Mehriya- a simple love (Part 6)

Mehriya Ep 6

It take some time for them to come back from each others dreams. Mehak shyly turn her face. She was blushing. Shaurya had a cute smile on his face..
S: soo..
M: sooo….
They both laugh..
S: I was wondering that…
M: what?
S: that… What you think about…
M: about…
S: that do you…,
M: hmm….??
S: don’t take me wrong…, Ok.
M: if you wanna ask something just ask ok..
S: what you think about love..?
M: I think it is a beautiful feeling.
S: are you in love with someone?
M: have you seen a SMS, saying ‘I am in a long distance relationship with my future fiance’.
Mehak asked with a smile.

S: soo, you are in a loooong distance relationship naa.?
M: just kidding…
S: sooo… Waiting for Mr Perfect Hannah?
M: Waiting for the one who is perfect for me.
S: wow! Nice idea..
M: thank you.
S: tell me about your dream boy..
M: it’s nothing like that.
S: there must be something na…
M: one who loves me as I am. That’s all..
S: hmmm..

Mehak look at the sea..
M: sometimes I will dream about someone coming into my life. Have you dream about someone?
S: yaa.. it will seem funny.
M: what funny, everyone dreams…
S: may be….
M: hmmm
S: why are we having this conversation…?
M: I don’t know…
S: you don’t know?
Shaurya asked looking into her eyes.
M: no….
Mehak said in a low voice.
M: do you know..?
S: if you don’t know. Then how can I know…..?
They stare into each other’s eyes.
After some time… They decided to leave.
S: shall we go?
M: yaa. Come.
They walked towards the road to get a taxi.
M: look there..
S: what..?
M: golgappa….
S: what..?
M: Gol gappa. Look there. Come let’s have it.
S: no way…
M: what no way. Come. it will be fun..
S: it’s not hygienic. Road side food,!!
M: please yar… Come na….
S: sorry, no.
M: ok. I will have it.

S: Come on Mehak. We can have something else…
M: we are in Mumbai and if don’t have “chat patta” here, where else will we have it….!
Mehak go to the stall.
M: bhayya, ek plate Gol gappa.
Seller: theeka ya medium?
M: theekka

Mehak started to enjoy pani puri. Shaurya watch her with wide eyes. They way she is tasting, the way she asks for next. Shaurya feels like the whole world has gone still and mute. Only Mehak was live, her movements, her voice, her smile…. Shaurya smiles at her.
Mehak started to cough suddenly.
S: what happen?
M: Shauree paani….
S: bhayya, give some water please. Mehak you ok…? Have water.
Mehak drank the water and is ok now.
S: I had told you not to have this. What was the need?
M: It’s not because of food.
S: then?
M: Nothing…..
S: have you done? Shall we go?
M: ok…

They got a cab and reach hotel. They really h their rooms.
Mehak freshen up and sat on her bed. She took her mobile.
Should I message? What will he think? We were together till now, what’s there to tell now? But, what’s wrong in saying Good night? It’s just a friendly message na…
Suddenly her phone blinks.
Message from Shaurya.
S: “Good night. Sleep well dear.”
M: “Dear!! When was that?”
S: ” what’s in it. It’s dear friend. Now ok na?
M: “ok dear friend. Good night.”
Mehak keep mobile close to her heart that night, like she is holding someone soo close, not letting go…

Next day. Final day of fest. Fifth day.
While getting ready, Mehak get a message.
S: ” Blue suites you. 😉 ”
Mehak smiles at the message.
Should I wear blue? What is the need? Who is he? Why should I do that? No way.
Mehak keep the phone away.

2mins later.
What’s the problem? He don’t ask me to wear blue. He just give a comment na. Anyways I have blue with me, why can’t I wear that. I am not wearing blue because of him na. I feel like wearing that. Sooo….
Mehak spend a half hour debating to her self. She got dressed in blue.
They reach college. They had winding up ceremony that day. Mehak was going to the auditorium when she meet Shaurya coming opposite to her in the corridor with his friends. Shaurya see Mehak and smiled at her mischievously. Mehak couldn’t meet his eyes and lower her gaze. While passing Shaurya whisper “beautiful.” Mehak blushed.
They don’t get time to meet each other for rest of the day. In the evening, they had a music show by the hosting college band team. After the program starts every one was having a great time. Shaurya message Mehak to come to the end of corridor. Mehak reach the corridor.
Corridor was empty. Coloured lights make the corridor more beautiful. Mehak was walking towards the end of the passage. Suddenly someone whisper her name in her ears. Mehak shivers. She turn and saw Shaurya close to her. She moved back.
S: did I frighten you?
M: No…
Shaurya smiles at her.
M: why you call me here?
S: you look beautiful today.
Mehak blushed. She try to hide her embarrassment and said.
M: you call me to say this?
S: no… I have something else to say..

Band sings Ishk bulaava in the background
M: what?
S: what you want to hear…?
Shaurya asked coming near her. Mehak said in trembling voice
M: I don’t want to hear anything.
S: are you sure?
Mehak nodded her head.
S: Ok then. But tell me. You were blue for me right.
M: no.. I wear it because I like it. It has nothing to do with your message.
S: oh.. really.?
M: yaa..
S: ok… I agree.
Shaurya move away from her.
S: ok. Tell me why you come here when I call?
M: what?
S: yaa. Why you came?
M: you call na? Soo
S: why? Who am I?
M: you are…
S: I am…?
M: you are my friend na..,
S: friend??
M: hmmm friend….
Shaurya and Mehak get locked in each others eyes.
” aankhon mein humko utarne do zara
baahon mein humko pighalne do zara
lamhon ki guzarish hai ye paas aa jaayen
hum.. hum tum..
tum.. hum tum..” playes in the background.
S: Mehak.
M: mm…
S: you wear blue for me.
Mehak nodded a faint no.
S: but your eyes say something else.
Mehak started to say something, but Shaurya stopped her.
S: shhh….. No…. Mehak look at me.
Mehak met his eyes.
S: Do you know what you call me the other day? While you were coughing.

Mehak give him a confusing look.
S: you call me shauree.
M: I didn’t mean to….
S: let me finish mehak. I don’t know what is between us. But there is something. If you name it friendship, then I really like this friendship.
M: I …
Mehak’s phone rings..
M: Sonal is calling….
S: ok. Go…
M: bye…
S: ya.. bye….
Shaurya watch Mehak going.

To be continued….

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