Mehriya- a simple love (Part 18)

Next day. Mehak’s work site.
M: good morning Rajeev sir.
R: Good morning Mehak. What is special today?
M: special? Nothing. Why?
R: you look happy.
Mehak smiles.
M: no sir. Nothing special.
R: ok.
M: sir,
R: yes Mehak.

M: Shaurya sir don’t come today?
R: sir is not yet reached. Why? Anything important.
M: no nothing. Just casually.
R: ok. Let’s look the work.
M: sure.
After some time. Shaurya came there with a box.
S: hi everyone.

R: hi sir.
Mehak looks at Shaurya.
S: hi Mehak
M: hi.
S: Rajeev. Take sweet.
Shaurya opened the box he was carrying.
R: thank you sir. What is the occasion sir.
S: Mehak take.
Mehak nodes and takes one.
R: sir, what is special sir?
S: special…,
R: yes sir.
Shaurya looks at Mehak. Mehak turns her eyes. She was not able to meet his eyes.
S: today is special because. After many days, today my friend is happy. Soo… I thought I have to celebrate.
Mehak looks at Shaurya. Shaurya winks at her with a smile. Mehak widraws her gaze and blushes.
R: oh…?!
S: leave it. You won’t understand.
Rajeev give them a confused look.
S: Rajeev can you please give this sweets to ou
r other staff?
R: sure sir.
Rajeev leaves.
S: hi
M: hi
M: I want to tell you something.
S: tell me.
M: woh…
S: ya…

M: it’s….
S: I am listening.
M: thank you.
S: for what?
M: for talking to my family.
S: but it all happened because of you. You decided. You stood up for your self. That’s important.
M: but, you take effort to…
S: look Mehak.

Mehak look at Shaurya.
S: you don’t need to thank me. And I am happy about you. I am happy that you stood up for yourself.
Shaurya smiles at Mehak.
S: and if you still think you should thank me do one thing.
Mehak looks at him. Shaurya forwards his hand. Mehak give him a puzzled look.
S: friends??
Shaurya asked with a wink. Mehak smiles.
M: friends.
Shaurya and Mehak smiles.
S: soo. To celebrate our friendship shall we go to club tonight?
M: huh?
S: just kidding Yar.
Mehak smiles.
S: Coffee? We can call Sonal too, if you want. What you say?
M: I will call Sonal.
S: Ok then.
After some time. Mehak called Sonal.

M: hello Sonal?
Sonal: ham.
M: what happen? Why you feel soo dull?
Sonal: nothing. You tell.
M: We have to talk. Tell me.
Sonal: haan yar. We will talk. Now tell me. What is the matter??
M: woh kya hain ki. Shaurya ask to have coffee together today evening.
Sonal: then go yar. What’s Big deal?
M: he wants you too to come with us. We all will have some time together. What you say.?
Sonal: what a stupid idea! Why should I come with you?
M: please yar Sonal. Come na. You know I can’t go alone.
Sonal: alone thodi na hain. You are going with Shaurya na.
M: please yar. Please… Come na.
Sonal: ok baba. I will come.
M: thank you yar.
Sonal: ok. C u in the evening.

S: Mehak. Shall we leave?
M: yaa.
S: come.
They both leave together.
They reach coffee house.
S: come. Sit.
Shaurya pulled chair for Mehak. Make take her seat. Shaurya sit next to her.
S: so, what will you have?
Mehak just looked at Shaurya.
S: I know.
They share an eye lock. Waiter’s entry broke their moment.
Waiter: what will you have sir?
S: Two coffee please.

Waiter: Anything else sir?
S: That’s for now. Thank you.
Waiter left.
S: so… Sonal is not coming?
M: Ya. She is coming. I think she is stuck in traffic.
S:oh ok..
M: There she is. Hi Sonal!
Sonal: Hi. Hi Shaurya.
S: Hi. Please take your seat.
Sonal sit next to Mehak.
S: What will you have Sonal? Juice?
Sonal: No I will have something with chocolate.
M: Chocolate!!
Sonal: Ya

M: what happen to your diet then?
Sonal: Leave it yar! Why should I diet? The one want to impress is not interested sooo, what’s the use?
M: What? Are mad? What are you talking about?
Sonal: I don’t know yar, I am feeling cold in the relationship.
M: but you said he was about to propose you, but what happen know?
Sonal: I too think sooo. I don’t know what to do.
S: excuse me; shall I know what’s going on??
M: Sonal and her friend, they love each other, but haven’t said it yet. But now he is behaving strange.
S: What strange?

M: He was about to propose her, but he is not doing it.
S: So what. Give him some more time. That’s it na?
Sonal: he had enough and more time. That’s not an idea.
S: have you felt he loves you?
Sonal: of course yes. We both love each other. It’s just that we haven’t said it. That’s all.
S: then what is the matter. You know na.
Sonal: it’s not that shaurya. How can I make you understand?
M: sometimes it’s important to say it. Just feeling is not enough.
Shaurya looks at Mehak. Mehak looks into Shaurya’s eyes.
M: sometimes in a relationship it is necessary to say each other that we love each other or how we feel about each other, how important the other person is in our life.
Mehak and Shaurya share an eyelock.
Sonal: yah!!
Mehak and Shaurya came back to the real world.
S: so …. What were we saying….

Sonal: we have to make him say those words.
S: it’s simple na. Just go and ask him. Right? Say you love him. He will surely respond to it na?
Sonal: no-no… I can’t say. And after all girls don’t propose. It’s a boys thing right.
M: who says so?
Sonal: what?
M: girls don’t propose? There are no rules saying so.
Sonal: oho.. There may not be rule. But, normal girls don’t do.
M: what normal Sonal?

S: hey you two please… What’s all this. And Sonal, Mehak is right. If girls want, they can propose. And also, if Sonal want him to propose it’s also ok na.
Sonal: Right.
M: yaa. Ok.
S: so what’s the plan? How can we make him say it?
M: Bollywood style na?
S: what?
M: make him jealous and possessive. Force him to accept his love.
S: typical serial right.
M: it works na?
S: but it’s a bit dramatic right.
M: love is always dramatic.
Sonal: guys… I like the idea… Let’s get it done yar.
M: yaaa.
S: so.. who is going to be your fake boyfriend?
Mehak and Sonal looks at Shaurya.
Sonal: yeh bhi koi puchneka bath hai ka?
S: what? Me!!
M: yaa. Who else. So that’s fixed. Let’s do it…
Sonal and Mehak hugged each other.

To be continued.

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