MehRya my version Part 40

After breakfast, Jagjeet came to Mehak and asked her if she want to follow to a fruit farm belongs to his uncle, she excitedly replied yes I will come. Mohit came to Mehak di please come with me for a while, Mehak excused herself and went with Mohit, and she asked what it is. Remember the other day you fainted we bring you to see a doctor at clinic, he asked you to come after 2 days for follow up. Mehak denied she is fine and don’t need to go. But Nehal and Mohit insist that she must go because it’s important to follow doctor’s instruction. Finally she agreed, both winked at each other. They get a car and all 4 went together. Instead of going to the town the driver make a turn to the right which is going to a secluded area. Mehak asked Mohit this is not the way to the doctor’s clinic. I think the driver is bringing us in a wrong direction. Mohit asked her to be patience. They reached a farm house backyard. Mohit asked driver come back in 2 hours, Mehak wonders what is happening and asked Mohit are you playing some jokes here why are we here. She looks at Nehal and Sonal and ask them what is happening here. They asked her to calm down. Mohit got something to say, he kneels down and said to her di I am sorry I did a mistake, I need to confess to you. She makes him to stand up and asked what he did. I think di if I tell you this, you surely will be very mad at me. She asked him to calm down and tell what it is. He don’t know how to start, then slowly said remember Jaggu, he was in our neighbor at Delhi, she said yes. When he was there he used to give letter and chocolates for you, I always throw the letter and share the chocolate with you. Mehak’s eye widened and her mouth dropped in shocked. I think he has feelings for you di. When his maa said she want to talk to mummy is because they want to ask you for marriage with Jaggu. We notice that that he always sees you and smiles at you. Remember his mom before leaving Delhi asked to fix marriage with Jaggu but papa said you are very young and can’t decide now as need you to grow up and all so I am afraid they will come to ask for marriage. Mehak is still in her trance. Sonal came to her and call her Mehak are you okay? She turned to look at her and ask Sonal do you know about this. Sonal said Mohit told me once Jaggu came here, we thought he would have moved on but looks like he still likes you that’s why we bring you out today to tell you this. Mehak looks around for something then she found a stick and she took that and started to chase Mohit around screaming, kamine that Jaggu giving letters you should have thrown at his face and given him a lesson but you didn’t, at least tell me about it but no you took the chocolate from him and enjoyed no wonder he was always smiling at me, asking me what am I planning in my life etc. I am like Bewakoof didn’t understand his talks and gestures. I thought he is being friendly. Mohit screaming di don’t beat me di please I am sorry. Mehak stopped as she is tired and trying to catch her breath. She asking Matarani what am I going to do now. Show me some ways. Mohit also stops. Mehak walks slowly and takes her duppatta and tie on his neck to strangle him and asked Sonal, do you have any last wish to tell him Sonal, Sonal and Nehal rushed to her and asked him to let him go are you mad now. He is your brother, she screamed brother my foot, which brother will do such thing. I don’t know how I am going to face that Jaggu. Today he wants to bring me out to his uncle’s fruit farm I am like stupid agreed to go. Listen let’s do like this, we take the next available train and run to Delhi. Mehak took back her duppatta , Mohit covers his cheeks scared that she is going to slap him , she knock on his head and sat on the ground Sonal I am dead now, do something why you all not saying anything , they all look at each other. Di we always love you and do things to make you happy. Mehak gets up and asked now what did you do? Nehal bite her lips, suddenly a familiar voice called Mehak. Mehak froze. The voice that could bring her all the happiness, the voice which can lift her up from ground. She closed her eyes and try to turn slowly. She saw Shaurya stand behind her. She wants to run and embrace him, she longing to hug and cry on his chest, she is angry at him she slowly look up at him. He smiled at her but she didn’t. She stunned to see him and try to swallow her saliva to wet her drying throat her vision blurred a bit she was about to fall , Nehal hold her she balances her herself and asked Nehal where he came from?

