said I am rich spoilt egoistic and profit oriented business man. I don’t know what love is and how to show my love. Mehak came like storm in my life and change everything in me. Now I don’t beat people, when I do business I think so much for others instead of profit and loss. She change all about me. Now I only want to love her till my end of breathe. She is my pillar of strength, my shoulder to cry on and everything in my life. My heart beat is just for her. Jaggu side hugged him and said you both are made for each other.

Then both went downstairs to join for dinner, Mehak elated seeing both coming down together and cheerfully. They sat next to each other for dinner, but Jaggu gets up and ask Mehak to sit next to him as both need to spend time together. She felt embarrassed but rest of the family members insist that she should sit next to Shaurya and eat in the same plate too. Mehak sat next to Shaurya and he tear the small piece of roti and feed her lovingly. All cheered happily for them. Mehak shyly eat when Shaurya feeds her. Another elderly lady from said hey girl you also feed your husband, she look at Shaurya from her lashes. He waits for her to feed him. She reluctantly tear the roti and dipped into the gravy and bring forward to his mouth. He told her, today I want to eat more because I finally have some appetite. Mehak tell him I am also feel the same. Both feed each other and enjoyed their meal together.

Both sat at terrace and quietly stared at the stars on each other’s warmth. No words spoken just in silence so much of conversation between them in silence. Sonal and Nehal interrupts them saying love birds enough for now, the rest can continue at Delhi. Now go to bed. They reluctantly left each other and went to their room. At room there, Mehak lie on the bed with her mobile in hand. Sonal and Nehal keep teasing her. Nehal said when you grow old you can tell your love story to your kids it will have a different level excitement. How much twist and turn in your love story. Shaurya texted Mehak, don’t think too much go to sleep. Mehak replied I can’t sleep. You want me to come to your room now, Mehak smiled at the message and said no way you coming here but can you sleep. Shaurya said this distance is ruining my sanity. Mehak ask him to control his mind and sleep they will meet tomorrow. They slept after exchanging few messages.

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