Mehrya FF Romeo and Juliet Part 1

Mehak..bachhe it’s morning wake up an mid aged lady said lovingly to wake her niece up. A girl in mid twenties came from behind n hugged her…Happy Anniversary Kashi Chachi the girl wished her…Aww my remember?? Kashi asked…How could I forget..huh…yes she is Mehak.’s not fair…why didn’t you waited for me ?? Another girl came..she is Nehal..Because if she had waited for you then you she won’t be able to wish me…Kashi said n kissed on their cheeks…You both are best daughters Kashi said hugging both of them…If you are over with my little sister then pls let me too wish her..trio looked at the owner of the voice..Haan Haan..we are over..Nehal n Mehak said in unity..the lady was Kanta..Happy Anniversary Kashi..may god bless both of you Kanta blessed her while putting hand on her head to bless her…Thank you Didi Kashi said bending to touch her feet but Kanta stopped her n hugged her..Where is Sameer chachu?? Mehak asked with excitement..He forgot it again n went to Karnal last night for some work of shop..Kashi sadly told them..Mehak n Nehal hugged her n pacified her..Mehak n Nehal left to get freshen up..Mehak went to Kanta Chachi after having shower..Chachi..I want to do job..Mehak said looking at her toes…I know my had applied for that last month n day after tomorrow is your interview..Kanta replied with a smiley face..Would you let me go for job?? Mehak asked still her eyes were on her toes..Why not Kanta replied..Her face was still sad..Now what happened Di ?? Maa agreed na Nehal asked entering in kitchen..I have to go Mumbai for that job Mehak told with a sad face..

Kanta hugged her n kissed on her hair..Meri bachhi..Rupal Bhabhi ( Mehak’s mother ) wanted you to be independent..n you will be independent if you do this job..I always refused you to do business but I never refused to do job Kanta said lovingly…But Chachi is so far Mehak was still worried…Kanta broker the hug n said we all have trust on in you that you will be able to do your job there without any you remember when you went on school picnic in class 8 n you all have to live there with your teachers for 3 days..then everyone was worried because they were unaware of the fact that Mehak is born mature n I was aware so I let you also..I m with you Mehak..because I know that you won’t give us any complaint…Kanta’s word pacified her…Thank you soon much Chachi..I love you a lot..Mehak kissed on her cheek…Didi..vo..bade bhaiya aapko bula rahe hai..Kashi told Kanta n Kanta left…Mehak hugged Kashi n told her Chachi..I m going to Mumbai to pursue my dreams..I m so happy…but I will miss you all…O ho.. don’t be sad laddoo..we will miss you too but it’s 21st century..u can video call us whenever you want Kashi said breaking the hug..Aur Haan di…meine suna hai ki Mumbai me bhut handsome ladke hote hai…ek aadhe ko pata liyo Nehal said n chuckled…Nehu..u are finished now..wait I m coming Mehak said before running behind her..Kashi laughed on their silly tactics..Mehak was running behind her n babbling You are getting so naughty now a’s all Rohit’s side effect..I won’t let you go to him ever again..Di don’t bring him in b/w..he loves me Nehal said my foot..the way he looks at you shows his lust Mehak said in heart..Mehak.Nehal..beta breakfast is ready Kashi called them..Both went down for breakfast n Mehak left for shop with Jeevan chachu…the whole day passed eventless n Mehak n Jeevan returned home in evening..Kashi was talking to someone..when a man came n took her phone from him..Mehak saw the man n smiled n went upstairs..where Kashi was..Kashi turned n saw Sameer standing in front of her with gifts..Biwi hi Kaisa lga surprise ?? Happy Anniversary..Sameer wished her…Aap..Sameer ji bhut achha lga..same to you..Kashi said with moistened eyes..they were about to hug but every one came n they moved away…Mehak brought a beautiful cake for them..made by her..they cut the cake..everyone enjoyed a lot then Kanta n Kashi broke the news that Mehak got a job in Mumbai..all were so happy n sad too as the soul of house is leaving them but they agreed because they want her to be independent n allowed her to go..Next day was very much busy in packing n all other stuffs..all wished her n repeated the same thing to her 100 be once in a day..msg if busy n can’t call..don’t talk to strangers..enjoy but don’t forget work..take care of yourself etc etc..Mehak left for Mumbai from night flight..she was so happy as she is going to pursue her dreams..she decided that she will return only after pursuing her dreams n will make her family proud on her..she smiled to herself n said in heart I will make you all proud..n maa I will fulfill your dream of being a famous chef..she closed her eyes n she could only see her family.

Precap – Hero’s entry n may be Mehrya’s first meeting…

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  1. Hi Anjali, short n sweet update. Plz update next part soon.?

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Kavya…it was 1st part so it was short…part 2 will b long…tk cr..

  2. wow very nice and exited for next up date please up date soon

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Asifa…glad u liked it….will try to upload nxt part soon…tk cr…

  3. Haseenah2020

    Nice update Anjali, finally Mehak is flying out to achieve her dreams. Do continue soon dear

    1. Anjalimalik

      Hi Haseenah…tq u so much…m happy u liked it…I also updated OS on Mehrya on IF Forced Marriage…I m as Ranshi there…yes Mehak is flying to Mumbai for her dreams…tk cr…

      1. Haseenah2020

        Hi Anjali okay so ur name is Ranshi there okay okay now I will disturb u more …

  4. Hi anjali nice update but a short one plz update a long episode but it was a sweet one keep going. Well wishes

    1. Anjalimalik

      Hi Anisha…tq a lot…yeah it was short…bcoz today is Thursday n yesterday I hv to make my BIL’s daughter prepare for exam so I was not able to type more….but upcoming updates would b long one I assure cr n hv a gud day…

  5. hi nice update eagerly waiting to watch mehrya meeting continue soon , ur os forced marriage is also good have a nice day

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Sanju…glad u liked my both ffs…I will try to upload nxt part tomorrow…hv a blessed day cr…

  6. Nice update
    Mehak and Nehal??
    Lecture given to mehak by her family is I think given in every house to every child before going but in saying that it is their love and they want their child to be safe and healthy
    Excited for next
    Post ASAP dear
    Stay blessed???

    1. Anjalimalik

      Tq Cindy…yeah u r right…my dad too gv me so many lectures whn I left for Delhi for further studies n bfor marriage I really miss his lectures now…back to update I will try to upload tomorrow…hv a gud day n tk cr…

  7. Short and sweet update❤ keep going Dr.. Need a long update anjali…

    1. Anjalimalik

      Hi Anu…tq u so much…don’t worry next l parts will b long…to cr n hv a nice day ahead…

  8. Hey this is my first comment to you hope you don’t mind I like your style of writing keep it up. Glad to see you introducing Kaanta Nehal etc. She wants to make her mom proud by becoming a chef she is a winner and a winner never quits they keep pursuing their dreams you follow yours too hun.

    1. Anjalimalik

      Hey why would I mind dear…tq u so much for ur lovely comment…glade u liked my story…I was missing Mehrya of season 1 so I thought to write this…yes u r right winners never quit n our Mehak is a winner…tk care n enjoy ur weekend…

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