Mehrya- Kuch na kaho (Episode 1)

Thanks to all of you for the support you gave me in the intro part. Ok I am now starting the first episode for you all…….Enjoy!!!!!
Sonal enters Mehek’s room and said, OMG!! Mehek, you will go like this to college. You’ll definitely make me embarrased. Its your first day, you should look cool babe….. Mehek stops her and says I know FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION, Right?? Nehal says Leave her na Sonal di. She is not gonna listen to us. You are wasting your time. Kanta Chachi enters and said, Why you two always make her nervous?? Get aside let me have a look on my mehek. Mehek is shown in a beautiful red and white salwar suit. She is looking very preety. PD,Mohit and Mansi enter the room and get surprised. PD kisses her cheeks and says today my ladoo will leave behind Meena Kumari (former actress) also. Mohit says Didi today someone will definitely fall for you, I am telling you. Mehek shyly hits him. Ravi and Jeevan shouts from lawn, how much time will it take, mehek and sonal puttar?? You will get late. Come fast…..” Mehek and Sonal take everyone’s blessings and leave.

Shaurya was about to leave for college with Vicky but Karuna asks them to have breakfast at first. Shaurya was about to deny but Vicky says thanks aunty, I am actually very hungry coz Prakash was not at home so I had to starve. After saying this, he runs towards the dining area. Karuna asks shaurya to have breakfast. He agrees. After that they leave for college.

Sonal and Mehek enter the college and were finding their classes. Some boys start laughing on mehek and one guy says Hey!! I think its an earthquake. See a small elephant is coming. They make fun of her. Mehek was about to cry and run away from there but Sonal stops her and loudly says Mehek you know these days even donkeys get admissions in colleges. I see some today itself. Can you see them?? Mehek smiles at her and they were about to leave. One of the guys says hey you!!! How dare you call us donkey and pushes Sonal but Vicky saves her. But he slips himself and sonal holds him in rab ne bana di jodi style. They share an eyelock but are disturbed when everyone there start hooting on them except mehek and shaurya. Vicky gets straight and says guys don’t you have shame to hurt a girl like this. Actually she praised you all by calling you donkey. The guys shouted on him. But he said take it easy man she called you the most noble animal in this world, don’t you think so?? Suddenly a professor came and they ran away but dared them to see them later. Sonal says Vicky why did you interfere? I would have given them a punch or two. Vicky: Stop stop stop my Lakshmibai. I was just helping you. Sonal: Excuse me, my name is Sonal. And by the way I did not asked for your help. Mehek stops her and thanks Vicky. Vicky asks her name? Sonal interrupts by saying that look now he is flirting with you. Mehek gives her an angry look and signals her to stop and tells Vicky her name. While all this was happening Shaurya was just staring at mehek. Vicky introduces himself and says he is my friend shaurya. Mehek says nice to meet you both. Suddenly the bell rangs and they move to their classes.
I hope that it was not too boring. Please comment and give suggestions.

PRECAP:- Episode 2

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  1. Nice episode. Update next episode soon .

  2. Hey dear.. It was amazing… But please try to make it a bit longer.. Waiting for the next part.. Update soon..

  3. Sapna saxena

    Very nice….
    I love this show …..
    So i like ur story so much ….

  4. lidiyageorge

    Gud epi didi but give us a big epi pls

  5. Ashifa

    Hi diva….it was superbbbb……continue it dear…bt this is short….nxt tym make it long na…plzzzz……seriously….its amazing….upload the next part sooon…

  6. Hey diva nice episode. not at all boring…
    Really superb one but make next one little bit longer.
    Post next episode soon….

  7. Priya12

    Wew ant long epi yaar…nd cmg 2 the epi was funny ..donkey nd small eleohant…superbbb yaar…post the nxt epi soon….

  8. Solace

    Hi..diva..superb yaar..u r damn good…I read ur intro also..u rocked it..I liked this episode..waiting for next one…keep going

  9. Wow! Interesting

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