Mehrya: Dil Yeh Bekarar Kyun Hai (Episode:2)

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Dil Yeh Bekarar Kyun Hai
Mahek entered a restaurant having silver plate of “Royal Taste”. It was a beautiful, well-furnished and well-sophisticated place where all workers were busy in doing their respective works, once entering inside she greeted the staff with a cute smile and went into the kitchen
Mahek: (holding a carrot in her hand) what’s up guys, extremely busy in work, right?
A girl turned her face to mahek with a frown
…: like always (showing her the wrist watch) you’re late madam
Mahek: yaar sonal (biting a piece of carrot) I was busy in doing some important work
Sonal: (in questioning voice) important work? Can I ask you what was that important work exactly?
Mahek: (ignoring her question) we should start our work as tomorrow is the food festival and we’ve very little time
Sonal: (smiles) yeah you don’t have to worry about that because everything is set
Mahek: (cheerfully) great, now just eagerly waiting for tomorrow
Sonal: same here yaar just imagine we’ll work under the name of Khanna’s​ enterprises if we may win in this festival
Mahek: (with determination) we’ll surely win sonal as it’s my dream which I’ll fulfill at any cost
Both looks at each other with determination

At Khanna’s​ enterprises:
In conference room:
Shaurya was discussing about the current progress of the company with employees when he saw a man who was yawning casually
Shaurya: (in a little loud voice) if someone is not interested in the discussion then he is kindly requested to get out
The man become conscious on his sudden statement and sits straight with an attentive face, Shaurya once completing the conference moved to his room where his secretary was waiting for him
Shaurya: yes ajay what’s​ my squedual for tomorrow?
Ajay: sir tomorrow you’ve to attend a food festival and the team who may win will work under our company
Shaurya: (sighs) oh yes I remember (taking a pause) and when should I be there?
Ajay: till 2:30 sir
Shaurya nodded understandably and gets busy in his work

In Royal Taste:
Mahek along with her staff was busy in celebration, celebration of participating in food festival, they were happy as if they’ve already won
Sonal: I guess it’s enough, save some happiness and excitement for tomorrow guys. Come-on we’ve to prepare the food (lifting her brows) remember open timings are on the way
Mahek: haan chalo friends let’s start the work, I’ll handle junk food​ and deserts and rest you all will manage
Everyone nodded in affirmation and starts their work.

In evening:
At main road:
Mahek was on her scooter when she thought of buying ice-cream and for that she parked her vehicle in front of departmental store at parking area. Once getting off she went inside and after some minutes she came out with a pack of ice-cream, as she was walking, a person grabbed her attention and to see him she turns her face behind, due to her carelessness she banged with a man but before she could fall, two strong arms held her through waist. Both exchanged surprising​ expression while looking at each other. He made her stand on her feets as soon as he heard horn which makes them realize the reality
Mahek: (gulping a bit) thanks for saving me else I would have fall kasam sey [I swear]
Man was looking at her seriously as he was literally a serious man precisely the hero, Shaurya
Mahek: (looking at him wierdly) Mr I’m talking with you (lifting her brows) if everything’s fine?
Shaurya: yeah actually I’m thinking…
Mahek: (interrupting him) don’t tell me, you’re thinking some cheesy lines or maybe you’re thinking how to start flirt, aren’t you?
Shaurya: (confusedly) excuse me, (in questioning voice) are you out of your mind or what? I was thinking that you’re such a blind girl that can’t even see a tall man coming from your opposite side
Mahek: oh hello whom you’re calling blind, I was looking back that’s why unfortunately banged with you (giving stress on “unfortunately”)
Shaurya: so don’t you know one should look at front while walking
Mahek: (rolling her eyes) see I know no need for lectures
Shaurya: (in a little angry voice) you’re impossible first you collided with me then you are telling me that I’m thinking of flirting with you (lightly chuckles) seriously with you (rolling his eyes) can’t even imagine
Mahek: (clutching her fist in anger) see I didn’t collide with you intentionally however you were looking at front then also acted like blind (smirks mischievously) that means you did that intentionally, didn’t you?
Shaurya: (looking at his wrist watch) oh God I’ve wasted my 15 precious minutes with you (smiles a bit) I should leave now because I’m not idle like you so good bye and I wish we may never meet again
Mahek: (in a loud tone) even I wish the same Mr. Arrogant
Shaurya while taking few steps muttered “crazy fellow”, which was heard by her. She fumes and proceeded towards her home.