Nehal replied he is here since yesterday, and why is he wearing turban because we don’t want you to recognize him that’s why. She looked at Shaurya, he came near her and cupped her cheeks, a tear roll down her cheek, he wipes it away with his thumb he said I want to talk to you Mehak please listen to me. Mehak pushed his hands away and told Nehal ask him to go back I am not talking to him anything. Sonal quickly came in and said Mehak give him a chance to say what was it why are you being so adamant. Please pity him he came all the way for you from Mumbai, we told him that you fainted and he came immediately for you. If he wants to enjoy with another woman he wouldn’t bother to come and explain this far. She take a deep breath and turned to look at Shaurya, okay say whatever you want to say. He makes her to sit on the bench and kneel down in front of her. He started Archie was my ex- girlfriend when I was studying in Paris. We broke up after 6 months of our relationship. After that we didn’t meet till I met her at White Chilies. During the meeting she kept looking at me and texted me that she wants to meet me. So I left to meet her. Upon our meeting she told me that she wants to continue our relationship I told her off that I am married now and happy with my life and she should be just a friend. But she didn’t listen to me. I left her and wants to come home but received a call saying that she injured herself and only my number was in her last called number, I rushed to see what happen. But she took advantage on my kindness, she said that she will commit suicide with a note saying that I cheated her. She took my picture with her during the meeting and she will use that against me to ruin my reputation and my life. I was so disturbed by her behavior. Mehak looked at him. She remembers how he was reacting those few days back. No wonder he was very stressed and rude with her. I went back to her and try to convince her and make her to change her mind but she didn’t listen. That day you saw me at the hotel, I received a call from the hotel saying that she is breaking things in the hotel and they asked me to come but when I went there it was nothing she just paid someone to call me so I would go there. She was drunk and pulled me on the bed I fell on her. That lipstick stain you saw on my shirt she deliberately left it on my shirt so she want me to have misunderstandings with you. Mehak’s eyes welled with tears. He hold both of her hands and said remember what I told you on New Year night? My happiness, my world my love is all you, there is no other woman in my life and it cannot be. I will not do such thing to you. My past could be anything but my present and future is only you. I promise that to you. Mehak took her hands from him and wipes her eyes. Nehal from the other side tell Sonal wow look at them what a romantic conversation. I am sure after this di will accept jiju’s apologies. She lift her eyebrow and look at him then why you didn’t come to tell me any of this things Shaurya. His right hand cupping her cheek and he slowly with his thumb rub on her cheek and said because you were so angry with me and didn’t let me to talk anything. You didn’t trust my love for you Mehak. The next day I have a conference at Mumbai that’s why I left so you can calm down and once I am back I can talk to you but you came here. I missed you so much without hearing your voice without seeing your messages, by the way where is your mobile? She replied maybe it’s in my handbag I didn’t take it out since I came from Delhi, by now battery also had died. Do you know how many times I called you to talk to you? Then why you didn’t tell me before everything happens, you think I am stupid and can’t understand at all. Do you know how I was hurt whenever you reacted rudely to me, I came to you to talk but you always avoided me. Do you know how much pain I suffered? He takes a deep breath and continue because you were upset when Nikita came and now Archie so that’s why I don’t want to upset you because of my past. I thought I could settle all before telling you but it was too late.

