Mehriya- a simple love (Part 5)


Mehriya Episode 5
Next day morning.
Mehak said Sonal she wants to go for a walk and leave the room.
When she reaches the reception Shaurya was waiting there.
S: good morning Mehak. Come let’s go…
M: ok.
S: the taxi is waiting.
M: taxi? You said you wanna go for a walk na? Then why taxi?
S: of course we are going for walk. But we have to reach a place for walk na. Now be quite and get in the taxi.
M: what? No way….
S: you said you will come with me.. Come Yar… Don’t worry. I am not kidnapping you.
He said with a wink.
Mehak was in a confused. But she get in the car.
M: now tell where we are going.
S: you will know.. Now enjoy the drive…
They were both silent till they reach their destination.
The gate way of India.
M: wow…! I think this place will be crowded.
S: yes. I will be, when it’s open. Now as it is closed, no rush.
M: oh.. ok. It’s beautiful na.
S: yaa. Come let’s go inside.
M: how? Its closed na….
S: we will jump the hurdle. It’s easy, just slid through the barriers. We can move it to make enough space.

Mehak and Shaurya move the barriers and get near to the monument.
S: Take as many pic you want.
M: I don’t want to take pics.
S: what?
M: what what? I don’t want to take pics. What the big deal in it?
S: everyone comes here to take pictures.
M: not me….
S: soo. It was a bad idea we came here naa..
M: not. It’s beautiful… it just that I don’t want to click picture.
S: then I think we can go back…
M: no. Wait… Can we sit here for some time?
S: ok…
They sat there in silence. Shaurya was busy with his phone.
M: can’t you keep the phone aside and enjoy the moment?
S: I was just updating my FB status.
M: can’t you do that later. Because this moments will pass and you will never be able to recreate it.
S: I just want to post what I feel now, soo everyone can know it.
M: why should everyone in your friends list want to know that. Share your feelings with your closed ones. Whom you think will understand that the way you feels. Others don’t even care.
S: ok ok.
Shaurya keep his phone back into his pocket.
S: now tell me…
M: tell what?
S: anything..,
M: you tell me. What were you trying to post in fb?
S: you told me to share it with closed ones na…?
Shaurya asked with a smile.
M: I am sorry. I was …
S: just kidding Yar… Of course we are close na.
Mehak and Shaurya had a eyelock.
Mehak shyly look away.
S: soo. I was telling, yes. I was thinking that. Do you know why gate way of India was build?
M: no..
S: once British king and queen visit India. So in the memory of their visit gate way of India was build.
M: oh… Okkkk
S: but, look here, The British has gone, but still we are maintaining their monument. Isn’t it odd?
M: not really. Let’s put it as, we have some people in our life, which came without invitation. Give us some memories, both good and bad. As the time pass we will forget the bad and will always cherish the good memories. It’s same na.

S: hmmm. May be…
M: you will. Trust me. Memories of special people in our life will stay with us forever..
S: do you have that special someone’s memories….?
M: yes.. My parents.
Shaurya give her a puzzled look.
M: I lost my parents when I was a kid.
S: oh.. I am sorry.
M: please don’t be. It’s long time back. I was grown with their memories. Story of their love.
S: really…! Love marriage!!
Mehak & Shaurya smiles..
M: No. They have marriage first and love after that.
S: Wow…. It’s great. But I will prefer love first.
Shaurya says with a wink. Mehak smiles shyly.
They spend some more time there.
M: shall we go? We are getting late.
S: ok. Let’s go.. I will get a taxi.
M : ok..
They get back to their hotel.
S: Can we have breakfast together?
M: sorry. Sonal will be waiting for me.
S: ok. See you later.
M: bye.
That day was the last day of their activities. Next day there was closing ceremony and they will leave from Mumbai.
At the breakfast table, Sonal said.
Sonal: Yar. Tomorrow onwards same class same staff & same boys. How boring.. Actually I don’t even want to go back yar
M : are gone mad? Kuch bhi bolthi huna?
Sonal: I was just telling the truth. I just don’t want to go back..
M: stay here then. Mumbai tumara sasural hai na.? Crazy
Sonal: I wish….
Everyone laugh. They have the breakfast and leave for the fest.
Everyone was busy with their programs. And by evening they reach their hotel. As they are leaving from Mumbai the next day. They decide to go for outing that night. They all leave the hotel for outing. Mehak with Sonal and some other students reach majestic shopping center. Everyone was busy shopping and all. Mehak’s phone rings.
Shaurya calling.

