Mehrya FF Romeo and Juliet Part 3

Here in Khanna Mansion..Karuna was worring for Vicky..from past 23 years she was not able to get respect of a mother from Vicky n he taunt her indirectly everyday that hurts her to the core..she want to call Vicky n ask about his whereabouts but he won’t pick her call..she had tried Shaurya’s no. too but due to some reason he was also not answering the call..terror strike her n she decided to call Vicky..her hands were trembling but just then she got a call from Shaurya..Ma is everything ok?? He asked as soon as she picked the phone..Vicky is not responding to calls..n he left with Shruti in morning..I m worried about him Karuna replied with trembling voice..I will call don’t worry Shaurya assured her n disconnect the call. He was confused because if Shruti came here then with whom the hell he left or is it Shruti’s any plan..Sir may I come in..Mehak’s voice brought him ou of his train of thoughts..come in Miss Sharma he said n settled himself in chair..Sir I want some ingredients to try these dishes but as I m new so I don’t have those ingredients..can I try these dishes in kitchen Mehak asked him..he found a way to go in search of Shruti’s evil one thing come with me to buy those ingredients n try them in your house because I can’t let any new candidate to spoil my kitchen he replied in a taunt..Mehak was cursing him in heart Khadoos.Akdoo.Kanjoos.Rich spoilt br* Mehak only veg.

Shaurya n Mehak left in Shaurya’s car..Miss Sharma..this car is so expensive..sari zindagi bhi agar kamaogi na toh bhi aisi luxurious car nahi khareed don’t spoil it Shaurya said showing his rich guy attitude to her..what do you think of yourself..I agree you are rich but it doesn’t mean that you will taunt me in this way..listen Mr. Khanna I m not like you n don’t want to be rich if rich guys are like this..I m happy as a middle class girl Mehak replied him in angry dare you to talk to me in this way he too became dare dare you..first you refused me to try these dishes in your kitchen n now you are showing me this attitude of a rich guy that is totally fake because only a middle class could understand the needs of life not you rich guys because you get everything just by demanding at…Mehak was lecturing him but he was not used to anyone’s lecture so before she could complete he interrupted Miss Sharma for becoming rich we have to do hard work..I m gifted all this by your**dy middle hurted Mehak..the word FATHER hurted her n she started looking outside with tears brimming in her eyes..they could come out in a blink n as she blinked tears came out of her eyes..Shaurya was thinking that his wordings made her realized her mistake n was proudly driving his car..but he was wrong.

They reached in a mall n Shaurya asked her to buy the ingredients n just take Shaurya Khanna’s name..she huffed n went in..she brought all the ingredients n paid the bill but didn’t took his name as she was angry on him..she was about to leave but the scenario in front of her shocked him..she saw Shruti n Vicky walking in the mall hand in hand n anyone could guess by seeing them that they are in relationship..Oh girl n two she turned she bumped with Shaurya n was about to fall but she hold the chair beside her n Shaurya put his hands on her waist in order to save her but she jerked her hands away..don’t dare you touch me she warned him..O hello..girls die on me..n I don’t have any interest in saving you from falling he replied n glared at her..just then he too saw Vicky n Shruti..he went to them n Mehak too followed him..Vicky why were you not picking ma’s phone he asked him n Vicky made a face..Bhai..I don’t want anyone to interfere in my matter..Mrs. Khanna only want to disturb us he said putting his hand on Shruti’s waist n pulling her more close to him..she is our mom Shaurya said but he didn’t paid any heed to him..Shaurie you know na that Vicky is not a child n he could take his decisions Shruti said smirking then she saw Mehak standing behind him..who ia this girl she your bed partner tonight..but I don’t think that she will satisfy you..I mean look at her waht a bhenji type she is Shruti said smiling wickedly..Mehak was shocked to listen this..she looked at Shaurya who was gritting his teeth..listen Vicky..I don’t want your girlfriend to interfere in my business he said in angry tone n dragged Mehak from there..Mehak was in shock that how could it be possible that a girl is shared between two men.

Shaurya pushed her inside the car n sat on driver seat..what was she saying Mehak asked..Miss Sharma I don’t mix my professional n personel life he replied..but Mehak was in disgust n assumed that Shaurya is a lustful person..they reached in hotel n Shaurya asked Mehak to try those dishes n he will check them..he called Karuna n told her that Vicky is fine n no need to worry..Mehak went to prepare the dishes n arranged them in tray when done..Shaurya smelled the aroma n smiled 1st time leaving his staff in shock..he went to Mehak n Tasted the dishes..he was shocked Mehak had made the dishes so yummy..well done Miss was right your dishes are so yummy..good keep it up he appreciated her..she smiled n thanked him..due to the hectic day Mehak was not able to reply or call at about 10 pm she called Kanta Chachi but she was not picking the call so she messaged her that she is fine n was not able to call due to hectic day n some preparations n went to bed..her mind was filled with Shruti’s comments..but tried to sleep n slept after some time.