She gets up from the bench to walk but she felt dizzy because so many shocking news and she fell back on the bench again, Shaurya rushed to her side with Sonal and Nehal too. They asked her what happen are you okay do you want to go to the doctor. She said she is tired and want to go home. She rest her head on Sonal’s shoulder in the car and throughout journey didn’t speak of anything , so many things going on her head, she is tired of crying she is tired of thinking. Shaurya keep looking at her he wants to put her into his lap and take away all her pain but she still has not forgiven him. They reached home and gets out from car, Veer quickly runs to hug her. He asked didi where you went I was looking for you everywhere. He looked at Shaurya and who is this bhaiya he looks like hero in the movie. Shaurya lifts him. Mehak look at him. She didn’t say anything she just walk to their room. Neelima’s friend Pooja saw Shaurya and tells I never seen such a hot and stud handsome like him before, he is hero. She went quickly to introduce herself, he just nodded and walked away. She was thinking usually all guys want to know me but this guy ignoring me.  Mehak lie down on Sonal’s lap as she patted her gently till she fell asleep. Shaurya came to see her he kissed on her hair and went away. He wants to sit next to her till she wakes up but Sonal said she will manage and not to worry. After she gets up from her nap she followed others to have lunch and Jagjeet came to her smiling and Mehak was not happy seeing him, he asked her can we go to the farm I was looking for you everywhere but they said you went out. She try to avoid him. She was saying some excuses to avoid him finally Nehal and Mohit joined them said come let’s all go together, we have a friend too from Delhi also we see the farm together. At first Jagjeet frown with their idea but Mehak said yes let’s all go together and he agreed as he have no choice. In an open jeep all sat together, Pooja also came to join them too. He offered Mehak to sit at the passenger seat next to him as its more comfortable but Mohit rushed and sat there to save Mehak. Mehak sat next to Nehal, Veer sat with Shaurya Sonal with Pooja. Pooja’s eyes was only on Shaurya.  On their way to the farm, Pooja whispered to Sonal said this guy Shaurya looks hot and cute he looks like hero I think I am falling for him she said which leaves Sonal into shock. Sonal replied its better you think properly before fall for anyone. She brushed her off saying he looks like a good guy, hot and dashing too.

They reached the farm and all get down from the jeep. Shaurya keep looking at Mehak and walking with Veer in middle holding their hands. Jagjeet asked Shaurya what are you doing at Delhi, he replied him just doing some business. They continued and look around the farm, Veer pulls Mehak to the mango tree and pointed to the large mango. Jagjeet came and pluck it and give it to Veer. On the other side Pooja keep tailing Shaurya flirting with him, Shaurya gets irritated to see such girls. Nehal and Mohit distract them. Shaurya’s eyes was just on Mehak. Her anger has subside but she still feels not satisfied because he didn’t came to admit to her his problem but he avoided her and it hurts her more. At the farm, Veer sat next to Mehak and Shaurya was sitting nearby them watching them. Veer asked didi can I marry you when I grow up. Mehak’s eye opened wide in surprise, Veer continues once I am 25years old I come to marry you can you wait for me till then? Shaurya laughing hearing this. Mehak playfully asked so you want to marry me and I need to wait for you for 20 years. Why you want to marry me? Veer in his cute child tone replied because you cook for me all the sweet dish I asked, you never scold me or beat me. Your cheeks are so cute and he quickly gave her a kiss. Mehak give him one and said so you want to marry me just because I can cook for you, he replied I also will buy for gol gappas and chocolates for you daily. Mehak laughed and pull his cheeks. You are so cute Veer. Okay I will marry you but you sure can wait for 20years. Just then Shaurya came and sat next to Veer. He joined in their conversation okay Veer so you want to marry her because she cooks well and don’t scold you and beat you. But these girls will change their mind and their promises soon, once you are married to them they will start to control your life and make rules for you. They will break all rules but as a men you cannot do it. Also you always need to do for them something to entertain them. Mehak rolled her eyes and give him an angry face. She said to Veer in marriage the girl expect trust and love not gifts and any other things. Veer you don’t listen to him. This man will give you all the wrong ideas of marriage. Veer stuck in between both of them as both are arguing oblivious of their surroundings. Veer gets up and ask both of them to stop it. He said I am 5 years old child also won’t fight like that but you too are grown up and fighting worse than kids. If I will be like this when I am grown up than I don’t want to grow up and get married. Saying that he left both staring at each other. Both were looking at different direction and Jagjeet came to Mehak, Mehak why you are not seeing anything. Come I will show around, she denied saying that she is tired and she will see them later. But he insist to follow, Mehak keep shaking her head but he is about hold her hand to go with him , she looked at Shaurya his eyes redden in anger. She ask him to let go she will come, he let go of his hold and Shaurya followed them at the back. Pooja wants to get close with Shaurya but he is trying to stay away from her. It was funny and very hard to manage outing later, Mehak said she is tired and said wants to go home as her leg pain due to the fall from bike. Jagjeet agrees. As its get late evening Mehak didn’t bring her shawl along and feeling slightly chill Jagjeet saw this and took out his jacket to cover her but Shaurya already covering her with his jacket, he was not very happy with Shaurya as he is always near to Mehak.

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