M: hello?
S: hello. Take that red one, I like red.
M: what red? Are you here?
S: just kidding… And yes, at the entrance. How is your shopping going?
M: boring…. I just want to get out from here.
S: we were leaving for pub, why don’t you join us?
M: pub! No way. I am not coming. You guys go…
S: hmm. Ok.
M: bye…
Mehak decides to go back to hotel room. She said Sonal and was about to leave. She got a call from Shaurya.
S: hello Mehak, where are you?
M: in the mall, I was leaving to the hotel.
S: what happen? Are you ok?
M: nothing. I just got bored..
S: do one thing. Come to the entrance. I am waiting here.
Mehak cut the call and reach the entrance.
M: you don’t go?
S: no… Plan changed.
M: what’s the plan now?
S: plan is to spend some time with you, what you say?
M: what..?
S: tell where you wanna go..?
M: how can we…
S: come on Yar.. What will you by going back to hotel??
M: I don’t know..
S: You will be bored there too.. Come, let’s go somewhere..
M: where???
S: Beach.
M: beach..?
S: yaa… Mumbai is famous for its beaches. Come on yar..
M: ok..
S: That’s it, let’s go…
### ### ### ### ###
They both reach the beach. The beach was crowded. Kids families couples friends everyone was happy in their own world.
S: come let’s sit here.
They settle down on the sand. Waves were calm and the lights from the holdings give the beach a blue and purple shade, which makes it more beautiful. Beach was boarded with dots of lights from the buildings and street lamps.
Mehak’s hair was flying with the beach wind. Mehak try to hold her hair and tie it.
S: let it be. You look beautiful…
Mehak turned her face in shy. But she let her hair go.
S: I mean, open hair suits you.
They were silent for some time.
M: sea is really beautiful at night na..,
S: yes really beautiful…..
Shaurya said looking at Mehak. He doubted whom did he said beautiful…?
M: I really love beaches. There is something special about it. Rain and waves together will give you awesome feel.
Shaurya was looking at Mehak. Her expressions, the way she tickle her hair behind ear.
S: something is special in You…..
M: what?
Shaurya wake from his dream world.
S: what what..?
M: who is special?
S: who is special..,..?
M: how can I know? You said na…
S: sorry, I don’t remember. Actually I was thinking something else…
M: it’s ok.. I was boring you na… Sorry.
S: no nooo. Soo what were you telling..?
M: nothing. What were you thinking about?
S: me… Nothing.
They both sit quietly. They saw a girl talking on phone.
S: look that girl is talking to her boyfriend.
Mehak looks at her and say.
M: how can you be soo sure about it..?
S: it’s soo romantic here, a girl will never call her parents at this time.
M: it can be a friend na.
S: it can be a friend a special friend. But look her face, she is sad. Controlling her cry. I am sure it’s boyfriend.
M: she is crying.. Break up hogaya kya..?
S: may be.
M: I hate it.
S: what break up? Everyone hates it Yar…
M: I don’t want to cry. I don’t want a breakup.
S: I won’t…..
Mehak and Shaurya look into each other’s eyes. They share an eyelock….

To be continued….

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  1. Moni7

    Hai achu….again nice one yaar….good ???… asusal i love it???… thanks dear

    1. Thank you Moni. Its comments like these that keeps me motivated to write more.


    Oops its ended, please give a lengthy story can’t wait to know further. Excellent scenes – beach. Thanks Achu for presenting this

    1. Thank you Jayakumari. I shall try to write more elaborate stories going forward.

  3. It’s really nice,keep it up. And so sorry for my yesterday words.

    1. No issues. Thank you for your words of motivation this time.

  4. Thanks Moni & Jayakumari

  5. hey achu. just awesome episode as all ways.
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    1. Thank you so much Reema. Will try to post one more soon.

  6. Hi achu…..i m having a feeling tht i m there wid shaurie n mehak listening n observing them…..i actually had no words to say????fantastic……more than shaurie mehak n ur story….i hav become a fan of ur writing n imagination skills……???eagerly waiting fr nxt part???

    1. Thank you so much Sri. I really appreciate your comments. I hope I’d be able to bring you more content in my next upcoming episodes.

  7. It was lovely… Can’t wait till the next episode.. So pls update soon…

    1. Thank you Prasanna. I shall definitely come up with another episode pretty soon.

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    Achu it was superb and waiting for your next update post it soon…..

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    achumenon….cool writing buddy…I visited TellyUpdates site yesterday and read all your FanFiction story for MehRya….cos I am a big fan of this show….love the couple….I must say your writings are too good…please continue writing….eagerly waiting for your next part of the love story

    1. Thanks yar.. it mean a lot to me…. keep reading..

  11. Hi achu I m so sry yaar I did not commented on the previous one n nw coming to the epi it was dame amazing shaurya is so cute??? lov u shaurya?? there conversation at beach n gate way of India was so wonderful plz post the next part soon n HAPPY NEW YEAR

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    This is so good . I love it. I can visualise each and every moments of your writing. Keep it up Achu.

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