Mehrya- Kuch na kaho (Episode 3)

Hi guys!!! I am back after 2 months. You all know me by the name of Divashri but actually i wanted to see if this site is good or not and i found that actually telly updates is a wonderful site for fans and a very friendly one. Actually my name is Shree Nanda. I was writing this ff under the name of crazy_diva. I won’t mind if you all still call me diva coz its my nick name. Now i am starting the third episode of Kuch Na Kaho…….

At mehak’s room:
Mehak is quietly sitting on the window humming a song and sonal is chatting while sitting on bed and smiling at mehek. She was talking to Vicky and they were talking about the changed behavior of MehRya. Vicky tells her that he thinks Shaurya is starting to like Mehek. Sonal says did he tell you so?? He says i am his frnd and i can understand him better than anyone else. She tells him that she is not sure about Mehek’s feelings as she likes to keep her feelings to herself. She has promised me that whenever she will feel for someone i will be the first person to know about it. He teasingly taunts her by saying what kind of friend are you when you can’t even understand her feelings. Sonal gets angry and tells him not to talk to her anymore and shuts down the laptop so hard that mehek gets disturbed and asks her what happened??

Sonal: Mehek, tell me are you keeping any secret from me which you shared with vicky??
Mehek: Huh?! Why would i tell him my secrets and that too not telling you about it??
Sonal: Then how does he know that…………stops and thinks”what was i going to say”
Mehek: He knows that…..??
Sonal: Leave it.. tell me will you go to park with me!!
Mehek: ok…… but what were you saying before that??
Sonal: You should wear that dress ok??
Mehek: see i caught you. You are changing the topic that means you are hiding something from me. What is it?? Tell or I will not talk to you.
Sonal: I will tell you tomorrow.
Mehek: aren’t you going to park now??
Sonal: I don’t feel like. Lets sleep.
Mehek: I tell you what you are acting strange.
Sonal: Hey i am sleepy let me sleep….
Mehek: Weirdo!!!

Scene shifts to shaurya’s room where he is sleeping. Then we see a girl who is very preety coming and hugging shaurya. Shaurya gets up and kisses her forehead. She asks him if he remembers what day it is?? He teasingly says maybe Loveday. She says what shauriee… He replies Happy b’day my love!! She gets happy and hugs him. She says you didn’t forget. How boring? You didn’t forget i thought that you will forget and then i will get angry and then you will give me many gifts and surprise. He says no problem, I will do it all for you! And gives a cute smile to her. She was about to leave when shaurya says Vini and pulls her close and tries to kiss her but she pinches his hand. He winces in pain and laughs.
Shaurya was laughing in his dreams. Karuna was surprised to see his son. She comes to him and wakes him up. He gets up and realises that it was a dream. He starts crying and hugs his mother. Karuna consoles his son and tells him to control himself. She will not come back now beta. She was dead in that accident. Please don’t cry and move on or else she won’t be happy either to see you like this.

Vicky was standing outside and was also weeping after hearing all that. Vini was his sister and Shaurya’s first love. She was very pretty, bubbly, talkative and lively. She was naughty too. That day when she was crossing the road someone hit her and she died due to lost of lot of blood. That culprit was not found. After her death, shaurya always remained quite. He started going to judo classes. He changed a lot. He was so naughty, so lively and was like a person with everything but after this he became a quiet person. He knew that she will never come back now but even then he always prayed to god to meet her again. He wanted her only.
Vicky says in mind, no shaurya you have to move on brother. Coz di loved you. To make her happy you to have to be happy. I will make you happy, my di happy.
Precap: Mehek is crossing the road to buy ice creams abd is about to be hit by a speeding car……..
I hope you all will like this new twist. Please comment and give me your precious views about my ff. I am once again sorry for writing it so late. Now i won’t be late next update will be coming soon.
With loads of love,

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  1. Moni7

    Hai diva…nice to see your ff back..yes actually i missing many good ff..dunno why u plp aren’t posting i felt bad too..but not know…

    I’m so happy..thanks for posting yours… It’s nice… Even i remember your previous one too… Good work keep writing ….

    Soon post nxt part so that we can’t forget the track…

    Thanks for showing different shades

    Love you dear…??

    1. Crazy_diva

      Thanks moni di for your appreciation and remembering my ff!!! it means a lot to me!! My board exams were going on so i was busy but soon there is 3 months holiday so i will try to post new episodes regularly!! And i loved your ff. I just read the 3rd episode. It was lovely.. I loved the part when mehek was having gulab jamuns!! i tell you what they are my favourite too!! Love you too!!!!!

      1. Moni7

        So sweet of dear..all the best do well exams ding stress yourself..??
        Love you so much ❤

  2. keziaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    nice epi crazy

    1. Crazy_diva

      thanks dear!!

  3. Nice episode diva . keep updating regularly plZz …

    1. Crazy_diva

      thanks Salma i will try to post next episode ASAP!!

  4. Shaguu

    oh god emotional flashback..well I cant imagine shurya with any other girl except mahek..but it was nice diva/shree…well done..but plz update long yaar

    1. First of all thanks for the appreciation. I will try to make it long. Today i couldn’t coz i am busy preparing for exams. After exams i will have enough time to write a big one.:-)

  5. Saxenasapna

    hiii diva…
    Actually I m remember your storys….
    I m hungrily waiting for your updates….

    U back after to months…
    Plz update next part soon as possible….

  6. Soo sad to shaurya past miss u ff lot plss update next part soon waiting
    Waiting mehray scence

  7. Hii diva…Sweta here…..n frm shagun’s ff I got to u knw u r frm odisha too….so listen its a imp news…..telly update re bahut sara fake account achi…..jaumane male kintu semane dekheuchi dat semane female….sethi pai kahaku v trust karibuni…carefull rahibu….n jadi tu kaha saha v telly update pm re chat karuchu….den taku injara personal information jamaru v dabuni k… carefulll
    N let me come to the epi…plzzz kharap bhabibuni….mu story line bhulijaichi…so plzzz next epi re summary deibu plzzzz….k tata…..carefull rahibu….n kahaku v easily trust karibuni.k….lov uuuu…..

    1. Awww………thank you sweta to tell me that. Actually mu janichi kentu i don’t socialise that much t mu to chat kaha sangere bhi karuni. Thanks once again for telling and i will surely consider your suggestion about putting a summary. By the way, nice to know that you are odia too….

  8. Nice update dear
    Beautifully written..??
    Do continue soon ☺☺

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