Mehrya FF Romeo and Juliet Part 7

I finally completed this part…I started this day before yesterday but my mind was not in centre n I was not able to complete it then bt now I completed this…seeing me on laptop my hubby grew jealous of Mehrya as yesterday was his b’day n instead of preparing surprise for him I was typing this…he said tht he is beside me n I m ignoring him bcoz of Mehrya…I somehow asked for forgiveness and updating this…


Next day Mehak get ready in her chudidar and went downstairs..breakfast was not prepared so she decided to prepare the breakfast before anyone woke up..she prepared she knew that Shaurya take his coffee in morning with some snacks so she prepared his coffee and pancakes..till than Vicky had woke up and as he smelled the aroma he understood that Mehak is preparing the food…he went to kitchen and saw Mehak there..he checked whether Shaurya is there or not and when he realized that the path is clear he went behind her and grabbed her waist..her eyes popped out and she turned..he hold her waist more tightly..chhodo muje..kya kar rhe ho ye?? she said trying to freed herself but of no use..why should I..if you can sleep with bhai then its just a small thing Vicky said angrily..she was shocked as he is calling her his mistress..she pushed him and slapped hard on face..just then Shaurya came and he saw Mehak slaping dare you he dare me?? Do you even know what your brother was saying?? No..lemme tell you..for him I am your mistress..for him I am a girl who can stick with any man..ab bolo mein chup rehti?? Mehak asked him..Shaurya hold his collors and asked Vicky is she right?? He didn’t responded..I am asking something Vicky answer me he shouted..Karuna came and she was shocked to see the scenario..Shaurya Vicky..what’s the matter?? She asked..maa he can’t be your son..he don’t deserve to be your son he said and dragged him out..Mehak and Karuna folllowed him..baat kya beta..kuch toh bta she was asking continuously..Vicky its last time..answer she right he asked again..Vicky pushed his hands and said haa..she is right..but Mehak tumhe pta bhi hai ki main tumse kitna pyar karta hu..before he could finish Shaurya slapped him..vo pyaar nhi hai Vicky..its you lust he said..Mehak looked at Shaurya with could a man fight for a girl with his were wrong Mehak..Shaurya really does respect of a girl’s honour she said to herself..Vicky..I am warning you..agar tune Mehak ke saath phir se aisi harkat ki toh mujse bura aur koi nahi you get it?? He warned him and looked at Mehak with anger filled eyes..she get scared of him and lower her gaze..Mehak..freshen up..we are leaving for restaurant nowww he shouted and she trembelled and went to her room..Karuna was amazed too after seeing Shaurya fighting for Mehak with Vicky..Vicky angrily went to his room and shut the door with a bang..after some time both left for restaurant without having their breakfast.
Their in restaurant they both get busy in their respective work..Mehak worked on some new dishes and instructed the staff to try the dishes and also told them how to make them..they all were impressed by her sweet behaviour and way of making them learn..she too get arranged in new people and also made was all noticed by it was different..he was continuously staring at her..he was feeling bad for whatever happened to was lunch time and Mehak forgot to bring lunch..she sat holding her stomach when everyone had left to have lunch..she was cursing Shaurya for not even giving her time to have lunch..she decided to make something..she get up and quickly decided to make pancakes for him as she knows that he loves pancakes but due to healthy diet he avoid them to have daily..she dropped that idea and prepared south indian onion uttapam as she is quite good in South Indian dishes too and lemon rice for herself..she prepared mango dessert too and went in his cabin with the food..why are you here at this time Ms. Sharma he asked pretending to be busy in typing something in his laptop..its lunch break and everyone is having their lunch SIRRR she replied stressing on the word he asked again..nothing she replied as she came for saying thankyou to him but he is showing attitude..she was about to leave when she felt his hand on her have made all this here for me too right?? He asked looking at the her with a smile that increased her anger and she replied nahi voh tumhare pichhe SRK khada hai na uske liye..hello Sharukh Sir..he chuckled at her and made her sit on couch and said I am sorry Mehak he said..she looked at him confusingly and asked for what?? Ohhh so you are saying sorry for Vicky’s behaviour..don’t worry for that Shaurya..I am have your lunch..tum subhe bina nashta kiye aa gya the aur muje bhi nahi karne diya..he smiled and replied who said I didn’t ate the pancakes you made for me huh..I ate them and also have coffee you made for made her smile and they both have their lunch.
6 months passed smoothly..Shaurya asked Mehak to shift in his guest house so that Vicky won’t disturb her and Shruti broke up with Vicky and didn’t came back to India..Mehak and Shaurya go out for coffee, dinner and also in some was Shaurya’s birthday and Mehak arranged everything to surprise him and called him to guest he reached there he was shocked to see the birthday party there..he searched for Mehak and finally found her..she was wearing blue chiffon saree with black full sleeves backless blouse..his heart was beating so fastly as if it would explode anytime..she went in the guest room as the party was in garden that is in backside of the guest house..he followed her and approached her in room..he pulled her by her waist that shocked her..what the..she stopped when she saw him standing in front of her..HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHAURYA she whisphered and he smiled..thank you Mehak so you have done all this arrangement..well kehna padega ki mere sangati mein tum kaafi kuch seekh gayi ho he said mockingly..she pushed