Mehriya- a simple love (Part 4)


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Mehriya Episode 4
Second day of fest
Everyone get ready and meet at the restaurant for breakfast.
Staff: have your breakfast. We have to leave in half hour.
Mehak’s eyes were searching someone. Sonal and Mehak were sitting together for breakfast.
Sonal: Mehak why are you not eating? What are you looking for?
M: nothing.
Sonal: then eat Yar.
M: ok..

Mehak was silent through the breakfast. After breakfast they board the bus. Mehak couldn’t spot Shaurya anywhere. Bus starts. Still Shaurya haven’t come. They reach the fest venue. It was debate competition and treasure hunt in the morning section. Mehak’s designing section was in the afternoon. She decided to stay in the library till her designing competition starts. But before going to library she went to the hall where debate competition was assigned.
Mehak enter the hall scan each face. But she couldn’t find the one she was looking for.
But a sudden hello startled her. The face she was searching for was right behind her.
S: hello Mehak.
M: hai.
S: are you looking for someone?
M: no no…
S: no?
Shaurya asked with a smile.
S: you were distributed from the morning. What happen? Did you miss something or someone? Is that what you are looking for?
M: no no… I am not looking for anyone…
S: then why are you here?
M: I was going to the library. Soo, I pass this way..
S: ok… Then.
M: ok I am going.
Mehak turned and then
S: Mehak,
M: haam…
S: I have debate competition, won’t you wish me luck?
M: all the best….
S: Thank you. And all the best for your Designing competition.
M: thanks..
Mehak turned and walked to the library.

Mehak was waiting for Sonal and her other mates to board the bus. Shaurya came to her.
S: why are you here?
M: I was waiting for everyone.
S: they will be late. The treasure hunt is not yet over.
M: oh.. ok I will wait.
S: of course you have to wait. But what about coffee..?
M: ok.. I am hungry too…
S: that’s it then.
They both went to canteen. And ordered coffee and snacks.
S: how was your Designing?
M: it was ok. What about your debate?
S: debate was actually fun. I really enjoyed…
M: ok..
S: you are interested in designing na.. so you will be looking for a job in designing and drawing right.
M: actually no. I love field work. Site management and all. But because I am girl, I have to choose designing and drawing.
S: No Mehak, you don’t have to compromise your dreams. No one will say that.
M: companies prefer boys for site jobs na. Soo
S: yes. That’s true. But if you have confidence to prove that you are capable of doing you can find a job that you dream. I am telling you, it’s not easy. But it’s worth it.
M: may be
S: not may be.. you have to go for it… Chase your dreams. Ok?
Mehak got lost in his words.

Shaurya snap his fingers on her face.
S: hello..? Where are you Madam??
M: sorry.. I was just… Shall we go?
S: ok. Come.
They walk to the bus.
S: Mehak,
M: Hamm?
S: Don’t search for me tomorrow morning. I have football finals, so I will be busy.
M: I don’t look for you.
S: your eyes don’t lie. I have seen your eyes searching for me. Mehak, Tomorrow I will meet you after match. Take care.
They both board the bus with all others and reach their rooms. That night went without anything special.
Next day morning.
While going for breakfast Mehak look for Shaurya, even though he said he will be busy.
Her phone rings at that moment.
Shaurya calling…
M: hello?
S: Mehak, stop looking for me. Have your breakfast.
M: how do you know? I mean I am not looking for you. How do you know I am having breakfast?
Shaurya smiles…
S: I am not there Mehak. I am at sports ground. Have breakfast and come fast. I want to see you in the gallery during the match. See you..
M: See you….

Football court
Mehak was sitting with other students. Match starts.
Winning goal by Shaurya.
Mehak happily stands and cheers for Shaurya… Shaurya from the ground waves at her.
It turns to be Mehak’s dream. Mehak claps with other students.
After the match, everyone goes to congratulate the team.
After some time.
Mehak and others were in the canteen. When she get near the hand wash area, Shaurya was there.
M: hai. Congrats for your success.
S: thank you soo much.
M: so when is the treat?
Mehak asked with a smile.
S: sure anytime. Just say what you want.
M: anything I want??
S: anything…..
M: ice cream…?
S: ice cream..!?
M: yes, chocolate flavor. Ok?
S: ya. Sure.. it’s done.
Shaurya said with a smile
M: ok. C U…
S: c U….