In night:
At Sharma’s house:
Mahek was laying on her bed looking at the ceiling. Her expressions​ were telling that she was thinking about something important
Mahek’s POV: why I’m thinking like I’ve heard his voice, his words somewhere before (sighs) but where? Think mahek think. (remembering the morning incident she suddenly get up) oh yes I’ve met him in morning. He’s such a akroo person and look at his guts he has called me crazy twice, and what else he called me (taking a pause) yeah idle, it seems like he’s a president of somewhere that’s why only he has work to do. Idiot (taking a deep breath) but I’m thinking about him, he’s not that a lot important to me (confusedly​) why his words are revolving in my mind?
“Kyun raaton ko mai ab chain sey so naa sakun, ooo
Kyun ata nahe mujhe din mai bhe chain o sukoon, ooo plays”

At Khanna’s home:
Shaurya was swiping his mobile screen from up to down, his eyes were on it but attention was missing, a smile appeared on his lips suddenly
Shaurya’s POV: I haven’t met such a crazy girl before, seriously she thought (sighs) tauba I can’t even think like that. But why her voice seems to be fimiliar (with broad eyes) Arey haan she’s the same helping lady now I’m damn sure she’s a unique creature of God. (realizes the smile on his lips) but why I’m smiling like fools (confusedly) why I’m thinking about her and why her words are echoing in my ears?
“Kyun aisa hota hai mai khud sey he baatain karun, ooo
Kyun tu jo bole koi sune naa woh mai he sunoo
Dil yeh bekarar kyun hai, iss pey dhun sawar kyun hai
Kyun hai yeh khumaar kyun hai, tu bataa plays”
Both thinking about each other drown into a deep sleep.

In morning:
Mahek reached to a place which was well decorated, stages were ready and shelters were set to protect from sun rays. She along with sonal and nehal walked towards the place where their name were engraved. Gradually all competents reached and soon the competition starts. All gets busy in cooking the dishes. After awhile Shaurya with his employees and secretary showed up. He was passing by the competitors when his eyes fall on mahek who was busy in chopping onions. He with mischievous smile moved towards her.
Shaurya: (while clearing his throat) hey Miss. Crazy. Never thought that I’ll meet you here once again
Mahek turned to that manly voice with broad eyes. Once seeing him her jaws dropped down
Mahek: (irritatingly) yaar what’s your problem? If you’re spying on me because wherever I go you may also come behind me
All gets little surprised on mahek’s behavior towards him as he was the judge and embassador of the festival
Shaurya: (questioningly) you mean I’m a stoker, (in a serious tone) your views are extremely pathetic.
Mahek: listen just go from here don’t disturb me else I’ll chop you instead of these onions
Shaurya: well I’ll love to see how you’ll chop me
Mahek looks at him speechlessly
Sonal: (looking at mahek) do you know him mahek?
Mahek: (smiles broadly) yeah sonal I know him, let me introduce him (lifting her brows) meet Mr. Arrogant
Shaurya: think before saying anything Miss because you don’t know me
Ajay: (while coming forward) he’ll judge you all and the team which may win will work under the name of his company
Mahek gets hell shocked after registering his information and smiles sweetly while gulping
Mahek: (murmurs) I’m surely dead (in an overly sugar coated voice) ummm hello sir, nice to meet you
Shaurya lifts his brows with a grin on her sudden change but before he could speak something his eyes fall on her dupatta which has caught fire.
Screen freezes!

Precap: Shaurya tastes each team’s food later he was about to announce the winning team when mahek looks on tensely.

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