Mehrya My version Part 12

Mehak busy with Karuna Maa and Dolly maasi, they were talking about some puja to do at home and when to do. Karuna maa explain to Mehak why they doing this puja at the house as she looks confused. Mehak felt not right and her chest felt tight. Karuna maa asked her why what’s wrong beta, she replied she felt like something not right or not good going to happen. Feeling kind of uneasy. Karuna maa asked are you worry about Shaurya, if you feel uneasy just call him and ask whtr he is fine or not. He won’t get upset, she said its fine she will disturb him as he will be doing presentation in the meeting and don’t want to bother him much. After passing 30minutes Mehak can’t stand the wait she decided to call him. Shaurya answered the call and ask how she is suddenly calling is she missing him, she replied just call to check is he fine or not. He ask why she ask such question I go for meetings all the time today suddenly this question, she continues I feel something and my heart say something bad going to happen, its ok you finish the meeting and come home soon, Shaurya assured there is no such thing, just wait for him he will come home soon, and continue to disturb her like usual or more, Mehak smiled he said he have to go for his meeting and hang up the call in hurry.

Mehak receive call from Kanta chachi and ask about her, she asked how is everyone at home, Mehak asked how is Sonal did she go for her checkup and all. Kanta chachi said she is fine now better eating properly. After chit chatting with her Mehak hangs up. She walked to Goddess statue at the hall prayed and asked for her blessings and makes things easy and happy for her both families. She went to the kitchen to start with her cooking. She was cooking and Dolly maasi came in asking how is she and what is she preparing. Dolly maasi ask how she make the vegetables taste so good and Mehak explain to her what to add first and following. Both chit chatting and finish preparing meals together. Dolly maasi asked what time is Shaurya coming back , Mehak replied evening most probably before dinner should be back home.

Evening came, Mehak was pacing the house entrance and checking it out, she heard a car sound run to check is it Shaurya but it was Vicky. He came home and asked hi bhabhi are you waiting for bhaiya? She answered yes he told me few hours back he already left from Ghaziabad. Vicky replied maybe heavy traffic as Diwali just over and everything back to normal so he might be late, why don’t you call to check. Mehak said yes will do in short while.

After much hesitation Mehak decided to call Shaurya, the phone went dead. She knows Shaurya never off the phone. He always carry power bank incase battery running low. She kept calling few times and pass the Goddess statue and talk to herself please take care of my Shaurya, she went to look for Karuna maa and Dolly maasi who is at the lawn. They both asked did Shaurya called? Mehak answered I called few times and line is dead. My heart is really beating too fast and I will suffocation maa. Karuna maa asked her to come down and she tried with her mobile. No answer and all looks puzzled. Vicky joins them at the lawn and try to pacify them to stay calm. Maybe network issue that’s why he cannot be contacted. Just then Awara came to the lawn and ask them to come in as some police officers are here and looking for bhabhi. Mehak’s eyes opened wide and all rushed inside.

Two police officers was waiting at the hall. They ask who is Mrs. Shaurya Khanna, Mehak quickly replied I am Mrs. Shaurya Khanna, officer any problem, anything what is it they are here. Police officers explained that there was a huge accident and Ghaziabad highway and Shaurya Khanna’s car met in the accident. Mehak jolted by the news and fell as her knees can’t stand hearing it. She asked what happen to Shaurya, they asked her to follow to the hospital. It was a very bad accident and we came to inform you. Tears streaming from Mehak’s eyes, she try to stand but she can’t get up as she still in the shock. Karuna maa ask her to be brave and let’s go to hospital, Vicky brings all of them to hospital. Dolly maasi called Sharma’s and inform them on the incident.

Upon reaching the hospital, Mehak runs to the admission counter and checking on the details, the receptionist ask them to go the Operation Theater she runs like mad person to the operation theater, the staff there hold her and the doctors there didn’t allow her in. She explained she is his wife and what happen to him. The doctor explain it was very bad accident, he have injuries all over his body. Massive injury on his back and head. Be patience and pray to God. She dropped down hearing it. Vicky came to her aid he lifted her and make her sit in the seat and console her not to lose hope and bhaiya not easy to give up. Be brave bhabhi. Karuna maa hold on to Mehak and Mehak fell on her lap and start crying loudly, how he can do this to me maa, till morning he was still holding my hands, I can still feel as if he is holding me. He can’t let go from me like this maa. He can’t… Karuna maa consoled her be brave my beta, Shaurya is a fighter, he fights with the world to get you, he will fights with his fate to be with you, don’t lose hope. Just then the entire Sharma’s came there. Mehak hugged and cried to PD and Kanta chachi. She was crying and having hiccups and talking, God taken away my parent when I am young now he wants to take away my Shaurya why he is taking away all my loved ones from me. If anything happen to Shaurya my heart will stop and I won’t continue to live a seconds without him. Kanta chachi ask her to have faith and hope, nothing will happen to him. Just keep praying and ask for His Blessings on Shaurya. Mehak sat quietly and trying to be strong, as she praying the tears flows like river, she was telling herself he told me he will come back in the evening. He will, he always does keep his word. He will come for me.

