MehRya my version Part 39

Mehak giggling and playing with Veer at the field then Jagjeet came by with his bike. He waved at them and Mehak wave back. He stopped his bike and came near Mehak and ask how she is? Mehak replied she is fine busy and now playing with Veer. He asked when she is returning to Delhi. She replied after the wedding which is another 4 days. Then he stands there looking at ground. Mehak saw him and asked him do you want to ask me something, why are you shy just ask. I won’t take it wrongly. He wanted to say something but Veer called Mehak and asked her whether she knows how to ride a bike or not? She replied him at Delhi she ride scooty but bike haven’t. He asked shall we go for a ride with Jaggu bhaiya bike. Mehak looked at Jagjeet. He replied her girl’s don’t ride bike. Mehak looked at him in disbelief, in what century you are living, nowadays girls can do many things, and this is just bike. He asked her then go ahead. Mehak sat on the bike, she tie her duppatta on her side and cover her chest, Veer climb on her back and hugged her on her waist. Jagjeet explained which is accelerator, break and all, Mehak ignited the bike and started to go slowly. She makes several round in the field and left Jagjeet at field and headed to the road. Mehak with Veer screaming in air and singing.
At the same time Nehal, Mohit and Shaurya out of the house looking for Mehak and they saw her on the road riding the bike and screaming in air. All three of them got shocked seeing her stunt. She was telling Veer see now I can ride the bike already. Just then a car came fast from opposite, Mehak lost control and skidded on the roadside. Jagjeet saw that from far and ran to them. Nehal and Mohit stopped Shaurya who wanted to go as well. Mehak scolding the driver, are you blind badtameez kahinka. Jagjeet came to lift her up and Veer. Mehak look at Veer and asked are you hurt Veer, sorry Veer it’s all my fault. He replied her don’t worry didi I am fine, nothing much just small bruises. She wipe off the sand from his legs and hands. Jagjeet saw Mehak had a bruises on her elbow. He dust off the sand, she told him she can do and he blow off the bruises. Mehak told him I am okay Jaggu I have fall many times at Delhi while riding my scooty. Just a small thing sorry about your bike. After a while they left to home.

Shaurya look at Mohit and Nehal. His eyes throwing dagger at both of them. He asked who is this guy talking to Mehak touching her some more. Nehal replied he is Jagjeet Singh, our former neighbor from Delhi, 7years back they more to their village. Shaurya shake his head off and I don’t like that guy and he saw Mohit look panic and asked him do you have anything else to say. Mohit asked him to follow back home. They went to the room with Sonal and locked in and sat in silent. Mohit went to Shaurya and said jiju please forgive me I did something wrong and di also don’t know about this. But I think I must tell you. Mohit started to tell about Jagjeet, it’s their old neighbor at PWG and also Sonal’s cousin. He is Mehak’s school mate too. He always pranks on her and irritate her a lot. Di also don’t like him. But after a while I think he always give chocolate bar to me and ask me to pass to Mehak, I will just obey him. Before they leave Delhi, his mom asked the elders can they confirm their relation with Mehak di and once they finished studies will marry them off. But papa refused saying that di was only 15 years old and when she grow up how she have her own preference and she don’t like this alliance. So we can’t accept this. Jagjeet mom came this time and saw di and said she want to talk to maa. I think they want to ask di for marriage. I think Jagjeet is still have feelings for di. Shaurya took a deep breath he tell himself lucky me they didn’t fix Mehak’s marriage at young age to this Jagjeet or else what will happen to me, he was thanking Jeevan chachu in his heart for thinking wise. Shaurya hold Mohit’s shoulder. So now my Salah Saab, first my Mehak is not married, now a languor is after her anything else I need to know before my head breaks. Mohit shook his head and said only this nothing else. Now di also don’t know about this if she knows this I don’t know what she will do to me. Shaurya told them is better to tell Mehak ASAP before Jagjeet go and propose her and she will be even shocked. They started to plan something for next day.

At her room Mehak rolls her pants up and saw she got hurt her knees. She wash with water and took a cotton and try to wipe it slowly but its stings and she closed her eyes to control the pain. Just them Sonal and Nehal came in to room and saw her. Sonal scolded her since you came here one day jump into lake with kids and what is this? Before she could answer, Nehal blurted she fell from bike with Veer. Mehak asked her how you know I was there with Sh… but she manage to stop. Sonal sat next to her and took a cotton and wipe the wound and apply Dettol on it and put a bandage. Since you came always doing something childish how if something happens and how to tell to your saiyaan. Mehak rolled her eyes, you don’t need to tell to anyone, and I will manage it myself and gets up and walk away from them to balcony. Sonal and Nehal whispers she still angry with him. If she knows he is here, she will kill us. Also about Jagjeet, we need to keep an eye on him.

