Mehrya- Kuch na kaho (Episode 2)

Sorry guys. I will be busy for next few days so I thought to tell you all at advance. I will be busy with my Social Studies pre-board. So lets start the next episode……
In Sonal’s classroom, she meets everyone and makes some friends. Professor enters the room and asks everyone to introduce themselves. Everyone introduces themselves. Then he tells all the students that he has someone to help them to clear concepts and score good in exams. Everyone is excited and ask who is that person? He says that he was last year’s topper, Vicky. He enters the room. Everyone is shocked to see him as he just look flirtatious and not at all studious. The professor understood what they were thinking by their looks. Please, don’t go on his looks, he looks like a flirty boy but he isn’t. If you don’t believe ask your seniors. Now let’s start the class. Sonal was shocked with these words and was very guilty to think as he was a bad person. She wanted to apologise but her self-respect stopped her. At last, she decided to talk about this matter with mehek but her mind was not concentrating that day.

At lunch hour, she went to mehek and talked to her about this. Mehek said you should apologise to him to think him wrong, he was helping us. Sonal says ok I will apologise but let’s have lunch first. Ummmm…….Aloo matar, yummy. Can we have lunch with you?? Says Vicky. Mehek said ya sure, why not?? Sonal glared at her. He thanks her and asks Shaurya to sit with them but shaurya denies by saying i am not hungry. I will go sit there. Before they can stop him he goes to sit at a corner window seat. They start having lunch and mehek signals sonal that its the right time to apologise. But sonal refuses. Vicky says kya isharebaazi chal rahi hai??(What signals are you giving to each other??) Is she jealous of you because i am sitting beside you and not with her?? Oh!!! That’s where burning smell is coming from. Mehek says no its not like that she wants to apologise to you for misunderstanding you but is embarrassed to say in front of me. I think I should move from here so that she can apologise. She takes her lunch box and goes to sit with shaurya.
M: Can i sit with you ?? They wanted to talk something privately so i did not want them to be disturbed. Can i, please??
S: Sure.

M: I have seen you many times today but you hardly talk to us but only with Vicky, why??
S: its not like that i just don’t like to talk much.
Mahek is surprised to hear that and says in her heart what kind of person he is?? He does not like to socialise. He always remains quite. He brings out his notebook and starts sketching something. Mehek wanted to ask him what he was making but thinks that maybe he will not want to show it.
Sonal remains silent then Vicky says so miss sonal you wanted to apologise, see no one is here now. You can say sorry to me?? Say it!!i am waiting. Sonal says fine i am saying it. Why are you so desperate? Or you want to go to mehek, then go i wont stop you. Vicky says OMG i think someone is jealous of her BFF. Sonal says who said that i am jealous of mehek. Vicky i didn’t say that you were jealous of mehek. Sonal will you stop it. Ok let me say this. I AM SORRY!! Vicky: i am not able to hear you what did you say?? Say it again please. Sonal: i am sorry!! Vicky: what i heard is right or my ears have stopped working?? Can you say it again one more time? Sonal: ok but only last time I…..AM….SORRY…..VICKY!!!!! Vicky: its unbelievable. Sonal pinches him very hard. “OUCHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” what are you doing?? Vicky said. It was to make you realise what i said to you , sonal says with a cute smile. Then mehek comes and asks sonal if she has apologised. Sonal with a very cute smile says yes i have you can ask him. (staring at vicky) or i should do it once again. Vicky says nooooo its enough for today thanks. Sonal and mehek went from there.
Vicky goes to shaurya what he was sketching. And sees it was mehek’s sketch but asks him whose sketch is this?? But shaurya says i don’t know why i made her sketch but i wanted to. Please don’t let her know about this. Vicky says wait wait how come you talk so much today. Are you feeling for her?? Shaurya says no….. i think i don’t know whenever i see her i want to listen to her and just stare at her. But i don’t think its love, you know i don’t believe in all this after that incident. I can never love anyone. Lets not talk about this again again and leave from here. Vicky says in his heart no shaurya i know that you are falling for her but don’t want to accept after that incident. You show that you have changed a lot but you are not i know that you are the same person from inside.
PRECAP:- Flashback starts…..
Want to know what had happened in shaurya’s life that he remains so silent and don’t accept his feelings for mehek??? OK I will try to update soon….

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