Mehrya My version Part 14

Nurse came to give the medicine for night. Mehak feed Shaurya the medicines and ask him to sleep. He ask her to rest too, if anything he will call her. Mehak rested at the couch in Shaurya’s room and checked on him throughout night.

Next morning, Mehak freshen up herself and came to greet Shaurya. He smiled at her and greet her. She neared him and ask how he is, did he sleep well and any pain, he replied he is good as his medicine is she herself. She smiled at him caresses his beard, as one of her finger touches his lip, he kissed it gently. Then the doctor with a nurse came in and started to do the routine check and suggested to start physiotherapy if he is ready to stand. Maybe try to lift from the bed and if okay can start the therapy. Shaurya agrees. After doctor and nurse left, Vicky came with food and a new mobile for Shaurya. Told bhaiya that he got him a new mobile and simcard. Some business related matters need his attention.

Mehak came in and asked them what are they discussing, Vicky explained it’s about the business dealings bhaiya was handling before the accident and we need to respond to them. Mehak look at Shaurya in disapproval. She turned to Vicky and ask him to handle them on his own as Shaurya is still not well and he can’t handle all these from hospitals. He tried to cut her talk but bhabhi, I haven’t done all these before I am afraid I will do any mistakes. Mehak assured him, she will help him too but now just check whichever is urgent and response to that first and explain to some other clients the situation and get more time. Shaurya said he is better now he can handle some of the cases. Mehak snatch the phone from his phone and make a cute face. You had a huge accident. Did operation on your spinal bone and need to start physiotherapy so you can walk again like normal but not even rested for a week and you start talking about business, I won’t allow.

Vicky received a call from a client and he took leave from the hospital. Mehak feed him breakfast as Shaurya checking newspaper. Later she went to clean to cutleries and he sneakily took the mobile from table next to him and start scrolling his email and messages. Mehak comes and took the phone away from him and asked him to rest first. Shaurya asking her for the phone just for 2minutes and he will rest and listen to her after that. Mehak being firm she said I am also your boss, I am giving you order no business talks in hospitals but Shaurya kept begging for his mobile. Mehak asked him to choose 1 now, business or biwi. Make up your mind now? Shaurya couldn’t control himself but laughing at her antics.

Without a delay he replied I want business, Mehak’s eye open wide so now I am not important anymore okay fine she went to him and pass the mobile and about to turn herself as Shaurya hold her. He ask her to turn and look at him. She refuse to listen to him he pulled her nearer she lost balance and was about to fall on him. She look away from him as she is angry, he make her sit next to him hold her with one arm. Shaurya explain to her that some of the business matters he handles by himself and Vicky doesn’t know much of the things. Also we can’t ask him to handle all by himself as he only knows on the White Chilies matters and about other investments and etc. its he himself is the one will decide. Let him handle the urgent ones and he will listen to her on everything’s she said.

Mehak’s heart melted listening to his plea. She reluctantly replied okay but only 10minutes after this she will take back the phone from him. He happily kissed her cheek and thank her and replying the messages with one hand. After 10minutes she went near her and ask him to finish and pass back the phone as 10minutes will be over. He finished all and pass back the phone to her. He asked her did she worked as hostel warden or teacher before, she replied no. She ask him back why he asking this he sheepishly replied the way you are controlling as if like hostel warden. I am afraid to see you like this. She spat on him and turn away.

Just then 2 nurses came with huge basin and towels. They asked Mehak to wait outside as they will be giving towel bath. Mehak blows her hair away and Shaurya just watching her and smirked at her. She took the basin and towel from them and shoo those off from the room telling them off she will do the towel bath for him. The nurses mumbles and left the room. She came near to Shaurya adjusted his sitting and add pillows to his back.

She gently remove his shirt and hold the other hand which with cast. She wiped him gently and ask him to rest his another arm on her shoulder. His eyes were on her all the time. He look at how naïve is she and pretty eyes as she wipe clean of his rest of the body. She wore for him his clean set of clothes and took a hair brush and comb his hair gently. Show the mirror to him and ask how he looks now. He smiled take the mirror from her hand and put it aside. Ask her sit for a while with him. She is been constantly busy. He cups her cheek with his palm and ask her to rest and if she is busy not taking of herself how is she fall sick who will take care of him. Mehak twinkled at him. He caress her cheek with his thumb and tuck the hair behind her ears.

Evening Karuna maa came to visit with Vicky and Dolly maasi came to visit them. Mehak told them what did doctor suggested and Shaurya will be good in a week or two if follow physiotherapy properly. The therapist is on leave so will start the session tomorrow onwards. Karuna maa asked her to eat and rest too as now itself she look tired. She bless both to come home soon as the house is so quite without them. It was almost late evening when all left. Mehak give the medicines to Shaurya, cover him with blanket and kiss on his forehead. He quickly kiss her on her cheek say I love you Mehak, she cupped his face and say I love you too Shaurya. She slept on the sofa near him facing him.

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