Mehrya- Kuch na kaho (intro)

Hi guys!!!!! I am divashri and i am in class 10. This is my first fan fiction so sorry for any mistakes and please comment on this.

Shaurya Khanna: He is the son of a rich businessman, Mr. Khanna and his first wife. But now his second mother Karuna is his whole world as only she was the one who understands him well in his family. He is 24 years old and studies at College of arts and commerce, Delhi. He is a 2nd year student. He loves sketching. The most handsome guy in the college. All girls die for his one smile and want to become his friends. But he is not too friendly with anyone except his bestie, Vicky. He is good at judo.
Mehek Sharma: She is an orphan and is the most loved in the family. She was the daughter of owner of a very famous saree shop in Delhi. She is the most loved child in the family. She lives with her chacha’s and PD(our cutest dadi). She is 22 years old and she also studies at the same college as shaurya. She is 1st year student. She is very cute and beautiful but little overweight. Everyone in the college try to tease her by some means. She is friendly and talkative. She loves singing and painting. She has a best friend, Sonal.

Sonal: She is 23 years old and loves Mehek as her own sister as she is an orphan and since childhood lives with Mehek’s family. She also studies at the same college and is a commerce student , 1st year. She loves flirting with guys and loves to hang out with friends. If anyone teases Mehek, she fights for her.
Vicky: He is 24 years old and the bestie of shaurya. He also studies at the same college and 2nd year commerce student. He has a secret crush on Sonal. He do not let anyone touch her but fights with her to tease her. She flirts with other girls to make her jealous.
Kanta and Mansi: Mehek’s chachis
Jeevan and Ravi: Mehek’s chachas
Nehal and Mohit: cousins of Mehek
PD: Mehek’s pardadi and best friend of shaurya’s dadi
Balwant: Mehek’s dadaji
Dadi: Shaurya’s dadi. She is very naughty.
Karuna and Mr. Khanna: Shaurya’s parents
Sanjay and Swetlana: Shaurya’s mama and mami. They are childless so they have adopted a girl, Shruti.
Shruti: Adopted kid of sanjay and swetlana. She has a secret crush on Shaurya. But she is as evil as her parents.
I hope that you will like this fanfiction.

PRECAP: Episode 1(Coming Soon)

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