Mehriya- a simple love (Part 3)

Episode 3

Shaurya’s Room
Shaurya is staring at nothing. Thinking about how he meet Mehak today. The shock in her eyes.
Shaurya: I haven’t forgotten anything Mehak.
Mehak’s Home

I still remember the day we met for the first time. In the bus to Mumbai. We were going for the tech fest “Nirman”. I was sitting in the window side and was enjoying the scenery. I like the way the wind touches my face and hair.
All students were dancing to the songs. Everyone was enjoying. Everyone was happy. The fest was for 5 days. Everyone was ready to explore the Mumbai city.
It was getting late. Everyone settle down and some start to doze off. View from the window become more beautiful to me. Looks like someone has painted a black canvas with colour lights.
All most all the students and staff had slept. It was then he came and sits next to me.

Shaurya: hi. You are not going to sleep right? So why can’t you give me company. I can’t sleep because someone has to be awake.
Mehak: Sorry..?
S: oh. I am sorry. I am shaurya. Final year.
M: mehak. Third year.
S: oh. Good. So mehak if you don’t mind can we talk. I don’t want to sleep.
M: Ok.
S: you like traveling?
M: yes.

S: hmmm…..
M: hmm.
S: nothing more? I don’t ask for a yes or no answer.
M: then?
S: come on. Mehak. I am trying to have a conversion. For example. If you ask me, I will say, I like to travel. I want to travel whole around the world. I want to visit all the famous places. So now tell me what you like.
M: i love to see places. But more than that I enjoy that moments. I enjoy the time of travelling. Of course I like to visit the famous places. But I love to be in places where I can find peace and happiness. Places where I don’t want to worry about anything.

I am sorry. I make you bored na.
S: no no. It’s ok. Actually i am amused by your way of thinking. Tell me more.
M: sorry. I don’t know what get me. We have just met and I am talking to you like we are friends for a long time. I am sorry.
S: no it’s ok. I also feel like we are not strangers. Lifelong friends.
They both smile.
M: if you want to sleep you can. I will be awake and will call you if needed.
S: No. Now I am in a mood to talk. Actually not talk, but I want to listen to you. Tell me
M: tell what?

S: about your dreams Mehak.
M: dreams. I have many dreams. I can’t share all my dreams with you.
S: ok ok. Tell me what you want from Mumbai other than the fest.
M: Mumbai… I don’t know if it’s ever going to come true. Have a late night outing and have street food. Have tea in Mumbai CST. Simply watch the crowd. See the night lights.
What happen? Why are you looking like that?
S: I had heard a lot of dreams. But for the first time I am listening to something different. Really you are different.
Mehak smiles

M: everyone is different. So are their dreams. Thats enough now. Try to get your sleep. Good night.
S: good night.
Mehak stay awake that night. Enjoying the breeze.
By early morning they reach Mumbai and check in to hotel.

First day of fest
Sports events.
Shaurya was in football team. It was the semifinals. Mehak have no knowledge about football. But she was supporting her team. Team won the semifinals and get entry for the final.

Everyone reached their rooms. Mehak was busy preparing for next day’s schedule. It was then staff mentor asked her to give the schedule to the boy’s room.
She go to their room & knock.
“Who is that knocking..? Koyi bhi ho, come inside. Knock knock karneka kayi sarurath nahi…”
M: I want to explain tomorrow’s schedule. Can anyone please come out?
“Aarre Yar. It’s a girl.”
She hears they discussing on who will open the door.
M: shaurya. Can you please come?
“Ohooo!! This lottery is for you… Go go…!”
S: shut up stupids.
Shaurya open the door and come out.

M: I am sorry to disturb you.
S: it’s ok. Anyways I was going out to have coffee. Do you mind joining?
M: no, I am Sorry. I have some work to complete. I will explain the schedule.
S: come on Yar. You can explain the schedule over the coffee. Come come.
Mehak was not able to deny it. So they both went to the nearest coffee shop.
S: Two coffee please. You will have coffee na?
M: yes thanks.

S: ok. Now tell me.
M: tomorrow we have debate in the morning section and designing in the afternoon. And also have treasure hunt. And bridge modeling also.
S: Ok. I will arrange it. Have the coffee.
M: thank you.
S: do you see the match?
M: yes. I was there.
S: don’t you have anything to say?