All reach their rooms.
Mehak’ phone rings.
Shaurya calling….
M: hello?
S: hello, Mehak. Get ready. We are going for your treat.
M: what?
S: What means..! You said you want treat, na.
M: yes. I ask for treat. But I can’t come now. What will I say to staff and other students?
S: so? You are not coming?
M: I can’t. Please… I am sorry.
S: ok.
Shaurya cut the call. Mehak was upset.
Oh.. What will I do now. I make him feel bad. I really don’t want to. But how can I go now. What will I say to staff. And Sonal.?
After half an hour.
Mehak called Shaurya. He cut the call. Mehak was tensed.
Now what will I do? What had i done… He will be angry with me. But I don’t mean to…

After some
There was a knock at the door. Asking for Sonal. Sonal has been gone for about 10 minutes and had not came back. Mehak pretended as looking for Sonal and go to find Shaurya. Shaurya was coming out of the lift.
M: I am really sorry, please.. don’t be angry with me. I will do anything to forget that. Please,….
S: Mehak, what are you saying.? Why should i be angry with you?
M: u are not angry?
S: no. Why should i be?
M: then why don’t you pick up the call?
S: I was busy, and I was not able to talk at that time. Sooo
M: oh..!
Shaurya smirks.
S: you ok now?
They saw Sonal coming with a box.
S: Sonal, do you need help?
M: what’s in the box?
Sonal: Ice cream. For all of us. Treat for the football match.
Mehak looks at Shaurya.
S: Sonal it’s chocolate ice cream. I hope you will like it.
Shaurya says looking at Mehak’s face, with a smile.
Sonal: Thank you…..
Mehak nodded, and silently walked with Sonal.
They went to their rooms.

Mehak message Shaurya.
M: “thank you for the ice cream”
After some time, came the reply
S: “you are welcome.”
M: send a smiley
S: “if you really want to thank me, do one thing”
M: “what?”
S: “come with me for a walk.”
M:” that. ..”
S: ” do you want to thank me?”
There was no reply from Mehak for some time.
Shaurya called Mehak.
M: hello?
S: hello, Mehak why don’t you reply for my messages?
M: I was…. I will ….
S: you will come for the walk na?
M: yes. I will come, but when..?
S: get ready tomorrow morning at 6:00. I will meet you in front of the reception. Don’t be late, ok?
M: but where are we going?
S: no more questions.. See you tomorrow…

to be continued….

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  1. Moni7

    Hai achu dear… sooooooo cute conservation ever read…that too our kadhoos kumar…how sweet he is?????…our mehak wow????..thank u so much for u ff…keep doing it dear…waiting for next episode luv u?????

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    Nice one????

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    It is really NYc dear…actually I have been your silent reader till thought to comment on your’s really cute..mehrya simple love story is simply superb…I just loved it..?????????

    1. Thank you solace. Your one shot about their first kiss was really romantic. I really enjoyed it too…

  4. Thanks Mona & Maanu. I will post the next episode soon.

  5. Latha

    Wow achu kutti superb episode dear. Cute conversation between MehRya and loved it. Ur characterisation about Shaurya was superb dear and I loved that character very much. Waiting for your next episode post it soon. Keep writing.

    1. Thank you latha. I am happy that you love it. Keep

  6. Hi achu…..i love ur ff… i hate the last line to be continued yaar……it’s difficult to wait for the nxt episode…..after such a wonderful convo….no words to describe ur writing skills….simply love it????….cant find any word other thn dis go tell my feeling aftr reading ff☺☺☺☺

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  8. Wow. Super. I really enjoy.

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  10. I was eagerly waiting for your part 4, loved it to the core of my heart. Ur writing seems to be so real and both imaginative.
    Grt work , keep it up

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    Nice one?????

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  13. hey achu
    awesome episode it was just superb
    I just love it. its too cute.
    post next one soon.
    lots of love..

    1. Thanks reema.

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