Mehrya My version Part 13

Vicky went near Shaurya and asked bhaiya are you sure you can’t recognize her, she is our bhabhi. Mehak shattered hearing it and tears streamed from her eyes. Karuna maa and Vicky look blank and hold Mehak who is about to fall. They turned to look at Shaurya to explain he snickered wickedly, they understand that he pranked them especially Mehak. Mehak sees it and hugged Karuna maa and cried on her shoulder. He is still pull my leg at this condition maa, he don’t care about me. Karuna maa calms her down and wipes her tears away and warned Shaurya don’t do you dare to disturb my child or else you will be punished. Mehak looked at Shaurya, he smiled at her. Karuna maa told Shaurya that you didn’t know how much my daughter cried last night. She have half of your stubbornness from you, she refuse to leave you here and even didn’t spare the doctors and nurses. Shaurya glimpsed at Mehak who is still holding onto Karuna maa.

Just then doctor came and Karuna maa enquired how is Shaurya’s health and about his dietary. Doctor explained that he needs physiotherapy and need to stay in hospital to follow the therapy. Someone must be with him all the time to help him. Mehak said she will take care of him. Doctor nodded and left the room. Karuna maa asked Mehak to go home rest and freshen up and come back but she refuse to leave Shaurya alone. Karuna maa told her she will take care of him , she explain you just recovered and how you can do maa, its ok you go home and send me some clothes I will help him and stay besides him. Karuna maa smiled at her and said I know you are stubborn I will listen to you. She take leave and inform them that she will send food and clothes for them.

Mehak send them off and came to Shaurya’s room he held out his hand as a sign to ask her come near him, she walked slowly and hold his hand and lay her head on his left arm. His right arm is broke and it’s secured with a cast. She didn’t say a word just want to be next to her man, she can’t hold it anymore, the tears came out and wet his arm. He called, Mehak why are you crying? I am fine now. She didn’t response but crying even more. He try to calm her but he can’t move due to his weak body, he asked were she afraid, she replied my heart stop beating till the doctor came and told me you are fine. If anything happen to you then I will not live for a second. He gently caress her cheek and wipe her tears. She stammered and tell him not to do this like this anymore also why he earlier he pull a prank on her. He replied I saw you all gloomy understand you have cried the whole night so want to cheer you up. She gets up and plant a kiss on his nose. Her tears drop on his face. She gently wiped his face and cupped his face. He asked her to don’t cry because his heart can’t take it. Mehak wiped her face. She sat down on the chair and hold his fingers and said she will now be with him and take care of him till he fully recovered. He must listen to her and behave or else his kisses from her will be reduced. He chuckled and try to lift his head but ouches as it still pain. She quickly asked is it pain, shall I get the doctor. He replied no just stay with me, he kissed her hand.

Vicky came with food and clothes for Mehak and Shaurya. Mehak went to freshen herself and came out from bathroom. Karuna maa had prepared some soft food for Shaurya and other stuff for Mehak. She adjusted him a little bit and feed him gently. He can’t eat much due to his injuries but Mehak ask him to have little bit more so he can gain his energy. He compelled to her. She wipe his mouth with her duppatta and ask him to rest for a while she took his plates to clean them up. He pulled her hands and she ask what anything you want, he tucked the strand of hair falling on her face behind her ears and ask her to eat first then do other things, she smiled and sat to eat her food. He admired her, she asked why he looking at her like that, as she finish her food, and Sharma family came to visit. All asked about Shaurya’s wellbeing, PD came to bless him and said hero you made my laddoo terrified yesterday and cried a lot. After a while all left.

Doctor came to do the routine check. Asked any pains or discomfort, Shaurya replied so far nothing. They explained that his back lumbar spine has some injury so they did noninvasive surgery and he needs to follow physiotherapy at least for 1 month in order for him to fully recover.
After the doctor left, Shaurya ask Mehak to go home and rest as she look so tired, she nodded her head in disagreement. He kiss her hand and ask her to listen to him. She replied firmly she only will leave with him or else not going anywhere. Don’t try to change my mind. Shaurya playfully said I thought after you left home I can flirt with a beautiful nurse looks like my plan won’t work. He smirked at her, Mehak rolled her eyes in disbelieve, you are injured and made me cried so much and yet you want to flirt with girl. I never know Shaurya Khanna is also like other men looks like all men are the same. She blow off the hair which falling on her face. He call her and ask her to come to him but she was upset and turns her face away from him, he purposely whimper. Mehak turned and rushed to him immediately and ask are you okay where it is pain? Shaurya held her hand to his chest near to his heart. Here is where I feel the pain. Mehak looked at him and made a funny face are you a little kid doing like this all the time. Karuna maa entered the room, ask how he is and asked if Mehak rested or not. He ask her to bring her back home as she looks very pale and tired. Mehak told she will not listen to anyone and reminded them the doctor told someone must be here with him all the time and she will be here next to him to take care of him. Karuna maa told Shaurya see she is stubborn too just like you, I don’t know how to cope in between two of you, Mehak hugged Karuna maa and ask her to not to worry about her she will take care of her son so he will be back to normal. She kissed her on her forehead and ask her to take care of herself too and left

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      Hi Sapna
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  2. I love reading your story!! Keep it up!! You have a real gift of writing! Can’t wait til next chap and more Mehrya! ?

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  3. Realy nice frm part 1

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