Mehrya: Dil Yeh Bekarar Kyun Hai (Episode:1)

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Dil Yeh Bekarar Kyun Hai-
In the city of Delhi, the sun was rising, shinning and waking up the people to start a new day. The new dawn was creating a sense of happiness and excitement for the residents, some were busy in praying, some were busy in quarreling or some were all set to start their work. But at Sharma’s house a young girl wasn’t like those punctual persons she wasn’t getting up from her beautiful bed, she was sleeping like a baby. Her room was all messed up with various things, nobody could say that it’s a room of some girl. A woman entered inside her room with a frowning expression and starts putting off the curtains
Woman: utho mahek, aren’t you getting late?
Mahek, who was already inside comforter, hides herself more while rolling to the other side
Mahek: maah (in a pleading voice) five more minutes please
Kaanta: no more minutes (while sitting beside her) come on get up fast
Mahek removes comforter from her face due to which a cute, innocent but naughty face gets visible
Mahek: (sighs) what time is it?
Kaanta: (with a mischievous smirk) it’s 10’o clock beta
Mahek: (gets up in a jerk) 10’o clock? No way tell me you’re jocking
She looks at the wall clock and then shifted her gaze at her mom with a serious face
Mahek: maah this is completely rude (while rubbing her eyes) it’s just 8:30 yaar, let me sleep ten more minutes
Kaanta: (patting her shoulder) your ten minutes are equal to an hour and now I don’t want to listen anything get up go and take shower else don’t even think of blaming me if you got late
Mahek: (kissing her mom softly) ok fine but please smile a bit
Kaanta smiled at her silly daughter and stands to leave while signing her to go inside washroom.

At Khanna’s home:
In a well furnished and neat and clean room a boy was standing in front of the mirror, he was fixing his shirt while looking at the mirror. A woman entered inside and looks at him with a smile
…: Ready as always
Boy turned his head to the voice with a curve which was appearing on his lips
…: Don’t know when I’ll come to wake you up shaurya though being punctual is good but sometimes you should also be like normals
Shaurya: maah you’re saying as if I’m abnormal, you know very well that I don’t like laziness and unpunctuality
Karuna: yeah I know (while making him wear the coat) very well, now come on breakfast is ready, today I’ll not let you leave without having it
Shaurya: yes maah even I don’t want to see your anger through refusing you for breakfast
Karuna patted his face lovingly and moved outside leaving shaurya behind.

At Sharma’s house:
Mahek came downstairs in formal jeans and shirt, her hairs were tied up in a high pony tail. She walked towards the dinning area where her parents were already sitting and waiting for their daughter
Kanta: (looking towards mahek) finally you’ve come, it’s been an hour you’re getting yourself ready and in the meantime I’ve cleaned the whole kitchen and even served the breakfast
Mahek: woh actually my hairs weren’t tieing properly that’s why…
She stopped in mid as she was getting short of words
…: Now leave all this and let’s eat I’m starving
Mahek: (sitting on a chair) my cute daddy come on let’s start
Kanta: have you seen the condition of your room (while serving the food to Jeevan) I don’t know why you don’t keep the things at their respective places. I’m so fed up now
Mahek bowed her head while eating as she knows that her mother is really mad at her and if she’ll argue then maybe circumstances will get worst, Jeevan noticed her condition and with a smile
Jeevan: it’s just the start of day kanta don’t get start, (winking at mahek) let my daughter concentrate on her breakfast
Kanta: (shaking her head in disappointment) you’re the person who is spoiling her, don’t know when last time you had scolded her
Jeevan: so you want me to scold her (smiles looking at mahek) I’ll do this right now (with a fake angry face) mahek from today your room must be neat and clean else.. (taking a pause) else imagine something bad
Mahek bursts into laugh after listening her dad whereas kanta was looking at them impossibly
Kanta: I don’t know what you’ll do after marriage mahek
Mahek: you don’t have to think about that maah because I’m not going to marry
Kanta: like I’ll listen to you, deykhna I’ll find​ a really strict and serious boy for you
Mahek: maah you can’t do that bad with your daughter
Kanta: I’ll do this beta
Mahek: (looking at her dad with a mischievous smile) daddy if she’s my real mother?
Jeevan: (trying to control her amuse smile) haan why if you’ve any doubt?
Kanta: will you both stop or should I go
Mahek: maah you may sit as I’m going
Jeevan: Arey complete your breakfast
Mahek: no I’m full and I’m getting late too
She stands up from the chair and walked towards her maah and gave a light kiss on her forehead
Mahek: don’t get too much angry, you know I love your smile
Kanta smiles at her and kissed her back on her cheeks
Kanta: take care and drive safely
Mahek nodded like an obedient child and after biding bye to both she leaves from there
Kanta: don’t know when she’ll grow up
Jeevan: don’t worry she’s a sensible girl
Kanta sighs thinking about her daughter’s antics.

