Mehrya FF Romeo and Juliet Part 5

Shaurya reached hospital n rushed to Karuna’s room. She was lying on bed n Mehak was sitting beside are you fine Shaurya asked as soon as he saw her..I am fine beta..but I won’t if Mehak didn’t came to help me Karuna replied looking at her lovingly..Shaurya too looked at her..she get up n allow him to sit beside her..he sat beside her n checked whether she is fine..looking at him Mehak thought to herself how could he be so cruel to kill his own child if he loves his mother a lot..but she can’t lie n why would she lie..this rich br*t is really so cruel n she was right he must be have to maintain distance from him Mehak..Shaurya looked at her..she looked away n excused herself..she came out..just then she received call from Kanta..Mehak beta are you with Karuna Di Kanta asked her as soon as she picked the phone..yeah chachi I am with Karuna Khanna..but how do you know her Mehak asked her..she was your mother’s best friend Kanta told her..Mehak was shell shocked to listen that..she was in disbelieve..are you sure..she is Karuna Maasi Mehak asked..yeah my child..she just called me n told me that you are with her..take care of her beta Kanta told her n disconnect the call..Mehak was in shock..she recalled how Karuna asked her about Kanta..she went in n ran to Karuna..she hugged Karuna..Maasi Mehak whispered..finally you recognised me Karuna said caressing her hairs..Shaurya was confused..they broke the hug..I m sorry Maasi..I took this much time to recognise you..I am really sorry..but you are changed a became more prettier than before Mehak said with a pout..Karuna too changed a lot were so small when I last saw you n now you grown up girl Karuna has been 20 years Maasi when I last met you n it took me 4 days to recognise my Maasi Mehak said looking who is she..n as far as I remenber you haven’t any why is she saying you Maasi Shaurya don’t know her Shaurya..she is my best friend Rupal’s daughter..when Rupal n Sanjay get married then no one in the family accepted their marriage so I gave them shelter in my old flat but before her birth Sanjay passed away n after 6 yrs when Rupal passed away then I called her family n informed them..they took her with them..she was just 5-6 yrs at that time Karuna told him..Shaurya looked at Mehak with eyes filled with a different type of feeling that he himself was not able to understand..Mehak could feel his gaze on her but she didn’t bother to lok at you will take care of me until I get fit n fine Karuna said..Mehak smiled n nodded her head..Shaurya left thinking something..he discharged Karuna n trio went to KM.

As they reached their vague memories of Mehak’s childhood came in front of her eyes..she smiled..nothing much changed here Maasi..everything was as it is as it was when I remember my favourite place Mehak asked curiously.. Karuna smiled n replied ofcourse my was always your favourite..n those WHITE LILIES that you asked me to know Shaurya lets go in Shaurya interruped before she could complete..they went in..the interior of the house had been changed..she didn’t said anything about that..Karuna asked Mehak to sit with her..Mehak was confused as Karuna is so sweet so how come Shaurya became so rude n emotionless..she wanted to clear her doubts but to whom will she ask..she sat with Karuna n spent some time then Vicky came..Vicky saw Mehak with Karuna..he tried to recall where had he seen her n then recalled who she is..Mehak didn’t saw him n he went to Shaurya’s room..he was busy in his laptop n seemed to be calm n her eyes were having a different shine but his face was sad..bhai Vicky’s voice brought him to reality n he shut down his laptop before Vicky saw him..Bhai..have you brought your client here Vicky asked I didn’t brought Mehak here..actually she is Mehak..Rupal Maasi’s daughter Shaurya replied..oh my god bhai..she is childhood friend..oh god I can’t believe it..finally we met again Vicky was on cloud nine while Shaurya cursed his past of being away from her..Vicky ran downstairs n hugged Mehak..she was confused by his action n pushed him..she was about to slap him but he escape..Mehak I m Vicky..your friend..remember we used to play for hours Vicky tried to recall her but she refused that she don’t remember anyone except Karuna Maasi..Vicky left sadly..Mehak..I asked Nimita to bring all your stuff here n you are living with us now..I can’t let you live in that apartment..she will be here any time Karuna told her..but maasi Mehak tried to oppose but Karuna didn’t gave her any chance to speak n she agreed.

