MehRya my version Part 34

At White Chilies, Mehak can’t concentrate on anything. She decided to go to the kitchen and make herself busy as she decided she will talk to Shaurya once he is back home maybe today his mood will be fine today. She tried some new menus along with the chefs Once the correct flavors and taste reached they write down all into the record book for reference. As she done with that, she continue with Vicky and Priya for the restaurant revenue discussion and some plans for White Chilies. Mehak keep looking at the mobile checking for Shaurya’s text or call. Vicky notice that she is being restless. Once meeting over, he asked her to go home he will manage all. After a while reluctantly she decided to go home as her heart and mind are not able to concentrate. She took an auto and went to Khanna Mansion. As she sat on the auto and look out from the window to divert her mind. As they were passing she notice Shaurya’s SUV he was driving and what shocks her more was that there was a female companion in the passenger seat. She tried to see properly again but Shaurya’s SUV went very fast on the opposite traffic. Mehak’s heart sank to see him with another female passenger, tears form in her eyes but she tried so hard not to let them down. She takes a deep breath and close her eyes. Once reached Khanna Mansion, the auto driver called her the place has arrived and she gets down from there paid him and enter the house. She wiped her face and try make a fake happy face so Karuna maa and Dolly maasi don’t notice her sadness.

She went in and Awara saw her and he quickly responded Karuna maa and Dolly maasi is at the garden, Mehak nodded and walked towards garden. She greeted and joined them together. She smiled and chit chat with them as usual but in her heart and mind many things runs havoc. She needed to talk to someone. She need a lap to lie her head down. After a while she change her clothes and freshen up and joined the ladies to prepare dinner. Mehak lost her appetite and she kept remembering the incident whereby she saw Shaurya with another female in the traffic. After dinner over she went straight to the room and decided to ask Shaurya about it and waited patiently for him. While waiting sleep take over her and she slept.

It was pass midnight Shaurya came home. He went to his room and saw Mehak slept. He headed to bathroom to freshen up and went to sleep too. Next morning she woke up and saw Shaurya sleeping she peck on his forehead and went to shower. After shower she was collecting the dirty laundry from the laundry baskets. She saw in one of his shirt there was lipstick stain. Her face turned ashen and she can’t stand properly seeing the stain. She can’t imagine her Shaurya will ever do such thing. She try to control the tears from her eyes and put the shirt back into the laundry basket, she dashed out of the bathroom and saw him sleeping peacefully , she took her phone and dashed out of the room. She needs to talk to someone, she thought of talking to Karuna maa but it will be not a good idea how if maa can’t take this news. She decided to call Sonal only Sonal will understand her she took her phone and went to the garden after turn around to look around if anyone there she called Sonal. Sonal on the other said picked up the phone cheerfully asked hi sweetie baby now only got time for me is it? Mehak with a straightforward tone said I need to talk to you something serious can you please be serious Sonal? Sonal senses that Mehak is not in her usual self. She asked her what happen. Mehak holds her tears and tell her the incident from White Chilies meeting till just now the lipstick stain shirt. Sonal gets angry and said so now where is Shaurya Mehak replied he is sleeping don’t know what time he got back last night. Sonal replied he do all nonsense and make you cry and he is sleeping peacefully. Is better you confront him and get things right now it self don’t delay. Mehak said how to confront just with the shirt I need prove or anything firm evidence, Sonal suggested than today you follow him see where is he going. Mehak wiped her tears and agreed as suggested. She went back to kitchen and with Awara’s assistance did some breakfast then decided to leave the house early before Shaurya leave so can follow him. She gets an auto and waited in it near to Khanna Mansion.