In Khanna Mansion Vicky was not at home n Karuna was panic for his safety..Shaurya was busy in his new restaurant launch so Karuna didn’t told mid night Vicky came whole drunken n Shruti was with him..Karuna tried to help him but he pushed her n warned her not to touch him..Karuna felt bad n Shruti took him in his room..Karuna thought to sleep as Vicky is now at home so she left.

Next day Mehak woke up n was confused to see a courier boy..she refused that she didn’t ordered anything but the corrier boy said that it came from Delhi..she thought it to be from her family n took that..she thought to get ready first n then open it..Shaurya had told her already to come in hotel at 12 noon so she had enough time..she went to take shower n was shocked to see Shaurya on her bed when she came out of bathroom n she was in bathrobe..her eyes widen in shock..sir you she asked…yes me Miss left the door open so I came he replied smirking..she was so embarrased..sir please go from here..I need to get ready Mehak requested but he didn’t moved an inch..she took her clothes n went to bathroom..Shaurya chucked n his eyes fell on the box..he thought to check it n opened the box..there was many letters, small notepads n a locket…he was confused to see dare you Mr. could you touch my things without my permission Mehak asked angrily from behind..he turned n found Mehak standing in pink punjabi suit with golden print n plane heavy salwar..she is simple but still beautiful than those skinny modern is only trap..don’t do this she is your employee he said in heart..I asked you something sir Mehak repeated herself..I don’t think it important to give you answer saying so he left..Mehak was could he open my gift..its really becoming disgusting..leave it she said in heart n started drying her hairs..after getting ready she saw the courier..she smiled to herself n kept the box in her cupboard..she came out n asked would u like to have coffee or anything else sir..You can’t make that coffee which I love to drink he replied..there is not even a single type of coffee that Mehak Sharma can’t make she replied back..he thought to use this oppurtunity to test her he took out a recipy n handled that to Mehak..I love to drink this he said while handling her his phone..she took that n read for once n returned him his mobile..what happened..I told you that you can’t make this he said..for that you need to wait for 5 minutes she replied n went to kitchen..she made coffee n pour it in two mugs n went to hall..Shaurya took his coffee n smelled the was good than the coffee he make for himself..he drank the coffee n said really Miss Sharma you can make anything..Mehak smiled half heartedly n thanked him..after that both left for hotel preparations n Shaurya told her about his new hotel n all that.

PRECAP – Mehak met Shruti privately..

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  1. Haseenah2020

    Wow Anjali u r fast in updating tq dear. Nice chapter. I wonder why Vicky behave in such ways to Karuna maa. Now with Shaurya who acts rich and taunt Mehak fr her middle class attitude. Wonder who sent the box…. continue soon

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Haseenah…I thought tht I kept u all waiting for 2nd part so uploaded 3 rd part soon as I will b out of town due to treatment of ma…it will b revealed in upcoming parts…yeah Shaurya shows so much attitude to our cutie pie…will continue tomorrow or day after…tk cr…

  2. This Shaurya I tell you he is indeed a spoilt brat,he wanted her to mention his name whilst buying the stuff lol. He is so full of himself,he invade her privacy and then thinks it’s no big deal she should have given him one tight slap the audacity of him. Waiting on your next update.

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Jayashree…right dear he is a rich spoilt brat n full of ego… everything will b revealed in upcoming parts..n slap yeah he deserves tht bt I thought to hv mercy on him hehehe…will update tomorrow or day after tht…tk cr

  3. Hi Anjali, very nice update. Loved the part. Thank u for updating soon. ????

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Kavya…glad u liked it…will upload nxt part tomorrow or day after tht…tk cr

  4. hi anjali loved the update specially tashan btw both of them , eagerly waiting for next update wanna see what shruthi going to say to mehek & doubt who send the box. continue soon

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Sanju..glad u liked it…n Shruti’s another name is enemy of love so she will surely create misunderstandings b/w MehRya…will update tomorrow or day after tht…to cr n hv a blessed day ahead…

  5. hi anjali loved the update eagerly waiting for for the next update ,specially tashan btw both &wanna see what shruthi gonna talk to mehek &doubt who send that box plz continue soon

  6. Hi Anjali ? to read this when this khados reliese his love anyway nice one keep it up

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