At Khanna’s home:
Shaurya was standing at the doorway while calling his mom, his mother came towards him with a tiffin box
Shaurya: mom what was the need of all this, I can eat anything from outside
Karuna: that anything is a problem naa, I want my son to eat hygiene food
Shaurya: (smiles) maah you know I would never eat unhygienic item
Karuna: yes I know, that’s​ why take it
Shaurya takes it from her and turns to go but then again moved towards her
Shaurya: take care ok
Karuna: haan I’ll take care but I’ll get too bore
Shaurya: then go for some shopping or anything
Karuna: I’m tired of shopping now, if a naughty, bubbly daughter-in-law will come in this house then..
Shaurya: you know I don’t want to get married and you’re​ talking about naughty girl (taking a deep breath) I can’t even imagine
Karuna: deykhna I’ll bring such a naughty, unpunctual and loud girl that you’ll change seeing her
Shaurya: impossible mom, but anyways I’m leaving it’s getting late, we’ll discuss the rest at night with a cup of coffee
Saying so he walked off leaving his mother behind who was shaking her head in disappointment.

At Main Road:
Mahek on her scooter was heading towards her direction when she saw some children who want to cross the road but couldn’t do so due to the heavy traffic and even traffic signal wasn’t present. Mahek stared them while driving and within a minute she parked her bike and gets down from it, once getting off she walked towards the children and helps all those children in crossing the road one by one. As she was busy in doing this, the traffic blocked unintentionally, all cars were waiting for Mahek to complete her work, and in that traffic jam Shaurya’s car was also stuck, he was cursing the reason of that blockage
Shaurya: don’t know what the hell is happening at front (looking at the wrist watch) I’m getting late for my conference yaar
Driver: wait sir I’ll go and check out
Shaurya: no you may sit I’ll go and see
Saying this he got down from the vehicle, as he was walking his eyes fall on a helping lady. She was standing in the way that her back was facing him, she smiles a bit on her nature but then he hid his smile behind a frown and moved further
Shaurya: Miss can you please move from here, we’re getting late for our work, due to the traffic jam
Mahek: (without looking at him) this work is more important then your work Mr.
Shaurya: (while walking along with mahek) actually it’s my conference so please move aside and once I leave you may start your helping procedure again
Mahek: (lifting her brows) see​ Mr if you’re not ready to wait then change your way but please don’t eat my brain
Shaurya: (with surprising expression) how dare you (taking a deep breath) why don’t you join some charity house if you love doing social work
Mahek: I haven’t asked your advice Mr. Over smart
She turns her face to the boy standing at his back but before she could see him, he turned back saying “Crazy fellow”. Mahek giving a sharp look murmured “Selfish and akroo person”. After completing her work she proceeded towards her destination making traffic normal like before.
Screen freezes!

Precap: mahek was coming out from a departmental store in hurry when she collided with Shaurya who was going inside. Both looks each other with irritating face.

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Hey everyone! So as I promised here I’m with the first episode, how was it? Hopefully it was up to the mark. You’ll get the next one till Saturday probably, as I’m writing one more story and now I’ve to work on it then along with studies I’m doing a diploma too so hopefully you’ll understand and will wait. Do share your opinions before leaving this page as the number of episodes will depend on the number of comments.
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