After 30minutes Shaurya drive out from Khanna Mansion. She ask the auto driver to follow him in distance but do not lose track. Deep in her heart she kept praying that whatever she saw and thinking must be an illusion and her heart beats very fast thinking of what is happening around her. After almost an hour they reached a hotel at Connaught Place. Shaurya parked his car and walked into the hotel with his black shade. Auto stopped a bit far away from the hotel entrance and she ask the auto driver to wait till she comes, she nodded and parked away from the entrance. Mehak cover her face and head with her duppatta and walks into the hotel. She saw in the lobby Shaurya is nowhere to be seen, she look around and waited hideously in a corner and decided to see what is Shaurya is doing here. Then she saw Shaurya is going to the lift and she saw him pressing the floor number. The lift stopped at 20th floor. She enter the lift and press the floor to 20th and waited till it reached 20th floor. The lift door opens and she came out looking to her left and right not knowing where to go and what to do. As she walking on the room corridor she heard a loud noise something like vase broken sound. She stopped and heard some commotion and follow the noise and stand in front of a door, she heard a female voice shouting and heard a familiar male voice too. It was none other than Shaurya’s. She opened the door slowly, her hands trembles as she turn the knob of the door. She saw Shaurya on top of a girl it was more like the girl attempt to kiss him and he is responding to her. Mehak’s eyes raged in anger and tears flows like rain seeing him in that position. The girl was none other than the investor Archie Bhasin who they met a few days back at White Chilies. She saw Mehak at the door and ask who the hell are you and what are you doing here in my room? Shaurya gets up from the bed and saw Mehak standing near the bed. He called Mehak, Archie gets up from bed too and asked you know this behenji Shaurya? Mehak stands frozen and tears roll down her cheeks, Shaurya came to her and said Mehak let me explain to you it’s not like what you see and think. Archie came stand next to Shaurya and cling on to his arms why are you explaining about us to this behenji Shaurya? Shaurya shove her off and keep shaking Mehak’s shoulder to listen to him don’t believe what she is trying to say. Archie asked by the way who are you. How you get into the room? Don’t you have manners or is it you come from some village and you were not thought manners? Shaurya screamed at Archie, shut up Archie, she is my wife, Mehak. Archie smiled wickedly oh my God Shaurya you must be kidding me. You are Delhi’s most wanted and eligible bachelor and every girl’s dream guy and you married a low class girl. Is it you were so desperate to get married and you only found a girl like this? She talks as she touch Mehak’s mangalsutra, after our break up I dated a lot of guys but none was as hot and dashing dude like you . I missed you Shaurya, guy like you deserve to marry girl like me not this type behenji. Mehak wiped her tears, she turned and said sorry I spoilt your moment you guys enjoy and she left the room and running to the lift, Shaurya he pushed Archie on the bed and told her with warning look and warned her to stay away from us. He rushed to the corridor , he saw Mehak gets into the lift, he kept calling her name Mehak stop listen to me , is not like what you saw she is lying. But Mehak enters the lift and close it so Shaurya don’t follow her. Her knees gets weak she sat on the lift floor and cried, it reached ground floor she run to the hotel exit. She runs out looking for auto. Shaurya came after her, she gets into the auto and ask the driver to leave as fast as he can. Shaurya kept screaming for her.

She wipe her face as the tears keep rolling down her eyes, Shaurya follows her at the back. He tried to call her mobile ask her to stop but she keep rejecting the call. Mehak reached Khanna Mansion, she runs to her room sat on the bed. She buried her face on her hands and crying inconsolably. Shaurya stop the car at the main porch and he runs into the house, he saw Awara and ask where is Mehak, he replied bhabhi run upstairs. Shaurya runs to their room. He saw Mehak crying. He went near her and touched on her shoulder, Mehak lifted her head and saw him she pushed his hands away. After this today don’t you ever touch me. He kneel down at her and try to hold her cheek and face him but she pushed him away with all her strength. What explanation you want to say now Shaurya tell me? So you know Archie earlier when she came to the restaurant but you didn’t mention anything to me but you kept quiet and stay away from me throw tantrum past 2 days. I was so worried wondering what happen to you but on the other end you are enjoying with another woman. Shaurya interrupts her is not like what you saw just now Mehak let me talk, Archie was my ex-girlfriend we meet at Paris when I was there for my chef internship. We were together for 6 months only but things didn’t work out so we moved on. Mehak gets up from the bed she wiped her face. Oh really Shaurya. Can you give me the list of your girlfriends and who else will be coming in our life so I can take aarti and welcome them and maybe let them have their chances on you. Shaurya gets up and hold Mehak by her shoulders and ask her to stop talking crap. I wanted to tell you about my affairs earlier but you stop me saying that it’s not necessary you trust me and all now you are talking like this. Mehak looked at him in anger, yes I didn’t want to know your previous affairs and anything because I want to be your wife, your lover and everything to you and create beautiful memories with you. But since we married in 6 months you bring in Nikita and now Archie is here. But today I saw you on bed with Archie then what else you think I should be asking you. Shaurya ask don’t you trust me Mehak? Mehak pushed his grip and went to the bathroom, she searched for his shirt with the lipstick stain, she took out the shirt and came out to him, and she showed the shirt to him and asked what is this Shaurya?