him and replied mehnat karu mein aur credit le jao tum..well its always took the credit that should be mine..I was fool that I had prepared everything would be better if I hadn’t arranged all this was difficult for him to supress his laugh but he holded and said credit goes to you only now is it okay huh..Mehak smiled and nodded..they both went out and enjoyed the party..Mehak had invited many of his college friends..he was happy after meeting them..his gaze was fixed on her only while she was busy with some of his female college friends..his friend asked him the girl in blue is your wife?? It made him come out of his train of no..she is head chef in my new hotel he why are you continuously looking at her only?? He asked again..nothing like that you are thinking more question now he replied..DJ announced a couple dance and his friends went on floor for dance..he took her hand and too went on floor..Shaurya what you are doing?? Leave my hand everyone is watching here she arrgued but he didn’t paid any heed to her and as the DJ plyed slow no. he pulled her closed to him and start dancing romantically with her..she too gave up when realised that he won’t stop..they lost in each other’s eyes..they were dancing and their steps were making it clear how much they are in love..everyone there could say that they are hubby wifey who love each other to the core..if Karuna was there and someone ask her about them then she would surely say that they her son and DIL..he was pulling her more and more closer and his fingers were moving randomly on her waist that was making her go weak on knees..she was losing herself to him..they were so close to each other and lost themselves to each other..their lips were just an inch apart..the music had stopped but they were still moving as if the music is still playing..woo the hooting and clapping sound made them break apart..both were embarrassed for whatever happen and avoid eye contact with each the party get over after cake cutting and everyone left.
Shaurya went to Mehak’s room and as she came he asked for forgiveness..why are you saying sorry was mine fault too..don’t say sorry she replied and he was about to leave when thunderstorms started and Mehak’s expressions changed..he recalled that once Mehak told him that she is scared of scared of dark right he asked..she nodded..okay I will be here..don’t worry you get change and sleep..she nodded and went in. She had just unpinned her saree and lights went off..she get scared and Shaurya knocked on her door..Mehak..are you fine?? He asked..Shauryaaa..I am scaring she replied..he don’t need any other explanation and break the door..Mehakk he called her name..I am here Shaurya Mehak replied and he followed her he reahed to her she hugged him tightly..he was caressing her back and her smooth milky skin was making him crazy..she was so close to his heart and he was fearing because he don’t want to face her after she get to know that his heart is beating for her..yeah he was in love with her..but he was not able to recognise it..Shaurya she whishpered..they both parted..he cupped her face and there light came..Are you fine Mehak he asked..she nodded her head..he kissed on her forehead that made her feel better..go change now..I will be here for you he assured her..she nodded and before leaving she kissed on his cheeks and ran to washroom..he was shocked by her action..he touched his cheek where she kissed..he could still feel the warmth of her lips on his cheek..he smiled and left the room..Mehak was feeling shy for her act..she cursed herself for kissing him..she changed into her night suit and pyjamas and slept in her room while Shaurya decided to sleep in the he was used to sleep on the luxirious bed so it was difficult for him to sleep on couch..he keep tossing and balbbering Pta nhi kaise manage krti hai ye ladki yahan..kha tha ki bade farm house mei shift ho jao par pta nhi kyu yhi wala choose kiya..I am not going to have sleep here..god save me from this blo*dy couch..ab voh toh aaram se sou rahi hogi aur mei..mei yahan sardi mei mar rha least you could give me a blanket Mehak..he found a blanket kept on nearby sofa..although that was not sufficient for cold but still it was warm..he put that on him and slept after some time.
Mehak too was not getting sleep..she was thinking about him and the moments they spent together few hours back..she was blushing hard as the scenes of their dance came in front of her eyes..she hid her face in her palms and calmed herself..suddenly she recalled somthing and stood up..she took a warm blanket from cupboard and slowly went out..she saw Shaurya sleeping on couch..she took small steps towards him and put the blanket on she turned she felt him holding her hand..she turned and sat there on her sleep also he want her to be on his side..she smiled and bring his hand near her lips but stopped as she knows that he is smart enough to guess that she kissed his hand..after some time his hold on her hand loosen and she went to her she could sleep peacefully.
Here in Sharma Nivas Kaashi was getting some wrong thoughts and her heart was beating at very high rate. She get up from bed and went to balcony. She stood there gazing at the sky..I don’t know why I am getting these thought I hope you are fine beta she said to herself..Ravi saw her standing in the balcony..he grew worried for her and went to her..Kaashi Ji..what happened why are you here?? He asked her worriedly..I don’t know Ravi Ji but I am feeling as if our Mehak is not fine..something bad is going to happen with her..I am worried for her Ravi ji she replied..Kaashi ji we talked to her na..she was fine and Karuna Ji too said that she is fine and now Shaurya and she become friends..she told you na that Shaurya always protect her then why are you worried for her?? Don’t worry she would be sleep he calmed her..she somehow went to sleep and dozed off in some time after sending prayers to gad to keep her child safe.




