Mehriya- a simple love (Part 2)


M: Tum Yeha?????
S: Ohhh…. Miss Sharma is Mehak Sharma……
R: Sorry sir. Mehak what is this??
M: Sorry sir.
S: Rajeev don’t worry. We know each other. That’s all.
R: Oh, it’s good. Sir, Mehak is our site engineer. She looks after our works. She is really talented. Mehak, explain our work updates to Shaurya sir.
S: Rajeev, I know Miss Sharma is really talented. But now she don’t see to be interested in work.
R: No sir, Mehak is…
Shaurya interrupted before he can complete
S: Rajeev any other??
R: Sorry sir, they are junior site supervisors.
S: Its ok, Lets meet them. And Miss Sharma good to see you.
Shaurya walk away with a smirk..
Mehak was too shocked to say anything. She walked back to her office.
She couldn’t concentrate on anything.
This city has so many construction firms, why he has to be on this one?? Why he have to own this mall…. Oh God ab me kya karu???

5:00 pm
Mehak was logging out of her office.
Suddenly Shaurya stopped her.
S: So Miss Mehak, have you done for today?? Or forever?
M: So you planned this right?
S: Ooh.. You are still soo stupid. Why should I plan this? I am as surprised as you.
M: Good then. I am getting late. Sorry.
S: It’s great to know you are here Miss Mehak.
M: I am where I want to be. I have worked hard for this.
S: Good. I hope, you haven’t forgotten our last meeting before 2 years. Good day Miss Sharma
Shaurya walked away with a smirk on his face.
Mehak reach her home.
PD and Kantha chachi was waiting for her.
PD: Mera laddo, please come here I have to talk to you.
K Chachi: Ohoo, aap bhi na. First let her get freshen up. After that we can all talk.
Mehak was in her own thoughts and don’t listen to there words, She walked to her room.
K Chachi: What happen to her?
PD: muje kya pata???
K chachi: Let me go and look.

Mehak was in her room. Her own voice ringing in her head. Even after 4years.
“Shaurya Sir, agar ise situation agaya, ki I have to work for you, I will quit the job. Kuch bhi ho, I will not work in your firm. Mark it.”
Ohh.. No. Now what can I do…
Mehak was soo upset. She don’t even see Kantha chachi.
K Chachi: Mehak puttar, are you ok? You looked soo tensed.
M: hamm Chachi. Small problem at site. That’s all.
K Chachi: Hmm. Take rest. I will get you tea.
M: Chachi, I don’t need anything. I am going to sleep. Please don’t call me for dinner too. I don’t need.
K Chachi: Mehak, you wanna talk about anything? Are you sure you are ok??
M: haam chachi. Everything is fine, just a headache.
K Chachi: hmm, take rest. If you need something call me.
M: Ok chachi.
When Kantha chachi left the room. She searched her book shelf. For something old. Something 2 years old. And something very special.
A notice of Civil Tech fest “Nirman -14”

To be continued……

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