I saw this in the laundry basket and today I saw you with her on the bed, yet you asking me to believe it. Yesterday I saw you on traffic with her but I didn’t ask anything but today you just crushed all our trust, faith and love today Shaurya. Shaurya rushed to her and asked her to calm down and listen to me you are not listening, Mehak asked him if I were in the same situation what will you be thinking Shaurya. Shaurya gets angry and screamed Mehak enough. You are not in right mind and you are not listening to me. I let you explain all the time and you always take opportunity on me, if I were not there maybe you are still on bed with her. Archie is right I am a behenji why Shaurya Khanna kind of guy wants to marry me, maybe you should just let me go away from your life and start your life with her. We are not meant to be together. Shaurya’s heart broke into pieces. He nears her and hold her tightly and asked her look at my eyes and tell me do you want to go away from me? Mehak don’t have the strength but she forced herself and looked at him yes I meant what I say, you should just let me go or you want to keep like a dog in your house. Let go off me, don’t touch me anymore I feel disgusted after this. He let go of his grip and left the room. Mehak fall on the floor and cried holding on to the mattress.

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  1. Pls no …dont seperate mehrya…but must say nice story line …. Pls.. pls upload next soon…whats going to happen next ….will our mehrya be seperated …what are you thinking …we dont know …pls upload the next part soon ..and ya pls let mehak give a single chance to shaurya to explain …this was wrong she didnt thought once ….bcoz at the time of samrath shaurya was supporting her and didnt want any explaination but now she is not letting shaurya explain once …this is bad … pls give a single chance to shaurya …pls dont mind … n pls upload next soon

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Rajnandini
      thank you for your comment dear. dont worry dear she is angry and he also shud hv come n explain earlier whn he saw Archi but he kept quite. more exciting storyline coming up dear. stay tuned

  2. Omg so sad I really hope Shaurya was t actually cheating on her and has a good explanation and it’s all a big misunderstanding that will get resolved soon
    Good story, you are still keeping it very interesting for readers
    Next update should be very good, I’m excited!

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Sabrina. That was my suspense frm the part 33. The upcoming parts will be more interesting and adventure ride as well. Been busy drafting the storyline and busy at office too. Will update soon. Tq

  3. very nice #good job

  4. hii i m really sorry for my above camnt..
    That was to sort..
    Your ff very close to my heart… Love your story line and suspense too..

    I really don’t want that you stop written your ff.. Plz continue with your ff..

    #Zindagikimehak #Haseenah2020 #best
    #ff #writer #success #good #job

  5. hii i m really sorry for my above camnt..
    That was to sort..
    Your ff very close to my heart… Love your story line and suspense too..
    really don’t want that you stop written your ff.. Plz continue with your ff..
    Zindagikimehak #Haseenah2020 #best
    #ff #writer #success
    And congrats for your successfull ff

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Sapna
      Dont worry dear
      Was busy doing office work and typing fan fiction in another screen too. I m okay dnt worry.yes i will continue write my ff. The upcoming part will b extra lenghty. Do read and gv ur comments as usual. Tq

  6. Gud 1 bt even msk shld listn to sk lekin mehak hamesha yahi karthi hai next epsd soon

    1. Haseenah2020

      Tq Lavanya for your comment. Wat to do. She was angry and fail to think.
      Yes tmrw i will upload the part 35. Tq gd nite

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