Mehrya- Kuch na kaho (Episode 4)

Hey friends!! How are you all?? I hope you aren’t angry on my late updates. I am thinking that its little boring to you all i’m thinking to finish it in 2-3 episodes. So here i begin my episode-4!!
Two years have passed already. Mehek, Sonal, Vicky and Shaurya have already passed the college. During this time, sonal and vicky have accepted their feelings for each other and are now dating!! Mehek is a successful singer now and has started feeling for shaurya but doesn’t know what type of feeling(we all know its love but let her realise). Shaurya is handling his dad’s business and still sketches mehek when he is alone. During these years, he has changed a lot. Now he talks openly and sometimes laughs too. He has a small room next to his bedroom where whole walls are full of mehek’s sketches with an almirah full of Vini(shaurya’s first love). No one is allowed to go inside the room except Vicky. Kanta Chachi as always is finding a suitable groom for Mehek.

At mehek’s house:
Mehek is making food while singing. Kanta comes to her and asks her why she is making food when there are so many servants in home?? Mehek: Chachi i love doing it myself. I love singing while cooking. Please let me do it!! Kanta: Ok Ok!! Do it!!(turns to leave but stops and says): and come home today early. A family is coming to see you!! Mehek: not again chachi!! Kanta: And early means early not after 6 pm!! Ok??!! Mehek:(huffs) Ok boss!! Now can i continue, madam. Kanta smiles and slightly hits her head and says yes.

At Shaurya’s house:
Karuna calls Shaurie and asks him to pick her up near Paranthe wali gali. Shaurya recalls that Mehek’s house is in that area so he has a chance to see her again. He agrees and asks her why she wants to go there?? Karuna hesitantly tells him that she is going to ask for Sonal’s best friend Mehek’s hand in marriage. Shaurya: What??!! Karuna: Not for you but for Vicky. Shaurya: But he loves Sonal then how can he marry Mehek?? How can this happen?? I mean how can she marry him knowing that he loves her bff sonal. Karuna: Why can’t he marry her? She is a nice beautiful bubbly and traditional girl. She knows customs and all unlike Sonal. Shaurya: (silently) How can she marry him?? She can’t marry him coz i love…..(stops and thinks what was he going to say??) Karuna: Did you admit something?? Shaurya: Huh??!!(weirdly smiling)
Actually this is our mastermind couple, Vicky n Sonal’s plan. To make MehRya accept their love for each other.
Precap: MehRya realise their feelings and a cute propose scene!!
Sorry for mistakes and late updates. I know i was not putting mehrya moments so no waiting i will soon update the next episode with lots of mehrya moments!!!
Love you all,

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