MehRya my version Part 33

Next day Mehak and Shaurya had investors coming into White Chilies for meetings and Shaurya wants to serve them the best. Mehak busy at kitchen with the chefs and guiding them on how to prepare the new snack and desserts. Investors start coming in one by one, Mehak and Shaurya invited them happily. As all gather at the meeting area in White Chilies, one of the investor announced that there is a new investor has joined their group recently and she will be joining too for this meeting. In 10 minutes the new investor entered White Chilies too. As all other investors introducing and getting to know each other with her, Shaurya sees her and gets a tremendous shock. His face color changes immediately. Another investor introduce her to Shaurya as MS Archie Bhasin. Archie interrupts hi Shaurya how are you? It’s been quite a while we didn’t meet. Investors asked them in surprise you know him, she replied with snicker who would not recognize the famous hotelier and food empire owner Shaurya Khanna. Mehak saw Shaurya he doesn’t look good. She excuse herself as they start with their meeting but Shaurya ask her to stay in meeting.

During the meeting session, Mehak look at Shaurya who looked quite uncomfortable and restless. Meeting went well and ends, Mehak signed at the waiters to start serve them the refreshments. Refreshments were arranged on the table and all started to enjoy them. They asked for some of the menus ingredients and how is it been made. Mehak with the chefs explained to them. She try to look for Shaurya but he still looked disturbed and not focused. As the meeting over the investors left White Chilies, she move towards Shaurya and asked him why he is looking restless and during meeting also he was not focused. He just ignored her and say he have something and left White Chilies.

Mehak wonders why he is behaving like this. Never she seen Shaurya like this. Surely something is bothering him or else he will not be like this. She had meeting with the chefs and ask them to try the other recipes which she created and get their feedbacks. Chefs were delighted to hear some new ideas and they immediately went to kitchen and started to prepare some of the dishes. As noon approached the restaurant gets busy during lunch. Mehak suggested to serve some small portion to the guest and get their feedback so we will know their opinion too. Mehak approached some guest and introduce the dish is something new that she and her team are working on and she want to get some genuine opinions so she wants the guest to comment on them. She gathers all their feedbacks and made note mentally.

Once evening all settled, she remembered that Shaurya is not back yet she called his mobile but it went to voicemail. She puts the mobile away and saw Vicky and asked if Shaurya called him because is now going to voicemail. He didn’t speak to bhaiya after the meeting as well. Mehak discussed with Vicky about the restaurant new layout and how to arrange new sitting arrangements etc. Vicky and Priya listened to her and started to move some furniture to see how it goes.

Vicky and Mehak comes back to Khanna mansion and Mehak saw Shaurya’s SUV is still not there. She wonders where he is. She enters house and saw Karuna maa and Dolly maasi at living area. She went to greet them. They asked her how her day was and ask her to freshen up and come for dinner. Karuna maa asked where is Shaurya, she replied he went out earlier for some errands but not back to White Chilies also his mobile went to voice mail. They ask her not to worry and get freshen up. She heads to her room and remove her bangles and earrings. After freshen up she came downstairs. At dining table they chit chatting and enjoyed dinner together. They saw Shaurya came in and Karuna maa called him but he ignored her and went upstairs straight away. Mehak and Karuna maa with Dolly maasi looked confuse and said maybe he had a hard day that’s why he is upset. Maybe you should bring his dinner upstairs suggested Dolly maasi to Mehak. After she finish her food she took some food and went upstairs. She looked for Shaurya in the room and he came out from the bathroom. She stand there wait for him to say something but he just moved brushing past her and sat at the sofa on their room with his mobile. Mehak understand he is not in good mood hence she went near him, she sat next to him and ask him he wants to eat, he replied that he already had dinner outside. She puts the plate away and ask what happen since morning you didn’t look good seems like something bothering you. I know the meeting all went well but something else is bothering you. He gets up and walks away from her. She holds his hand he ask her to leave him alone. I can manage things on my own. Mehak was slightly hurt by his word. She called him Shaurya but he walked away from the room. She sat on the sofa wondering what would have happen and he is very upset. Soon she fell asleep waiting for Shaurya.

When she woke up in the morning and saw Shaurya is not there. She wonders where is he, did he left early morning? Then he comes into the room and walks to the bathroom straight away without giving Mehak a look. She waited for him to come out, he dressed quickly and Mehak went to hug him from back while he was at the dressing table. Good morning patidev, do you remember me? I am your laddoo, your Mehak? He jerk her hold away and with an angry tone shouted why you always behaving like a child when will you grow up. Just leave me alone. Mehak stunned hearing this her eyes moisten with tears. He left from the room. She was still in her shock situation, the way Shaurya spoke to her, he loved the way she is and usually he never say such thing. She wiped her eyes and went to shower. She came downstairs and found Shaurya already left. She asked Awara he said he didn’t even had his breakfast but left in hurry. She asked where Karuna maa and Dolly maasi both went for temple. Mehak took auto and goes to White Chilies sadly wondering why what happen to Shaurya suddenly.

  1. Its look like garam masaala typ… I love this typ Storys…romance, fight in all that important in love life… #Zindagikimehak
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      Tq Sapna for ur comment. The following parts is still under processing. Need some touch up and I can upload it soon. Tq dear fr the hashtag

  2. Anjali Dahiya

    Hi Haseenah… Firstly tq for congratulations dear…ur congratulatioprons r so important for me.
    It was awesome n have a twist…jb ye problem solve ho jaigi to Mehrya me pyar aur bhi bhad jaiga…it was my favorite one.
    N ya Atul n my friends also read ur ff but they do not comment…bcoz vo khte hai ki jb hme is me koi problem milegi to hm comments krege.

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  3. Woww..intresting update …pls upload soon …waiting ….for ur next ff…but i didnt get the point why Shaurya is tensed seeing Archie and behaving with Mahek so rudely????

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Rajnandini
      Tq for reading my ff and commenting.
      Yes in the midst of updating the following part and you will know why he behave such way.
      Have a blessed day ahead dear.

  4. Shaurya has issues, or double personality, he can not express his issues like normal grown up,
    down right abusive to mehek… Keep taking her for granted.. you don’t treat people you love with such a crulty..
    It would be interesting to have mehek grow a back bone and stop taking such treatment..

    1. Haseenah2020

      Hi Pat
      thank you for reading my ff and dropping comments for me.
      Shaurya is not abusing Mehak but he is in dilemma and confusion so his action reflected as rude behavior. In a marriage institution its normal sometimes husband’s mood not okay and throw tantrum and sometimes wife is not in good and she will be mood off. We have seen in many families so is our Mehrya’s turn. Stay tuned to read more and give your comments .
      Have a blessed day ahead.

  5. Oh my! It’s getting interesting! It must be because Shaurya is scared archie will tell Mehak about his past as she might be his ex?! Waiting for update again! Nice one!

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    Hi Sabrina
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