M: sorry. I don’t know anything about football, that’s why.
S: it’s ok. But you can congratulate us na. When you receive a compliment it will boost your confidence and performance. Try to do that often.
M: I am sorry Shaurya. Congrats
S: it’s ok. And thank you. Now shall we go?
M: ok.
Mehak and Shaurya reach her room.
S: ok Mehak. See you tomorrow.
M: bye
Shaurya turn to his room. Mehak was still standing in front of her room without knocking.
M: shaurya.
Shaurya turn and come near her
S: what happen? You forgot something?
M: yes. I forget something..
S: what?
M: Shaurya…

Mehak twisted her on fingers.
M: I don’t know anything about football. But when I watch you playing, I really like it. I enjoy the match without knowing how it is played, and
S: Mehak.
Mehak looked up.
S: Meet my eyes, and now tell me. What are you saying?
M: Shaurya, you played well. Congrats.
S: and..? Nothing else?
Shaurya asked her with cute smile.
M: and..,…

S: Mehak, we have to say things so others can understand how you feel. If you don’t say anything how can other people know?
M: and …..
S: ok ok. Don’t get stressed. I was kidding. Something you may not be able to speak now, something’s need time. Take care. Bye
Saying that Shaurya knock her door for her. Before Mehak could say something the door opens. She went inside.
Later that night.
All her roommates were sleeping but Mehak couldn’t sleep. Mehak wakes her friend Sonal.
M: Sonal, SOnal yar, please wake up na
Sonal: What yar? Why is u awake? Don’t you want to get enough sleep? Please, go and sleep and let me also sleep.
M: Sonal, please I need your help yar. It’s really an emergency.
Sonal: Mehak, tum bhi na.. Tell me what’s it?
M: Do you have Shaurya’s number with u?

Sonal: Kon Shaurya?
M: Football match me goal mari dhi na, uska.
Sonal:Oh, Shaurya Khanna. Why you need his number at this time? Kya chakkar hain?
M: Chakkar vakkar kuch nahi hain. Wo..
Sonal: tell..
M: Wo. There is a change in the schedule, I forget to tell. So I have to inform him.
Sonal: What change??
M: If you have the number give. Don’t question like police.
Sonal: ok ok. Here is his number.
M: Thank you.
She has been stareing at his number for a long time. But don’t get the courage to call him. After a long wait and even more lengthy 30 minutes, she dialed his number. Second ring he pick the call.
S: Hello,
M: Hello

S: who is this?
M: I am Mehak. We met in the evening na.
S: Mehak, I got you. What happen is everything fine?
Shaurya sound concerned.
M: No no. I mean, yes everything is fine. Did I disturb your sleep?
S: no. Actually I was not sleeping. Tum abhi thak soyi nahi hain??
M: No, I was not feeling sleepy. Why don’t you sleep it’s been 12.
S: Don’t know. I don’t feel sleepy either.
M: hmm….

S: Mehak?
M: haam..
S: you call me to ask me this?? Whether I have slept or not?
M: No. Actually… woh kya hain na ki…

S: hmm..
M: Shaurya, You played well today and I enjoyed the match because, I enjoy watching you playing. You are a good football player.
S: thank you Mehak. It means a lot to me. I really mean it. No gow and have a tight sleep. I will meet you in the morning. Good night.
M: Good night
Both of them cut the call with a cute smile. And they were sure that they were not going to get any sleep tonight…..

To be continued..


  1. Moni7


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    Hai achu dear… really really really i love it… so cute conservation….that to our shaurie’s 😍😘😘😘😘..keep doing dear… waiting for today’s one…..

  2. Maanu

    Omg such a cute conversation❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Achu u done a good job yar…
    When I reading I feel like watching them…how cute shaurya in his college days…mahek is also cute…😍😍😍😍😍
    Thanks for giving a great day ahead….

  3. Jayakumarisuresh

    Achu u r taking the story nicely. We can visualize with ur words. I really liked it but only two to three conversations will our mahek get that much close to shaurie. Namma bublimas won’t do like that. That’s y

    • Moni7


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      Same feeling jayakumari dear..that too our shaurie…..he s actually a introvert in zkm …but here achu totally changed that image of shaurie …i just loved it achu dear…

  4. Sri

    Hi achu, love hw u shaped the characters of shaurie n mehak…..wonderful chngover….keep going! Love reading ur story…..great writing skills…..i love the way hw u changed their characters wid ur version……feeling lyk watching them in real……😁😁😁😁really enjoying alot……reading the parts agun n agun😂😂😂😂

  5. Latha


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    Hi achu dear again awwwwwesome episode 😘😘😘😘😘😘👌👌👌👌👌👌the way u narrated the story was superb about traveling lovely. If a person like Shaurya sitting aside who will feel sleepy dear. I like the part very much that Shaurya asking about his football match and late night conversation between Mehak and shaurya over phone. Yes me too feeling like watching them real. Loved it sooooooooo much dear and keep writing. Thank u so much for giving a little bit lengthy episode🙏🙏🙏. Lol.👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

  6. priya

    like it very much achu thanks for remaining our Clg fest one request please write very word in english or write English equallent for hindi sentence ya

    • Achu

      Thanks Priya. Nex time onwards I will make sure to use English words only.thanks for your comment. Keep reading and supporting.

  7. Reema

    hey achu
    how cute it was yaar.
    its too good. I just love it.
    please post next one soon.
    loads of love & take care.

    • Achu

      Thank you Reema. I will post the next part as soon as possible. Thanks for your support. Keep reading yaar.

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