Mehriya- a simple love (Part 7)

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Here it goes….

On the way back to hotel, Sonal was talking to Mehak. But Mehak was not listening to anything. Everything else seems vague to her. Just some faint voices. Which fail to catch her attention. Her mind was replaying what happened in the corridor. She even don’t know when she reach the hotel. That night her sleep was disturbed by beautiful dreams.
Next morning everyone was busy packing their bags. They were leaving from Mumbai. Trip back to Delhi was dull. Everyone was missing Mumbai and fest. Mehak doubted what was she missing…
They reach the college. Ravi and Jeevan were waiting for Mehak.
Ravi: Mehak puthar, how was your trip. Did you do well in everything?
M: haan chacha. Everything was fine.
Mehak was looking for Shaurya..
Jeevan: who are you looking Mehak? Did you miss something?
M: chacha, Sonal. I will see sonal and come. Just 2 minutes.
J: ok.. come fast.
Mehak look for Shaurya. Shaurya was with other friends. Mehak couldn’t say bye to Shaurya.

They reach back home. Everyone was asking her about her trip. Her phone rings.
Shaurya calling …
Mehak excuses herself from others and pick the call.
M: hello….
S: hai. You reach home?
M: yaa. I am sorry I couldn’t say bye to you..
S: that’s why I call you now.
M: hmmm
S: see you on Monday. Ok.
M: ok…
S: Mehak.
M: hmmm??
S: Don’t miss me ok??
Mehak could feel his smile then.
M: never. Why she’s I……
Mehak says with smile.
S: take care.
M: hmm…
Mehak feels like she has won something…..

That weekend went like a dream…
Mehak called Shaurya when she reach the college. Shaurya cut the call and messages saying he was busy. That day Mehak try 2more times to talk to him. But he responded with same message. Later in the evening Mehak was waiting for her bus.
Sonal: this Sruthi is a scene creator.
M: who is sruthi..
Sonal: Look that gitls the one in the center is Sruthi, Shaurya’s girlfriend.
M: Whose..?
Sonal: Shaurya Khanna’s. Sruthi You don’t know..?
Mehak moved her head in a no.
Sonal: they are in relationship from first year onwards. I think you may know.
Mehak was silent.
Later she heard students talking.
Student1: it’s nothing new. Shaurya wants to break up with Sruthi. He may had got someone new.
Student 2: but I heard they already had a break up long back. Just Sruthi is overacting now.
Student 1: you don’t know. He has fallen for some middle class girl who is after his father’s money. Sruthi can’t handle he had dumped her and chosen an middle class girl.
Student 3: this Sruthi is too much. She is too after his sur name na. Shaurya Khanna…
Student 1: this rich people an their relationships, even God can’t understand.
Mehak was broken, she couldn’t know what to do or say… Mehak ran to the bus. Sonal go after her.
Sonal:Mehak are you ok..? You look upset what happen?
M: Sonal…. I … I was…..
She started to cry. Sonal was shocked. She couldn’t understand what was going on.. Sonal didn’t ask anything. She decided to give Mehak some time.
Mehak switched off her mobile when she reach home.
Next day morning.
Mehak was going to the library, when Shaurya came to meet her..
S: hey. Where were you? And what happen to your phone? It’s switched off.
M: why do you call?
Shaurya couldn’t understand mehak’s cold behavior.
S: what happen? Anything wrong.?
M: I am making it right.
S: what you mean?
S: I don’t know what you are upto…
M: please… Don’t play with my feelings. Stay away from me.
S: Mehak what are you talking about. Why should I play with your feelings… What’s going on..?
M: Shaurya. Please don’t call me or try to talk to me.
S: Mehak. If you don’t want to talk to me, it’s ok. But I want to know the reason. Tell me…

Shaurya was losing his cool.
M: I don’t need to tell you anything.
Mehak try to leave from there.
S: no. I won’t let you go. I want an answer.
M: please Shaurya…
Shaurya hold Mehak hand and stop her from leaving. He pull her back near to him.
S: Tell me.. what was between us..? What was all that happen at Mumbai. ? Do you think it was nothing. ? Was it friendship?
M: I accept there was something. And it was not friendship.
Shaurya get near to her. Inches apart….
S: what was that Mehak..?
Mehak was trying hard to control her tears.
M: what ever it was, it’s all over now….
Shaurya move away from Mehak.
M: it’s all over.
Mehak said again to herself..
Mehak leave from there…..
##. ##. ##
Mehak wakeup suddenly. She dialed a number in her phone.
M: hello? I want to meet you.
M: not in the evening. Today morning. Before going to office.I will wait near the Coffee shop. Pick me from there.

To be continued…..

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