During dinner Mehak with Veer sat together chit chatting with Neelima, Pooja, Sonal and Nehal and the other ladies. Pooja suggested that since wedding day is nearing they should celebrate every day and after dinner will start with music and dance. All agreed. After dinner over, all sat together at the open area and play music and all started dancing. Mehak sat and watching other dancing , she turned to her back because she felt someone is behind her , she saw Shaurya , before she look properly again he hides. She quickly called Nehal and say I think I saw Shaurya, Nehal’s eye opened wide and asked where? She pointed to the corner. She don’t see him, she said di maybe you are missing him that’s why you are seeing him everywhere. Mehak thinks in her heart maybe Nehal is right. Although she is very angry with him but she miss him a lot. Neelima came to Mehak and pull her to dance together with all. Mehak joined with others dancing. Pooja change the song to London Thumakda. Mehak danced with Veer and giggling with others. Jagjeet keep looking at her and coming near her while dancing Nehal and Mohit keep coming in between them because Shaurya gave them instruction to keep him away from Mehak. Shaurya from far taking her pictures. She looked happy, and dancing carelessly following the rhythm and smiling adorably later after taking a break the elder ladies gets ready to do some Giddha dance. Mehak joined them and pull Nehal along with her and all danced following others doing her Giddha movement. Sonal whistling and taking their pictures. Later Mehak with Nehal, Neelima with Pooja and other ladies did the Giddha swirling. The crowd cheered for them and clapped while they keep swirling after become dizzy Mehak and Nehal fell on the ground laughing like crazy. Jagjeet rushed to them and offer them his hand to get up, Mehak gets up and still laughing like madness. She told Jagjeet and Nehal it’s been very long we didn’t do this madness. Nehal ask want to do something again, Mehak nodded and they played Cutie pie song danced with the rest. Mehak holding Veer and she twirl him and danced excitingly with him. She get Sonal to dance as well and all laughed and giggled while dancing. Shaurya’s heart pumped up when he saw Mehak smiling and giggling. The face that he is longing to see pass few days. The smile which makes his day bright. He quickly think of something, he decided the fast he meets and explains to her is better.

After finish all the fun time, Mehak, Sonal and Nehal came to their room. They all fall on the bed and still laughing. Mehak gets up and sit down, she took out her duppatta and went to freshen up. She came out and Sonal ask her to show her the wound. With this wound also our madam never quit dancing. She smiled at Sonal, they checked the wound and try put Dettol again she pull her leg back, Sonal manage to put the bandage. Mehak said she is not sleepy she took her thick blanket cover herself and went to sit at balcony. Shaurya called Nehal as he wants to tell them their plan. Nehal looks at Mehak who is at balcony she continue to talk. He ask what is Mehak doing, looks like she enjoyed so much dancing. Never seen her dancing crazily like that before. Nehal said she is tired of dancing on top of that she hurt her knee from the fall riding the bike, he asked quickly is it very bad, calm down jiju is not that bad just small wound and already put bandage on it. Now she went to sat at balcony. Shaurya walked to his room window and saw her sitting at balcony covering herself with a blanket. He can see the tears rolling from her eyes. No matter she dance and be happy in front of others only he can make her smile genuinely. They planned what to do for the next day.

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  1. Very nice ,felt happy reading your ff,really you are a very very good story writer??.keep it up god bless you .i will be waiting for your next ff

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Chethana
      I am happy whn my ff brings smiles to your face.yes will upload the following part soon. Enjoy your weekend

  2. Very nice even the real show should have moved like this ,they are making the serial worst ,but you made our worries less.

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Harini
      I am glad that my ff lift up your mood.
      Do follow up to know more.
      Have fun dear

  3. Hii..Nice update …loved the part how Shaurya cares for Mehak…And also loved the part where Mehak saw Shaurya…so in short lovely update…pls upload next asap….pls….waiting ….

  4. Hii..Nice update …loved the part how Shaurya cares for Mehak…And also loved the part where Mehak saw Shaurya…so in short lovely update…pls upload next asap….pls….waiting eagerly…

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Rajnandini for your continous support.
      Mehrya love is always hide n seek. Hope i made your day dear. Have fun

  5. Awsome dear… Plz upload soon..

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  7. LOVE IT! Keep it going!! 🙂

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      Exciting and our cute Mehrya antics
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