Mehak shifted in the room next to Karuna’s room. She asked permission from Karuna to cook for today n Karuna agreed..Mehak happily went to cook the dinner..she prepared many dishes n aroma of food was in whole house..Shaurya who never prefer oily n sweet food too came to enjoy the food..Awara..Awara he called his servant..yes sir Awara came n have you made food he sir..Mehak didi prepared the food..Shaurya was shocked as she had made him to come down to enjoy the dinner..he sat on chair n waited for the food to be served..he just sat for 2 minutes n his patience broke..he went in n found Mehak cooking the food..unknowingly he smiled seeing her..he went behide her..vooh he made a sound that scared she turned she fell in his arms as he was so close to her n she lost her balance..they were looking at each other as if searching something..they were lost in each other’s eyes..Karuna came n saw them..she didn’t done anything n left with a smile on her face..Didi Awara’s voice brought them in their senses n they parted..Shaurya left from have to be careful Mehak she said to herself..she served the dinner.

After dinner Mehak got a call n she went to garden..she was talking to herself n her had changed here..maasi’s one son is spoilt n egoistic n her another son doesn’t her..I don’t even remember her younger son..she is so sweet n a nice lady lady but her sons are both opposite of her..her one son changes girls as if he is changing clothes..n another don’t even call her ma..poor lady..wait Miss Sharma are you calling me womenizer..have you gone mad Shaurya’s voice brought her back yo reality..yes..I m calling you womenizer..but its a small have killed your own you are not only womenizer but a killer too Mehak replied back..enough Mehak..I m not a womenizer..n which child you are talking about Shaurya asked..your n Shruti’s first used Shruti to fulfill your lust then broke up with her..when she came to you with her child then you pushed her n her child died Mehak replied..Shaurya was about to answer but they heard some sound n when they turned both were shocked..Karuan was lying on grass..MAA Shaurya went to her..MAASI Mehak too went to her n they both bring her in her room..Shaurya called came n checked her..its a small heartattack Mr. Khanna..may be due to some shocking news Doctor told them n left..they both recalled their argument..Shaurya went in..Mehak followed him..after some time they left leaving her sleeping..Mehak was about to go in her room when Shaurya asked her to folow him..she didn’t argue n followed him as she entered in his room he started Miss Sharma..she is my everything..I can lose everything but not her..I had already lost someone whom I loved the most other than her..n I never loved Shruti..she wants to make me her but I never paid any heed to her..we never had a proper talk then how it could be possible that I spent night with her..I m not a womenizer Mehak..first time he called her with her name..she regretted..I m sorry Sir..actually Shruti came to me n told me all this..I misunderstood you…I m really sorry Mehak apologised n left in tears..she came in her room n cursed herself for believing Shruti..she slept.

Next day she woke up n get shower..she prepared breakfast n served Shaurya n took Karuna’s Breakfast in her room..she wake her soon as she woke up she asked about last night..Mehak told her about her misunderstandings..Karuna relaxed..Mehak took care of her until she got fine..Mehak n Shaurya didn’t talked much after that n also avoid eye contact but still they secretly appreciate each was Shaurya’s new restaurant’s opening..Mehak got ready in beautiful plane navy blue umbrella suit..she was looking stunning..anyone could easily fall for her after seeing her in that simple yet elegant dress..she had already left with Shaurya for the ceremony’s preparations n done the final touch up..n they were just waiting for the ceremony to be started.


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  1. hi nice update ,it is very interesting eagerly waiting to see their tashan finally mehek got clarity about shaurya I think shaurya lost love was mehek ?? bye plz continue soon

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Sanju…glad u liked it…no my dear he is not talking abt her bt abt his dad…first I thought to do this bt changed tht bcoz I want their luv story fresh…will continue soon…tk cr…

  2. Woww so much wait for this… It’s superb like always… Awsome…

    I love to see tham together and i really want to see him jealous …

    Plz thsi tym you upload soon as possible…

    Coz i can’t wait for long πŸ˜«πŸ’”

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq u so much Sapna…glad u liked it…you think tht I don’t wanna to upload I wanna yrr bt due to maa’s health issue I m bsy with her…will try to continue soon…tk cr…

  3. Haseenah2020

    Tq dear for the update nice part you explain about Shaurya and Mehak how Karuna maa knows them. Now as both are staying under one roof they will come together as good friend I guess. lets see how please continue soon thank you dear

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq u much dr…glad u liked it…yeah soon they will come close bt don’t forget Shruti n more villans who won’t let them come close…will continue soon…tk cr

  4. Hi Anjali, it was awesome. Loved the update. Plz update soon. Waiting to see how the story unfolds.😍😍😍😍

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Kavya…glad u liked it…will try to upload soon as I had took many holidays in a month n a lot of work is pending….tk cr

  5. It was amazing
    Loved itπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
    Mehrya’s tashan is great
    Precap;Waiting for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Keep smilingπŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Cindy….glad u liked it…will try to update soon…bsy wid work…tk cr

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