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  1. hai how r u ? soo sad we are missing our mehrya but ff ‘s are left .It is a beautiful update loved the bonding btw mehek &shaurya but vicky is so irritating ,happy that shaurya handle him well hope he won’t create mess that create disturbances btw them eagerly waiting for mehek behavior in precape hope no more misunderstanding & mehek will be safe bye di take care😊😊

    1. Anjalimalik

      Hey Sanju…I m fine dear bt hru no seen after zkm ended…tysm for giving fb…yeah Vicky is creating so much mess bt MehRya r still together…Mehak wud b safe as he is with her so how cud anything happen to her…m also missing our Mehrya so much I used to see the previous episodes on youtube whenever I miss them…tk care

  2. Wowweww so nice and beautiful… I love it… And anjali plz take care of your hasband tooπŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›πŸ˜›

    But this is very good.. Yrr plz uplod soon as possible…

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm Sapna…glad u liked it…yeah sometimes he go mad whenever I ignore him as he don’t like to b ignored by me…will try to upload soon as u know tht I hv other 3 ffs too on IF…tk care

  3. The way you described Mehek and Shaurya’s love for each other is very intense. Most couples would give a tooth and arm to have such a loving husband I have one that is very loving to me we will celebrate our wedding anniversary on the 10th of September. Waiting on your next bye.

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm Jayashree…m glad u liked it…u r right sometimes many people won’t get perfect match n just try to spend their life normally bt ended up failed…me too blessed with a caring n loving husband for whom I always thank my stars…Happy Anniversary to both of you in advance…may your marriage be blessed with love, joy and companionship for all the years of your lives…tk care

  4. Hi Anjali, sorry for the late comments. Awesome update. Loved the mehrya romance. Ur writing is wonderful. Please update on regular basis. Waiting for next part. U have a good weekend.😍😍

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tysm Kavya dear…glad u liked my update…I too want to update on regular basis bt can’t due to hectic schedule as I n hubby shifted in new city for sept. n due to tht I am not able to write n also hv 4 more ffs on India forums n hv to continue them too…will try to update soon…tk care n hv a blessed weekend 😘😘

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