Doctor came out from the Operation theater Mehak rushed to him ask is everything okay, doctor ask her to calm down and listen his accident was kind of severe and we have asked another specialist to come to check on his spinal bone. If she able to check then only we can confirm, Mehak ask him what is he trying to say, doctor your husband maybe will be on wheelchair for the rest of his life. Mehak trembled and shake and no there must be some mistakes, you better get the specialist to check this cannot happen. She went to Karuna maa, maa can we take Shaurya to other hospitals maybe they are confused, Karuna maa ask the doctors to continue with their treatment and she hold Mehak down and ask her to be patience. The doctor is just giving information on the procedures on Shaurya don’t worry be brave and have faith.

Mehak sat at on the floor holding her knees and talking to her, she was reminiscing their moments how he pranked her at the morning shower. Tears roll down from her eyes. It’s been almost 8hrs gone waiting for the medical team to update them. Mehak gets up and try to look at the Operation theater, a nurse came out and Mehak runs to her asking how is her hubby is he okay, nurse replied the operation is still going on and have to wait for doctors . Mehak gets hysterical she started screaming , why no one is telling anything to me, don’t hide anything from me , is my Shaurya is okay or not. I have been waiting for so long almost 10hours, so many doctors going in and out but not telling me anything why, she stammers and Vicky, Kanta, Mansi and Nehal went to her, they hold her and ask her to calm down, the nurse assured her to remain calm as her hubby will be fine. Trust in God. Mehak fell on the floor as she became so weak, how long I should wait , Kanta chachi hold her Mehak cries on her shoulder , why God is doing this to me he takes away all my happiness , without Shaurya I have no existence in this world. You know chachi today morning he was talking to me and told me wait for him and now he is lying in the operation theater.

Then the troop of doctors came out from the operation theater and explain that patient is stable now, luckily the spinal are not really bad but he might need to do physiotherapy for few months. He is still in recovery and need all your prayers to get well soon. Mehak thanked the doctors and ask whtr she can see him or not. Doctor ask her to wait for a while as they finishing some procedures in 30minutes he will be in observation room they can see him but not all just the immediate family.
Mehak went to the hospital temple to pray and kneel down in front of the Goddess statue. While she was praying Nehal came and said jiju already out of Operation Theater. She runs to see him. She approach his room , Karuna maa asked her to go in to see him, she opens the door gently her heart pounds so fast, she walked in to room and nurses was standing there and she stopped near the door , one of the nurse came near her and held her arms and help her to walk in to Shaurya. Mehak trembled see him with the injured states so much of wires running on him, the surgery plasters and he was lying unconsciously. She stand next to him and ask the nurse can she touch him, they nod yes. She hold his hand gently and bend to kiss. Her tears drip on his fingers.

The nurse ask her to pray for his speedy recovery and have faith and hope. She gently caresses his cheeks. Tears never stopped flowing from Mehak’s eyes. She hold his fingers and bring it to her cheeks. Karuna maa walked in and assured that he will be fine beta, remember he is a fighter he fight with the entire world and even God to be with you, he will be fine. She ask her to follow her home as she didn’t rest the entire time and she looks pale. Doctors told them Shaurya will only regain conscious after 10 hours. Mehak begged to Karuna maa to allow her to be next to his side. Karuna maa explained that doctors and nurses will not allow her to be here at this hour. She put her both hands together and ask the nurses to allow her to stay next to his side and she will not make noise and will not disturb them. The nurses sympathized her and allowed her to stay. Karuna maa hugged Mehak and ask her to call her if anything or she needs any help and don’t be afraid. Vicky bought for her tea and sandwich ask her to eat because she haven’t had any food since earlier. Mehak took it and thanked him. He assured that bhaiya will be fine as usual and she must take care of herself to take care of bhaiya. Mehak try to smile but she can’t. He left with Karuna maa.

Mehak sat silently next to Shaurya. She hold his hand gently reminisces all their memories from ISC, proposal, marriage, and honeymoon till the bathroom romance at the morning. She whispers gently, Shaurya please open your eyes and talk to me. I can’t see you like this. This past 12 hours is the most tormented moment in my life I didn’t hear your voice. You didn’t hold me like how you used to do. You always come and hug me, you showered me with all your love on me and you ask me to wait today remember? You always kept up to your words, I trust to your words. I am waiting for you. She continue talk to him. A nurse brought a blanket as it gets colder at night. Mehak thanked the nurse. Mehak dozed off as she holding Shaurya’s fingers.
Suddenly she felt a sudden grip. She woke up and realize Shaurya gripped her fingers. She cupped his face and ask him to open his eyes. She quickly call the nurses and inform them that he hold his hand just now. They call his name Mr Khanna, Mr Khanna can you hear? Shaurya slowly open his eyes. The duty doctor checked his eye pupil and ask him to open his mouth. He responded to the doctor’s instructions. In the meanwhile Mehak quickly called Karuna Maa and informed about Shaurya regained conscious. She reached hospital quickly with Vicky in no time.

Doctors came out from the room and informed Mehak that Shaurya is fine and they have removed the oxygen mask and soon they will shift him to private room. Mehak cried in happiness and thanked them and Mata Rani. Karuna maa and Mehak with Vicky went in the room to see Shaurya. She looked so swelled up due to crying. Shaurya look at Karuna maa and, she enquired how he is? He nodded gently. Karuna maa caresses his face. And wished him to get well soon my beta, you really scared all of us. He asked Karuna maa who this girl is standing behind you. Mehak got shocked that he don’t remember her. Karuna maa also shocked and asked are you sure you don’t recognize her?

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